Moving Companies in Miami

10 Best Moving Companies in Miami | 2023 List

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There are some of the best moving companies in Miami Florida, but how do you know which to choose? Miami is the most populated Florida area, with over 2.7 million people. 

Approximately forty thousand people move in yearly, and fewer move out of Miami. Any kind of move to Miami can be exciting but very strenuous. Finding and hiring a good moving company in Miami can take the heavy weight of moving off your shoulder.

To make your relocation or moving and choose a good moving company that suits your needs, we have given you the 10 best moving companies with all the information you need to make you choose the company that will suit your needs.

How to Prepare for Your Move

After comparing moving companies thoroughly, it is time to decide and choose. You should pick the one that works best for your finances, schedule, and over-moving needs, such as extra storage, auto transport, etc.

When you have the move scheduled, ensure you create a checklist to help you prepare.

Here are some things you need to do ahead of your move. 

Double-check the company’s rules

Do you need to pay a deposit, do you need to pay upfront, or do you need to use certain boxes? Make sure you read your company rules and guidelines thoroughly.

Recount your items

The more correct you are, the better. Refrain from surprising the mover with extra furniture or items. Trust me; it will not end well. This will increase your total cost, which means additional expenses.

Call if you wish to add additional boxes, bags, or things to your list. Also, let them know if you remove any items so they can update their pricing estimate.

Have cash on hand

Most moving companies recommend tipping your movers in cash, ensuring you have some available to avoid rushing to the ATM on the day of your moving.

Pack in advance

For instance, if you are not using packing services, ensure all your belongings are protected and labeled—place boxes in a central location to make the process easier.

Call them if you have questions or inquiries about your move or the moving company’s services. Getting answers to your questions in advance is preferable to avoid surprises, misunderstandings, or problems on the day of your move.

Fill out any necessary forms

Ensure you check if they have insurance policies or any form you submit. Ensure you go through the form after filling it out to prevent leaving out any form or filling it in incorrectly.

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Types of Moving Companies

Residential moving companies

Residential moving companies specialize in moving household items. When buying or selling a house or moving because your lease is up, a residential moving company is what you will be using. Residential movers are the most popular form of moving company you will come across.

There are three types of residential moving companies. 

Local moving companies

They are also known as intrastate movers, and these companies will help you move within a 100-mile radius. Their hourly rates may vary from $40 -$75 per hour. Hiring two laborers costs between $80 -$130 per hour.

Local movers can run their businesses without a USDOT number. Nevertheless, they are required to get a state license since they are subject to the rules and laws of the state where they are based and conduct business.

Long-distance moving companies

A move is long-distance if it is over 100 miles away. A corporation needs a USDOT number from the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration to transport goods across large distances or interstate; failing to do so is against the law.

The cost of your relocation is determined based on the combined weight of your possessions and the distance to your new address.

Your possessions will be transported over state lines; therefore, the mover must be skilled and possess all required operating licenses and permissions.

Experienced businesses ensure the highest level of safety and security for your luggage and confirm if it arrives home in great shape.

International moving companies

Moving abroad is far more complicated and complex. Not only are your possessions transported to a new nation, but there are also duties and new regulations that must be followed. It will be advised in that case to use an international moving company.

This is because of the extensive and challenging documentation involved in delivering household items by air or sea.

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Commercial moving company

This is more complicated and expensive than home moving. More planning is required to move to an office, and laborers must be adequately trained to perform the tasks. 

This is mainly because delicate and expensive goods must sometimes be transported, as well as sophisticated equipment and trucks. The moving firm must be reliable when transferring businesses to handle important papers like employee data records.

Moving might affect how the workplace operates. Therefore chores should be completed quickly, ideally inside the allotted working hours.

Packing electronic equipment, such as computers and printers, needs special packing techniques, so it is best to leave the job to the professional. 

The complexity of the various tasks makes office moving expensive and the average cost of relocation for an office is between $1.20-$2.40 per square foot of the facility for moving and about $0.90 per square foot for packing office equipment.

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Best Moving Companies in Miami, FL

Here are our top picks on the best moving companies in Miami, Florida:

  1. Allied van lines
  2.  Colonial van lines
  3.  United Van Lines
  4.  International Van Lines
  5.  Greek Moving Company
  6.  Atlantic Move USA
  7.  Aba Miami Movers
  8.  American Fargo
  9.  Blue Horizon
  10.  Atlas Van Lines

#1. Allied Van Lines

Although it is headquartered in Illinois Chicago, they have offices in 48 states, including Florida. They offer a complete range of moving services to all 50 states, including household moving, long-distance moving, cross-country moving, interstate moving, international moving, storage services and cooperation relocation, military moves, and more.

The company gives a generous cancellation policy allowing you to cancel your moves free until the drivers arrive. 

The company has a team of professionals that will help plan and organize your move before they pack your items to ensure things go smoothly.

Their staff handles everything from dissembling furniture and packing it to the actual work of the moving process. 

