Sales Representative Job Description Sample for 2023

Just like directors of operations, marketing managers, and other personnel, sales representatives form an integral part of organizations.

Do you know why?

I will enlighten you!

Sales representatives majorly act as the principal point of contact between an organization and its customers. 

Not just, they ensure solely that the customers get the right products, connect with consumers and generate sales, as well as sell products to businesses and governments on behalf of manufacturers or wholesalers.

Aside from the above-mentioned roles, they also handle some other functions, which must time are enlisted in the sales representative job description templates.

Although these sales rep job templates are similar for many organizations, they still have still differences.

This is why it’s expedient you carefully read through different sales rep job description templates before taking up any sales rep job.

This article will serve as a guide. In this article, we’ve put down a list of the best sales representative job description templates from different companies. Carefully read!

Who is a Sales Representative?

Sales representatives are to sell a company’s products by identifying leads, educating prospects on products via calls, training, and presentations, and providing exceptional support to existing customers. 

Sales representatives can be classified as either inside or outside sales representatives. 

Inside sales representatives sell products over the phone and online, whereas outside sales representatives sell products in person. Sales representatives work in almost every industry.

Most sales representatives have a Bachelor’s degree in business or a related field. ‘

The best sales representatives understand the value of excellent customer service, have a knack for closing deals, and are confident in their abilities.

What Is the Role of a Sales Representative?

Sales representatives use their communication skills to showcase and sell products, services, or ideas for any company, manufacturer, or wholesaler. 

From retail, pharmaceuticals, and food service to financial engineering, and technology, almost every industry requires sales services. 

Sales reps are frequently “on the road,” meeting with potential buyers, generating leads, and building relationships, armed with marketing materials developed by the company. 

Others are the welcoming faces who greet customers in a store. 

Sales reps are counted on to get to the source and close the deal — which brings in company revenues and cash flow — because they have a natural gift for gab and the ability to connect with people quickly.

What are the required Sales Representatives Education, Training, and Certification  

There are no formal educational requirements for this occupation, but prior experience can be very beneficial.

Some employers prefer to hire job candidates with bachelor’s degrees. Many people in this field have a background in marketing. 

Those who sell technical and scientific products may benefit from obtaining a degree in a field related to the product.

Some employers offer formal training programs to new employees. Now, coming to experience, related experience in any field that requires persuasion and dealing with people, such as customer service, can be beneficial.

What are the required Sales Representative Qualifications and skills?

A Sales Representative’s job is both personal and collaborative, and it causes the following abilities:

Customer service abilities include the ability to listen to a customer’s concerns and address their needs.

Interpersonal skills to work with a diverse range of people daily, build relationships, and network Confidence and self-assurance to succeed in cold-calling customers and closing sales

Communication skills, particularly persuasion, are required to clearly communicate the benefits of a product to potential customers.

Physical endurance is required because Sales Representatives may be on their feet for long periods of time, spend a lot of time traveling between locations, and carry heavy products.

Template for a Sales Representative Job Description 1

Our company is looking for a sales representative who will be in charge of generating leads and meeting sales targets. 

Sales presentations and product demonstrations, as well as contract negotiations with potential clients, will be part of the job.

To be successful in this role, you must have a thorough understanding of the sales process and dynamics, as well as exceptional interpersonal skills. Previous experience in a sales role is preferred.

Sales Representative Job Description

  • Generating leads.
  • Meeting or exceeding sales targets
  • All contracts with prospective clients are negotiated.
  • Assisting in the development of pricing schedules for quotes, promotions, and negotiations.
  • Reporting on a weekly and monthly basis.
  • Making sales presentations to a variety of potential clients.
  • Coordination of sales and marketing programs.
  • Recognizing and promoting company programs
  • Obtaining deposits and the remaining balance of payment from clients.
  • Order sales contracts must be prepared and submitted.
  • Client and potential client visits to assess needs or promote products and services.
  • Keeping client records.
  • Client questions about credit terms, products, prices, and availability are answered.

Required Skills

  • Bachelor’s degree in business, marketing, economics, or a related field is required for sales representatives.
  • Sales experience is required.
  • Knowledge of the sales process and its dynamics.
  • A dedication to providing excellent customer service.
  • Outstanding written and verbal communication abilities.
  • Excellent interpersonal skills, including the ability to establish rapport quickly with both customers and suppliers.
  • Extensive experience with computers for a variety of tasks.
  • Competence in Microsoft Office applications such as Word, Excel, and Outlook.
  • Capable of working in a fast-paced environment.

Template 2 for a Sales Representative Job Description

Summary of Duties

Are you ready for a new challenge with lucrative rewards? Our company is currently looking for sales representatives to join our team. 

We are looking for outgoing, personable individuals with strong persuasion skills. 

If you want to take your career in a new direction or continue your sales career, this could be the place for you. 

You can earn cash bonuses besides your salary through commissions that reward your hard work. 

