15 Highest Paid Jobs in Arkansas in 2023 [With Salaries]

What if I told you that the article you just clicked on had been designed to open you up to countless opportunities regarding some high-paying jobs in Arkansas? It goes without saying that Arkansas has high-paying jobs that can help change your fortunes and reposition you to the career path that completes your person.

While our primary concern in this resourceful content is centred on the fifteen highest-paying jobs in the beautiful city of Arkansas, it is equally essential to let you know that you would have the pleasure of getting to see the job description of all the shortlisted jobs, job offers, salary range and a few other points worthy of note.

Grab a seat and fix yourself a cup of any coloured drink as we take you through Arkansas’s fifteen high-paying jobs. Scroll down and carefully read through this premium content. 

15 Highest Paid jobs in Arkansas

#1. Surgeons/Doctors

Surgeons are doctors who perform the work of evaluating and treating conditions that may require surgery or physically changing the body. Surgeons top the list of highest-paying jobs in Arkansas because the profession requires extensive knowledge and high risk. With its high perceived value, it requires a long learning path. Surgeons have a salary range of 174,000 USD to 571,000 USD.

#2. Judges

With the high level of responsibility and extensive knowledge needed in operating as a judge, the salary range of 147,000 USD to 5479,000 USD becomes justifiable. It shortlists the profession as one of the highest-paying jobs in Arkansas.

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#3. Lawyers

Lawyers in Arkansas are on the list of highest-paying jobs because of the credible value they give to their clients. Aside from the high perceived value, they bring to the table, they operate as revenue generators and require extensive knowledge to command attention—their salary ranges from 119,000 USD to 388,000 USD.

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#4. Bank Managers

Bank managers made it to Arkansas’s list of highest paying jobs because their salaries ranged from 112,000 USD to 365,000 USD. Bank managers are in charge of taking care of billions of funds and investments. The act of managing a bank is a sensitive task, and it comes with a lot of risks.

#5. Chief Executive Officers

Chief Executive Officers, otherwise regarded as CEOs, have a robust system of leadership positions that increases their output and impact. As one of the high paying jobs in Arkansas, they are responsible for ensuring that the organization succeeds and does not fail. They have a salary that ranges from 112,000 USD to 348,000 USD.

#6. Chief Financial Officers

Chief Financial Officers join the list of highest-paying jobs in Arkansas with a salary range of 105,000 USD to 342,000 USD. The nature of the work of Chief Financial Officers involves extensive experience, high risk, and responsibility. Again, considering the organization’s operation, their job description includes management of budgets, costs, revenue, and spending. 

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#7. Orthodontists

In Arkansas, Orthodontists are on the list of high paying jobs, with a salary range of  94,000 USD to 308,000 USD. This attractive remuneration depends on the vast scope of impact and the risks involved.

#8. College Professors

Although College Professors are among the high paying jobs in Arkansas people go into, it is a prestigious job and a career path anybody who wants to build around academics should follow. College professors earn around 83,900 USD to 274,000 USD. With high perceived value, a high level of knowledge is required.

#9. Pilots

One of the essential requirements one has to undergo to become a pilot involves a series of rigorous training programs. However, a high level of risk and extensive knowledge is required, although it comes with some excitement. Pilots have a salary range of 69,800 USD to 228,000 USD, so pilots are among Arkansas’s high-paying jobs.

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#10. Marketing Directors

The primary work of marketing directors is anchored on two central pillars. One is generating business, and the other is increasing the organization’s revenue. With an excellent salary of 62,800 USD to 205,000 USD, Marketing Directors are on the list of highest paying jobs in Arkansas.

#11. Risk Managers

Risk managers are usually responsible for ensuring that a company’s financial and security risks do not pull it down. Most people in this career path typically have a bachelor’s degree in either management or business. Risk Managers usually have a median base salary of $102,647, and the ratio of 3.9/s job satisfaction is one of the high paying jobs in Arkansas.

#12. Data Analyst

Data Analyst joins the list in our resourceful evaluation of the highest paying jobs in Arkansas. Data Analysts use data to solve problems and help companies make result-driven decisions. Their salaries fall within the range of 74,224 USD.

#13. Tax Manager

A tax manager operates a special kind of manager who prepares and files tax documents. Tax managers do not just help businesses to identify tax problems but also come up with solutions. This field requires a master’s or bachelor’s in Business, Finance, Accounting, or Economics. They made it to the list of the highest paying jobs in Arkansas on account of their median salary base of 125,639 USD.

#14. UX Designer

User experience (UX) designers make as much as 97,047 USD in one of Arkansas’s high paying jobs. These designers’ brands take up a particular product or service, making it both enjoyable and accessible. The requirements include a bachelor’s degree in computer science, web development, or graphic design.

#15. Enterprise Architect

Enterprise Architects are on top of the log of most companies’ IT departments with a salary base of 144,997 USD. Their job description is usually anchored around being updated with the latest trends in tech and ensuring that their usage guarantees an increase in both revenue and efficiency. With an undergraduate degree in either computer science or data science, one becomes established in one of the high paying jobs in Arkansas.

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How can I get the highest-paying job in Arkansas?

Arkansas has one of the high-paying jobs in the medical line, and advanced degrees are the requirement in that field of endeavor. Nevertheless, the entry level for most of these jobs is an undergraduate or a college degree. Still, to increase your chances of rising in that career path, you need to advance and pursue more degrees to earn higher.

What is the salary of Doctors in Arkansas?

Doctors in Arkansas earn as much as the salary range of 174,000 USD to 571,000 USD. It varies in consideration of factors like entry levels and even incentives.

How can I prepare for a high paying job in Arkansas?

Preparing for a high paying job in Arkansas may involve obtaining the necessary education and experience in the specific field, networking with professionals in the industry, and staying up-to-date with industry trends and developments. It may also involve researching companies and job opportunities in the state to find the best fit for your skills and qualifications.

What cities in Arkansas offer the highest paying jobs?

Cities such as Little Rock, Fayetteville, and Bentonville are expected to offer some of the highest paying jobs in Arkansas in 2023.

Are there any opportunities for remote work in these high paying jobs?

Some of the high paying jobs in Arkansas may offer remote work opportunities, depending on the specific role and company. However, many of these roles may require in-person work and may be located in specific cities or regions of the state.
How can I prepare for a high paying job in Arkansas?


You must note that there are other high paying jobs in Arkansas, but the Kiiky research team limited the study to the fifteen high-paying jobs in Arkansas. Ultimately, the opportunities are there. Check where you are most likely going to fit in regarding these high paying jobs in Arkansas and watch your career life advance.



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