How To Get Into Consulting? Easy Schools To Join

If you have ever wondered about a career that provides the perfect balance of intellectual prowess, problem-solving finesse, and the power to influence organizations worldwide, then consulting might just be the compass that steers your professional journey. But how to get into consulting? Well, let’s see!

According to current statistics, the consulting industry is witnessing robust growth, with a projected annual revenue of over $300 billion, presenting a vast landscape of possibilities for aspiring consultants like you.

So, suppose you want to venture into this dynamic and rewarding profession that opens doors to limitless opportunities. This article will provide insights, tips, and strategies to help you chart a course toward joining a consulting school that perfectly aligns with your dreams and aspirations.

The Role of a Consultant

Consulting careers span a vast and diverse landscape, each path offering its thrilling adventures. Whether you’re drawn to management, environmental, or technology consulting, your expertise will find its niche. As a management consultant, you’ll solve complex business problems and optimize strategies for success. Environmental consultants champion sustainable practices and ecological preservation. Technology consultants lead organizations into the digital age with innovative solutions.

Essential skills and qualities are your compass to excel in this dynamic arena. As an adept problem solver, you analyze data and devise creative solutions that impact client success. Effective communication bridges the gap between complex concepts and tangible actions. Adaptability empowers you to embrace change and thrive in fast-paced environments.

Now, how can you get into consulting? Formal education, specialized training, and hands-on experience are the stepping stones to success. Pursue degrees in fields relevant to your chosen path, and consider enrolling in renowned consulting schools. Internships and networking build your portfolio and foster connections that unlock doors.

In this ever-evolving world, continuous learning is your sail. Stay abreast of industry trends and technologies, and embrace growth opportunities.

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Choosing the Right Path

From the boardrooms of management consulting to the green landscapes of environmental consulting, your journey takes an ideal path for you. Management consultants dive into the heart of businesses, strategizing and optimizing operations for growth and success. On the other hand, environmental consultants are our planet’s guardians, championing sustainable practices and preserving nature’s treasures.

But how do you find your perfect fit? Assessing your interests and strengths is your compass. Ask yourself, “What are my interests?” and “Where are my strongest skills?” Embrace introspection and self-discovery as you chart your course.

Identify your unique talents and qualities – are you a persuasive communicator or a master of problem-solving? Recognize your strengths, and let them guide you towards the niche that resonates with you.

Remember, there is no right or wrong path – only the one that reflects your aspirations. Seek inspiration from successful consultants in your desired niche and learn from their journeys.

Why Join a Consulting School?

Formal education and specialized training are the anchors that ground your consulting aspirations. At these esteemed schools, you’ll delve into the depths of consulting theories, case studies, and best practices. With this knowledge, you’ll develop a profound understanding of the consulting landscape and gain the expertise to solve real-world challenges.

That’s not all! Consulting schools are gateways to a vast network of opportunities. Here, you’ll rub shoulders with seasoned professionals, esteemed faculty, and fellow aspiring consultants. Networking events, internships, and industry connections become the wind that propels your career forward.

The advantages of consulting schools extend beyond the classroom. These institutions open doors to coveted job opportunities, connecting you with prestigious consulting firms and organizations. Employers value the credibility and practical experience from top consulting schools, making you a sought-after candidate in the competitive job market.

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Easy Schools to Join

Consulting is a competitive field, but several schools offer programs that can help you get your foot in the door. Here are some of the easiest schools to join for consulting, along with an analysis of their criteria for accessibility:


The University of Virginia Darden School of Business

Darden is one of the most prestigious business schools in the world, but it’s also one of the most affordable. The average tuition for full-time students is $67,000, significantly lower than that of other top consulting schools.

Yale School of Management

Yale SOM is another top business school with relatively affordable tuition. The average tuition for full-time students is $70,000, which is still lower than the average tuition at many other top consulting schools.

Northwestern University Kellogg School of Management

Kellogg is a well-respected business school with tuition that aligns with the national average. The average tuition for full-time students is $73,000.


University of Chicago Booth School of Business

Booth is located in Chicago, which is a significant hub for consulting firms. This makes it easy for Booth students to get internships and full-time jobs with consulting firms in the city.

Columbia Business School

Columbia Business School is in a major consulting hub, New York City. This makes it easy for Columbia students to get internships and full-time jobs with consulting firms in the city.

Dartmouth College Tuck School of Business

Tuck is located in Hanover, New Hampshire, which is a smaller town. However, Tuck students can access several Boston and New York City consulting firms.

Online Options

Duke University Fuqua School of Business

Fuqua offers an online MBA program designed for working professionals. This program can be a good option for people who want to get a degree in consulting but don’t have the time or resources to attend a traditional business school.

