How To Resign Over The Phone Script: Tips And Templates To Use

When you leave your job, you must provide notice to preserve your professionalism and give your employer time to recruit a replacement. While it is often preferable to quit a job in person, there are several circumstances where this may not be possible. 

Throughout this post, we’ll go over sample scripts for resigning over-the-phone script and provide you with a template that you can use when creating your screenplay.

Timing can be difficult to manage when quitting due to the start of a new job. For example, if the employee has an established start date and you also need to provide two weeks’ notice, you may not have much wiggle space when you provide your notice.

When time is critical, and you or your supervisor is not present in the office (for example, if one of you is traveling or working from home), providing notice by phone may be the only alternative.

You can also do so over the phone if you have to resign with little or no notice. For example, you may be forced to resign due to a family emergency or a personal situation requiring your quick departure.

Why Resign Over the Phone?

Certain circumstances can make it challenging to resign from a position in person. If this occurs, you may be required to resign over the phone script. Here are a few reasons you can choose to quit by Phone:

1. Your boss is absent for an extended period.

2. Your new position asks you to begin immediately after giving a two-week notice period.

3. You cannot report to work because of a family emergency or personal circumstance.

4. Your work atmosphere has become uninviting or dangerous.

How to Resign Over the Phone Script

If you are forced to resign from a job via phone, you will want to do so professionally and courteously. Knowing how to leave via phone script is critical. You can resign over the phone script by following these steps:

1. Consider why you’re resigning

To begin, consider why you are resigning from your position. There may be other options available to you that do not require quitting. For instance, if you are experiencing a family emergency, you may be eligible for leave under the Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA).

If you have a conflict with a coworker or supervisor, you may discuss your options with the human resources department. If you are dissatisfied with your job, you may wish to seek alternative employment before formally resigning over the phone.

2. Whenever possible, provide a two-week notice

It is always prudent to provide a minimum of two weeks’ notice when possible. This allows your employer time to recruit and train a replacement for your position. Giving information when leaving a position also helps you leave the company with a positive reputation.

This is particularly critical if you return to your previous position or another company. Completing all job requirements before departure can also assist you if you need to request a letter of recommendation or referral from your employer.

If you cannot provide a two-week notice, notify your employer of your anticipated end day of employment. This is an excellent way to resign over the phone script.

3. Determine the optimal time to call

Consider the best time of day to contact your supervisor or boss. For instance, it may not be prudent to call during the dinner rush if you know your manager would be busy. Attempt to plan your call so your boss has sufficient time to discuss your resignation. Additionally, you may choose to contact and speak with the human resource department.

4. Explain your resignation in detail.

You should include as much information as you feel comfortable discussing with your resignation. While you may choose not to discuss your resignation with your manager, be prepared for them to inquire.

Specific facts, such as your desired last date of employment, are critical to your resignation. Ensure that you communicate your intention to quit your position briefly so that your boss understands how quickly they need to fill it. You could also inform them of your return date to collect any items you’ve left behind.

Even if you choose to provide further facts, it is critical to maintain a professional demeanor. You’ll want to maintain objectivity even if you’re leaving because of a workplace conflict or discontent with your job.

5. Confirm with human resources

After notifying your direct supervisor or manager of your resignation, inform human resources. They may ask you to take part in an exit interview. Exit interviews are critical for businesses to understand where they can improve. This is also an excellent time to discuss other details, such as transferring retirement accounts or returning company-owned equipment.

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Tips for Resigning Over the Phone

After learning how to resign through phone script, you may use the following recommendations to assist you in quitting via phone:

1. Make a formal copy and send it to your supervisor and human resources:

Even if you resign over the phone, presenting your supervisor and human resource department with a written, formal copy is good practice. This also helps ensure they hear your resignation message if you cannot contact them by phone.

2. Be succinct:

Your manager may or may not question you extensively regarding your resignation. While you may provide as many details as you are comfortable with, it is critical to be succinct. Conciseness ensures the clarity of your message.

3. Ask if the moment is right to speak:

Keeping track of your manager’s activities when you are not at work can be tough. Always inquire whether they have a minute to speak with you before discussing your resignation. This topic should be regarded seriously when considering quitting over the phone script.

