15 Online Jobs in Utah that Pay Well in 2023

Online jobs are becoming more popular in Utah, with an increasing number of employees requesting some form of work-from-home arrangement.

Working from home with a cat on your lap appeals, but there are numerous advantages to setting up shop at your favorite coffee shop.

Online jobs, or jobs that do not require in-person work, have become more prevalent as technology advances, such as video-conferencing tools, cloud-based software, and instant messaging apps.

These are frequently the best jobs for people who want more flexibility in their work schedules and office environments. If you want information on the online jobs in Utah that pay well in 2023, keep reading!

What is the Online Jobs in Utah like?

Online work is ideal for those on a tight budget. According to one survey, 74% of employees would quit their current jobs to work remotely or at a different company even if their pay remained the same.

Full-time online workers save more than $4,000 per year.

They also make $4,000 more per year on average. 75% of employees working online earn at least $65,000 per year, putting them in the upper 80% of all employees, whether at home or in the office.

If your current position is in an expensive area, you can save money by relocating to a town with a lower cost of living when you work remotely.

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You get to have time for yourself.

If staying put isn’t your thing, put that money toward your wanderlust as you transition to life as a digital nomad. Liberating online work allows you to live your life without controlling your job.

With online jobs, you would have time for the family.

Are you still waiting to return to work after having a new baby? Continue to advance your career by working online jobs in Utah. There are numerous practical and in-demand remote jobs for moms and dads to earn an income without leaving their new bundle of joy.

Online work is for those who value productivity.

It might shock you how much you get done during the day. The most common office distraction, according to 61%, is loud coworkers. 40% said unplanned meetings disrupted their workflow. When working alone, 86% felt the most productive.

Reduce distracting office gossip, time-wasting meetings, and fluorescent overhead lights to increase productivity.

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Online jobs allow you to be flexible.

Another advantage that virtual employees have is greater flexibility in their daily activities. Flexible One of the top three reasons people choose remote work is the ability to work from home.

You would have the freedom to work when you are most productive. College students would benefit greatly from an online job with a flexible schedule.

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How do You know if Online Jobs that Pay Well in Utah is for you?

Ask yourself the following questions to see if you have the right temperament and personality for it:

Are you a good communicator?

To communicate with your remote team, you must be proficient in fire communication. It helps others believe that work is being done even when they cannot see it. Communication also promotes collaboration and teamwork.

Do you have a high motivation, discipline, and time management level?

You must be a self-starter who can stay focused and productive without coworkers or a supervisor holding you accountable for meeting deadlines.

Are you a self-assured problem solver?

Working online in Utah requires more independence than working in an open office with others on whom to rely. You should enjoy working independently and keep calm if you have to make difficult decisions.

Will you be able to balance your remote work life with an active social life?

Working by yourself can be isolating. As a result, the best candidates for the job enjoy going to coworking spaces to meet other digital nomads and have active hobbies and interests that fill up their social life.

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15 Online Jobs in Utah that Pay Well in 2023

#1. Marketing Automation Specialist

$54,500-$82,000 per year

Using software platforms and technologies to create effective marketing online campaigns with automated, repetitive tasks is marketing automation. Specialists use these platforms

to set up trigger-based campaigns and regular emails. These campaigns promote a company’s product or service to current and potential customers via the internet and social media.

Before pursuing this career, many marketing automation specialists have a bachelor’s degree in marketing, computer science, or a related field, are proficient with marketing automation tools such as Pardot, and have some marketing experience.

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#2. Contract Graphic Designer

$56,500-$79,500 per year

A contract graphic designer works on freelance design projects. As an independent contractor, you must communicate with clients to determine their project requirements.

You design the visual elements for websites, advertisements, marketing materials, or any other asset the client requires. You can also work on branding campaigns or assist a company in rebranding or improving its image by creating new logos and images.

Your duties will require using design software such as Adobe Illustrator, CorelDRAW, or Adobe InDesign. If the assets are in print, you may need to deliver them in predefined formats or resolutions. To attract new clients as a contractor, you must market your services. It is one of the online jobs that pay well in Utah.

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#3. SEO consultants

$42,000-$78,000 per year

SEO consultants are experts in search engine optimization (SEO) technology. They are up to date on the most recent SEO and online marketing techniques. Your goal is to assist clients in driving traffic to their websites by allowing them to rank higher in Google search results. It is one of the online jobs that pay well in Utah.

Typical job responsibilities include:

  • Determining client objectives.
  • Creating an online marketing plan.
  • Optimizing website pages.
  • Conducting keyword research.
  • Creating content.
  • Troubleshooting technical issues.

Many SEO consultants provide clients with a detailed plan, whereas others offer more comprehensive services and complete the individual components of the program.

#4. Film Editor                                                                        

$38,000-$78,000 per year

During post-production, a film editor’s responsibilities include assembling raw footage into a finished film. A film editor typically edits and produces raw footage using a computer program.

Their duties include developing a shot sequence for each scene and collaborating with the cinematographer and director to ensure that the edited scenes meet their expectations and present a straightforward narrative.

Educational requirements vary, but creativity and experience with editing software are a requirement. A demo reel is a common way to highlight prior experience and professional skills. It is one of the online jobs that pay well in Utah.

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#5. Freelance Writer

$26,000-$75,000 per year

Freelance writing is a writing career in which you work as an independent contractor to create written communication for various clients. Typically, the client specifies specific project objectives. It would be best if you met those goals by writing copy in the tone and style they prefer.

Freelance writing is usually less about your creative expression and more about writing in the voice that your client prefers. Your writing must also be technically correct, as poor grammar and structure can detract from what your client is attempting to say.

