15 Best ENTJ Career Matches & Jobs In 2023

Want to know the best ENTJ career matches and jobs in 2023? This article offers a detailed list you should check out.

Extraverted, enthusiastic, and highly motivated are typical characteristics of the ENTJ personality type. Because of their forthrightness and desire to gain command of any situation, they dub themselves “The Commander.” If you are an ENTJ, you should look for a job that will challenge you, require self-motivation, and put you in a leadership position. 

The Executive personality type is the ENTJ (Extraversion, Intuitive, Thinking, Judgment). This extraverted personality type is ideal for leadership roles, and their effectiveness, confidence, and authority characterize their career paths.

They divide the personality type ENTJ into two subtypes based on the dominant identity traits of argument versus turbulence.

We know these two types as ENTJ-A (Assertive Commander) and ENTJ-T (Third Type) (Turbulent Commander). 

This article is intended for those identified as having an ENTJ personality. It discusses various personality traits and how they relate to a professional setting and provides the 15 best ENTJ career matches.

What Characteristics Does an ENTJ Personality Have?

They have described the ENTJ personality type as the “leader of leaders,” and it is relatively uncommon, especially among women. The acronym, like each of the 16 personalities, refers to four key characteristics that, when combined, paint a picture of an individual’s persona.

This includes their interpersonal relationships, what motivates them, and how they prefer to work. ENTJ is an abbreviation for:

  • Extraversion (E)
  • Intuition (N)
  • Thinking (T)
  • Judgment (J)

ENTJ personalities are frequently outgoing, logical, objective, and intellectual. While charismatic and decisive, they can be challenging to get to know in a professional setting. They are natural strategic leaders who enjoy bringing order to chaos.

Because they frequently find themselves in leadership positions, they have given ENTJs the nicknames ‘chief’ or ‘commander.’

Time spent with others provides energy for ENTJ personalities (Extraversion). Their natural ability to lead others stems from focusing on the big picture – ideas and concepts – (intuition) and then deciding based on reason and logic (Thinking) and delivering them in a planned and organized manner (Judgment).

More than any other, ENTJ personalities enjoy their work and maybe hear that they work for fun. Others see ENTJs as outgoing, direct, ambitious, engaged, and with a clear vision.

They can deliver this vision bluntly at times, as ENTJs are honest and are not afraid to tell others how they see things.

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15 Best ENTJ Career Matches and Jobs in 2023

1. Chief Executive Officer

Top executives direct the activities of large and small organizations. Nearly every type of organization requires a decisive, driven, and outspoken professional variety for executive positions. CEOs, general managers, mayors, and university presidents are examples of top executives.

ENTJs are particularly goal-oriented, which is helpful for top executives in large corporations. These professionals can use their objectivity and analytical skills to help their organization strategize “big picture” goals. ENTJs thrive in a structured work environment where hard work is rewarded handsomely.

The CEO is one of the best ENTJ career matches. In all job sectors, top executives are essential. Large corporations typically require top executives to develop long-term planning strategies, whereas smaller organizations rely on general managers to guide day-to-day operations.

The Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) predicts a 4% increase in top executive jobs between 2019 and 2029.

However, these professionals’ job growth varies according to their specific responsibilities. The BLS, for example, forecasts negative job growth for chief executives but 6 per cent job growth for general and operations managers during this period.

2. Sales Manager

Sales managers develop long-term and short-term goals for sales departments and businesses. They frequently analyze statistics and devise selling strategies and pricing systems. Sales managers in large organizations may be in charge of multiple regional divisions.

Managers are in charge of training their sales team. ENTJs make excellent sales managers because they are passionate and extroverted.

They may be particularly well-suited for positions requiring managers to cultivate long-term relationships with clients, vendors, and distributors. Vital planning and problem-solving abilities are advantageous for sales managers.

While the job outlook for sales managers is relatively stable, it varies with the economy. Sales remain a critical function of global businesses, with online and physical stores competing for new customers. The sales industry is brimming with opportunities for creative and inventive ENTJs.

Sales managers frequently have natural abilities in related fields such as marketing and advertising. Between 2019 and 2029, the BLS predicts a 4% increase in sales manager jobs.

3. Accountants and Auditors

Accountants and auditors handle the preparation and examination of financial records. They ensure that financial records are correct and taxes are paid correctly and on time. Accountants and auditors examine financial operations to ensure businesses run smoothly.

