Is Summer Services a Good Career Path in 2023

As the world transitions into the post-pandemic era, many individuals are rethinking their career paths and considering new opportunities. One career path that has gained popularity in recent years is summer services. But the question remains, is summer services a good career path in 2023?

You have nothing to worry about; we’ve got you covered on this matter!

There are still plenty of great summer job opportunities available for those willing to work. 

Why not sit back and let’s clear your doubt?

In this article, we’ll enlist some of the best summer services available for you to build a good career path in 2023.

Let’s get started.

is summer services a good career path

List Of Best Paying Summer services

Here is the list of best-paying summer services available for you in 2023

#1. Biomedical Engineer Summer

One career path in summer services is to become a biomedical engineer.

There are various requirements for obtaining a summer job as a biomedical engineer. A summer internship is frequently targeted toward undergraduate students studying biology, medicine, or biomedical engineering. Additional positions are available for master’s or doctoral students nearing the end of their studies and wishing to learn more about the business before applying for full-time jobs. You should be able to present letters of recommendation, a copy of your student transcript, and strong research and analytical abilities.

Range of salaries: $37,500 to $84,000 annually

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#2. Summer Biotech Internships

Although Summer Biotech Internships are a less common job search term, they still could return relevant employment results. The average yearly income for Summer Biotech Internships positions ranges from $31,500 (25th percentile) to $63,000 (75th percentile). Look at the range of available jobs nationwide for Summer Biotech Internships job searches; there are currently about 100 openings on ZipRecruiter.

Range of salaries: $31,500 to $63,000 annually

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#3. Summer Camp Nurse

Another career path in summer services is to become a summer camp nurse.

A summer camp nurse offers children receiving basic medical care at a camp throughout the summer months. Your responsibilities include giving first aid, attending to minor wounds, and handling emergencies. In a severe medical emergency, you might need to administer CPR or work with a hospital to ensure the injured camper receives the right care. A nurse at a summer camp may also instruct campers on good health, safety, and wellness habits. Your duties include:

  • Gathering information about children with unique medical requirements.
  • Informing appropriate staff members about their circumstances.
  • Administering first aid to campers.

Range of salaries: $34,000 to $62,500 annually.

#4. International Summer

Most international summer jobs have annual incomes between $29,500 (25th percentile) and $59,500 (75th percentile). With nearly 7,000 jobs currently recruiting on ZipRecruiter, many vacant positions for International Summer job searches nationwide exist.

Range of salaries: $29,500 to $59,500 annually

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#5. Physical Therapist Aide Summer

Another career path in summer services is to become a physical therapist aide.

As a summer physical therapist aide, you assist a licensed physical therapist and give patients excellent treatment temporarily. These temporary positions, which are available from June through August, give you valuable practical experience that will enhance your résumé.

Also, you can be expected to prepare equipment, clean the therapy room, and assist patients in moving from one place to another. A physical therapist assistant might work during the summer at private practices, hospitals, nursing homes, and rehabilitation facilities, or they can perform home health care.

Range of salaries: $27,500 to 57,500 annually

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#6. Summer Pharmacist Intern

You must be enrolled in pharmacy school and pursuing a Doctor of Pharmacy degree to work as a summer intern for a pharmacist. Most often, you need to have a solid academic record and recommendation letters. You must be conversant with industry norms, rules, and the most recent advancements and understand medical and pharmaceutical terminology and practices. Once you land a job, they will give you the majority of your pharmacy intern training. Employers also choose candidates that are enthusiastic about the pharmacy industry, have good communication and customer service abilities, and can follow instructions.

Range of salaries: $33,000 to $54,000 annually

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#7. Summer Cruise Ship Worker

Another career path in summer services is to become a summer cruise ship worker.

Although Summer Cruise Ship Worker is a less common job search term, it could yield intriguing employment results. The average yearly wage for Summer Cruise Ship Workers ranges from $29,000 (25th percentile) to $53,500 (75th percentile). Look,

Range of salaries: $29,000-$53,500 annually.

