How to Write a Reference Letter for a Friend in 2023| Full Guide

Most persons are aware of what a professional reference will comprise. You’ve undoubtedly filed at least one of these throughout your academic or professional career, whether you termed it a letter of recommendation or a job reference.

References are essential to the hiring process as they give firms a unique insight into potential employees. Otherwise, you’ll be the only one they’ll speak to about your suitability for new employment.

Instead, some recruiters and employers especially school boards utilize reference letters to corroborate the qualifications listed on a candidate’s CV and to establish whether other respectable individuals believe they would be a suitable fit for the position.

Although references are not generally requested on job applications, some firms request applicants to give a variety of professional references. Because some recruiters want both a professional and a personal reference, you should be prepared to offer both reference letters.

In this article, you will learn how to write a reference letter for a friend.

What is a rEcommendation Letter for a Friend?

A letter of reference for a friend can be used to support an application for employment, acceptance to a program, or club membership. It is also known as a personal or character reference.

A personal recommendation from a friend may not carry the same weight as a professional reference. However, it is still better than no recommendation and may complete a job application that already contains one or two professional references.

A personal recommendation must come from someone who has never worked professionally with the reference. However, not all professional attributes are specific to the position.

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Which Of Your Friends Should You Write a Reference Letter for?

Writing a recommendation letter for a friend may be tough unless you have a connection with them.

Let’s look at how connections may warrant you to write a reference letter for a friend.

  • Collaborative volunteering
  • A current or previous classmate
  • Mentoring or coaching
  • A long-time family friend
  • Another member of a group, club, or extracurricular activity

How to Write a Recommendation Letter for a Friend| Format

These are the steps on how to write a reference letter for a friend

Use a header

You will use a header, like any other letter connected to your work, such as a cover letter. Along with the name and location of the firm, write your contact information.

If you’re sending a physical letter, provide the recipient’s contact information and your signature.

Suppose you don’t know the employer’s name. It is quite rare not to. If you don’t know the prospective employer’s name, add “To Whom It May Concern” in the greeting.

This language is a clear no-no for job searchers, while it is permissible in recommendation letters. It is sensible to be polite in your reference letter because your friend may keep it for future career prospects.

However, suppose your friend requests a letter of reference for a particular position, endeavour to learn the name of the hiring manager or recruiter so that you can accurately give the letter. Use an appropriate title.

Never make assumptions. It is recommended to use Ms. rather than Mrs., as you should not presume women are married. If you know a woman with a doctorate or PhD, you should also use the title Dr.

Letter size.

The first part is to know how to address your letter; the second is to know what to say in your three to four paragraphs to appeal to companies or institutions. Remember that the majority of organizations prefer a simple reference letter.

As a result, your letter should not exceed one page, better half a page. Concentrate on writing only the information you feel would have the biggest influence on getting your friend employed.

You can put an accent over a letter. See how


The first paragraph comprises your introduction, body, and conclusion. The third paragraph provides your contact data.

If they’re asking for a scholarship, explain several situations when you’ve observed their love for a given field or skill set. Have they helped you accomplish anything? Do they offer to assist? Have they established and accomplished goals? Be specific.

To give the employer the notion that you know your buddy personally, say how long you’ve known them, mainly if it’s a lengthy time.

Here’s an example of a first sentence:

I’m glad to suggest Heather Ingrid for the Town Hall government seat. I’ve known Heather for over ten years and can verify that she is a driven, compassionate lady who has worked significantly to arrange numerous humanitarian events. Given this, I am convinced she qualifies for a Town Hall post.

As you can see, the purpose of the letter and your relationship with your buddy should be underlined in the opening paragraph.


Within the body (s) (s). The second portion of your body paragraph should emphasize your buddy’s talents and achievements. What are some of their character or work ethic strengths? Do they have special traits, such as past employment, an internship, volunteer work, or college experience? All of these things should be covered in your body paragraph.

