15 Best Paying Jobs in Newspapers/ Magazines in 2023

For creative wordsmiths and photographers, the stimulating and adventurous field of publishing is a must-explore professional path. Career choices in this field, like editors, writers, photographers, advertising executives, and some of the other best paying jobs in newspapers/ magazines in 2023, help bring the news-sharing medium to market, whether sold in brick-and-mortar stores or online.

The good thing is that the public always finds newspapers and magazines quite popular, and the passion is still there now. So, suppose you are wondering about some of the high paying jobs in newspapers/ magazines.

In that case, we will discuss 15 magazine occupations that you can pursue if you’re interested in a career in the publishing sector.

We will also be looking at details on the jobs, routine tasks, and expected average salary. Continue reading for more information on some fantastic job prospects, whether you’re just starting or searching for a career shift.

What is the newspaper and magazine field?

The newspaper and magazine business is incredibly cutthroat, deadline-driven, and covers various issues, from regional news to global happenings.

Because there is constantly new information to report, journalists in this sector must be proficient in conducting interviews, taking images, and writing effectively and concisely. Additionally, they must be able to work efficiently under tight deadlines.

In this industry, you can get offers from various positions, from managing editor to an entry-level reporter.

Is the newspaper/ magazine sector a good career path?

Yes, working in the newspaper/ magazine industry is a wise professional decision. People have long considered newspapers and magazines to be extremely popular, and this enthusiasm is on a steady rise.

There are numerous opportunities to earn a good income in this industry, and many notable people have made a career out of writing. You could decide to work as a freelancer, write articles or even pursue a career as a photojournalist, capturing many subjects in one picture.

These are all excellent places to start your career. From entry-level employment to top management positions and all in between, these careers provide many opportunities.

Additionally, there is always something new to learn because the industry is continuously developing.

Plus, it doesn’t hurt that the pay in this industry is competitive, especially if you have the required training and experience.

Best paying jobs in newspapers/ magazines in 2023

Here are the 15 best jobs in newspapers/ magazines in 2023

  • #1. Art Director
  • #2. Copy Editor
  • #3. Fact Checker
  • #4. Photo Editor
  • #5. Illustrator
  • #6. News reporter
  • #7. Columnist
  • #8. Sportswriter
  • #9. Copywriter
  • #10. Communication Specialist
  • #11. Technical writer
  • #12. Translator
  • #13. Freelance writer
  • #14. Advertising
  • #15. Marketing

#1. Art Director

Average yearly salary: $92,780

Besides the content, Vogue and Entertainment Weekly have different physical and mental appeals. Creating that entire appearance and feel on a magazine is an Art director’s job.

Art directors supervise the design and layout of the text and images on each magazine page and how they work together to establish a unified brand or unique style.

From a report by the U.S Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) in 2018, Art directors made an average yearly salary of $92,780. Although their employment prospects were stable, they were predicted to lose demand in print media.

However, due to how visually rich the Internet is, art directors should have plenty of career opportunities to publish online materials.

#2.Copy Editor

Average yearly salary: $46,106

You read a beautiful article in your favorite magazine, and the story was perfect – the flow was effortless, delivery was seamless, completely fit the section, and was free of grammatical blunders.

Now that means a copy editor had done a fine job there.

Copy editors are more than just proofreaders; they also deal with dangling modifiers, misplaced commas, and other frequent grammatical errors.

They contribute to improving the caliber and style of the writing by the magazine’s reporters and correspondents because they are meticulous and talented writers in their own right.

With this vital responsibility, it is not a surprise that this is one of the best paying jobs in newspapers/ magazines, with a median yearly pay of $46,106.

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#3. Fact Checker

Average annual salary: $61,890

Newspapers and magazines need to check and verify the data in their stories, which is what a fact checker does.

Fact-checkers are a must-have for all magazines and newspapers to verify that quotes, names, dates, numbers, and any other factual material in an article are valid and correct.

This is one of the best paying jobs in newspapers/ magazines and is perfect for a stickler for accuracy, integrity, detail, and thorough research.

#4. Photo Editor

Average annual salary: $56,644

Photo editing is one of the best paying jobs in newspapers/magazines. Photo editors are responsible for the photographs and explaining texts that appear in a magazine.

They are often not actual photographers. Their responsibility is to employ photographers to take pictures and ensure the perfect shots appear on the pages.

This position might be ideal for you if you have a keen eye for design, experience in photography, and enjoy collaborating with experts in the industry.

#5. Illustrator

Average base salary: $55,051 per year        

Illustrating is one best paying jobs in newspapers/magazines in 2023 if you can think creatively and produce images on any topic, even under strict deadlines.

It would be even better if you produced accurate and artistically appealing illustrations for publications, newspapers, and magazines.

#6. News Reporter

Average base salary: $49,004 per year

Sometimes, someone needs to get live news reports, which is what news reporters do.

They are in charge of producing content for articles. So, as a news reporter, you must conduct in-depth personal research and create fact-filled, convincing pieces.

You will need to be cautious yet convincing and promptly locate the necessary information to produce publications in this position.

