21 High Paying Jobs for English Majors in 2023

If you majored in English, finding high-paying jobs for English majors wouldn’t take a lot of struggles.

According to Babbel, out of the world’s approximately 7.8 billion inhabitants, 1.35 billion speak English. The majority aren’t native English speakers, however. About 360 million people speak English as their first language.

Hence, with English being a popular language for many people and businesses, your desire to find a well-paying job becomes an achievable aim.

What is an English Major?

Students majoring in English have many opportunities to explore uncommon expressions, making it a very popular choice among humanities students. In fields like journalism, law, and business, an undergraduate degree in English is of great value. 

Students majoring in English will likely take classes designed to prepare them as readers and writers. These courses touch on critical theory, literary history, and creative writing at the undergraduate level. In addition to studying key figures, students become playwrights, poets, or novelists if they wish.

What Skills Do I Need To Get an English Major?

IF you want to get into some of the exclusive high-paying jobs for English majors. Some skills you would need to include:

  • independent working.
  • time management and organisation.
  • planning and researching written work.
  • articulating knowledge and understanding of texts, concepts and theories.
  • leading and taking part in discussions.
  • negotiation and team working to present ideas and information.

21 High-Paying Jobs for English Majors in 2023

In this section, you will find some of the high paying jobs for English majors that include:

1. Internal Communications Executive

National average salary: $81,635 per year

All employees within an organization are communicated with accurately and efficiently by internal communications personnel. They strive to motivate and inform employees through different communication means, such as emails, reports, bulletins, social media and newsletters.

Employees might get information about company goals, policies, human resources, and other vital information they need for their jobs. Leadership, analysis, and organization skills are essential for executives in internal communications.

2. Brand Strategist

National average salary: $70,893 per year

A brand strategist contributes to a marketing team to create and deliver a consistent and effective brand for a company’s products. It is one of the best jobs for English majors that offers comfortable pay.

Their responsibilities include overseeing a brand’s images and tone. Market researchers and marketing plan creators often need to be creative and detail-oriented, in addition to performing market research.

3. Lawyer

National average salary: $70,280 per year

Lawyers are legal experts who can use their knowledge of the legal system. They can be government prosecutors or defenders, or specialize in civil issues such as divorce, contracts, intellectual property, or many other fields. Lawyers need to attend law school, and many earn an undergraduate degree in English to prepare them for that further study.

4. Research Analyst

National average salary: $67,398 per year

A research analyst often finds, analyses, interprets and presents data for market research to identify industry trends and client needs within a specific sector.

Depending on their specializations, they can hold full-time or independent consultant positions within companies, and work in any industry. Researchers need analytical, research and communication skills besides an acute sense of detail.

5. English Professor

National average salary: $66,996 per year

Faculty members of English departments teach literature, composition, and literary theory. Besides developing curricula, creating assignments, grading them, and communicating with the students about their academic progress, they also develop their course curricula.

Often, they also write articles for academic journals and conduct research. A university professor of English typically needs a PhD in English and usually a specialization in literature.

6. Publisher

National average salary: $59,488 per year

Publishing companies order content, accept and approve submissions, arrange writer contracts, oversee editing and design, and promote sales. A publisher may work in a variety of industries, including publishing books, producing magazines, or producing online content. 

Their books are categorized by genres, such as novels, journal articles or biographies, or by subjects like science or poetry. Publishing is one of the best jobs for English majors.

7. Librarian

National average salary: $56,757 per year

A librarian is a professional in the field of information science responsible for finding and organizing information for individuals. In a public library, a school, a university faculty member, or a government agency, librarians specialize in research. A bachelor’s degree in English is good preparation for the Master of Information Science degree that librarians often need.

8. Content Manager

National average salary: $56,411 per year

The content manager oversees the production and presence of content on a website. Their task includes conducting research, sourcing, writing, editing, posting new material, and updating or removing outdated material.

They are responsible for ensuring that the site’s content is accurate, current and interesting to a target audience, whether they are working alone or leading a team of writers and editors. A content manager should be creative, analytical, and have excellent communication skills.

9. Public Relations Manager

National average salary: $54,375 per year

Communication with the public is among the most important tasks of public relations managers. Organisations, governments and individuals can hire them. Public relations managers build their client’s image by press releases, media preparation, and information sources.

The marketing or promotion plan may also include identifying target audiences. Public relations managers may oversee a small or large staff of communications employees, depending on their employer.

