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20 Highest Paying Jobs In Energy | 2023

Energy jobs are one of the highest-paying jobs in the world today with a high growth rate. It’s hard to imagine a world without energy (chemical, solar, mechanical, and so on). We need these energies to survive so there’s high demand for their usage.

In this article, we will learn about the energy sector in general, the best energy jobs, and the top 20 high-paying energy jobs. 

Is a career in the energy sector a good one?

Yes, it is. A world without energy is an impossible thought. Due to technological advances, it is essential in almost every aspect of our modern life.

The opportunities for advancement in the energy career are limitless.

Energy is an established, well-paid concept and a constantly growing and evolving professional field. 

 Energy engineers are the noble professionals responsible for finding new sources of energy, harnessing them, and turning them into the magic that comes through the electrical outlets in your home that power your iPhone. 

 Like most engineering fields, working in the energy sector carries a wide range of responsibilities, focusing on two major goals: creating and developing new ways of producing clean and efficient energy and reducing electricity consumption.

The energy sector has to be a great problem solver and expert in optimizing work processes. 

 Energy is a highly specialized technical field that usually requires a university degree. There are a few exceptions. However, some educational institutions offer energy programs that allow students to advance in the energy field without advanced qualifications.

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What careers are in Energy?

There are a lot of career opportunities in the Energy sector. Some of them are:

  1. Architects: They design and plan buildings’ structures.
  2. Chemical Equipment operators operate implements that control chemical reactions during production.
  3. Chemical plants and systems operators: They run plants and machines used for the entire chemical process.
  4. Civil Engineers: They design and plan large construction projects using engineering.
  5. Construction and building inspectors: They inspect buildings and constructions to ensure the engineers follow the plan.
  6. Construction managers: They oversee the construction process.
  7. Control and valve repairers and installers: They repair construction pieces of equipment.
  8. Electrical and Electronics Repairers of Commercial and Industrial Equipment: repair and install electronic devices.
  9. Electrical and Electronic Engineering Technicians: Design and repair electronic devices. Work under the engineers.
  10. Wind Turbine Service Technicians: repair and inspect wind turbines
  11. Solar Photovoltaic Installers: install solar PV systems on roofs or mount them on the ground.

The careers mentioned above are just a few of our many opportunities. The Energy sector has a lot of opportunities to explore.

Do renewable energy jobs pay well?

With fuel and gas prices spike, renewable energy is slowly becoming our primary energy source. Do renewable jobs pay well? Of course, they do.

The industry is exploding with government projects and individual findings. As an engineer, you could earn close to $70,000. Wind turbine installers earn high depending on their experience.

With renewable energy, there’s job security as the industry can only get bigger and bigger. Renewable energy is enormous and should be considered when choosing one’s career.

How much can one earn with a career in the energy field?

How much you earn depends on your career in the energy sector. As it was mentioned above, an engineer can earn close to $70,000. Electrical engineers earn $76,092 (AUD) yearly, according to PayScale. They can make $52,634 per annum and $124,266 per annum, depending on their speciality and experience.

An average architect’s salary is $62,992 (AUD) per annum. It ranges from $48,694 pa to $93,728 per annum. Their salary depends on experience. According to Payscale, environmental officers make $68,397 (AUD) yearly. Pay can be between $48,377 to $90,817 per year.

Salaries earned in the energy field vary from career to career but can be huge. Expect a reasonable increase as the industry is growing more considerable still.

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What are the best jobs in renewable energy?

The best jobs in renewable energy are determined by their pay and job security. Some of them include:

  1. Wind-Turbine installers: In 2029, these technicians are expected to see a 60.9% job growth rate and their pay increases, of course. This provides stability and job security.
  2. Solar PV system installers are expected to see a 50.8% growth rate in 2029. This job growth rate is taking effect as more people are substituting fossil fuels and gases for solar.
  3. Service unit operators (oil, gas, and mining): This personnel is expected to see a 22.9% job growth rate before 2029.
  4. Software developers: These developers design and test operating system software. They are expected to see a 21.5% job growth rate by 2029 which has already started taking effect.
  5. Industrial machinery mechanic: For industrial machine mechanics, employment is expected to grow by 15.6% by 2029.

 20 highest paying jobs in energy in 2023

Are you wondering what the highest-paid jobs are in energy? Don’t worry. We’ve got you. Here’s a look at the top 20 highest-paying energy jobs. 

 1. Civil Engineer 

 While not the only option, some civil engineers focus their careers on renewable energy and green building niches.

