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In some cases, we find ourselves in a career that doesn’t feel like us, it could be a task you’ve been asked to work on, and at the end of it, you just give up because you don’t see yourself doing that.

It is a typical case, often because we don’t know our actual personalities. Most people aware of their personality type seek ESTP careers or find something they enjoy doing.

People with the ESTP personality type often feel motivated about their work, they are generally hard workers, and it is pretty challenging to find them in a tedious job because they are always ready for action, and that is why it is essential they find ESTP careers that are suitable for them.

ESTPs are natural leaders who tend to active and adventurous. They are selfless and often love working on big projects that will keep their focus. Whether intelligent or not, they make are fast at making decisions without caring much about the outcomes.   if you are certain of being one, you should consider ESTP careers.

As long as the options sound great to them, they go for it, they are often regarded as the ‘risk takers.’

Due to their adventurous nature, they are always open to exploring new opportunities suitable to their personality, their positive aura makes them easy to interact with, and they are generous at offering fast solutions to issues. ESTPs are not the overly serious or emotional type, they keep things light-hearted.

According to the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI), there are 16 personality types, and we are only interested in ESTP personality in this overview. The ESTP is referred to as the Explorer, fit, active, sharp, Athlete, and strong due to their high energy, activeness, stamina, and strength. This overview will give you an insight into everything you need to know about the Best ESTP careers personality.

What is an ESTP personality?

This short overview lets you find out if your personality is an ESTP personality. But first, what is an ESTP personality?

E= extravert

S= Sensing

T= Thinking

P= Perceiving

ESTPs are usually more concerned about the ‘now’ than the latter. They are more focused on the world outside than their inner world. Thus, concentrating more on their present reality and not on what is coming in the future. They ‘live for the moment

ESTPs dwell more on their strengths than their weaknesses. They use their senses when observing a situation or an arising issue, and due to their personality, come up with solutions.

This personality type are logical and consistent when thinking about a difficult situation because they are not easily emotional. They don’t get carried away by empathy when judging in a heated moment.

In addition, their strength makes it easier for employers and friends to appreciate their being around, not only do they adapt quickly to important changes, but they also make use of their strength at work.

Why is ESTP personality special?

ESTP types usually portray characters that make them stand out among colleagues or friends. They are not afraid of making risky decisions and that is why they are powerful and effective leaders.

These individuals make certain decisions that someone without an ESTP personality will find hard. They are action-oriented and energetic. They don’t enjoy premeditated tasks or finding themselves idle, but they prefer staying in a workplace where their attention will be fully needed.

ESTP personality doesn’t rely on general information. Instead, they make their findings. They are also critical and logical thinkers. they don’t get intimidated by work easily but are always on the go when they are called for duty.

ESTP always finds a way to bring positive energy wherever they are, they’re light-hearted, always observant, and also quick to find solutions to work problems.

Also, ESTPs are adventurous, they hate being idle, and they also get tired of predictable and mundane tasks. They are quite very working with a positive mindset.

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What are ESTPs’ character traits?

By now you might be wondering what could be the strength of this type of personality and their character traits. Well, most of an ESTP’s strengths come from their sense of humour, optimism, and adventurous nature. Here is a few character traits ESTPs portrait:

#1. They always seek alternatives:

If you know or feel like an ESTP personality speaks of someone you know, you will find out that they are always the ones looking for solutions to issues at work or whenever they are.

Their adventurous approach won’t make them run away from their responsibilities. Instead, they always seek alternatives.

#2. They are motivating:

Regardless of how blunt they could be, they tend to always say it as it is, which will motivate others towards working on themselves. They are fun to interact with, but they don’t sugar coat words.

#3. They can adapt easily

An ESTPs personality can easily adapt to any environment, they don’t get stocked in the past. And this is why they make friends in any surroundings.

Best ESTP Careers Personality Type

There are majorly two types of an ESTPs personality: (ESTP-A) and (ESTP-T)

#1. ESTP-A:

An ESTP-A type is usually bold in their abilities, they are always sure of their decisions regardless of the outcomes.

Their optimistic energy is always inspiring and always seems to motivate others around them. This is why they can be considered a natural leader due to their confidence.

#2. ESTP-T:

ESTP-T types are somewhat similar to the ESTP-A, but they are usually scared of their decisions, they don’t make rash decisions or choices, and they are careful about things they say to others so they won’t hurt their feelings.

In most cases, they are action-oriented and when they decide on something, it usually comes out successful because of their caring nature.

