How to Send a Letter Internationally| Simple Step-by-Step Guide 2023

Many organizations with global customers or partners do not regard postal mail as the ideal medium for conducting commercial contacts and sending letters internationally. 

Companies have this notion that shipping items internationally through postal mail might be expensive.

However, if you utilize USPS, shipping a letter or postcard overseas may be significantly less costly than you expect. And, if you use automated solutions, you won’t have to deal with the hassle of customizing, printing, and distributing your message.

This article may be useful if you’re looking for advice on how to send a letter internationally yourself. You can get all the information you need about sending international mail right here. 

We’ve also included a detailed step-by-step guide for sending letters, postcards, and packages for your convenience.

How to Send a Letter and Postcard Internationally

While sending a letter from the USA to another country, the address may be different. However, it is still an easy and affordable process.

For instance, a 1 oz letter (or postcard) costs $1.40 to mail with a USPS Global Forever stamp.

How To Send a Letter Internationally| Simple Step by Step Guide

Step 1: Answer the question, can I send this?

Distinct countries have different limits on what may enter. Check your destination country’s Index of Countries and Localities to ensure you follow their rules.

If you send paper-based documents (i.e., paper; no cash, checks or other monetary items) or letters, you do not require a customs form (i.e., no trading cards, bookmarks, stickers, etc.).

You’ll need a custom form if you send any other item apart from these.

You may complete customs forms in person at the post office or online. You do not need to fill out a customs form if you send your letter by First-Class International Mail. 

If you are using the Global Express Guaranteed service in the United States, you must complete the GXG International Air Waybill form and the PS Form 6182 for specified locations. 

To discover more about the criteria for each country, go to USPS.

Fill out PS Form 2976-B if you are mailing something internationally using Priority Mail Express in the United States.

PS Form 2976 or PS Form 2976-A is required for all other overseas mailing services, such as mail addressed to an army, naval, or diplomatic post office.

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Step 2: Choose Your Envelope or Postcard

Envelopes are used to send paper documents such as letters, cards, and forms.

Alternatively, use postcards to send short messages that do not need an envelope.

Step 3: Address your Mail/Letter Properly

Every country has its international address format. You must also enter the delivery address in English (if you need to use another language, add the English translation after each line)

The ideal way to write the address on an envelope is thus, to write the return address in the top left corner, then USA on the bottom line. 

In the centre, write the delivery address, followed by the destination country on the bottom line. 

Add AIR MAIL / PAR AVION in an available place.

For postcards, because they take several shapes, enter the delivery address where it is offered (on the same side you write your message and put the stamp).

Step4: Determine and apply postage. 

Put a Global Forever stamp on the same side as the address, in the upper right corner of envelopes, and the specified position on postcards.

A 1 oz letter or postcard may be mailed to any other country for just $1.40 with the First-Class Mail International Global Forever stamp.

For postcards, place the stamp in the space next to the delivery address.

If your letter is longer, heavier, or square, your postcard is massive, or you want to add more services, you will pay more.

Step 5: To send your letter, place it in your mailbox, Blue Box, or at the Post Office.

Once your envelope or postcard has the correct addresses and stamps, you may send it by leaving it in your mailbox, dropping it in a blue collection box, or bringing it to a Post Office facility.

How to Send a message Internationally 

USPS is one of the best mailing services ever. From their website, we gathered the following information. 

You will notice a slight difference from the first information above.

USPS is the most cost-effective and practical means to send a letter internationally.

Companies currently rely largely on direct mail marketing campaigns to effectively reach out to their customers and prospects.

If you make a mistake, your direct mail may be returned or delayed, so follow the instructions carefully.

Furthermore, you will lose your money on printing and mailing the direct mail letter.

To begin, establish if your letter is eligible for international postage.

When mailing a letter abroad, you must ensure that it meets USPS criteria for quick and easy delivery. 

You must consider issues other than USPS standards.

When sending letters internationally, businesses must follow the postal legislation of the country they are sending the mail. 

Fortunately, no customs form is required to transmit a communication or non-negotiable materials with no monetary value.

However, it is vital to remember that USPS’s First-Class Mail International service is the only choice for such messages.

In step two, choose a postcard or envelope.

There are two options for sending business letters overseas:

  • Envelope
  • Postcards

Postcards are often used for direct mail marketing because they may feature visuals and are inexpensive. However, postcards may not be the ideal form if the mailer contains any sensitive information.

On the other hand, envelopes may offer some privacy and security for whatever information is included in the mail. 

Furthermore, letters delivered with an envelope are sometimes seen as more professional by recipients.

Next Step: Personalize Your Letter or Postcard 

Depending on the receiving country, you may use several address forms. 

You may find it beneficial to consider language constraints as well. The majority of the world’s population does not speak English. 

Consequently, in addition to providing the address in English, you may need to supply the translation after each line.

Envelopes: The return or sender address should be written in the envelope’s upper left corner. Put the delivery address in the centre of the envelope, and USA at the bottom. Don’t forget to provide the name of the country of the sender and recipient.

Postcards: Because the address is pre-written on postcards, there is no room for error.

Because proper format ensures that your letter or postcard is delivered on time, the address element of your mail is critical. 

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Here are some easy tips to help you format your international address:

  • Instead of jotting down the address, print it out.
  • Enter only capital letters.
  • You should use a pen or permanent marker to write the address.
  • Do not use commas and periods in postal addresses.

Step 4: Calculate postage.

With a First-Class Mail International Global Forever stamp, you may ship a 1 oz letter or postcard for just $1.30. 