4. Rehearse what you’re going to say:

Resigning from a job at any point in life can be traumatic. Additionally, quitting over the phone can be scary. Preparing a resignation script before the call can help ensure you say what you mean. Put this into consideration when planning to resign over the phone script.

5. Confirm that you have all of your belongings:

If you do not intend to return to the workplace, verifying that you have all of your belongings may be prudent before calling in your resignation.

6. Converse with your supervisor

The most effective method of resigning from a job over the phone is to call your supervisor and state plainly that you are resigning.

You may wish to email to schedule the call to ensure you can speak at an appropriate time. If your supervisor is unavailable and you must resign immediately, you can talk with your supervisor’s manager or a human resources representative.

7. Avoid going into detail

Like a breakup in a relationship, resigning from a job can feel highly personal and emotional. Allow your emotions to reign supreme. Explain why you’re calling succinct — you can say things like, “Unfortunately, I desired to speak with you on the phone today to give my notice” or “I appreciate your time.” Today marks the end of my employment with company X.” Resign over the phone script by following this instruction.

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8. Include pertinent questions and data

Inform the company of your intended use for your last paycheck. You may request to mail your check if you do not have a direct deposit. If you require personal goods from work, inquire whether they may be packaged and shipped to you.

Alternatively, you can arrange for their collection. Additionally, you may ask any other pertinent questions about your compensation or perks. Further, if you provide notice, inform your supervisor of your expected last day of work.

9. Deposit a message

While this is not the most courageous way to resign from a job, if you are uncomfortable speaking with your supervisor during business hours, you might phone after hours and leave a voicemail message. Again, this is unlikely to earn you a favorable or even a reference at all, but if work conditions are unpleasant, you may not receive a recommendation.

10. Send a follow-up letter

If you are forced to resign by phone, follow up with an official resignation letter if possible. Send the letter to your supervisor and the human resources department. This will ensure that your resignation is documented officially.

If you want to write a letter and don’t get any response, you should write another one as a follow-up. Check out: How to Write a Follow-up Email after no Response.

Templates to use to Resign over the phone

While your exact script will vary depending on your job, your manager, and your reason for resigning, you can use this phone script can help you quit over the phone:

Template 1

Hi [Manager Name],

This is [Name]. Do you have a minute to talk?

I am calling to provide you with notice of my resignation from [Company] as [Position], effective [Date of Resignation]. I have [Reason for resigning]. I will follow up on this phone call with a formal resignation letter. I will also contact [Name] with human resources with a written resignation letter to begin the process.

Please let me know if you have any questions or how I can help with the transition. Also, thank you for the opportunity.

Template 2

Hello, [Manager’s Name].

Hello, my name is [Name]. Do you have a minute to speak with me?

I’m phoning to give you notice of my resignation from [Company] in the position of [Position], which will take effect on [Date of Resignation]. I’m resigning because of [Reason for resigning]. Following up on this phone conversation, I will submit a formal resignation letter. I will also send a written letter to [Name] at human resources to initiate the resignation procedure there.

Please let me know if you have any questions or if there is anything I can do to assist you with the transition. In addition, I’d like to express my gratitude for the opportunity.

Template 3

Thank you for your time [Manager’s Name].

[Name] speaking . Interested in speaking with me for a minute.

Greetings, I’m phoning to inform you that I’ve decided to resign from my position as [Position] at [Company] with effect from [Date of Resignation]. It is because of [Reason for resigning] that I am resigning. As a result of this phone conversation, I will be submitting a formal resignation letter shortly. I will also send a letter to [Name] at human resources to initiate the resignation procedure.

Please let me know if you have any questions or if there is anything else I can do to assist you with the transfer process. Aside from that, I’d like to express my gratitude for the invitation.

Template 4

Hello, [Manager’s Name].

My name is [Name]. Do you have a moment to speak with me?

I’m phoning to inform you that I’m resigning from [Company] in the position of [Position] as of [Date of Resignation]. I’m quitting because of [Reason for Quitting]. I’ll write an official resignation letter in response to this phone call. I’ll also send a written resignation letter to [Name] at human resources to start the process.

Please let me know if you have any questions or if there is anything I can do to assist you with the transition. I’d also like to express my gratitude for the opportunity.


Quitting a job over the phone isn’t the most polite way to resign. Ideally, resignations occur in person, followed by an official resignation letter.

However, if that isn’t an option, quitting over the phone or via email are alternative.



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