Career path ESTP should avoid

ESTPs might be easy to interact with due to their humor but they don’t enjoy being too close to them. They enjoy working alone even on a group project, they love exciting jobs but not something slow and or things emotions related.

They should avoid a few ESTP career paths: Teaching, consulting, psychologist, librarian, bookkeeper, psychiatrist, mental health counselors, art therapists, childcare workers, marriage therapists, sociologists, music directors, writer, and others.

15 Best ESTP careers personality | Best careers

As an ESTP you should consider an ESTP career path that will bring you joy and not the other way round. You should find a job that will keep you active and the ones that will make you feel needed and useful.

Here is a list of ESTP career opportunities:

#1. Commercial Pilot:

One of the best career paths for an ESTP personality is a commercial pilot. This job position will help them explore and also try various things without thinking twice. Due to their adaptive nature, they can easily adapt to new environments.

Who are commercial pilots? A commercial pilot is a trained person who can fly aircraft for charter flights, crop dusting, rescue operations, aerial photography, and firefighting.

They communicate with team members such as the ground crew and dispatcher; if flying for a passenger airline, they also communicate with the flight crew and passengers.

 In other to be a successful commercial pilot you need to have a high school diploma, at least 500 flight hours and an FAA–Airline Transport Pilot certificate.

Average salary: Commercial Pilot earns an average of $71,000 annually.

#2. Paramedic:

This is an ideal ESTP career. Working as a Paramedic would give ESTPs the ability to remain calm, attentive, and logical in times of crisis. ESTPs are adventurous and they love action, this job position is one of the best career paths for ESTPs.

Who is Paramedic? A paramedic assists with treatments and specialist care to patients who might have been involved in any form of emergency. They tend to respond fast to emergency calls.

In other to be a successful Paramedic, you need to register with the Health and Care Professions Council or something similar to get approved. Have a high school diploma and a higher degree.

Average salary: Paramedic earns an average of $43,500 annually.

#3. Firefighter:

This is an ideal ESTP career. Working as a firefighter would give an ESTP personality the ability to be logical and attentive in a case of crisis. They will take in details of the situations quickly while making a logical decision under pressure in a moment of emergency.

Who is a firefighter? A Firefighter is an expert whose responsibility is to extinguish dangerous fire situations that threaten life, property, and the environment as well as to rescue people and animals.

They help protect the public in emergencies. In other to be a successful firefighter, you need a high school diploma, GED, or earn a degree in fire science.

Average salary: Firefighter earns an average of $52,500 annually.

#4. IT Manager:

Working as an IT Manager would give an ESTP personality the ability to remain focused and also offer their ideas in a meeting. This job position will help ESTPs to be able to express their leadership skills.

Who is an IT Manager? An IT Manager is a professional who assists an organization or company to achieve its goals and objective.

They also equip workers with relevant technologies mainly for the growth of the company. This leadership position is perfect for an ESTP personality.

 Average salary: IT Manager earns an average of $191,500 annually.

#5. Chief Executive Officer (CEO):

This is one of the ideal ESTP careers. Working as a Chief Executive Officer would help an ESTP personality have the access to be able to express their leadership skills and also remain logical in a business-related meeting.

Who is Chief Executive Officer? Their primary responsibility is to manage a company, they make the final decision, create strategies, and they also create and implement the visions and mission of an organization.

 Average salary: Chief executive officer earns an average of $786,200 annually.

 #6. Brand Ambassador:

This is one of the ideal ESTP careers. This job position will help them explore their positive energy. This job requires humour and skills. An ESTP individual can chip in their abilities, as the job may require multitasking and working actively.

Who is a brand ambassador? A brand ambassador helps with content creation and also promotes the brand in its way.

 Average salary: IT Manager earns an average of $50,000 annually.

#7. Construction manager:

This is one of the best ESTP careers. An ESTP personality enjoys working hard and prefers working in an environment where they would be appreciated for their hard skills. Their positive energy and activeness help them work best as a leader.

Who is a construction manager? A Construction Manager is an expert service provider who uses specialized techniques to manage and oversee the design and plans of a project completely.

  Average salary: A construction manager earns an average of $86,000 annually.

#8. Sales Manager:

Working as a sales manager would give ESTPs the ability to remain logical and attentive to figures. This leadership position is ideal for an ESTP personality looking for an action-oriented job. They can make use of their entrepreneurial and leadership skills.