In these roles, civil engineers help with the planning, design, and supervision, and make sure projects move forward.

To become a civil engineer, you must have a bachelor’s degree. Once you have it, you can make around $ 87,060 a year. However, some get more than $ 144,560. 

2. Solar PV Installer 

 If you are looking for great entry-level environmental jobs and are ready to do the heavy lifting, becoming a solar PV installer might be your best option.

These professionals install solar panels and other building devices to convert sunlight into usable electricity. 

Unlike most jobs on this list, this job does not require a college degree; Instead, in-service or vocational training can usually be sufficient. You will make around $ 44,890 per year.

3. Renewable Energy Consultant 

One of the highest-paying careers in the energy industry involves advising clients on finding the optimal renewable system for their homes or business. Modern renewable energies as a consultant for renewable energies. 

 As a renewable energy consultant, you have one of the highest-paying jobs in the industry with an average annual salary of $ 66,015. A bachelor’s degree should be sufficient to begin in this field. 

 4. Financial Analyst 

 As a financial analyst, you can work for renewable energy companies and be responsible for the finance department, track energy spending, pay employees, and address future financial issues. 

 Their skills as financial analysts can help the company develop the right energy product in the right area, make more informed expansion decisions, and ensure that everything is being done to maximize profits. 

 Energy company financial analysts are some of the highest-paid in the industry, with an average salary of $ 85,439.

5. Wind Farm Site Manager 

 As a wind farm site manager or engineer, you are responsible for overseeing the wind energy collection and a wind farm site.

You are also responsible for overseeing the personnel assigned to these wind farm sites as excellent leadership skills are required for this position. 

Wind farm managers or engineers must ensure that electrical energy is generated from wind power while maintaining the safety and integrity of the wind farm equipment.

With a typical salary of $ 110,630, it’s one of the highest-paying jobs in the energy industry.

6. Petroleum Engineer 

 With an average salary of $ 137,720, Petroleum Engineering is one of the highest paying jobs in the energy sector, and these engineers are needed more than ever today.

These engineers help the oil and gas industry find and use oil resources, which includes designing, building, and constructing more efficient ways to extract, refine, or discover new oil and gas resources. 

 You must have at least a petroleum degree to be in this career and you can choose to work in the office or on-site overseeing oil production and refining. 

 7. Environmental Technician 

As one of the highest paying jobs in the energy sector, the Environmental Technician plays an important role in the energy sector by developing modern methods of combating pollution and keeping the environment much safer. And enforce the rules and regulations that businesses and the public must comply with to protect the environment. 

As an environmental engineering technician, you can design ways or even environmentally friendly machines to reduce or eliminate the damage that power generation can sometimes do.

To be in this career, you need a bachelor’s degree. The average salary is $ 50,620.

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8. Architect Engineer / Manager 

 With an average salary of $ 144,830 per year, an architectural engineer or manager is one of the highest-paying jobs in the energy sector.

The job of these professionals is to design and build energy-efficient buildings that use less energy and fewer resources, reducing waste. 

Their tasks also include detailed planning, research management, and technical precision, all aimed at reducing energy consumption. A bachelor’s degree in architectural engineering can lead you to this profession.

9. Power plant operator 

 Power plants are used to collect, generate and distribute energy to consumers. To ensure efficient operation, these systems need experienced operators.

Power plant operators have to operate and maintaining power generation and distribution systems.

One cool thing about this career choice is that you can work in renewable (solar, geothermal, etc), non-renewable (oil, gas, hydro), or even alternative (nuclear) energy sectors.

They earn around $85,950 every year

10. Project manager 

Project management is not a specific profession in the energy industry. With so many projects in the industry, however, a project manager is a critical asset.

You will be responsible for planning and executing energy projects such as building plants, installing distribution systems, etc.

Project management is one of the highest-paying jobs in the renewable energy space, with an average salary of $66,000 per year. However, the top earners in the industry make more than $ 100,000 a year.

11. Geoscientist 

A geoscientist is responsible for studying the physical properties of the earth.

Since many energy sources require extraction from the ground, geoscientists are among the most sought-after experts in the energy industry.

Geoscientists are vital in the discovery and production of oil and gas. You can also work in the field of renewable energies, for example in geothermal exploration.

The geoscientist is one of the highest paying jobs in the energy industry in terms of salary. You can expect to make anywhere from $ 50,000 to $ 110,000, or even more, depending on your experience.

12. Solar Energy Technicians 

 Solar energy technicians supervise the maintenance of the solar systems.

