15 Best Paying Jobs in Energy | 2023

Graduates with an energy degree seek the best-paying positions in the industry.

They want to know how many employments are energy-efficient. Positions in the energy sector are among the highest-paying and best-paying jobs in the country, with tremendous job growth.

The Bureau of Labor Statistics has provided a list of some of the best-paying positions in the energy sector.

Energy occupations are among the highest-paying and fastest-growing jobs in the world today. Salaried individuals in these fields will likely be financially stable, making it easier to get emergency payday loans for people with negative credit when needed.

Energy Jobs

It’s inconceivable to imagine a world without energy. Due to technological improvements, the usage of it is necessary for nearly every part of our modern lives. The energy business has risen tremendously during the previous decade thanks to the increased demand for electric devices and cars.

Furthermore, EV contractors are developing extra resources in anticipation of the business sector’s approval of novated leases for motor vehicles. These might include tools such as a fleet network calculator, which can help calculate all the running expenses and leases for electric vehicles. Electric cars have also spawned a new sector dedicated to streamlining and managing corporate processes.

Facility management is one job option that might help ensure the process is completed promptly and efficiently. Someone passionate about facilities management can pursue it as a profession and have a promising future. To learn more, you may seek different IWFM Qualifications online, giving you a more in-depth understanding of the subject.

Returning to the energy field, the chances for progress are virtually endless. Energy is a well-established, well-paid idea, and, most all, a professional subject always developing and strengthening.

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Is a Career in the Energy Sector Worth it?

Yes, it is correct. It’s inconceivable to imagine a world without energy. It is now required in practically every element of our modern lives because of technological advancements.

In the energy business, the opportunities for innovation are nearly limitless. Energy is a well-known, well-paid concept and a professional field always developing and strengthening.

As a result, energy engineers are the heroic experts in charge of finding alternative energy sources, harnessing them, and changing them into the electricity that fuels your phones via your home’s electrical outlets.

The energy sector needs to be a solver and a process optimization specialist. Energy is a highly specialized technical field that frequently requires the fulfillment of a university degree.

This rule has a few exceptions. Several educational institutions provide energy degrees that allow students to advance in the field without obtaining a doctorate.

15 Best Paying Jobs in Energy |  2023

15. Environmental Technician

Average salary: $ 50,620 

Environmental Technicians play a significant part in the energy business by creating contemporary techniques of combatting pollutants and keeping the environment considerably safer.

They are one of the top-paying positions in the energy sector. As well as enforcing the laws and regulations that enterprises and the general public must follow to safeguard the environment.

As an earth sciences specialist, you can devise methods or even create environmentally friendly devices to minimize or eliminate the harm that power generation might cause.

14. Renewable Energy Consultant

Average salary: $ 66,015

Educating clients on choosing the best renewable solution for their homes and offices is one of the highest-paying jobs in the energy sector. As a specialist in renewable energy, I specialize in current renewable energies.

You have one of the top-paying jobs in the business as a renewable energy consultant.

To get started in this sector, a bachelor’s degree should suffice.

13. Site Assessor

Average salary: $69,778

Because a site assessor is so vital to the energy industry, it is one of the top-paying jobs in the industry. Site assessors did on-site visits.

They apply their specialized knowledge to decide if an energy firm is acceptable to invest in a certain location.

For this sort of job, site evaluators usually need certification or a bachelor’s degree.

12. Materials Engineer

Average salary: $76,980

They are experts at developing new polymers, metals, ceramics, and other materials. This is one of the best-paying positions in the energy business since it is in great demand. Material engineers assist in developing new kinds of materials that are critical in developing energy storage systems.

There’s always something new to learn, whether it’s a new sort of glass or ceramics for solar panels or new types of polymers for the petroleum sector.

A material scientist’s major responsibility is to research and evaluate the chemical characteristics of various materials. That may sound like a broad statement, but these researchers want to apply their results to build new goods or enhance existing ones.

11. Solar Power Plant Operator

Average salary: $79,370

Are essential to a solar farm’s or solar power plant’s day-to-day functioning. Operators of solar power plants are among the highest-paid occupations in the energy industry.

Solar power plant operators excel at the technical knowledge to sustain the solar arrays that keep the plant operating and the management and leadership abilities required to lead the team that keeps the plant functioning.

10. Industrial Engineer

Average salary: $83,470

Industrial engineers are frequently among the highest-paying energy careers because of their relevance. Industrial engineers specialize in streamlining and optimizing complicated processes and systems. These engineers assist businesses in streamlining their manufacturing systems to generate energy more effectively.