Postage stamps are available at your local post office, self-service kiosks, and APOs such as pharmacies.

You must put the stamp in the upper right corner if you use an envelope. Postcards include a defined location for the postage stamp, making it easy to put.

The quantity of stamps required will depend on where the letter is heading.

  • Use the USPS’ price calculator at to calculate the cost of your postage.
  • One-ounce letters may be mailed to countries that provide First-Class International Mail using Global Forever stamps.

Extra Postage & Extra Services

If the weight or size of the mailer exceeds the permissible range, you will be asked to pay extra postage. 

You may add extra services like delivery confirmation, signature services, and other USPS alternatives.

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Step 5: Send your overseas letter or postcard.

You may now mail the envelope or postcard since it has the correct address and postage. 

Insert your cluster mailbox in the slot intended for outgoing mail. You may also bring it to the post office lobby drop or put it in a blue collection box at the post office. 

You cannot place anything heavier than 10 oz or thicker than 12 oz in the collecting box.

If the mailer exceeds the permissible size/weight limits, you must take it to the Post Office and hand it over to them. 

There are other occasions in which you should avoid using a collecting box.

Additional Guide on How to Send a Letter Internationally

These are other information you should know about how to send a letter internationally.

Keep all shipping receipts.

Remember to save all shipping documents, including return receipts and postage certificates. Both the return receipt and the certificate of mailing serve as proof that you sent the letter when you stated.

Purchase insurance.

If you use the First-Class International Mail service, you may secure your letter with a registered mailing service in the United States for around $15.00. 

Remember that you can always acquire extra insurance if you need it. 

For example, if you pick the Global Express Guaranteed service, you may get insurance for your cargo valued at up to $2,499 USD.

How to Send a Package Via US Postal Service International Mail

Despite certain similarities, shipping a package abroad by USPS is not the same as sending a letter or postcard. 

To send products internationally from the United States, you must have a few pieces of basic information on hand.

In addition to the sender and receiver information, you should provide a list of the products you are shipping. 

Also, you must include the value of each item on the list, which is designed for the customs form. 

You may print the customs form yourself or use a web service like PostGrid to handle the whole direct mail process.

However, if you want to ship overseas packages on your own, follow these steps.

Step 1: Determine the Eligibility of Your International Package

Verify the Individual Country Listings in the International Mail Manual to see whether your package qualifies for international delivery. 

The handbook will tell you all you need to know, including what can be transported to that country through mail.

It also informs you about the shipping options available for mailing your items. For example, you may see the weight and size requirements when sending goods to a certain country. 

However, you should check the International Service Disruptions page to verify whether USPS delivers to that country.

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Step 2: Select a Trustworthy International Shipping Company

The USPS offers six alternative foreign shipping methods for delivering things. 

Despite this, not all USPS’s services are offered in every country. 

Browse the Individual Nation Listings for additional information about a certain country.

The USPS offers the following six international shipping services:

  • Global Express Guarantee
  • Priority Mail International Express
  • Priority Mail International
  • International First-Class Package Service
  • International First-Class Mail
  • M-Bags for Airmail

Step three: Prepare your shipment box.

The next step is to choose the appropriate sized box for your cargo, load the sending item inside, and complete it. Ensure that the package remains intact until it reaches its destination and that the contents are safe.

When selecting a box, make sure it is big and has enough room for the cushioning you want to use. Cover up any prior markings, addresses, or shipping labels on boxes that will be reused.

Step 4: Create a global package address.

On a cargo travelling overseas, write the address on the side parallel to the package’s longest length. 

Don’t forget to leave enough space on the address side of the box for postage. 

The address standardization used for abroad shipments is the same as that used for international letters and postcards, which we previously discussed.

Step 5: Determine and apply postage

Using the USPS’s International Postage Calculator, finding the correct postage for your international delivery is straightforward. However, to use stamps or pay for postage at the Post Office, you must use the calculator. 

You may print international postage and pay for it using USPS’s Click-N-Ship service. 

It is crucial to note that not all USPS services provide the Click-N-Ship option.

Step 6: Create Customs Forms and Labels

Unlike letters or postcards, packages must be sent overseas and accompanied by a customs declaration. Use computer-generated customs forms at all times. 

You will be sent a customs form when you use the Click-N-Ship service. You could always take the package to the nearest Post Office or print customs from home or work.

Step 7: Internationally Ship Your Package

Check your box’s address, postage, and customs form before sending it to ensure everything is correct. 

You can hand it over to a USPS Post Office employee when you’re finished or place it in a blue collection box. Sometimes, USPS will even allow you to schedule a free package pickup.

FAQs on How to Send a Letter Internationally

What is the best way to send a letter internationally?

First-Class Mail International (FCMI) service is the most affordable way to send letters and large envelopes to more than 180 countries, including Canada, Great Britain, and Australia.

Can I use regular stamps for international mail?

They are sold in sheets and booklets of 20. Customers can use Forever Stamps for international mail, but since all international prices are higher than domestic prices, customers will need to attach additional postage.

How many regular stamps do I need for international mail?

For just 1, $1.40 First-Class Mail International Global Forever stamp, you can send a 1 oz letter or postcard to any other country in the world. Put stamps in the upper right corner of the envelope. For postcards, put the stamp in the space provided near the delivery address.


It is not difficult to learn how to send mail internationally. You can effectively use USPS international services to ship your letters or goods if you have the right tools. But suppose you decide to send international mail using a manual procedure that you run internally, depending on how discreet you are, you may or not run into problems.

We hope you enjoyed reading this guide on how to send a letter internationally.


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