Georgetown University McDonough School of Business

McDonough also offers an online MBA program. This program is similar to Fuqua’s, designed for working professionals.

Northeastern University D’Amore-McKim School of Business

D’Amore-McKim offers an online MBA program specifically designed for people who want to work in consulting. This program includes courses on problem-solving, data analysis, and communication.

Flexible Admission Processes and Scholarships

University of Notre Dame Mendoza College of Business

Mendoza offers a flexible admission process that allows students to submit their applications on a rolling basis. This can be a good option for people applying to consulting schools while working or completing their undergraduate degrees.

Vanderbilt University Owen Graduate School of Management

Owen offers several scholarships for students interested in consulting. These scholarships can help to offset the cost of tuition and make it more affordable to attend Owen.

Washington University in St. Louis Olin Business School

Olin offers a flexible admission process that allows students to submit their applications on a rolling basis. This can be a good option for people applying to consulting schools while working or completing their undergraduate degrees.

These are just a few of the easiest schools to join for consulting. When choosing a school, it’s essential to consider your individual needs and preferences. However, these schools offer several advantages that make it easier to get into consulting, such as affordable tuition, flexible admission processes, and scholarships.

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Alternative Pathways to Consulting

Internships, apprenticeships, and entry-level positions are the hidden treasures that grant you hands-on experience in the consulting realm. These opportunities immerse you in real-world projects, honing your skills and providing a glimpse into consulting life. From market research to data analysis, each task is a stepping stone toward mastering the art of consulting.

If you’re already practicing in related fields, transitioning to consulting might be as seamless. Consider your business, environmental sciences, or technology background – your expertise can seamlessly transfer to consulting. Embrace the power of networking and showcase your passion for consulting to open doors to new opportunities.

On this unconventional journey, embrace the power of mentorship. Seek guidance from experienced consultants who can navigate you through uncharted waters. Embrace the mindset of a perpetual learner as you grasp new skills and knowledge from diverse experiences.

Remember, there is no single path to consulting. Embrace your unique journey through internships, transitioning from related fields, or carving your path. All that matters is your unwavering commitment to sail towards a fulfilling consulting career.

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Technological advancements and digital consulting are essential to improving efficiency and innovation. Data analytics, artificial intelligence, and automation are the winds of change that propel consulting into uncharted territories. Embrace these tools to deliver unparalleled insights and solutions to clients, setting you apart in the competitive consulting arena.

But that’s not all – As the world recognizes the urgency of environmental preservation, sustainable practices become the cornerstone of every industry. Embrace your inner eco-warrior and champion green initiatives, advising clients on ethical and sustainable practices that resonate with modern consumers. Social impact consulting, too, rides this tide as organizations strive to leave a positive mark on society through purpose-driven initiatives.

So, stay abreast of emerging trends and acquire the skills to remain relevant through technological and sustainability shifts. Embrace diversity and collaborate with experts from diverse backgrounds.

Securing Your Consulting Career

Start by acing interviews. Prepare for interviews, research the company, understand its projects, and showcase your passion for consulting. Be ready to navigate through case studies, confidently presenting solutions demonstrating your problem-solving finesse.

Connect with seasoned consultants, industry professionals, and alums from consulting schools. Networking events, conferences, and online platforms are options where connections can chart a new course for your career.

Continuous learning and professional growth will keep you afloat in the ever-changing consulting world. Seek mentorship and guidance from experienced consultants, soaking up their wisdom as you progress.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) – How to Get Into Consulting: Easy Schools To Join

Why should I consider joining a consulting school?

Consulting schools offer specialized education, practical experience, and networking opportunities, enhancing your chances of securing lucrative consulting positions and accelerating your career growth.

Which consulting schools are considered the best?

Reputable consulting schools vary depending on location and specialization. Top schools globally include Harvard Business School, INSEAD, and London Business School.

What are the typical admission requirements for consulting schools?

Admission requirements may include a solid academic background, standardized test scores (GMAT/GRE), letters of recommendation, and a well-crafted personal statement.

Can I become a consultant without attending a consulting school?

While formal education can be advantageous, alternative pathways, such as internships, apprenticeships, and gaining practical experience in related fields, can lead to successful consulting careers.

How do I prepare for consulting school admission interviews?

Research the school, practice common interview questions, and showcase your passion for consulting and alignment with the school’s values.


That’s it about how to get into consulting. Now, aspiring consultants are equipped with a wealth of knowledge to confidently navigate the competitive field. Throughout this article, we have delved into the essence of consulting, identified various paths, and explored alternative routes.

The significance of formal education, technological advancements, and ethical considerations has been unveiled, empowering readers to make informed decisions in their consulting pursuits. So, embrace your passion, seize opportunities, and build a promising consulting career.



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