How to Write a Cover Letter for Dispensary | Full Guide

Cannabis legalization and its impact on the American populace has become one of the most contentious political issues in recent years.

Many ambitious people seek work in dispensaries as states move to legalize or decriminalize cannabis. It’s simple to understand why. These occupations are usually well-paying and come with a lot of advantages.

Over 243,000 individuals are employed in the legal cannabis industry throughout the country, with more opportunities projected to open up in the future years as dispensaries and growing farms expand. Because cannabis is still illegal on the federal level, many shops cannot obtain insurance and are thus vulnerable to criminality, driving massive investment in advanced access control.

Working at a dispensary causes different credentials depending on the role and the state or municipality. To work in the business, you must be at least 18 years old, and certain roles may involve background checks to confirm that you have a clean driving and arrest record.

Additional credentials are required for some occupations. A background in horticulture, farming, or gardening is generally required for a job on the grow side. A rising number of vocational programs offer certificates or degrees in cannabis.

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Strong verbal communication skills and sales experience are required for all roles. Experience in the medical field may be beneficial, although it is not always required.

Are you interested in working in Dispensary? This article reviews core skills needed in a dispensary and how to write your cover letter for Dispensary.

Skills Required for Cover Letter for Dispensary

For development in the dispensary, you’ll need a variety of skills. You can learn dispensary skills through persistent practice, while others come naturally.

Depending on where you’re applying, various abilities are in demand. The skills listed below will help you advance your career and personal growth in this profession.

Customer service skill

Customer service is a cornerstone of any successful company. Working at a dispensary typically requires interacting with consumers and answering their inquiries or addressing their problems, thus excellent customer service skills are essential.

This expertise can help you examine their preferences and discuss their alternatives with consumers who are undecided about what to buy.

To become a customer rep, you must know: 30 Must-have Skills For Customer Service Representatives.

Cannabis knowledge

You must have a thorough understanding of cannabis and cannabis products to appropriately tell consumers or medical marijuana patients about the many strains of the plant and their effects.

This can aid an employee in ensuring that all clients are served promptly and attentively.

Proper store manners

You can benefit from knowing proper dispensary etiquette. Extensive knowledge of dispensary etiquette allows you to remain professional and sanitary when handling and packaging cannabis for customers. Employers require employees to use proper tongs rather than their hands to maintain the plant’s integrity and quality.


Marijuana restrictions may change depending on the state where you operate, so staying flexible will help you stay on top of the current rules and regulations.

Adaptability may also aid these specialists in learning about and comprehending new cannabis items as market needs shift.

Steps to a Successful Career in a Dispensary

These are the top success recommendations if you want to work at a dispensary.

Research and select a dispensary

Dispensary culture varies depending on where you are on the globe. If you live where cannabis is only accessible for medicinal purposes and only as oil or tincture.

For example, dispensaries will have less control and many limitations. Furthermore, even in places where recreational cannabis is legal, not all stores have a valid license, so you must know this danger.

Most dispensaries have a similar laid-back vibe, but the setting you work in is crucial, so think about what you’re comfortable with.

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Get knowledgeable on cannabis strains

If you work at a dispensary, you must know the surrounding items. You should try as many as possible, if not all, and keep an eye out for any changes in availability. If you’re a budtender, this is very vital.

Consumers and medical patients will come to you with queries, and you’ll want to be ready to provide them with helpful advice.

Stay updated on the cannabis law

Working at a dispensary necessitates a thorough understanding of cannabis. Furthermore, you must have a thorough understanding of the legal system.

Because cannabis legalization varies from state to state and is still illegal on a federal level, working in the cannabis sector is always dangerous. As a result, you’ll want to double-check that the dispensary you’re working for is following local regulations.

You must not only keep up with all the science behind the plant and the products you’re selling, but you must also keep up with the industry and any trends that may emerge.

You may do a lot of studies online before you work, but you’ll pick up a lot of information on the job. Just remember to keep alert.