Who is a sales manager? A Sales Manager is a person in charge of leading their team towards certain goals. They are responsible for leading sales teams to reach sales targets.

And also in charge of hiring and training team members, setting quotas, evaluating and adjusting performance, and developing processes that drive sales. In other to be a successful sales manager, you need a bachelor’s degree in business.

Average salary: Sales manager earns an average of $70,365 annually.

#9. Insurance Broker:

Working as an insurance Agent would give ESTPs the ability to remain logical and attentive to figures. One of the traits associated with ESTPs is being confident and logical, this job position is ideal for them. This is one of the best ESTP careers.

Who is an Insurance Broker? An insurance broker is an individual who sells, solicits, or negotiates insurance on behalf of a customer for a commission. They often represent their customers.

Average salary: The insurance broker earns an average of $52,185 annually.

#10. Property Manager

This ESTP career will make you a successful and confident Property manager. Usually, property managers take care of a home and make decisions on any arising issues, their entrepreneurship nature will help them become a successful property managers

Who is a property manager? A property manager is a professional in charge of protecting a real estate property for a fee, while the owner is unable to personally take care of the property themselves. Their primary responsibilities include collecting rent, creating long-term lease agreements, and more.

Average salary: property manager earns an average of $52,000 annually.

#11. Web Developer :

One of the best career paths for an ESTP personality is to become a web developer. ESTPs are innovative entrepreneurs who enjoy creativity, being a web developer will keep them excited as this job position help them think of new ideas.

Who is a web developer? A Web developer is a professional programmer who specialized in developing, designing, and maintaining website applications for an organization or its purpose.

They create and design websites that are easy to navigate for those using them. in other to become a successful web developer, you need an associate degree in web design or front-end web design.

Average salary: web developer earns an average of $75,981 annually.

#12. Art director:

Becoming an art director is one of the best career paths for an ESTP personality. ESTPs are creative and quite social, and due to their sense of humour, they will be an amazing art director.

This job requires logical minds and real decision-making skills, which is why an ESTP will be perfect for the job.

Who is an art director? An art director is a professional in charge of visual style and images in magazines.

Product packaging, newspaper, movie, and television productions. They oversee the work of other artists and designers who produce images for the public.

Average salary: art director earns an average of $127,660 annually.

 #13. Telecommunications systems managers:

Working as a Telecoms System manager would allow ESTP personality to remain logical and creative. This leadership position is ideal for an ESTP personality looking for an action-oriented job.

Who is a Telecoms System manager? Telecoms System managers are in charge of communication technology in a company. They plan, develop, modify and also monitor all the Telecoms systems available in their work environment.

they modify and monitor the efforts of teams of engineers and systems analysts. Since they are in charge of almost every activity in a company’s communication system, they tend to keep up with the latest trends on how to develop or improve the systems constantly.

Average salary: Telecommunications systems managers earn an average of $127,183 annually.

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#14. Satellite Technician:

This is one of the best ESTP careers. ESTPs are innovative entrepreneurs who enjoy creativity, being a satellite technician will keep them excited as this job position help them think of new ideas.

Who is a satellite technician? A satellite technician is responsible for repairing satellite dishes and installing them. They help position the dish, rebooting and running the cable to where it needs to go.

A satellite technician ensures the service is online and connected to the customer’s devices. In other to be a successful satellite technician, you need to be innovative and also have some interpersonal skills that will help create smooth work relationships with your clients

 Average salary: satellite technicians earn an average of $36,000 annually.

#15. Project manager:

This is one of the best ESTP careers. This leadership position is ideal for an ESTP personality looking for an action-oriented job.

Who is a project manager? A Project manager is a professional in the area of project management.

Project managers are in charge of planning, procurement, and execution of a project, in any undertaking with a defined scope, regardless of industry.

In other to be a successful project manager, you will have Project management (PMP) Certification.

 Average salary: project manager earns an average of $$77,900 annually.


Can ESTPS Gain Employment?

Yes, their personality and traits make it easy for them to gain employment. ESTPs are smart people.
The best career path for ESTP is listed in this overview.
Despite their leadership traits, they are still good employees who love working with others.


ESTP personality types are easygoing individuals with high positive energy and stamina. They are natural leaders. Even when they don’t want the spot, they easily fit in because that’s who they are.

Also, they usually walk around with a positive aura that can’t be easily cut off by negative energy. The best career path for ESTP are listed in this overview, and we hope this overview gives you the right answers to your questions.


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