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#8. Mechanical Engineering Intern Summer

There are few prerequisites for this internship, like most internships. Being a student actively pursuing a degree in mechanical engineering or a related discipline and having experience with CAD modeling are the important requirements for becoming a mechanical engineering intern. Depending on their areas, some businesses may have extra qualifications such as expertise with a particular material, the application of engineering principles, or communication abilities. Also, while choosing which interns to hire, businesses may consider certain grades or classes. Although this employment’s specific tasks and obligations differ, you could have to pay for your travel. Only sometimes is a prior internship with an engineering or consulting firm necessary.

Range of salaries: $32,000 to $52,000 annually

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#9. Actuarial Intern Summer

Another career path in summer services is to become an actuarial intern.

A bachelor’s degree in actuarial science, economics, mathematics, or business and competence in the mathematical analysis are requirements for becoming an actuarial intern. Insurance companies frequently hire actuarial interns to develop their abilities as prospective future employees.

You can take action to become a professionally qualified actuary as you gain experience. Join the Casualty Actuarial Society (CAS) or the Society of Actuaries, one of the two actuarial professional associations (SOA).

To obtain your associate-level actuarial certification, you must pass six tests over your career’s first four to six years. Achieving your fellowship-level actuarial qualification after that is possible.

Range of salaries: $31,000 to $52,000 annually

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#10. Summer Finance Intern

Interns in finance gain knowledge that they can use in many different professional routes. Investment banking, financial planning, corporate finance, public budgeting, insurance, and real estate are a few of the career routes chosen by finance interns.

Financial internships can help students prepare for careers as financial analysts, investment bankers, budget managers, risk analysts, tax preparers, certified public accountants (CPA), or financial advisors.

Payscale: $30,000-$45,500 year

#11. Summer Tutor

Another career path in summer services is to become a tutor.

A bachelor’s or master’s degree is often required for a summer tutor, although the requirements vary. Some employers need tutor certificates or look for applicants with experience in a particular field, like music or a foreign language.

There are specialized certification programs, such as those offered by the Collegiate Reading and Learning Association, but there isn’t a single nationwide standard certification program (CRLA).

Several tutoring companies only hire teachers with teaching licenses, graduate students pursuing master’s degrees, or Ph.D. applicants.

Range of salaries: $31,000 to $45,000 annually

#12. Summer Business Intern

Even though Summer Business Intern is a less common job search term, you might still get exciting job results. The average yearly income for summer business internship positions ranges from $28,500 (25th percentile) to $43,500 (75th percentile).

Many vacant positions are available countrywide for Summer Business Intern jobs, with results on ZipRecruiter indicating around 33,000 jobs are hiring right now.

Range of salaries: $28,500 to $43,500 annually

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#13. Summer Music Internships

Another career path in summer services is to join music internships.

Although Summer Music Internships is a less common search term, you might still get fascinating job results. The average annual income for summer music internship positions ranges from $27,500 (25th percentile) to $42,000 (75th percentile). On ZipRecruiter, there are currently about 100 jobs looking for positions related to Summer Music Internships.

Range of salaries: $27,500 to $42,000 annually

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#14. Teen Summer

The most important requirements for landing a teen summer job vary per position, although you might need previous professional experience, specialized education, or other credentials.

For instance, having great swimming or skiing skills can be advantageous if you work in a resort with a pool or ski slopes. You could also require a work permit to be eligible for these positions as a minor, depending on the regulations of your school or region.

Strong interpersonal and communication abilities, attention to detail, and a dependable mode of transportation are necessary for a teen’s summer employment.

Range of salaries: $27,000-$41,500 annually

#15. Engineering Intern Summer

Another career path in summer services is to become an engineering intern.

You must be a recent graduate or a current engineering student to be eligible to apply for a summer internship in engineering. Your area of study should be related to the field of the internship you are applying for.

For instance, you should major in mechanical or electrical engineering to work in robotics. You need strong technical competency in addition to your academic work, including proficiency with AutoCAD, other design tools, and coding. Interns in any area need to have good time management skills in addition to effective interpersonal communication skills. Also, you must be a quick learner.

Range of salaries: $31,500 to $41,500 annually

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#16. Summer College Student

Even though Summer College Student is a less common search term, you might still get some exciting employment results. Most summer college student job wages fall between the 25th percentile’s $26,500 and the 75th percentile’s $41,000 yearly.

For summer college student job searches, many vacant positions are available nationally. Around 20,000 jobs are hiring right now on ZipRecruiter.