Expand and grow

A dispensary is an excellent way to break into the cannabis market and learn everything there is to know about the plant. Working at a dispensary will give you the expertise and confidence to succeed as a dispensary manager, owner, grower or even establish your cannabis brand.

How to Write a Cover Letter for Dispensary

Drafting your cover letter for Dispensary is the first route of action to getting into the cannabis business. Writing a good cover letter for dispensary shows the hiring managers you’re qualified and skilled for the position.

Below is a perfect procedure for writing your cover letter for Dispensary.

Choose an appropriate header

Add a header with your contact information at the beginning of the document, including your complete name, phone number, and email address. You can put the date below these details.

It’s critical to include a heading in your cover letter so that the hiring manager knows how to contact you if they want to schedule an interview or inquire about the status of your application.

Draft a perfect introductory paragraph.

You can start the first paragraph by introducing yourself to the reader and making a passionate opening statement that explains who you are as a professional and why you’re interested in the position.

Because it may be your first chance to create a positive impression on the hiring manager by displaying more of your personality than a CV, the way you start your cover letter is crucial.

Consider starting with your greatest qualities or credentials to demonstrate that you’re a good fit for the job and know the responsibilities.

Underscore your work history and experience

Highlight your professional experience and describe your work history more extensively than you would on your CV to a potential employer.

You might find it helpful to list work functions or responsibilities from past positions and explain how they prepared you for a career as a bud tender.

If you have prior industry experience, you may talk about any hands-on training you had or include professional tales to show your knowledge of the field and personal skills.

Highlight your academic credentials.

Your academic qualifications may pique the curiosity of a potential employer. Employers may prefer individuals with an associate’s or bachelor’s degree in a discipline relevant to medical marijuana or sales. In contrast, a college degree is rarely required for professionals in this job.

A bachelor’s degree in biology, nursing, botany, or sales and management may benefit those interested in pursuing this vocation. If you have post-secondary education, mention how it provided appropriate training and information for your future job.

Outline relevant skills

Include your relevant hard, soft, and industry-related skills in your resume to help establish that you’re a suitable fit for the position.

Consider mentioning any attributes or talents your prospective employer cites in the job description in your cover letter. In your cover letter for the dispensary, highlight customer service skills and extensive knowledge skill on cannabis.

Explain any employment gap

If your resume lists your professional experience but you have gaps of many months or years between jobs, your cover letter for the dispensary may be an excellent place to explain why you have been unemployed.

This is especially important if the gap in your job history is due to time spent volunteering, returning to school, or pursuing other personal or professional goals.

If your resume has too many gaps, hiring managers will lose interest in you. Hence, master: How to Explain a Career Gap


After you’ve finished a draft of your cover letter for the dispensary, review it again and check it for any spelling, grammatical, or clarity errors.

Consider reading it out loud to yourself to check your tone and make sure it’s appropriate for the organization you’re applying to while being personable and professional.

Frequently asked questions

What should I put on my resume for the dispensary?

A budtender resume must show you have a deep knowledge of the cannabis industry with optimal customer care and sales service to those who come to your cannabis dispensary. Combine these two skills plus cannabis-related knowledge, and you’ll be part of a growing industry with tons of growth.

Who are budtenders

Budtenders hold the most popular position in Dispensaries.

Is a cover letter required for Dispensary?

Yes, a cover letter for Dispensary is required when searching for a job.

What skills are required most in Dispensary?

The top skills required for every career option in Dispensary are customer service skills and knowledge of cannabis strains.

How much can I make as a dispenser?

Working in Dispensary brings the possibility of earning as high as $91,700 annually.

Do I need a degree to sell cannabis?

Despite not being compulsory, some degrees and vocational studies relating to the cannabis business would help your career’s success.


After a thorough study on the cannabis market and the sophisticated technological services that shops require, the cannabis industry’s future seems bright.

As more states legalize cannabis for recreational or medical purposes each year. A well-written cover letter for a dispensary gets you into this growing young sector with lots of potentials.



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