Gymboree Hiring Age: How Old Do You Have to Work at Gymboree | Working Experience

So, you’re eyeing a spot at Gymboree but lack the exact information you need about their hiring age! Well, Gymboree has its own set of rules regarding who they welcome aboard.

From toddlers to the young-at-heart, this well-loved brand has a knack for creating a fun and vibrant environment. But how old must you be to join the Gymboree crew? And what kind of experience are they looking for?

Stick around as we navigate the Gymboree hiring age requirements and working experiences that’ll help you snag a spot at this exciting playland of a workplace!

About Gymboree

What a classic name! Gymboree is a well-known and cherished brand in children’s retail and early childhood development. Founded in 1976, Gymboree started as a play and music program designed for kids to learn and grow through play.

Over the years, Gymboree expanded its offerings and eventually ventured into the children’s clothing industry. Their adorable and stylish clothing quickly won the hearts of parents and children alike, making Gymboree a go-to destination for dressing up the little ones in delightful fashion.

Apart from its clothing line, Gymboree still maintains its roots in early childhood development with various play and learning programs that encourage children’s creativity, exploration, and social development.

With a passion for play, a commitment to quality, and a vision for fostering little minds, Gymboree has become a beloved brand that brings joy to families worldwide.

Gymboree Hiring Age

To work at Gymboree, you must be 16 years.

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Why is the Age Requirement Important at Gymboree?

The age requirement at Gymboree is important for several reasons:

  • Child Safety: Gymboree primarily caters to children and their families. By setting an age requirement for employees, they ensure that the staff members are mature enough to handle the responsibilities of working with young children, ensuring their safety and well-being.
  • Legal Compliance: Different regions have specific labor laws and regulations that dictate the minimum age individuals can work. Adhering to these laws is crucial for Gymboree to operate legally and maintain a positive reputation.
  • Job Suitability: Certain roles at Gymboree may require physical capabilities or emotional maturity that come with age and experience. The age requirement helps ensure that employees are a good fit for the job and can effectively carry out their duties.
  • Professionalism: A minimum age requirement allows Gymboree to maintain professionalism in its workforce. It ensures that employees have reached a certain level of maturity and life experience, which can positively impact the overall work environment and customer experience.

How Much Does Gymboree Pay?

The average hourly pay at Gymboree varies depending on the position. For roles like Sales Associate/Cashier, the pay typically hovers around $15 per hour.

On the other hand, the hourly pay can go up to $80 per hour for more senior positions like Senior Manager.

Keep in mind that these figures are averages and may differ based on factors such as location, experience, and specific responsibilities within the company.

What are the Employee Benefits at Gymboree?

At Gymboree, employees enjoy a range of valuable benefits, including insurance options such as disability insurance and vision insurance. The company also provides support for family and parenting needs through dependent care benefits.

Additionally, Gymboree offers the flexibility of working from home, promoting a healthy work-life balance for its dedicated team members.

These employee benefits demonstrate Gymboree’s commitment to the well-being and satisfaction of its workforce, making it an attractive and supportive place to build a career.

Work Testimonials from Gymboree Employees

One of the best jobs I’ve ever had. If I could stay here forever,I would because working here became my happy place. Some companies say they’re your family and don’t mean it, but this company means it. Going the extra mile to make sure everyone is doing well and is comfortable at the workplace. Going to miss it!’ – Current Employee.

‘It’s a normal, busy retail-type job. As with most retail jobs, store management will make or break your experience. Busy stores, and sometimes you’ll be asked to work in other locations.’ – Former Sales Associate.

‘I loved working with both the kids and parents, but the pay was absolutely unlivable, with no room for growth. The prep time was also nonexistent, and there was little to no support for any questions.’ – Former Instructor.

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FAQs – Gymboree Hiring Age

Can teenagers apply for jobs at Gymboree?

Yes, teenagers may be eligible to apply for jobs at Gymboree if they meet the minimum age requirement and fulfill any other criteria set by the company or local regulations.

Does Gymboree offer part-time positions for young applicants?

Gymboree may offer part-time positions suitable for young applicants who are still in school or have other commitments. Part-time opportunities can provide a flexible work schedule for students.

Does Gymboree offer any employee benefits for its staff?

Yes, Gymboree provides employee benefits, which may include insurance options, dependent care benefits, and work-from-home opportunities. The specific benefits may vary depending on the position and location.


Gymboree remains a popular and well-loved brand known for its commitment to children’s development and stylish children’s clothing. The hiring age requirement plays a vital role in ensuring a safe and suitable work environment while complying with local labor laws.

With a range of employee benefits and opportunities for growth, Gymboree continues to attract individuals seeking a fulfilling and supportive career. Aspiring applicants should monitor the specific age requirements for each position and explore the company’s official channels for the latest job opportunities.



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