Best Online Jobs for Medical Billing and Coding | 2023

Working remotely from home is one of the main benefits of a medical coding and billing career. Online jobs for medical billing and coding have been made possible as technology advances and creates more diverse ways to work in every sector.

Finding remote jobs can be the best way to increase family time while minimizing stress and the cost of commuting. Medical coding and billing professionals can earn well from a home office, working part-time, full-time, or per-diem.

With the help of our research associates, we have found the best online jobs for medical billing and coding, as well as how to become a medical biller or coder.

What is Medical Billing and Coding?

They translate patient interaction into the languages healthcare facilities use for claim submission and reimbursement by medical billing and coding.

Although billing and coding are independent processes, they are both required for providers to be paid for healthcare services.

Medical billing employs these codes to generate insurance claims and patient bills by extracting billable data from the medical record and clinical documentation. Medical billing and coding come together in creating claims to create the foundation of the healthcare revenue cycle.

Patient registration is the first step in the procedure, completed once they have paid the provider in full for all services rendered to patients.

Is Medical Billing and Coding a Stressful Job?

Medical billing and coding can be a demanding profession. The stress is too much to take at times. Even the most demanding people can crack under such intense pressure.

Stress can negatively impact your mental and physical health if you do not learn how to manage it.

Steps to Becoming a Medical Biller or Coder

You can use a high school diploma or GED to pursue an entry-level medical billing and coding position. Certification, on the other hand, can increase job alternatives and financial prospects.

Below are the steps to becoming a medical biller or coder.

Enroll in a program for medical coding or billing.

Diploma programs and associate degrees are the most popular educational routes for medical billing and coding employment. Vocational and technical schools accept applications from aspiring professionals.

Applicants can finish these courses in a year or less. They offer training for entry-level jobs and national coding certification tests. Medical coding and billing courses are widely available online.

Employers frequently favor hiring individuals with associate degrees, which can take two years. A foundation in general education is provided by an associate’s degree, with an emphasis on medical terminology, coding, and information technology (IT).

Career opportunities are available for associate degree holders in the government, healthcare, and insurance industries. Credits from associate degrees are frequently transferred to bachelor’s programs.

Earn medical coding certifications

Employers in the healthcare industry typically choose billers and coders with professional credentials. These credentials guarantee mastery of intricate billing procedures and legally required coding standards.

Increased career opportunities and higher pay may result from certification.

The American Academy of Professional Coders (AAPC) offers several professional credentials, including the following:

  • Certified Professional Coder (CPC)
  • Certified Coding Associate (CCA)
  • Certified Coding Specialist (CCS)

Consider getting a specialist medical coding certification in family practice, general surgery, ambulatory care, or anesthesia to advance and enhance your professional career after accumulating experience in the industry and earning a general coding certification.

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Seek Employment.

Many institutions that provide training in medical billing and coding also offer career services. The career center may assist students with resume preparation, interview practice, and job search.

Candidates should mention any internships and pertinent employment history in their applications. People can study information from AAPC about the states and localities with the best employment prospects and highest incomes.

Average Medical Billing and Coding Salary

Medical billers and coders are paid differently depending on their experience, region, and both. For instance, those who have completed significant training and obtained the certificates may work in the sector at higher salaries. The following list includes the most recent national average wages for medical billing and coding specialists as reported on Indeed Salaries:

The average hourly pay for medical billing is $16.55.
$20.90 per hour is the average medical coding compensation.

Best Online Jobs for Medical Billing and Coding

Since you won’t have to commute when you perform medical billing and coding from home, you will reduce your work-related expenses.

We listed the best places to find online jobs for medical billing and coding below from reliable businesses that regularly post such tasks.

  1. Maxim Health Information Services
  2. Humana
  3. Aviacode
  4. Precyse Solutions
  5. Medical Record Associates
  6. Altegra Health
  7. Conifer Health Solutions
  8. LexiCode
  9. The Coding Network
  10. Anthelio Healthcare Solutions

1. Maxim Health Information Services

Maxim Health Information is One of the US’s most significant medical staffing firm services based in Gardena, California. Since 2001, MHIS has collaborated with the nation’s medical facilities to implement outsourcing solutions to enhance electronic patient records.