#7. Columnist

Average base salary: $61,579 per year

This is one of the fun, best paying jobs in newspapers/ magazines in 2023, especially if you have a degree in liberal arts. A columnist puts some extra sauce in regular articles like diverse viewpoints and comments. So, instead of an article, it is more like an essay.

You will need to write frequently on a specific subject for such a position, updating readers consistently.

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#8. Sportswriter

Average base salary: $62,836 per year

Now, this is the perfect goal for sports enthusiasts! (pun intended)

Your job will be to write pieces for newspapers and magazines about various sports media figures, athletes, and sporting events.

You’ll have to research and compose excellent articles with accurate information to do this effectively. Like every other job in the fast-paced newspaper industry, this one also requires the ability to write swiftly.

#9. Copywriter

Average base salary: $57,547 per year

You know those relatable copies with the best metaphors, puns, and wordplays? Newspapers and magazines have copywriters in charge of creating those kinds of advertisement copies.

The requirements?

You must be:

  • Able to create compelling and engaging texts that will sell a good or service,
  • Creative and spontaneous,
  • Flexible and ready to jump on trends
  • Able to work with difficult headlines to be considered for this role.

#10. Communication Specialist

Average base salary: $44,380 per year

A communication specialist’s job is to connect the organization’s members with the community.

To excel at this role, you must communicate clearly both orally and in writing, be unafraid of public speaking situations, be able to negotiate and enjoy working with people as you represent the business.

#11. Technical Writer

Average base salary: $69,047 per year

Technical writers create easily understandable articles and documents like instructions, guides, etc. So, your job will be to explain the most complex procedures in the simplest terms.

In addition to having a solid command of the English language and having a bachelor’s degree in journalism, this job occasionally requires proficiency with computers and information technology.

#12. Translator

Average base salary: $54,606 per year

As the name suggests, your job will translate articles into the target language. To be efficient in this job, you will need to be fluent in the two languages to be translated and well-versed in the cultures and interests of both people.

A bachelor’s degree in translation or something related in-depth knowledge, and the ability to complete everything by the deadline are requirements for employment as a translator.

#13. Freelance writer

Average base salary: $53,732 per year

You will occasionally be in charge of creating different pieces for newspapers and publications as a freelance writer. You must adhere to strict timelines as you write, based on the guide you get.

It will not hurt to know how to string error-free words to pass information, have a background in an area connected to journalism, have enough time to complete your work, and have knowledge of writing tools for this position.


Magazines often produce and sell advertisements in their papers to afford publishing well-written articles, and gorgeous photo spreads.

A large magazine’s success depends on the various distinct advertising jobs. Most magazines include an internal advertising division that manages all ad accounts, writes all ad text, and is in charge of the final running of ads.

The positions available in the advertising team include the account manager, copywriter, and copy chief.

Since magazines create many advertisements rather than clients, magazine advertising departments can present excellent chances for graphic designers.

This is one of the best paying jobs in newspapers/ magazines in 2023 for all industries that require advertising and marketing. According to BLS statistics from 2018, advertising, promotions, and marketing managers typically make $132,620 annually.

#15. Marketing

So, you have created a magazine and recruited the perfect talents to run the company. Now is the time to focus on marketing.

Your target audience needs to know that you exist to seek your services. Various marketing initiatives like public relations, special events, the creation of promotional materials, and generating buzz on social media are all the media you should consider.

Ultimately, the aim is to promote branding, sell magazine copies, and rent out ad space in the magazine.

Like the advertising department, the marketing department has many positions featured on every magazine’s logo. This comprises positions like marketing director, manager, social media manager, and intern in marketing. And like advertising, marketing positions can be pretty lucrative.

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FAQs on the Best Paying Jobs in newspapers/ newspapers

How do I write a pitch that will make me stand out positively?

To write a remarkable pitch for one of the best paying jobs in newspapers/ magazines, you need to do your homework – Research!
Your pitch must reflect the newspaper’s vision, tone, style, and target audience. Also, remember that the more you practice, the simpler it becomes.

What if I don’t have a portfolio and I have to send a link to my portfolio?

The secret is to start developing your portfolio right early, emphasizing quality work over quantity.
You can prove your writing prowess with as few as two or three excellent guest blog posts or start writing on medium.

How should my author bio sound?

It’s okay to experience some level of anxiety when drafting your bios. With the slightly compulsive need to strike the perfect balance between entertaining, informative, and concise while avoiding cliché or vague words, you should be prepared to write several drafts.
When you finally get that ideal blend, include some well-placed power words to make it stand out.

Which degree do you need to write for a magazine?

You do not necessarily need a degree to have a career in the newspaper/ magazine field.
The editors in the industry are more interested in seeing evidence that you can produce something they’d like to publish. However, a degree in English or journalism can give you the extra push and aid you in developing your writing and reporting skills.


These are the 15 best paying jobs in the newspapers/ magazine industry in 2023. So, if you are looking to start or change career paths, you can choose from any of the high paying jobs on our list to start.



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