Meanwhile, accountants and auditors typically perform the following duties:

  • Examine financial statements to ensure they are accurate and by applicable laws and regulations.
  • Calculate tax liabilities, prepare tax returns, and ensure taxes are paid correctly and on time.
  • Examine accounting books and systems for efficiency and compliance with accepted accounting procedures.
  • Organize and keep financial records.
  • Examine financial operations and make recommendations to management on best practices.
  • Suggestions for cost-cutting, revenue-boosting, and profit-boosting measures are welcome.

Accountants and auditors must explain their findings and examine and prepare financial documentation. Preparing written reports and meeting with organization managers and individual clients are part of the job.

Many accountants and auditors specialize, depending on the organization for which they work. Some work for firms specializing in assurance services (improving the quality or context of information for decision-makers) or risk management (determining the probability of a misstatement on financial documentation).

Other organizations, such as healthcare, specialize in specific industries.

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4. Budget Analysts

Budget analysts assist public and private organizations in organizing their finances. They create budget reports and keep track of institutional spending.

Budget analysts typically perform the following tasks:

  • Develop the organization’s budget in collaboration with program and project managers.
  • Examine budget proposals from managers for completeness, accuracy, and compliance with laws and other regulations.
  • Consolidate all program and department budgets into a consolidated organizational budget, and evaluate all funding requests for merit.
  • Explain their funding request recommendations to others in the organization, legislators, and the general public.
  • Assist the chief operations officer, agency head, or other top executives in analyzing proposed plans and identifying alternatives if the projected results are unsatisfactory.
  • Maintain a close eye on organizational spending to ensure it stays within budget.
  • Inform program managers about the status of funds and their availability.
  • Calculate your future financial requirements.

Budget analysts provide financial advice to various institutions, including governments, universities, and businesses. They create annual and special reports as well as evaluate budget proposals.

They examine data to determine the costs and benefits of various programs and make funding recommendations based on their findings.

Although government officials or top executives in a private company usually decide on an organization’s budget, budget analysts prepare the information for that decision.

5. Convention Organizer

Once again, an ENTJ’s exceptional ability to work well with others is critical to success as a convention planner. Stepping into any significant event and planning for the future requires great skill, which an ENTJ is born with.

Anything involving planning is right up their alley, and it provides them with the perfect excuse to whip out a checklist and start marking. They are excellent at predicting what will go wrong and what will go right.

They have no problem pivoting their strategy to achieve the best long-term outcome – which is what it takes to make a convention successful.

6. Sales Representative for Advertising

Anyone working in advertising sales must be at the top of their game for communication. They must establish an immediate rapport with others and then manage that relationship so everyone is always happy.

People in advertising sales are not usually the ones who come up with the advertising strategy or ideas. Instead, they are to persuade clients to buy their beliefs or their company. That is why communication is so important.

Interestingly, this career is heavily influenced by technology, and it’s one of the best ENTJ career matches because they enjoy looking ahead and experiencing new things. This adds to the allure of this profession.

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7. Insurance Agents

Few career matches are better suited to an ENTJ than insurance sales or being an insurance agent. To make the sale, they must not only have excellent communication skills, but they must also be able to see into the future.

Because ENTJs are forward-thinking, they’re already considering scenarios where someone might require insurance. Approaching new people, constantly learning about their lives, and delving deep into their hobbies are just a bonus for these personalities.

8. Networks Administrator

A network administrator is one of the best ENTJ career matches. A network administrator’s financial analysis duty oversees supporting and securing a comprehensive and local area network.

Nowadays, the success of any organization or company is heavily reliant on the Internet.

As a result, an ENTJ who understands networking and will take charge and perform all relevant tasks of overseeing and maintaining the work is highly valued. The network administrator is also a supervisor and the team leader that keeps the network running.

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9. Construction Manager

A construction manager is a viable career path for an ENTJ. The person in charge of this area must be able to think strategically, organize everything, and perform the duties of hiring a qualified construction team.

The ENTJ will be assigned the role of an individual in charge, who will be in charge of everything from ordering materials to dealing with maintenance tool issues. The manager must ensure that all aspects of the project are completed and properly inspected.

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10. Surveyors 

ENTJ careers can thrive in an outdoor setting. Surveyors must spend most of their time taking measurements. This is referred to as fieldwork. A surveyor’s job is to take accurate and precise land measurements to determine the property’s boundaries for various projects.