Maxim HealthCare Services has an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau. With ICD-10 training, online medical billing and coding jobs are available on both short- and long-term basis.

Maxim Health Information Services offers its employees competitive salaries and comprehensive benefits, including dental and 401(k) plans (k). Even supervisor jobs for medical coding are open for growth.

Apply for Job Here

2. Humana

Humana, a prominent health insurance company with its corporate headquarters in Louisville, Kentucky, and over 13.8 million medical members, is ranked on the Fortune 500 list.

At least ten percent of Humana’s 49,000 employees are thought to work remotely. Computer world lists it as one of the “100 Best Places to Work” in America Humana. Additionally, the business received 100 on the Corporate Equality Index from the Human Rights Campaign.

Online jobs for medical billing and coding with CPC or CCS-P qualifications are routinely listed. Humana hires virtual coding educators with five or more years of experience.

Apply for a Job Here

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3. Aviacode

Around 850 qualified medical coders work remotely for Salt Lake City company Aviacode, which specializes in medical coding and billing. Aviacode, a company established in 1999, is one of Utah’s 50 fastest-growing businesses.

The business provides medical services to about 8,800 doctors in 61 different specialties. According to Aviacode, they have made over $50 million from medical coding.

For 15 to 40+ hours per week, work-from-home positions are applied by over a thousand job seekers. Candidates must complete the AAPC’s ICD-10 Proficiency Assessment to be hired by Aviacode.

Apply for a Job Here

4. Precyse Solutions

Precyse Solutions, a top clinical data management business with partnerships with approximately 4,000 healthcare facilities, has been operating out of Roswell, Georgia, since 1998. Fairmont General Hospital and UMass Memorial Medical Center are two notable clients.

Precyse Solutions is a proud recipient of the HIMSS Gold Corporate Member Award. Precyse’s Coding Team comprises about 375 licensed medical coders who live in 41 states.

Candidates applying for opportunities must have two years of work experience and AHIMA qualifications. Each hired coder will receive thorough training in the integrated PrecyseCode platform and free online instruction from Precyse University.

Apply for a Job Here

5. Medical Record Associates

Medical Record Associates LLC has developed over the past 30 years into one of the country’s biggest health information services providers. MRA, a Massachusetts-based company, works with about 500 contractors to deliver comprehensive HIM solutions.

Medical coding and cancer registry tasks are open-ended and remote. MRA serves hospitals, clinics, doctor’s offices, and other healthcare facilities that outsource their department.

Medical Record Associates provides comprehensive benefits to remote workers, including paid holidays. To apply, candidates must hold RHIT or CPC credentials with a 95% accuracy rate.

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6. Altegra Health

Altegra Health is a privately held, national company that provides end-to-end reimbursement solutions. Based in Weston, Florida, Altegra Health has collaborated with a variety of healthcare organizations for over 25 years in all 50 states and Puerto Rico.

This reputable business, associated with the AHIMA, employs over 5,000 people on-site and remotely. There are open positions for remote certified coders with at least a year of expertise with ICD-9-CM codes.

The company adheres to stringent QA requirements and pays remote coding specialists by the chart. There are specialties available, including cancer and mental health.

Apply for a Job Here

7. Conifer Health Solutions

Conifer Health Solutions, a thriving provider of health information services with 800+ medical clients and over 30 years of experience, is based in Frisco, Texas.

The 14,500 team members of Conifer strive to deliver value-based solutions that improve clinical and financial outcomes. Their services are expected to handle about $29 billion in net revenue annually.

Conifer Health Solutions debuted in 2016 at position #66 on Forbes’ list of “America’s Best Employers.” At the moment, employers are hiring programmers for work-from-home positions with lucrative $3,000 sign-on incentives.

There are also online jobs for medical billing and coding with at least two years of expertise in cancer registries.

Apply for a Job Here

8. LexiCode

A division of SourceHOV since 1981, LexiCode is a premier coding and billing consulting business. LexiCode operates from its corporate office in Columbia, South Carolina, and employs over 300 HIM specialists with benefits. KLAS Enterprises named the organization a “Best in Category Leader” in 2014, LLC.

Before now, LexiCode had promoted $10,000 sign-on bonuses for surgical coders for inpatient and outpatient procedures. There are frequently full-time and part-time remote positions available.