After installing a solar energy system, solar energy technicians often take care of the maintenance of these systems.

This is one of the highest-paying energy jobs around the world. Solar energy technicians typically work on-site to troubleshoot problems with solar energy systems and perform routine maintenance on those systems.

As solar energy grows in popularity, the tasks of solar energy technicians continue to become more in demand. Their average salary is $ 52,559. 

 13. Environmental technicians

 Environmental technicians play an important role in developing new ways to remove pollution in the energy sector. to mitigate the damage that power generation can sometimes do, but they also help create and enforce various regulations to ensure that energy companies do not put undue pressure or harm on their environment.

This career usually requires a bachelor’s degree. Environmental engineers are important protective measures of our nature and help ensure that the energy sector functions safely and efficiently. The average salary is $50,620

 14. Site Assessor 

A site assessor is incredibly important to the energy business, which is why it is one of the highest-paying energy professions.

Site assessors have conducted on-site visits to potential sites for power generation.

They use their unique skills to determine whether a site is suitable for an energy company to invest its resources in.

Site evaluators typically require certification or a bachelor’s degree for this type of career. The average salary is $69,778

15. Chemist 

The average salary for this job is $ 70,195. The oil and gas industry is a great employer for chemists whose skills help develop and manufacture speciality fuels and lubricants.

However, alternative and renewable energies require the same skills to develop new biofuels. 

 From an educational perspective, applicants will probably also need a master’s degree in chemistry for a career entry position. 

 16. Wind Turbine Service Technicians 

 The Median Salary is $ 54,370. With the number of wind turbine installations increasing, it’s no surprise that renewable energy companies expect nearly 100% growth for service technicians.

This job requires skilled workers with experience in construction, welding, and electrical installation to install new wind farms and maintain existing ones.

17. Sales Representatives 

 The average salary for this job is $ 53,804. What surprises most people is how technical a sales job in the renewable energy industry is.

Most employers look for sales skills and the ability to evaluate existing equipment, fully analyze customer requirements, and become the link between customers, installers, and utilities.

Proven sales skills in highly technical teams are a must for this job.

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18. Environmental Protection & Science Technician 

 The average salary for this job is $ 46,170. These jobs include both field and laboratory assignments to ensure that renewable and energy-generating equipment does not cause unintended environmental damage.

It would also be involved in monitoring all forms of pollution to assess the effects on the health of workers and the general population. This is probably one of the most fulfilling renewable energy jobs. 

 A degree in environmental engineering is the most common minimum requirement for training.

19. Power plant operators 

Power plant operators are responsible for the systems for generating and distributing electricity. Depending on the source of power generation, these could be renewable energy jobs, although they are not all. 

With a little extra training, earning around $85,950 a year as a power plant operator is possible. It can even exceed $ 117,130 over time, making it one of the highest-paying energy jobs that don’t require a bachelor’s degree. 

20.  Land Acquisition Specialist 

 If you are aiming for a non-scientific environmental career, a position as Land Acquisition Specialist may be right for you.

These professionals design and implement plans for wind energy sites, obtain development-related building permits and facilitate the purchase or lease of land.

A bachelor’s degree is required to go in this direction. This typically makes a land acquisition specialist about $ 63,715 a year.

Top 5 FAQs on Energy jobs

Now that you have learned about the highest paying jobs in Energy, you must have many questions running through your mind. Hopefully, we can answer some with these top 5 FAQs people ask about energy jobs. 

How important are energy jobs? 

More than two million Americans work in the energy sector, an industry that created enough jobs in 2022. It is an economic development engine that creates and builds a better, healthier future.

How does the number of energy jobs compare to other industries? 

In 2019, energy efficiency employed nearly 1 in 50 Americans, more than all elementary school teachers in the US and almost as many as 
waiters and servers in US bars and restaurants.

What is a renewable energy job? 

 Renewable energy jobs represent a new labour demand resulting from investments in transitioning our economies from carbon-intensive energies that minimize the depletion of our natural resources and maximize the efficient use of our capital, protecting beings and the planet from pollution and Waste.

Do energy jobs increase energy costs? 

No. Improving energy efficiency, energy diversity, and consumer choice will reduce energy costs.

Will energy jobs affect our trade policy? 

No. Like most physical infrastructure improvements, many energy jobs are necessarily local, but creating opportunities for such national and municipal investment does not restrict trade and is entirely different from protectionist policies.


Energy demand is increasing worldwide as global climate and sustainability concerns grow. You can meet this requirement.




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