Fastest Growing Jobs in IT 2023

Science and technology have seen the largest rate of job growth over the last decade and in particular, information technology has emerged as the fastest-growing sector within this field.

Today we will look into what exactly the fastest-growing jobs are within IT, the benefits they offer, and whether or not they are here to stay. Trends may change but currently, these jobs have seen the fastest growth within information technology.

Benefits of IT Jobs

What makes these positions so attractive is not only that they involve working in the cutting edge of technology but also that there are positions to be found all over the world.

Many people also understand the benefits that are working remotely can have, something which many of these job roles offer. It is easier than ever to manage systems remotely and workers can even bill clients internationally and get paid using an app for international money transfers.

Data Scientist

Data is one of the most valuable commodities in the world and that is exactly why data scientists are in such high demand. This job role has seen an increase in demand by 29% since just last year, and growth of around 344% since 2013, according to Turing Jobs.

DevOps Engineer

DevOps Skills Report recently published findings that today’s total use of engineers is at 74%, and this figure is growing rapidly.

This is why there is a push amongst students to take up this position, given the limited number of skilled people to fill the ever-growing number of roles. Men and women working in this field operate in software development, coding, scripting, and maintenance of systems.

Blockchain Engineer

One of the most exciting breakthroughs within IT over the last decade has been the blockchain, which you may have heard of if you have ever looked into crypto.

Beyond crypto however, this tech can be used for an enormous array of solutions, and investment in it has already exceeded $12 billion. Within IT this and AI are the fastest-growing fields, but the challenge is ensuring enough engineers to meet the rising demand.

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Cloud Architect

Job site Indeed recently published a report stating that the volume of cloud computing jobs per million increased by 42% between 2018 and 2021. There is a current belief amongst the tech community that this is one area that desperately requires more reinforcements.

The cloud is used by almost every business and private citizen worldwide, making the need for architects who can build, design, and maintain the software so critical. Those with skills within this field can command attractive salaries and find many job roles available to them.


If you want a career in IT then these are the job roles you should be looking into, all of which need more people and are very much here to stay for the long term.


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