However, candidates must be RHIT or CPC certified. You can meet the experience requirements with a two-year associate’s degree. LexiCode states that it has a unique mission to hire veterans as well.

Apply for a Job Here

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9. The Coding Network

The Coding Network only employs remote, independent contractors. TCN has expanded to over 650 coders working across the United States since Mark Babst and Neal Green founded it in 1995.

The Coding Network, based in Beverly Hills, California, is associated with the Healthcare Billing & Management Association (HBMA).

Each month, TCN workers code more than 500,000 charts! Candidates must have 3+ years of experience and be AAPC or AHIMA certified to apply for online jobs for medical billing and coding.

You must pass a specialty coding proficiency test to be hired.

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10. Anthelio Healthcare Solutions

Over 63,000 physicians receive revenue cycle management services from healthcare technology company Anthelio Healthcare Solutions in Dallas, Texas. Anthelio supports millions of patients with an annual revenue of over $67 billion.

Due to the company’s 16-year commitment to excellence, Black Book named it the top HIM outsourcing solutions provider. Modern technology from Anthelio Healthcare Solutions was also highlighted on FOX Business.

Remote HIM processing opportunities are available for medical billers and coders. Three months of relevant experience is typically all that Anthelio requires, but a current CTR or CPC accreditation is essential.

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What is the Average Cost of a Medical Billing and Coding Program?

The cost of medical coding and billing training is not easily quantified because tuition varies between schools. According to College Board, the average publicized price at public, in-district community colleges is present $3,440 per year.

With about $46 per unit ($898), Santa Barbara City College is known for having one of the nation’s most affordable Medical Coding Specialist Certificate programs. However, institutions often price medical coding and billing credentials between $4,200 and $19,500.

Remember that taking certification examinations will cost money as well. The Certified Professional Coder exam offered by the AAPC costs $300 plus $125 for membership, while the AHIMA’s Certified Coding Associate exam costs $299.

What is the Difference Between Medical Biller and Medical Coder?

Medical billing primarily comprises the administration and submission of patient records to regulatory bodies and insurance providers for the services that have already been rendered to the patient.

Medical billers process this medical form and submit it in claim forms to payers using the alphanumeric and numeric codes issued by medical coders throughout the diagnosis process.

Practice management software receives patient information about their clinical procedure, which is then used on the claims.

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What is the highest-paid medical billing and coding job?

The following are the highest-paying medical billing and coding job roles in 2023.

  • Coding Director
  • Coding Manager
  • Medical Coding Manager
  • Remote Inpatient Coder
  • Coding Compliance Specialist
  • Physician Coder
  • Inpatient Coder
  • Medical Coding Auditor

Frequently Asked Questions

Is medical coder a hard job?

While occasionally challenging, medical billing and coding are by no means impossible. Medical billing and coding are professions in the healthcare industry that require education and expertise. It will require a lot of effort. It takes time to improve as a medical coder or biller.

What is the highest pay for medical billing and coding?

The median hourly income, according to the BLS, is $26.71. Hourly wages vary depending on qualifications, education, experience, and region. The bottom 10% earn $14.27, while the top 10% earn $47.35.

What state pays medical coders the most?

The top state for medical coders is Nevada, with a median pay of $55,433. The salary scale for medical coders in the bottom 10% is $37,000.

What certification should I get after CPC?

As a novice, having a CPC certification is beneficial, but one should also choose to earn an AHIMA accreditation to thrive in this cutthroat environment.

What are the most in-demand medical coding certifications?

The CPC is the best option for medical coders who want to work in an outpatient setting, such as a clinic or doctor’s office.
The CPC increases the earning potential by more than $25,000 over other annual incomes, according to the AAPC. And it’s the most well-known credential for medical coders.


There is never a limit to how much you can earn as a medical biller or coder. This is because of the projected job growth as many more health institutions and companies continue seeking ways to fill the growing demand for medical billers and coders.

The convenience of online jobs for medical billing and coding is enough to encourage you to take up a career in this sector. You must have gathered enough knowledge about the medical billing and coding sector from our update above.

Before applying for any of the openings on the websites, endeavor to read the terms and conditions.



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