A reference letter focuses on complimenting information rather than your friend’s qualifications. After all, you’re seeking to market their personality, work ethic, and so forth. Favourable terms include industrious, committed, passionate, motivated, leader, cooperative, patient, and clever.

In light of this, the following is an example of a body paragraph:

As a friend, I know Willow worked hard to acquire her Graphic Design degree from Arts University this year. She worked methodically on her papers in class, usually completing them ahead of us. She gave attention to every detail without diminishing the quality of her labour. Willow’s unique talent would result in amazing artwork for your firm.

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Finally, in your conclusion paragraph, thank you for proposing your buddy for the role and add your contact information.

When completed, conclude the letter with “Sincerely,” followed by your name.

Here is an example:

I have no difficulty endorsing James for this job as I am optimistic he will be an excellent addition to your business. If you have any questions, please contact me at [email protected] or (222) 222-2222.


John Fitzpatrick

What Should a Reference Letter for a friend Contain?

Now that you’ve mastered the layout, let’s move on to the letter’s content.

Though reference letter writing templates could be beneficial, you should write most of your letter on your terms. Make it as personal as possible so the employer feels you can speak for your friend.

It’s a great responsibility to write a reference letter for a friend. It shows that the friend trusts your judgment to manage their education and job as your letter may help or hinder their prospects of acquiring a job.

Remember that you may decline to write a referee if you don’t feel you’d be a decent one.

If you’re keen to do so, here are some ideas on how to write a reference letter for a friend:

Determine the Value of Your Relationship

Consider your relationship with the candidate. What differentiates it? What do you know about your friend that others may not?

It will be easier to believe you if you explain why you were picked to serve as their character reference. Do you spend time with them in a specific context (church, school, volunteering, etc.)? Have you ever shared a remarkable experience? Did you help each other when circumstances were tough?

Create a personality/Character profile for them

Remember that a character reference is not the same as a professional reference. When referencing a friend in a letter, keep their characteristics in mind. What do you enjoy about them? What type of occupations or sectors are they best suited to? Have they ever shown you true concern?

Try not to write too much about the candidate’s technical or professional credentials, although there may be some overlap.

In your writing, describe them.

Consult with the candidate

No rule says you can’t discuss a character reference with the person it’s about. If you believe the reference letter is acceptable, communicate with the individual who requested it. Ask them what the hiring manager is seeking so you know which qualities of their personality to highlight.

You may participate in the letter, but you must not mislead or add any material you are doubtful about because your name will be tied to it.

Include Case Studies

When making assertions about someone, attempt to identify instances of when you have employed their talents and abilities. Keep in mind that they do not have to be formal conditions.

Mention moments when you spotted them being nice and compassionate if they were searching for a healthcare career.

This is how to write a reference letter for a friend.

Guidelines to Write a Recommendation Letter for a Friend

Make your expectations clear.

When your friend comes to you for a reference, make sure you write the letter in a personal, rather than professional, capacity. It’s recommended to deny a request to serve as a professional reference if you’ve never worked on a project with this person.

Inform them that you will be a character reference instead, and make sure they are aware of this.

Furthermore, declare that you are an outstanding candidate for this form of a letter.

Remember our prior advice:

If you have a connection with this person that is more than simply a friendship, you will be able to create a substantially stronger letter such as being classmates or a volunteer colleague. If not, inform your friend that you may not be the best alternative.

Obtain facts about the job vacancy.

If your friend needs you to write a recommendation letter for the opportunity, study everything you can about it.

Request to read the job description to learn more about your friend’s business knowledge. Knowing this information could help you pick which abilities and attributes to stress in your letter.

Inquire as to what your pals desire.

The best method to pick what to write is to ask your buddy what they want you to emphasize. Please inquire about your contacts’ long-term professional objectives and why they are interested in this job but don’t mislead.

Your major objective is to exhibit their credentials so that they look to be the best candidate for the position.

Give examples.