#6. Virtual recruiter

$41,500-$73,000 per year

Many virtual recruiter jobs allow you to work from home or another remote location with internet access. Recruiting firms seeking new employees who are eager to learn frequently post them. Legitimate positions do not require paying for leads or setting up job software.

Do your research; only apply to jobs with established companies with an excellent online presence and reputation, and avoid job postings that ask for money as a condition of employment. It is one of the online jobs that pay well in Utah.

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#7. Web designer

$41,000-$73,000 per year

Web designers create website layouts, graphics, and designs. They are primarily in charge of a website’s appearance. They may design website images, icons, and wireframes. Many sites also have HTML, CSS, and, on occasion, JavaScript.

Web designers use website applications or content management systems such as WordPress, Joomla, and Drupal. Their responsibilities may include testing browser compatibility, adding new content to the site, and performing search engine optimization.

#8. Email marketer

$31,500-$65,000 per year

An email marketer creates compelling, creative copy for emails sent to existing and prospective customers. You will work closely with clients or the sales department to determine institutional sales goals in this role.

You also look for potential promotions to support your campaign and collaborate with other members of the marketing department to develop brand awareness strategies. Then you write copy that expresses and reflects these various goals and visions to attract customers to buy the company’s products or services.

Analyzing your strategies throughout the campaign would be best to determine your return on investment. It is one of the online jobs that pay well in Utah.

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#9. Search Engine Optimization Specialist

$41,500-$64,500 per year

A Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Specialist works to improve how search engine web crawlers perceive a website. As an SEO specialist, your responsibilities include changing the site’s layout, copy, and content and discovering new ways to help your client rank.

You identify the most profitable search keywords to target and organically incorporate them into your client’s website content. You may also require search engine marketing (SEM) expertise, as keywords are essential to this marketing channel.

#10. Remote recruiter

$41,000-$64,000 per year

A remote recruiter finds qualified candidates for their client’s job openings. Remote recruiters, as opposed to office recruiters, frequently work from home. Meeting with clients to discuss their hiring needs and obtaining a list of qualifications and duties for the role are among your responsibilities.

You search job boards, social media networks, and other relevant sites for candidates who meet your client’s requirements. Most remote recruiters conduct an initial phone screening with the candidate before meeting in person and forwarding the job seeker’s information to the company’s hiring supervisor.

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#11. Social media manager

$35,000-$61,500 per year

A social media manager is responsible for creating and posting content on social media accounts for clients or employers. Working on social media marketing campaigns and developing promotions for a product, brand, or service are some of the responsibilities of this job.

You can develop strategies to encourage user interaction on social media platforms and methods to measure the success of social media efforts based on user data. You may also be in charge of other social media department employees as a manager.

#12. Insurance agent

$30,500- $60,500 per year.

Insurance agents contact prospective customers to sell auto, home, travel, medical, or life insurance policies. Insurance agents explain policy terms to customers and work directly with them to renew, change, or transfer policies.

In addition, insurance agents collect and analyze customer information before recommending the best policies. Insurance agents provide customer service, conduct market research, and present policy options to clients.

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#13. Personal trainers

$35,000-$57,000 per year

Personal trainers are health and fitness professionals certified and educated in the field. They assist their clients in reaching their fitness objectives by motivating them, teaching them proper techniques, and holding them accountable for their fitness and health objectives.

Personal trainers keep track of their client’s progress. Personal trainers work in fitness centers, gyms, community centers, and even corporations. It is one of the online jobs that pay well in Utah.

#14. Proofreaders

$34,500-$53,500 per year

Proofreaders usually get to go over printed or digital materials and find errors. Newspapers and book publishers use them to correct early drafts of writings before printing final copies.

Most proofreaders now work in digital formats, reading blogs, news sites, social media updates, and online reviews. A proofreader may also work as a copy editor, correcting grammar and spelling errors and suggesting ways to improve the copy.

They also ensure that the page layout is readable and that no page elements obstruct or cover any text. Proofreaders use prominent blogs, news sites, and other online forums to correct errors and identify inconsistencies in writing or content. It is one of the online jobs that pay well in Utah.

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#15. Online tutor

$32,000-$52,000 per year

Online tutors use distance-learning formats, such as video calls, instant messaging, and screen sharing, to support students academically. It is one of the online jobs that pay well in Utah.

As an online tutor, you can provide one-on-one tutoring to a single student or host group tutoring sessions for a group of students studying the same subject.

Your responsibilities include developing a lesson plan for each session and teaching concepts and study habits to struggle students or wanting to improve their skills in a subject.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I work from anywhere if I work online?

You can complete online jobs from anywhere in the world.

Which remote job pays the most?

According to Payscale.com, the highest-paying remote job right now is Data Scientist, with an average base salary of $96,589. Flexjobs says jobs such as Network Architect can pay up to $121,640.

What is the best-paying remote job for someone with no experience?

Remote Web Designer
Remote Developer
Remote Project Manager.
SEO Marketing Manager
Remote Content Writer

How long can I work from another state remotely?

It is 45 days in California. Some states have a first-day rule, meaning you must pay state income tax if you work there for even one day. Working remotely from your new home and returning to your old office may subject you to tax liability in both states.

How do you pay taxes if you work from home?

Whether they are a W-2 employee or a 1099-NEC independent contractor, a permanent remote worker will file their income taxes in their state of residence.


Despite the reasons why online jobs are popular, many people still need help to overcome popular myths about virtual work, so they have not experienced it firsthand.

However, the online jobs that pay well in Utah would be worth your while. You can thank technological advances for the abundance of location-independent jobs now available for people who don’t want to sit in a cubicle all day.

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