9. Solar Project Developer

Average salary: $83,980

Assisting in the planning, constructing, and maintaining solar farms or agricultural systems. This employment demands various skills and is one of the highest-paying occupations in the energy industry.

Solar developers are to select the optimal location for solar projects, as well as draft solar installation designs and managing their development. Solar project developers must know solar energy and possess project management, construction, and other related abilities.

8. Financial Analyst For Renewable Energy Resources

Average salary: $85,439

They play a critical role in ensuring the viability of renewable energy enterprises. These financial analysts may assist these firms by determining which markets are worth pushing into and which areas are not worth the effort, based on their knowledge of finance and renewable energy sources.

They may also assist them in making informed judgments about how to extend their technology to guarantee that they do so profitably.

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7. Power plant operator

Average salary: $85,950

Energy is collected, generated, and distributed to users through power plants. These systems require competent operators to ensure efficient functioning.

Operators of power plants run and maintain electricity generating and distribution systems.

You can work in the renewable (solar, geothermal, etc.) or non-renewable (oil, gas, hydro) energy sectors, as well as alternative (nuclear) energy sectors.

6. Civil Engineer

Average salary: $87,060

They play a critical role in ensuring the sustainability of renewable energy enterprises. These financial analysts may assist these firms by determining which areas are worth pushing into and which markets are not worth the effort, based on their expertise in finance and renewable energy sources.

They may also assist them in making informed judgments about how to extend their technology in a lucrative manner.

5. Geoscientist

Average salary: $92,040

Geology studies the earth’s physical features in their most basic form. Energy corporations often hire geoscientists to assist in safely and effectively extracting petroleum resources from the ground.

Geoscientists can also operate in the energy industry, assisting regulatory authorities in developing various regulations and rules governing the extraction of minerals from the soil.

4. Chemical Engineer

Average salary: $97,360

Chemical engineers play a crucial role in the manufacture of chemicals. Thanks to the development of battery technology, chemical engineers are in great demand in the energy sector.

Also, chemical engineers are charged with finding chemical solutions for tomorrow’s battery technologies as more automobile makers and energy firms seek battery solutions for storing large amounts of energy. Chemical engineers in the power industry will be crucial in developing tomorrow’s energy solutions. This is one of the highest-paying positions available.

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3. Wind Farm Site Manager

Average Salary: $110,630

A wind farm site manager manages wind energy gathering and the operation of a wind farm. This profession entails a wide range of skills.

A wind farm site manager must have a thorough grasp of turbines and wind farming technology and the necessary leadership and management qualities to manage personnel.

Wind site managers ensure electric power production while maintaining the wind farm’s safety and equipment integrity.

2. Petroleum Engineer

Average salary: $137,720

Petroleum engineers are now one of the highest-paying positions in the oil industry. In the most basic sense, Petroleum engineers assist the oil and gas sector in locating and exploiting petroleum resources.

Also, petroleum engineers are critical to the movement of this specific energy source through their economy, whether it’s inventing more yielding extraction or refinement methods or assisting in developing new oil and gas repositories. Petroleum engineers may assist with extracting and purifying petroleum in both offices and on-site settings.

1. Architect Engineer/Manager

Average salary: $ 144,830

An architectural engineer or manager is one of the highest-paying positions in the energy business.

These experts’ task is to design and construct energy-efficient structures that use less energy and resources while decreasing waste.

Their responsibilities also include comprehensive planning, research, and technical accuracy, all geared at lowering energy use. This career path can be paved with a bachelor’s degree in architectural engineering.

Frequently Asked Questions about the best-paying jobs in Energy | 2023

What are the benefits of jobs in energy

Jobs in renewable energy offer a new labor demand emerging from investments in shifting our economies away from carbon-intensive energies that limit natural resource depletion and enhance capital efficiency, saving people and the world from pollution and waste.

Will my energy bill increase?

Increasing energy efficiency, diversifying energy sources, and giving consumers more options would lower energy bills.

Can I get an energy job as a foreigner?

No. Many energy employment must be local, much like most physical infrastructure upgrades. However, enabling chances for such national and municipal investment does not hinder trade and is not the same as protectionist measures.


Is a job in energy a wise choice? However, this it is a troublesome issue to answer since it must consider various aspects, including personal talents and interests, the best-paying energy professions now accessible, the oil and gas employment market, and “green” energy career alternatives.



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