It will not be adequate to arrange a sequence of nice sentences merely. Giving the hiring manager some context with true instances of your friend employing their soft talents or winning charm can aid.

If possible, check your friend’s cover letter to see what attributes and achievements they stress. After that, you may add your tales to complement or expand what your buddy has already written.

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A Letter of Recommendation for a Friend Example

If you still have questions, here is an example of a personal reference letter for a friend or acquaintance.

This will be your starting point for your first draft.

Sample 1

Dear Mr. Moller,

I’m writing to discuss about Sheryl Holmes, your recommendation for a part-time librarian job. Sheryl and I have known one other for 13 years. We’ve been inseparable since our first encounter in elementary school. I don’t believe she’d make a good librarian. I am convinced she will.

Since I’ve known her, Sheryl has been a voracious reader. She may be quiet sometimes, but she is always keen to talk paranormal science fiction or Russian literature. She speaks two languages and has won multiple knitting competitions, but the library is her second home, and I can see how thrilled she gets when others approach her for book suggestions.

For two years, Sheryl most recently worked as an administrative assistant for a well-known fashion business. She adored accounting responsibilities because she is a highly organized, careful person who takes great satisfaction in the accuracy of her work. She is a very bright and intellectual personality, but she is also approachable, humorous, and full of ideas about the future difficulties that public libraries will confront.

Last year, she applied as a volunteer for the role of assistant library chair at the Tacoma Public Library. She was passed over in favour of a more experienced applicant, but the library urged her to join their mentoring program. She now spends one day each week filming video messages and reading sessions for children at Mary Bridge Children’s Hospital.

Sheryl is, without a doubt, the finest candidate for your librarian post, in my perspective, for all of the above reasons and more. If you have any further questions or would like to chat with me, please contact (253) 485-5357. I’d be glad to chat with you further.


Lomani, Ivy

Sample 2

Rune of the National Parks
833 Rune Rd
Marigold, Texas, 10987

To whom it may concern,

I am writing to propose that Arthur Grant be employed as a park ranger in Rune National Park. I can surely claim that Arthur is well-suited for employment in your park as I’ve known him for over 10 years. While still in high school, he worked on environmental programs for local school systems, and in college, he developed an experimental campaign to encourage students to visit our National Parks.

When Arthur was a tiny boy growing up in our White Mountains village, he regularly stated his wish to visit Rune National Park. He has given his entire self to his studies, and he is particularly enthused about your park. He’s also a brilliant young guy with a diligent attitude and intelligence that I’ve never seen in anyone else.

I have no difficulty endorsing Arthur for this role as I am positive he would be an excellent addition to your team. If you have any questions, please get in touch with me at [email protected] or (555) 555-5555.


Smith Molly

Sample 3

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Alice Newberry
20 Williams St.
Cheshire, CO, 77777
September 8, 2020

JP Bank

38 Newgrange Rd.

Cheshire, CO, 77777

To Whom It May Concern,

I’m glad to suggest Josh Parker for the job of JP Bank Teller. I’ve known Josh for over five years, and this summer, I had the pleasure of working with him in our BD Bank Graduate Program, where I observed how well he handled his tasks. Given this, I am positive he is well qualified for a job at your bank.

Josh frequently taught me various college subjects because he presents hard ideas. Given his talent and dedication, it’s not remarkable that he graduated at the top of his class. He has also worked in customer service for Finance Co. and as an accounting intern at Morgan Accounting.

I have no difficulty endorsing Josh for this role as I am positive he will make a substantial difference to your firm. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to get in touch with me at [email protected] or (111) 111-1111.


Newberry, Toby

Final Thoughts

Remember to keep your letter short and focused on tailoring it to your friend’s requirements. Make sure the potential employer realizes how well you know your friend, and do your best to make them look like someone the employer would want to work with.

After considering all of these rules and style criteria, you are ready to begin drafting an outstanding reference letter for your friend.



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