Macy’s Hiring Process | Job Application, Interviews, and Employment

Macy’s is one of the biggest retail store outlets in the USA. The retail company sells various types of attires for men, women, and children. 

Getting a job at Macy’s is easy. It only requires your adequate preparation.

The department stores have various openings in sales, finance, warehousing, fashion, technology, and so much more. 

No matter your specialization or field, there’s an opening for you at Macy’s. Since Macy’s is one of the largest retail outlets in the USA, they’re very careful with their recruitment process. They wouldn’t want to employ people who are below the company’s standard. 

If you’re interested in getting a job at Macy’s, we’ve made your search easier by writing this article.

Here we’ll be looking at Macy’s job application process, interview, and employment. We’ll also be discussing the requirements to get a job at Macy’s and the skills you’ll require on the job.

What Is Macy’s?

Macy’s is one of the largest departmental chain stores founded in 1858 by Rowland Hussey Macy. 

Macy’s which was formerly called R.H Macy & Co is one of the three other dry stores founded by Rowland. It also is one of the most successful stores amongst the three. 

The other two departmental stores include Bloomingdale’s, where you’ll find luxury fashion brands as well as trendy contemporary designers.

Bluemercury is the third department store that offers various types of skincare products. You can also get a spa session here.

Macy’s sells varieties of attires and accessories for both men, women, and children. They also sell cosmetics, home furnishings, and other consumer goods. 

When Macy’s started back in the 19th century, it hardly generated any revenue. Its first sales recorded its first business day was $11.59.

Today Macy’s is one of the largest department stores in the USA. The company’s revenue now is so many times higher than what it used to be in its earlier days. The departmental chain store has over 700 stores all over the USA, and 90,000 employees work for it.

Macy’s Career And Jobs

Macy offers various career opportunities for both entry-level job seekers and professionals.

Job applicants can either opt for a full-time job or a part-time job. They’ve got several positions ranging from normal sales jobs to executive jobs.

At Macy’s, you can fulfil online orders or receive deliveries, serving customers through the company’s call center.

If you’re tech-savvy, you can help manage Macy’s various apps or manage data warehouse technology. You can also occupy a legal or financial position. The career opportunities at Macy’s are inexhaustible.

Asides from normal job employment, Macy’s also has openings for internships and college students. 

Some positions open at Macy’s include, sales, loss prevention, management, etc. 

Vacancies are opened in roles like merchandise handler, sales supervisor, receiving team lead, etc.

If you want to qualify for a position at Macy’s, you must be 18 years and above. You must also have a high school diploma certificate. Macy’s hiring process is simple and efficient.

What Is Macy’s Hiring Process?

We’ll be looking at the processes or steps involved in landing a job at Macy’s. 

Here, we’ll be looking at the job application process, interview process, and possible employment and life at Macy’s. 

Macy’s employees are always expected to be courteous, have excellent communication skills, have great customer relations, and of course, some positions require analytical skills.

1. Macy’s Job Application

If you want to successfully get employed at Macy’s, the first step you’ll take is sending in your application. Without an application, you can’t be a part of Macy’s hiring process.

To apply for the job, you must ensure you meet the age requirement and educational requirements.

The application process at Macy’s involves some steps like:

  • Go to Macy’s career page on its website. Choose the job that best suits your qualifications by searching through job positions, department names, or cities.
  • When you find your desired job, select it, thoroughly go through the description, the company’s policies, as well as the terms and conditions. 
  • Click Apply to proceed
  • Create a personal account on the website
  • Open the application form page and input the necessary information
  • Thoroughly go through it to make sure your details are correct
  • Upload your certifications
  • Upload resume
  • Click Apply button to register your application
  • You can always track your application status from your account.

Macy prefers their potential employees to apply for jobs online rather than coming to the store to fill out a paper application. Applicants who have never applied for jobs before are always required to open an account with Macy’s. 

2. Macy’s Interview Process

After applying for your desired job online, you’ll have to wait for some weeks to know if you get shortlisted. The interview is a crucial part of the Macy’s hiring process.

Shortlisted candidates will then proceed to the interview stage. If the hiring team reviewed your application and found it worthy, you’ll be shortlisted for the interview stage.

You’ll be invited for an in-person or physical interview. Here, you’ll be asked to visit the nearest store in your location.

At this stage, you might meet the hiring manager. He or she will have a chat with you to know if you’re the best candidate for the position. 

You should prepare adequately for this stage because the hiring manager will ask you a lot of questions.

Here are some interview questions you’ll encounter at Macy’s:

Tell us about yourself

Here, you might tell the interviewer your interests, but you should talk more about your recent professional experience. 

What is your strength?