10. Human Resources Generalist

National average salary: $54,094 per year

In a firm’s HR department, human resources generalists assist with recruiting and hiring employees and informing employees about employment benefits. They create and publish company policies and procedures and implement training procedures.

A human resources generalist may also conduct or assist with performance reviews, facilitate communications between staff and supervisors, and perform other duties. Communication and organization skills are crucial in professionals with these skills.

11. Paralegal

National average salary: $50,175 per year

A paralegal assists a lawyer. In legal research, they may examine laws, court decisions and precedents, compile data, compile and organize information, draft legal documents, and investigate the facts involved in a legal case.

By finding and presenting information, they assist lawyers in preparing for trials. Typical paralegal skills include detail-oriented, research, investigative, organizational, and communication.

12. Social Media Manager

National average salary: $47,884 per year

A company’s social media manager will use social media platforms to promote its products or services through online marketing strategies. Through online conversations and engagement with the community, they use social media to develop relationships with customers beyond typical marketing and advertising.

Online content strategists create, publish, and promote content. Creative, empathic and interpersonal skills combined with good communication skills are important qualities in social media managers.

13. Communications Officer

National average salary: $47,562 per year

The media and the public communicate accurately with their employer with the help of communications officers. Incorporates ideas, creates and distributes content designed to spread awareness of a business, organization or individual.

Communicating with executives, managers, and journalists requires excellent interpersonal and conflict-resolution skills.

14. High School English teacher

National average salary: $47,488 per year

English teachers in high schools teach students reading, writing, researching, and studying grammar. Educators plan and design lessons, provide direct classroom instruction, create and grade assessments, and keep students and their parents informed about their education progress.

A teaching license is required by every public school in the United States, and many private schools as well, and the requirements differ by state. This is one of the best jobs for English majors.

15. Reporter

National average salary: $40,523 per year

Journalists and reporters write and report news stories. Many areas of specialization are available, including politics, sports, social issues, crime, and entertainment. Researching information and interviewing require investigative skills. They might accept assignments from employers or develop their own ideas to pursue stories. You can work as a reporter for a newspaper, magazine, radio station, V station, or online.

16. Marketing Associate

National average salary: $44,828 per year

To assist marketing managers, marketing associates perform day-to-day tasks in a company’s marketing department or an advertising agency. Their duties often include researching marketing trends, writing and proofreading copy and performing administrative tasks.

17. Writer

National average salary: $24.03 per hour

Many types of writing are available to writers. Their type of writing can range from novel, speech, or poetry to blogs, how-to articles, advice columns, and other company communications. Many companies employ freelancers and full-time staff writers. Writing effectively requires vision, creativity, exceptional attention to detail, and written communication skills.

18. Technical Writer

National average salary: $20.10 per hour

It is the job of technical writers to take highly complex and technical information and communicate it in a way that is easy to understand. To assist people in comprehending difficult subjects, they write user guides, how-to guides and other informational pieces, plus they can make diagrams.

Besides working in information technology, scientific research and engineering, they can also work in other fields as well. Writing technical content requires excellent communication skills and comprehending highly complex material.

19. Editor

National average salary: $17.46 per hour

Editors edit publication materials. Their tasks may include reviewing materials and judging their public interest, offering writers suggestions, proofreading material for errors, and even assisting with publication.

Any industry that produces written material can hire editors, such as magazines, book publishers, marketing firms, or online content agencies. Writing skills, including grammar and writing styles, are required as well as excellent attention to detail.

20. Production Assistant

National average salary: $13.48 per hour

A production assistant works in the film and television and performs several tasks. Answering phones, creating schedules, ordering food and drinks, assisting with transportation, ordering supplies, and performing other tasks are just a few of the errands they may perform.

Producing is a career path that often begins with becoming a production assistant. Producing, directing, or other roles are possible for them. The best production assistants must be dependable, detail-oriented, and are excellent at active listening.

21. Interpreter & Translator

Average salary: $44,267

Developing fluency in another language through an English degree with a foreign language minor leads to a better grasp of language structure and effective communication skills. Interpreters work with spoken language while translators work with written language.

The average salary of this career can rise depending on the field. For example, a medical interpreter currently makes almost $4,000 more than the average interpreter. Salary is also dependent upon location. Working in New York, NY pays 37.6% more than the national average, while working in Charlotte, NC pays 15.2% less.


It’s clear there are a lot of jobs for English major holders seeking an opportunity to put their skills to work.

These jobs come with huge pay and great working conditions that ensure you put forth your best foot anytime you’re in the room.

Your best opportunity would be to build the knowledge and experience that gets you into one of these jobs for English majors.



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