While providing information and technical details to our customers, you will work with a team of sales representatives, managers, and support staff. 

In order to drive business and increase revenue, you will cultivate relationships with both new and existing customers.

Responsibilities on the Job

Contact potential customers in the industry by cold calling, emailing, or scheduling in-person meetings.

Form new and maintain existing relationships with companies in the customer database by visiting them in person, keeping in touch over the phone, and addressing issues or problems as they arise.

Maintain a thorough understanding of product inventory, features, and technical specifications in order to respond to specific customer inquiries.

Present information about the company’s offerings to potential customers at trade shows or other large events.

Create new methods or strategies to assist the sales team in meeting monthly product revenue targets in order to increase company profitability.

Provide in-person product demonstrations to customers and educate them on the features and benefits of each item the company offers.

Attend weekly sales team meetings and report to management on sales figures, goals, and challenges.

Create a friendly reputation in the industry by becoming a valuable and helpful resource in all of your dealings with customers.

Required Job Skills & Qualifications:

  • Three or more years of sales or customer service experience
  • Bachelor’s degree in business administration, marketing, communication, or a related field Excellent written and verbal communication skills
  • With others, you should be friendly and personable.


  • Knowledge of technology, including basic computer operations
  • Capability to meet objectives, stay organized, and maintain a positive attitude.

Sales Representative Job Description Sample 3

Position Description

Without our successful sales team, [CompanyX] would be nothing. We’re looking for a qualified sales representative to assist us in selling the products and services on which our customers rely. 

The sales representative will have a thorough understanding of the sales process, excelling at lead generation, relationship building, and deal closing.

The ideal candidate will be a quick learner with strong negotiating skills and the ability to present our offerings in an engaging manner. 

Our sales reps must be personable and professional because they are frequently tasked with giving presentations, attending networking events, and attending trade shows.

Sale Representative Job Description 

  • Represent our company’s products and services, beginning with a thorough understanding and progressing to consumer research to determine how our solutions meet needs.
  • Meet weekly, monthly, and annual sales quotas by effectively implementing sales and marketing strategies and tactics.
  • Create leads and cultivate relationships by preparing and organizing a daily work schedule in order to contact existing or potential sales outlets
  • Develop and implement a territory action plan based on extensive data analysis, and adjust sales techniques based on field interactions and results.
  • Responsibilities both daily and monthly
  • Maintain working relationships with existing clients in order to provide exceptional service and to identify potential new sales opportunities.
  • Identify prospects, schedule appointments, make effective qualifying sales calls, and manage the sales cycle to close new business across all service categories.
  • Product knowledge is essential, as is the ability to conduct demos and relay objection handling.
  • Prepare reports, proposals, booking packages, and other documentation for executive-level presentations that are professional, complete, concise, and accurate.
  • Achieve sales targets by assessing current client needs and following a predefined selling process with potential buyers, which frequently includes product demos and presentations.

Sale Representative Qualifications and Skills

  • 3-5 years of sales experience in the [CompanyX industry]
  • Excellent interpersonal, communication, problem-solving, presentation, and organizational skills
  • Knowledge of sales management software and CRM
  • Personal honesty
  • Capability to travel to customer events at least 25% of the time
  • Qualifications Preferred
  • Bachelor of Science
  • At levels above quotas, there is a proven success rate.
  • Capability to strike a balance between persuasion and professionalism
  • Excellent organizational skills

Sales Representative Job Description Sample 4

Sales Representative Job Description

The sales representative (or sales rep) is in charge of overseeing the sale of products or services from start to finish. 

This person is the customer’s direct point of contact and is responsible for ensuring that the customer’s needs and expectations are met. 

A sales representative should be well-versed in their product or service and be able to efficiently and satisfactorily guide their customers through the purchase process.

Sales Representative Job Description

  • Reaching out to leads results in the acquisition of new customers.
  • Investigates a customer’s individual or business purchasing requirements.
  • Existing customers are served by optimizing the current purchase plan.
  • Adjusts sales tactics based on field tests and new insights. Resolves customer complaints and inquiries.
  • Purchase orders are submitted; management is notified of purchase actions.
  • Maintains minimum monthly or bi-monthly goals
  • Completes market research and monitors competitor activity; makes customer recommendations
  • Keeps track of customer contacts and account updates.

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Representative of Sales Qualifications and Requirements

  • Diploma from a high school
  • Bachelor of Science (ideal but not required)
  • Additional certifications and professional development opportunities
  • 1 year or more of sales experience
  • Customer service and interpersonal abilities
  • Communication abilities via phone, email, and chat
  • Prospecting abilities
  • Capability in territory management
  • Ability to meet deadlines and financial goal minimums through persuasion, negotiation, and closing skills
  • Patience in dealing with customer problems and calls that do not result in a sale.
  • Motivational abilities and a positive attitude are required.

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