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#2. Colonial Van Lines

Colonial van lines moving company is known across the country as the nation’s top professional long-distance moving company. Its headquarter is in Pompano Beach, Florida. It is one of the best moving companies in Florida.

The company specializes in long-distance moving and interstate moving. They are a licensed and insured long-distance mover.

Also, they offer packing and corporate relocation services, are highly professional and helpful, and have excellent customer service, efficient and reliable, and cost-effective services. They do not do local moving and require a deposit to secure a moving date.

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#3. United Van Lines

This company has provided moving services to customers across the country since 1928. Their services include local, long-distance interstate, and international moving. They also offer storage services.

They are headquartered in Fenton, Missouri, and were founded in 1928. Also, they have a network of 500 agents. This company is upfront and clear about what they expect you to pay.

They do not require a deposit to book a moving date, and they make free cancellations until they provide any services. The con of this company is that its pricing is relatively high.

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#4. International Van Lines

International van lines started as a global moving company in 2000 and began domestic moving in 2004. They are headquartered in coral springs Florida. Their offices are located in six states and have agents across the globe.

Their services cover 50 states. Also, their services include local, long-distance, interstate, and international moving. They permit free cancellation up to 48 hours before the relocation day with this company.

They also offer 30 days of free storage with moving, packing, and insurance, with no hidden charge. The con of this company include above average pricing and requires a deposit. It is one of the best moving companies in Florida.

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#5. Greek Moving Company

Greek moving is one of the highly rated professional movers in Miami. They are located in Miami, Fort Lauderdale, Tampa, Florida, and St. Petersburg. They specialize in local and long-distance moving, storage, packing and unpacking, and vehicle shipping.

Also, they make sure you have a safe and easy move across town or the country. Their storage services are available for all your residential and commercial needs. 

Their include packing and unwrapping, state-of-the-art storage, apartment and condo moves, and many more. It is one of the best moving companies in Florida.

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#6. Atlantic Move USA

Atlantic move USA, located in North Miami, provides moving services to residential and commercial clients in Miami.

The company performs long-distance and local moving and handling of various items such as furniture, fragile items, and appliances. They also offer corporate relocation, warehousing, and storage services. It is one of the best moving companies in FL.

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#7. Aba Miami Movers

Upon its inception in 2002, ABA Miami movers company assists clients with residential and commercial moves within Florida and across the country.

They offer long-distance moving, piano moving, military moves, in transit and permanent storage services, and full or partial packing services. It is one of the best moving companies in Florida.

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#8. American Fargo

American Fargo is a full-service moving company in Miami founded in 1949. They can efficiently move households and businesses of all sizes and types to any global location.

Their comprehensive residential moving services include custom crating, packing, transporting, and unpacking. It is one of the best moving companies in FL.

They also offer logistics and supply chain management, overseas relocation service, and secure storage facilities that are climate controlled and well-air-conditioned.

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#9. Blue Horizon

Blue Horizon is located in Miami beach and fully licensed by the federal maritime commission. They provide customers with international moving and shipping services all over the world.

Depending on the client’s needs, the company can use compressed and direct air, truck, sea, and air services for commercial and residential moves. It is one of the best moving companies in FL.

Their services include long-distance, storage, packing, and international for moving customers from Florida, New York, New Jersey, and California, coupon, air freight, vehicle, and container shipping, and freight forwarding. 

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#10. Atlas Van Lines

Atlas van lines were established in 1948 and has about 430 agencies worldwide. The company is headquartered in Indiana and serves over 50 states. Their user-friendly website provides tools like online shipment tracking, planning tools, and upfront pricing.

Their services include local and long distance, international service, military, cooperate, moving supplies, storage, vehicle, shipment tracking, and full service moving. It is one of the best moving companies in FL.

The con of this company is that it does not offer residential portable container moving options, and cancellations must be requested within three days after signing the work order to receive a full refund.

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How much do movers in Miami cost?

A local move typically costs between $300 and $1,200, depending on the moving date, the volume of items being moved, the distance to be traveled, and the number of movers required. A long-distance move might cost up to $2,000.

How much do you tip movers in Miami?

10% to 20% of the total cost of moving.

Should you tip movers in cash?

Regarding tipping, it’s imperative to have cash available, regardless of how you decide to divide the money. It is only possible to divide a tip on a credit card if your moving company puts it on the statement they provide you.

What is the best moving company in Miami?

Allied van lines
 Colonial van lines
 United Van Lines
 International Van Lines
 Greek Moving Company
 Atlantic Move USA
 Aba Miami Movers
 American Fargo
 Blue Horizon
 Atlas Van Lines


When hiring a moving company in Miami, check for the red flags, and if you run into any company with the following red flags, please do not hire that company. These red flags include lack of transparency, no local license, the cost or majority of the cost being upfront, and no moving insurance options.

Hiring can be more straightforward or more complex, depending on the moving company you hire. Nobody wants their assets damaged, missing, or stolen. This is why you need to select a good hiring company carefully.

The companies that made this list were picked based on their transparency, efficiency, license, good history and reputation, professionalism, and excellent customer service.


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