Dollar General Hiring Age: How Old Do You Have to Work at Dollar General | Working Experience 

First-time job seekers and teenagers may find it difficult to get employment. We can all relate to the nerve-wracking experience, whether you’re just out of high school or looking for a part-time job. However, the dollar general hiring age may solve your employment problem for this category.

Anyone looking for a temporary or permanent retail job might consider Dollar General. Teens can work there as office assistants or sales employees, among other positions.

But at what age may you work at Dollar General? What other conditions do they place on potential applicants? Let’s discuss Dollar General hiring age and restrictions below.

What is the Dollar General’s Hiring Age? 

Dollar General makes their stores appealing to young people seeking their first employment by providing employees with flexible scheduling, a laid-back work environment, and straightforward responsibilities.

However, the corporation mandates that all employees be at least 18 years old due to the sale of alcohol and tobacco.

How old do you have to be to work for Dollar General?

Typically, to work at Dollar General, you must be at least 18 years old. Given that they sell alcohol and tobacco products, it is a stringent corporate policy.

Some states allow employers to hire 16- and 17-year-old candidates. However, they need further papers to prove their right to work.

For instance, before hiring anyone under the age of 18, Dollar General locations in Pennsylvania and Michigan would require a working permit. Therefore, you might need to ask your guardians or your current school for this document if you’re a minor.

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Why is the Age Requirement Important at Dollar General?

In the US, 14-year-olds are eligible for employment as of the minimal age requirement. Dollar General does not recruit applicants under the age of 14 because it offers a variety of goods, including cigarettes and alcoholic beverages.

According to surveys, most American youth begin working by age 15. Unfortunately, I’m too old to work at Dollar General at this age. As a result, you might need to look into different companies and learn how to obtain a work visa at 15.

There are numerous organizations and enterprises that hire 16-year-olds on a full- or part-time basis. Additionally, some Dollar General locations in certain states offer various opportunities for teenagers 16 years old and older.

It may be challenging for senior job seekers to find a position they love. Thankfully, contemporary companies, particularly retail companies, are more than happy to hire senior employees due to their broad expertise. Managers are more inclined to hire you if you are 50 years of age or older.

How is the Work Culture at Dollar General?

Most Dollar General employees are unhappy with their overall remuneration, which consists of a mix of cash, stock and equity, and benefits.

Employees at Dollar General could be happier with their team as a whole. 3218 participants give their coworkers a D for quality. Less than half of Dollar General employees think meetings are productive, while the majority look forward to connecting with coworkers.

The majority of Dollar General employees consider the workplace to be friendly. The majority of participants think things move quite quickly at Dollar General. 

At Dollar General, 72% of employees work 8 hours or fewer, and 9% have extraordinarily long days lasting longer than twelve hours.

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Work Experience. Testimonials from the Employees

“Realizing that not all employees are the same. It could be better for the employee if you get thrown into a 5-hour shift with zero rest time. I think other employees should help the other employees. My training was ridiculous. I had no sound during my training videos.”

“Paying employees a decent wage (like every other company), employing enough employees to get work done and allow employees breaks.”

“Increasing hours and being able to run a store more efficiently with customer service being most important.”

“The power of people that don’t know what they are doing and get some positive people in the store instead of negative people and people that like to work together.”

“Never had an interview. Expressed interest to the store manager and was told I had the job as long as he cleared me. Stores are so desperate for help they have to cut corners just to get bodies in the store.”

“Don’t make false statements about the job. And do yours. I spent over 2 hours at an interview because they did not read my resume before meeting me. Totally unprepared”

“Teamwork dependency on one another. My big improvement would be in myself. Caring for those around me has been a part of my day-to-day life. Never is there a time when I’m a loving, outgoing person.”

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What are the Job Benefits when working at Dollar General?

Login Portal Benefits For Employees

Employees of the Dollar General corporation can log in through the DGme site. The following are some advantages that staff members can get from utilizing the DGme login portal:

  • Access to personal data: Through the DGme portal, employees may access their data, including pay stubs, work schedules, benefit details, and tax forms.
  • Convenience: Because the DGme portal is accessible around-the-clock, employees may view their information from any place with an internet connection and at any time.
  • Time-saving: Employees can save time by checking their work schedules and requesting time off directly through the DGme portal rather than going through a manager or HR person.
  • It improved communication between employees and their bosses and coworkers thanks to the site. Additionally, it enables managers to inform team members of critical changes and announcements.
  • Enhanced security: The DGme site uses secure login credentials to prevent unwanted access to employee personal information.