You’ll be talking about your strength, a situation where the strength helped you achieve a goal, and then how it applies to the job you applied for.

What is your weakness?

Do not be ashamed to talk about your weakness. Nobody is perfect, and that includes you. State your weakness and the steps you’re taking to overcome it.

What do you know about Macy’s?

This type of interview question requires you to discuss what you know about Macy’s. You’ll be expected to provide answers relating to Macy’s history, vision, mission, and culture.

To successfully answer this question, it is best you thoroughly research the company before your interview.

Why do you want to work at Macy’s?

You can start by praising the company, their products, and how glad you would be to represent them. You can also add that Macy’s is better than its competitors. 

How would you handle an angry customer?

This question is important especially if you’re applying for a customer-related position. You can start by saying you’ll find out what the customer’s issue is and how you’ll provide solutions for them.

For instance, if a customer is upset about a product, you could reference Macy’s return policy and ask the customer to return the product.

Do you believe customer service is important and why?

Here you should start by saying yes. Excellent customer service keeps a customer, grows the brand, improves customer loyalty, and also attracts more customers through referral.

Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

Of course, nobody wants to remain in the same position for a long time. You can mention career advancement as your target or going from a cashier to a financial manager.

What motivates you?

Please avoid mentioning money or benefits as your motivation. You can say learning new things, meeting your goals, solving problems, etc.

Why did you leave your last job?

If you were formerly employed, mention nothing negative about your previous job, even if you had a terrible boss.

You can mention your need for growth or explore other career options.

Why should we hire you?

You can answer this by stating that you have the skills and competency required to handle the job.

When going for an interview at Macy’s it is better to be well prepared. Macy uses the interview process to find candidates that are creative, committed, and dedicated to fulfilling the company’s goals.

Here are some helpful interview tips you need to improve your chances of success at Macy’s:

  • Research adequately about the company and the position you’re applying for.
  • Find out key skills that the position requires.
  • Dress smartly for the interview, you can even go for corporate attire not minding the position you’re applying for.
  • Take extra copies of your resume, passport photograph, and ID. The ID shows you’re eligible to work in the USA.
  • Arrive early for your interview. Lateness shows your lack of interest in the job.
  • Finally, prepare the questions you would like to ask the interviewers. 

Macy’s does not prepare aptitude tests for their potential employees, so you’ll likely just get called for one or two interviews.

The hiring manager gets to decide how they’ll want to conduct the hiring process. You should also know that the interview process could change from time to time.

3. Macy’s Job Employment

After the interview, the next thing is getting an offer for the job.

Receiving an offer letter from the hiring team depends on the position you applied for and if you qualified for it. They can employ some applicants on the spot or immediately after the interview. This depends on how well they performed.

Macy’s hiring team usually sends replies to applicants not more than a month after the interview. 

If you’re one of the successful applicants, Macy’s will perform a background check on you to verify your academic qualifications, credentials, previous job experiences, and criminal history.

If Macy’s is satisfied with the results and they don’t find any implicating evidence on you, you’ll undergo an onboarding and training program. 

The onboarding and training program will get you well prepared for the job. 

Depending on the role you applied for, you’ll be likely trained using a computer-based test or you’ll go through floor training. 

The orientation is to properly educate you about Macy’s culture, policies, rules, and how life at Macy’s is.

What Is Life At Macy’s Like?

Working at Macy’s is exciting and fun-filled. You’ll be working in one of the best and biggest department stores in the USA that sells varieties of products.

You’ll be exposed to trendy and exciting things, especially in fashion and retail.

Macy’s has an outstanding culture. You’ll also get to work with other people who are friendly, smart, and supportive.

If you’re interested in career growth, there’s also room for career advancement. You’ll also get a good salary and significant benefits.

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However, prepare your mind to meet rude customers, especially if you applied for a sales or customer-related role.


Macy’s is one of the largest retail departmental stores in the USA that sells varieties of attires, accessories, furnishings, and cosmetics.

Macy’s hiring process timeline depends on the position you’re applying for, it could last for some weeks to a month.

Getting a job at Macy’s requires you to have a high school diploma. But if you intend to apply for more advanced positions, then a college degree will give you more advantages.

The average employee salary at Macy’s ranges from an average of $44,739-$120,341 a year. This salary also depends on the position you’re holding at Macy’s.

Depending on the role you applied for, you might work long hours since there are a lot of duties to be performed daily.


Getting your dream job at Macy’s is easy. All it requires is your dedication and commitment. You also have to meet the age requirement, do your research, and adequately prepare well for whatever questions they’ll ask you. 

This article contains detailed information that will help in your job application process as well as emerging as one of the successful applicants at Macy’s. Macy’s hiring process is not so easy so you need all the help you can get.



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