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In today’s competitive job market, finding the right employment opportunity can be both exciting and challenging. If you’re curious about starting your career journey at First Watch, one of the leading breakfast restaurants in the nation, you might be wondering, “What is First Watch hiring age?”

According to recent statistics, First Watch employs a diverse workforce, attracting people from various age groups and backgrounds. Understanding the age requirement and work experience at First Watch is crucial for potential applicants to assess their eligibility and explore the unique work environment this esteemed establishment offers.

This article aims to provide comprehensive answers to your questions and shed light on the work culture and job benefits offered by First Watch.

first watch hiring age

What is First Watch Hiring Age?

First Watch hiring age varies depending on the position and local labor laws. Generally, applicants must be at least 16 years old.

However, some roles, like servers and bartenders, may require individuals to be 18 years or older due to specific legal requirements or job nature.

This age requirement ensures compliance with labor regulations and maintains a balance between work and school commitments for younger employees.

Moreover, it promotes a diverse and inclusive workforce, enriching the restaurant’s dynamic atmosphere.

First Watch welcomes individuals from various age groups who are passionate about delivering exceptional customer service and being part of a supportive team.

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How Old Do You Have to Work for First Watch?

At First Watch, there is no fixed retirement age, allowing employees to work for as long as they desire. The restaurant values experience and acknowledges the contributions of long-serving team members.

Working at First Watch is not limited by age, providing a welcoming and inclusive environment for all. As a result, many employees choose to stay with the company for years, benefiting from the positive work culture and job satisfaction.

This approach creates a diverse workforce, blending the expertise of seasoned employees with the enthusiasm of newer team members.

The company celebrates the dedication and loyalty of its staff, fostering a sense of belonging and mutual respect.

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Why is Age Requirement Important at First Watch?

The age requirement at First Watch holds significance for various reasons.

Firstly, it ensures compliance with labor laws and legal regulations. Secondly, it strikes a balance between work and school commitments for younger employees.

Moreover, it promotes a diverse and inclusive workforce, contributing to a vibrant work environment. By employing individuals from different age groups, First Watch fosters a culture of mutual respect and understanding.

This approach enriches the overall work experience and encourages open communication among team members.

Additionally, the age requirement allows the company to provide appropriate training and support to employees based on their life stage and needs.

Overall, the age requirement plays a vital role in maintaining a positive and cohesive work atmosphere at First Watch.

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How is the Work Culture at First Watch?

The work culture at First Watch is positive and supportive, fostering teamwork and open communication. Team members collaborate, supporting each other to create a vibrant atmosphere.

The management values employees’ voices, encouraging everyone to contribute ideas. Respect and inclusivity define the work environment, ensuring everyone feels valued.

Teamwork is at the core, and employees praise the supportive nature of colleagues and management. The company prioritizes safety, providing a comfortable space for personal and professional growth.

Employees find the work experience rewarding, citing the opportunities for development and advancement.

Overall, First Watch offers a friendly and encouraging work culture, promoting a sense of loyalty and job satisfaction among its workforce.

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Work Experience and Testimonials from the Employees

The work experience at First Watch has garnered numerous positive testimonials from employees. For instance, a server at the restaurant describes her time there as “fulfilling and rewarding.” She appreciates the supportive work culture that encourages her to grow professionally.

Likewise, a long-serving chef, praises the company for its focus on employee development, saying, “First Watch invested in my culinary skills, and I now feel like a valued asset.”

The staff frequently mentions the camaraderie among colleagues, making the workplace feel like a second home.

Moving to management, Karen expressed, “I started as a hostess, and now I’m managing a team. First Watch truly nurtures talent.”

The collective sentiment is one of contentment and gratitude for the opportunities for growth and job satisfaction at First Watch.

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Job Benefits When Working at First Watch

Working at First Watch comes with a range of attractive job benefits.

Firstly, employees receive competitive pay, ensuring they are fairly compensated for their dedication. Secondly, the restaurant offers flexible working hours, accommodating various schedules and providing a healthy work-life balance.

Furthermore, team members benefit from comprehensive training, gaining valuable skills that extend beyond their time at First Watch. This emphasis on skill development empowers employees to excel in their roles and explore new opportunities within the company.

Additionally, First Watch provides employee discounts, allowing staff to enjoy the restaurant’s delicious meals at a reduced price. The company also offers various incentives to reward outstanding performance, encouraging employees to go the extra mile in their work.

These benefits contribute to a positive work culture, where team members feel valued and motivated to deliver their best every day. Working at First Watch offers a fulfilling experience with numerous perks that enhance job satisfaction and promote professional growth.

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What is the hiring age at First Watch?

The minimum age to work at First Watch is generally 16 years old.

Are there any exceptions to the minimum age requirement?

Some positions, like servers and bartenders, may require applicants to be 18 years or older due to specific legal requirements or job nature.

Can high school students apply for a job at First Watch?

Yes, First Watch welcomes high school students who meet the minimum age requirement of 16 years.


First Watch hiring age is generally 16 years or older, though specific positions may have different age requirements. The age limit plays a vital role in maintaining compliance with labor laws and fostering a diverse and inclusive workforce.

First Watch is not just a workplace; it’s a place where employees can grow, develop, and build meaningful careers.

With its positive work culture and attractive job benefits, First Watch presents a fantastic opportunity for anyone eager to embark on an exciting journey in the restaurant industry.


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