Engineers in construction projects then used the surveyors’ data. The surveyor must locate land records and then survey those records and land titles to mark the boundaries of real estate properties accurately.

11. Judge

In many legal proceedings, judges have the final say. After we have heard a case, judges must write decisions and opinions based on the claims and evidence presented.

Their decision may impact future cases, and judges are also in charge of jury direction, ensuring that jurors consider all facts when deciding.

Experience as a lawyer is required to become a judge, which means judges must have a law degree and pass the bar exam.

12. Lawyers

When representing clients in legal situations, lawyers use a combination of hard evidence and persuasion. Besides their existing knowledge, they conduct extensive legal research to investigate current legal issues and present arguments on behalf of their clients during legal proceedings.

While judges decide, lawyers interpret the laws and present arguments based on these interpretations. Besides passing a state bar exam, all lawyers must get a law degree, including undergraduate and law school studies.

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13. Principal

Principals at the elementary, middle, and high school levels are the school’s top administrators. They are to evaluate teachers, enforce student discipline, and manage behaviour. They will meet with the student’s parents to discuss progress and behaviour issues when necessary.

Principals are also in charge of budgeting and will coordinate any necessary security measures for visitors, employees, and students within their school.

Potential principals usually have previous experience at the teaching level and a master’s degree in education administration or leadership. This is one of the best ENTJ career matches

14. Officer in the armed forces

Great leaders who seek structure and ENTJ types can have a stellar careers in the armed forces if they can first learn to follow orders to advance to the highest ranks.

ENTJs are critical thinkers who can be decisive, forceful, and good at persuading others from their point of view, which is ideal for a military leader. They can put aside their own and others’ needs to complete a task.

In some workplaces, ENTJ types can be obsessive about their work and have little patience for those who do not deliver on their perceived goals – two weaknesses, a career in the armed forces can turn into strong points.

15. Life Coaches

Applying creativity and strategic thinking to assist others in achieving a specific goal may appeal to an ENTJ, especially if they can combine the role with running their own business.

Consideration of all aspects of the larger picture, followed by advice to motivate and enable a client to take a specific course of action, can be one of the ideal ENTJ career matches.

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Last Thoughts

In this article, we’ve discussed the 15 best ENTJ career matches and jobs. Despite being a rarer personality type, especially among women, ENTJs are visible in all industry sectors because they are typically the highest-ranking CEOs or industry leaders.

ENTJs are inclined to rise to the surface in whatever field they choose. However, they must be careful not to become engrossed in roles that stifle their leadership abilities and cause their strengths – self-confidence, the ability to articulate their vision, and high standards – to be turned into weaknesses, which may impede advancement.

FAQs Best ENTJ Career Matches & Jobs

What profession suits ENTJ the best?

ENTJs frequently make effective sales managers because they are gregarious and passionate people. They might be well-suited for jobs where managers must establish long-lasting connections with customers, suppliers, and distributors. It is advantageous for sales managers to have good planning and problem-solving abilities.

What are ENTJs known for?

They are genuine leaders, exuding energy and charisma while inspiring and motivating others.

How do people see ENJTs?

People frequently elect ENTJs as their leaders, allowing ENTJs to carry out ambitious plans they could never carry out independently.

What aspect of ENTJ is the weakest?

Introverted Feeling is the weakest and least effective cognitive function. ENTJs frequently make snap judgments without considering how those judgments can affect their values.

Why is ENTJ the most successful?

They love having power as a tool for accomplishing goals. Critical thinkers who adore effective systems, ENTJs frequently have a clear idea of what has to be done for their vision to become a reality. They are excellent leaders due to their bold ideas, implacable character, and a results-driven mindset.

Just how smart is an ENTJ?

ENTJ. Robledo lists ENTJs as the “most intellectual” because of their predominant capacity for extroverted thinking.

Who is an ENTJ’s opposite?

In contrast to ENTJ, ISFP (“the commander”: extraverted, intuitive, thinking, judging).

Who is ENTJ least compatible with?

ISFJs, ISFPs, and ESFPs are the personality types least compatible with ENTJs since they have distinct outlooks on life and communication preferences. The direct communication style of ENTJs may be too blunt for those more sensitive, but they also demand brutal honesty from others.


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