Overall, the DGme login site gives employees a quick and easy way to manage their work-related information, enhancing their productivity and work experience.

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Employees’ Wellness Benefits

Dollar General offers a variety of wellness perks to support its employees in maintaining their physical, mental, and financial well-being. The following are a few of the wellness advantages that Dollar General provides:

  • Health insurance: Dollar General provides all its workers with complete medical, dental, and vision insurance.
  • Wellness initiatives: The company offers a range of wellness initiatives to its staff, including wellness challenges, gym membership discounts, weight control plans, and programs to help smokers quit.
  • Employee assistance program (EAP): Dollar General offers private counseling and support for various personal and work-related difficulties, such as stress management, financial counseling, and legal assistance, to its employees and their families.
  • Time off: Dollar General provides paid time off to staff members, including vacation, sick, and personal days, to help them unwind and maintain a healthy work-life balance.
  • Employees are entitled to discounts on shop goods and services, including price breaks on prescription drugs at partnering pharmacies.
  • Retirement savings: To assist employees in making plans for their future financial security, Dollar General offers a 401(k) retirement savings plan with matching contributions.

Overall, Dollar General’s wellness programs show how dedicated the firm is to promoting the health of its staff members and their families.

Other Benefits That DG Gives

Dollar General offers its employees a variety of other benefits in addition to wellness benefits. Here are a few advantages provided by DG:

  • Competitive pay: Dollar General provides competitive pay rates for its employees that are on par with or higher than the industry norm.
  • Bonus opportunities: Based on their performance, store performance, and customer service ratings, eligible employees may be eligible to receive bonuses.
  • Career growth: For qualified employees, Dollar General offers a range of career development possibilities, including on-the-job training, mentorship programs, and tuition reimbursement.
  • Employee recognition: The business honors the devotion and hard work of its staff members and rewards them through various employee recognition programs, including prizes, awards, and certificates.
  • Discounts: Through the company’s discount program, employees can receive savings on various services, including travel, cell phone plans, and rental cars.
  • Disability insurance: Dollar General provides disability insurance to its employees to help safeguard their financial security in case of a covered injury or illness.
  • Life insurance: To aid in protecting qualified employees’ families in the case of premature death, the company offers life insurance coverage to those who qualify.

Overall, Dollar General offers its staff a wide range of financial, professional, and personal advantages, demonstrating the company’s dedication to promoting the general well-being of its workers.

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Does Dollar General Hire Without Experience?

The qualifications for the position you’re seeking to apply for will vary. But entry-level positions for newcomers typically will only require experience or technical skills if they include simple activities.

However, the organization favors applicants with previous retail or related experience. Don’t forget to mention these experiences on your CV if you have them.

You must meet other requirements in addition to your expertise to work at Dollar General. You must be able to stand for a long time, lift large objects, have excellent customer service skills, and be flexible with your schedule.

Does Dollar General Hire Without a High School Diploma?

If you want to apply for any job at Dollar General, having your high school diploma or GED is the best. Employing managers favor applicants with demonstrable educational credentials.

Applicants under 18 and enrolled in high school should provide work permits for a chance at employment. Management positions also call for college training.

Dollar General offers services to obtain a diploma or GED if they hire you without one. This program ensures that all of its employees have the necessary credentials for employment.

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FAQs – Dollar General Hiring Age 

What is the Dollar General’s dress code?

The appropriate attire for Dollar General employees varies by position. Corporate staff members dress in casual business clothes, whereas retail staff wear black collared shirts with the Dollar General logo and black pants.

The largest Dollar General store is located where?

Dollar General has more than 19,000 retail stores in the US as of March 2023. Knoxville, Tennessee, is home to the largest Dollar General shop.

Why is Dollar General so prosperous?

Over the years, Dollar General has had significant development and financial success thanks to its convenient store designs, locations, and wide range of high-quality products at attractive prices. Dollar General knows that many of its clients have poor or fixed incomes and are value-conscious. 

What sets Dollar General apart?

Inexpensive Shopping Costs: Dollar General prides itself on having lower costs than larger supermarkets and drug stores and cheaper pricing than other retail outlets while still offering its consumers low prices on high-quality products.


Your soft skills can be developed and improved through retail jobs. It’s a great way to build your resume’s experience and knowledge.

However, in order to apply for entry-level positions at Dollar General, you must be at least 18 years old. They also favor those with diplomas and retail experience, while both are optional.



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