Range of salaries: $26,500 to $41,000 annually

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#17. Lifeguard

Another career path in summer services is to become a lifeguard.

Lifeguard jobs are an excellent and frequently accessible alternative for summer jobs because they are in high demand during the summer months when local pools are busiest.

This might be fantastic summer employment for students and instructors wishing to supplement their income, albeit you will first need to become a certified lifeguard and complete CPR training.

Total average hourly wage: $11.76

#18. Pet walker/sitter

If you enjoy caring for animals, a summer job as a pet sitter or walker could be a fantastic and enjoyable way to earn extra cash. Consider many pet-related summer jobs, including strolling, overnight stays, and daily check-ins.

Total average hourly wage: $15,19.

#19. Driver

Another career path in summer services is to become a driver.

There are various ways to find a driving job during the summer. These professions allow you to set your hours and even take breaks for days or weeks, making it simple to fit them into your summer plans.

Total average hourly wage: $20.84.

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#20. Summer Nanny

You must have the child-care experience to work as a summer nanny. Many summer nannies are college students acquiring practical experience in child care. Others work in education during the school year, often at preschools.

Register with a nanny agency, post an online or in-person ad for your services or use personal networks to obtain employment.

Many families have different educational requirements; some want caregivers with at least a bachelor’s degree and a license, while others may want someone with medical expertise for children with special needs. Certain governments or businesses may also demand background checks, drug tests, and formal schooling or certification.

Range of salaries: $26,000-$35,500 year

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Why You Should Choose A Summer Job

There are lots of reasons why you should consider getting a summer job. A summer job, for instance, can give you both a chance to earn money and gain on-the-job experience if you’re a college student on summer break. A summer job can help individuals like teachers who are unemployed over the summer earn extra money.

The following are some advantages of choosing to get a summer job:

#1. Improve Your Resume

Several full-time positions demand prior experience. A summer job might improve your CV for prospective employers if you are a high school or college student with little or work experience. For industry-specific experience, looking for summer jobs in the field you intend to pursue a career in might be extremely beneficial.

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#2. Develop New Skills

The chance to pick up new skills is something that every job offers. You can develop your abilities by obtaining and keeping a summer job, from the first interview to on-the-work experience.

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#3. Earn Extra Funds

Even part-time summer employment could allow you to supplement your income while enjoying your free time. A summer job can help you get extra money, whether you want to put aside money for an extensive trip or have some extra spending money.

#4. Meeting New Folks

A summer job is a fantastic chance to meet new people and develop relationships. Temporary jobs can help you build your network, whether working in your field or taking a part-time position for the summer.


Is A Summer Job A Good Idea?

Having a summer job helps improve various habits and abilities you can use throughout your career. An opportunity to experience success during the application, training and working processes may help a teen gain confidence.

Does A Summer Job Require A CV?

A carefully thought-out and prepared summer employment CV is essential whether you’re applying to summer camps, retail jobs, festivals, or other event work. With one, it could be easier for you to distinguish yourself from other applicants for the same position.

What Is A Summer Job’s Drawback?

You need to keep in mind that the majority of summer jobs pay the minimum wage. Since prices are rising daily, you should exercise caution with any money you earn. This necessitates spending more money on transportation costs in addition to the fun stuff.

What Do You Say When Applying For A Summer Job?

In your application, be sure to express your enthusiasm and gratitude. If possible, you might also include a succinct description of your qualifications and achievements. You should describe your professional background in your second paragraph. You may discuss your professional, academic, or organizational background.

Is Hiring Slow During The Summer?

Summer is frequently cited as the worst season for hiring by companies. Let’s look at why. Because job seekers and those who make recruiting decisions take time off for vacations and outdoor activities after work, hiring generally slows down in the summer.


Undoubtedly, a summer job is ideal for you, regardless of your skills and passions. The secret is to start looking early, be open to numerous alternatives, and be prepared to work to locate the best opportunity.

You may maximize your summer and earn useful experience that will benefit your future career if you work at the proper employment. One step at a time, unleash your potential.

In this article, we have not only enlisted the best-paying summer jobs but also provided reasons why you should consider applying for summer jobs. 

We hope this article serves you best.



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