Career Change at 35: Best Options To Choose From

With over 65% of Americans currently looking for a change in their chosen career path, the popularity of career change has witnessed steady growth over the years.

Making a career change at any age is usually a scary step, Change itself does not come easy. You might decide to opt for a career change because your career path might not have turned out to be what you envisioned exactly or maybe you’re just looking for a change.

In going for a career change at 35 you must, first of all, be completely sure that the decision you’re about to make is not one you’re going to regret later on.

A career change at 35 requires careful research. 35 is a perfect age for a career change. Opting for a career change at 35 is a good decision because at 35 you now have a better understanding of life, your goals are more defined, and you are wiser and open to various opportunities.

Are you interested in making a change for a new career? Before you make your decision it is advisable to take some personal time to evaluate your present career path and the change you are willing to explore.

This article will review the best options to select from if you decide to opt for a career change at 35.

Reasons You Should Opt For a Career Change At 35

There are various valid reasons why you might decide to opt for a career change at 35. After careful analysis, we have found out that the greater percentage of people going for a career change at 35 decided to take this big step due to reasons like:

Change in Goals

You usually know it’s time for a career change when your goals and priorities don’t align with your present career path. A change in priorities and goals is one of the main reasons why most people decide to take the big step of a career change.

When you always had a goal you always wanted to achieve and you’re just finding that your present career path will not be in any way beneficial to the attainment of these goals, then it might be time for a career change.

Change in Career Passion

Whenever you are selecting a career path you’ll most definitely hear words like “select a career that you’re passionate about because at the end of the ,day that’s all that matters.” So what happens when you suddenly loyourthe passion for that career?

It’s normal to want to change your career path when you have completely lost the passion for something that you once found intriguing.

The loss of passion in the career might be because of a lack of prior information of what the profession entails and the overwhelming effect that comes when you find the career is not a clear cut for you.


If you work long hours with little time for your family and friends, you might decide to take the big step and switch to another career for better flexibility and entwined freedom.

When transitioning from a career that requires long hours, interest in a new career might go to a career that gives you the option of setting your own hours while having more free time for your family and loved ones.

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Better Pay

The money! Let’s face it, more than 47% of people actually decide to change careers because they want to switch to an industry that offers better pay.

If your present career does not pay you enough to afford the basic needs of living, spend on your family and loved ones, and generally direct a comfortable financial living chances are you’ll always be looking for a career change to preferably an industry that will offer more money for services rendered.

Steps to A Career Change At 35

Deciding to go for a career change at 35 is a major decision and you might be confused about how to kick off the process.

Opting for a career change at 35 entails you equipping yourself for a total change not just pertaining to your career. Carefully preparing yourself for these changes is key to having a successful career change.

The main steps to take when going for a career change at 35 are:

  • Carefully review your present job and the changes you’ll like to make it.
  • Thoroughly research other career options that have previously interested you.
  • Evaluate if your new career path requires new skills or degrees.
  • Carefully assess if the new career option presents you with the ability to achieve your goals.
  • Recreate your resume if the new career path fits all you’re searching for.
  • Meet people in the same career path to enable you to get first-hand information about what the job entails.

Signs Its Time for A Career Change

You’ll not need a soothsayer to determine when it’s time for a change in career as the signs are usually very obvious.

Still, wondering what the signs are that you might need a career change?

Most people who later decide to change careers usually have prior signs like:

  • Waking up every morning to go to work literally feels like a nightmare.
  • You’re generally unhappy with your job and no matter how much the salary is, it can’t make up for it.
  • Lack of interest on the job, with you performing your job just because it’s something you’ve already accepted as fate.
  • You feel you’re not making any impact or any difference in life.
  • You constantly make up new reasons to try a new career.

Best Options for A Career Change At 35

35 is undoubtedly one of the best ages for a transition to a new career because at 35 you are more knowledgeable about how life works, you are more in line with what drives you and already have strong preset goals. At 35, the best career paths to select from include:

Web Developer

With the steady increase in the workforce of the Tech industry, venturing into web development is one of the best options for a career change at 35 especially if you have always been tech-savvy.

Web developers are tasked with writing computer codes for creating websites and software applications for various companies.

 The increasing demand for web developers, the flexible work hours, and the good pay are a few of the opportunities for people who adopt this line of duty.

Opting for a web developer career change at 35 will require you to:

  • Learn how to code (could be done personally or by taking coding classes)
  • Build a portfolio.
  • Create a relationship with experienced people in the same career path.
  • Find coding gigs and build your experience


The career options at 35 are literally numerous and being a therapist is one of the many choices. A career change at 35 to becoming a therapist is one of the most selected options for people making this transition.

Deciding to opt for this career change option puts you in a position to work either in private practice or join a group practice at treatment centers.

The field of therapy is very diverse with many branches to select from. Transitioning to this new line of work will you need to:

  • Thoroughly research and select your preferred path into therapy
  • Get the required degree or diploma certification.
  • Engage in intensive training.
  • Network with professionals in the line of work.

Massage Therapist

With an average requirement of just a high school diploma or General education diploma, massage therapy is one of the selected options for a career change at 35. A massage therapist is usually required to have knowledge of the main muscles of the body.

The massage therapist’s main goal is to alleviate pain, improve overall circulation, and induce, maximum relaxation in clients.

With the massage therapy employment statistics expected to grow by at least 24% BY 2026, now might be the best time to transition to this career path. In order to go for a career change as a massage therapist you should:

  • Have a high school diploma or General education diploma.
  • Attend an approved and licensed massage therapy program.
  • Specialize in different types of massage.
  • Have in-depth knowledge of the best way to alleviate pains in stressed muscles.

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Computer Support Specialist

A computer specialist assists computer users and organizations by maintaining computer networks or providing technical help to computer users.

Their roles in an organization are very important as they are key to the successful maintenance of the organization’s networks.

A computer support specialist is a good choice for a career change at 35. Opting for a career change at 35 requires you to

  • High school diploma or General education diploma
  • College degree or courses certificate (optional but required top employment opportunities)
  • Valid Certificate in a computer-related class

The technology sector is ever-evolving and for computer specialists to keep up with the changes there is the need to engage in an active learning process throughout the course of your career.

Dental Assistant

If you are interested in health, a career change to a dental assistant might be a good fit for you. The various career paths in the health care sector are always in supply and available for those searching for a career change.

Becoming a dental assistant is one of the top options due to the relatively straightforward process.

The dental assistant health sector is perfect for you as it does not require you to have any prior knowledge in the field. The advantages of deciding to opt for dental assistance as a career change include

  • Affordable tuition.
  • No previous healthcare training requirement.
  • Very flexible and fast classes
  • Ample job opportunities.
  • Well-paying and rewarding work job environment.


At 35, you can find that your professional life is not moving in the direction you like and the only remedy to this might be a career change. Opting for a career change at 35 enables you to redesign your career in the exact direction and style you’ll like.



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