10 Best Moving Companies In Austin | 2023 Top Picks

Moving comes with many challenges, but you don’t have to make them more complicated and hectic by not hiring a good and international standard moving company.

Austin is the largest capital city of the US state of Texas, the 11th most populated city in the US, and the fourth most populous city in Texas. Moving to Austin can be one of the most strenuous and stressful experiences you can have if you are a resident.

Fortunately, we have taken it upon ourselves to research and select the ten best moving companies in Austin, Texas. If you plan to relocate or move to Austin, you need to read this article.

What is the Cheapest Day to Hire a Moving Company in Austin?

It is less expensive to move on a weekday, specifically a Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, or Thursday. Because they are less busy then, most moving firms offer lower rates on weekdays. But you might want to pause and weigh your options before concluding whether cheaper is better.

You’re more likely to get better moving business rates throughout the week. The money you save by working out during the week may even cover the costs of missing a workday.

Many people use the money they save by delegating some of their packings to the moving firm. Moving is much less unpleasant when you don’t have to deal with the trouble of boxes, bubble wrap, and organizing. By hiring a professional packing service, you can be sure that your possessions are packed securely and labelled correctly, freeing you up to focus on the bigger picture.

Meanwhile, if you’re moving during the school year, a weekday move will allow you, if you’re staying in town, the flexibility to get things moved while kids are at school. Also, it can assist you in avoiding curious neighbours and those who might try to divert your attention from the activity at hand.

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10 Best Moving Companies In Austin in 2023

Here’s a list of the ten best moving companies in Austin:

  • Texas Movers
  • ABC Longhorn Moving
  • Advantage Moving
  • Copper Palm Moving and Storage
  • Blue Whale Moving and Storage
  • Capital Movers
  • Greater Austin Moving
  • Apache Moving and Storage
  • Einstein Moving Company
  • Heavenly Moving and Storage

1. Texas Movers

They are a long and local distance moving company that offers its residential and commercial customers in Austin and throughout Texas.

Texas Movers offers office moving, professional moving, interstate moving, business moving service, apartment moving, and packing services.

They also have storage options for clients who lack space to store their items and equipment before their moving date.


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2. ABC Longhorn Moving

ABC Longhorn moving is a HUB-certified woman-owned business. They have been a locally operated business since 1984. They provide a full range of residential services, which include professional packing, packing supplies, installation of IT, and more.

This company specializes in the transportation of pianos, electronics, large and delicate antiques, and commercial services, which include office relocation, transportation of large commercial equipment, and senior transition moving services.

They also manage all project management and coordination of the move with third-party services by industry partners with no additional cost to you as a customer.

ABC Longhorn Moving is fully insured and licensed by the Texas department of motor vehicles.


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3. Advantage Moving

This is an Austin company that has been serving customers since 2001. they deal with commercial and residential moving.

They offer local, interstate and intrastate services. Their services include business and residential moves, packaging supplies, professional packing services, and short-term storage.

Advantage Moving also offers free on-site inspection and quotes. They specialize in the storage of pianos, organs, and large antiques.

This is one of the cheap moving companies in Austin.


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4. Copper Palm Moving and Storage

This well-known moving company based in Austin, Texas, has been operating since 1988. They have served Austin and Central Texas areas for 20 years.

They offer a wide range of services like concierge, cooperate, home set up, delivery services, nationwide and residential moves, and hospitality. Their team is dedicated to providing exceptional service during stress-filled times.

They offer packing and storage to local Austin residents. Copper Palm Group serves Cedar park, Bastrop, Buda, and surrounding cities. Copper Palm is fully licensed and insured, so you can rest assured that your belongings are well-protected and secured.


5. Blue Whale Moving and Storage

Founded in 1988, this family-owned moving company has been operating in Austin for 30 years. They specialize in residential and commercial moves with taxis.

They offer end-to-end residential interstate service with 48 states, long-term and short-term climate-controlled storage, packing supplies, and professional residential and commercial packing services.

Blue Whale also has business moving and residential move quotes. This is one of the best movers in Austin.


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6. Capital Movers

Capital Movers provides excellent customer service to its clients through their professional, reliable, and affordable service unmatched in the moving industry.

Their services include interstate moving, residential and commercial services like professional packing, reassembly furniture rearrangement, and business move logistics.

They use floor runners for hardwood floors and new home carpets and jam clips to protect their customer’s furniture going in or out. Capital movers are professional, affordable, and reliable.


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7. Greater Austin Moving

Serving customers since 2001, this company provides services such as planning and organizing, packing, and unpacking. They offer commercial, piano moving, and full-service storage.

As a reputable moving company, they’re here to alter the way you perceive moving with the help of their team of enthusiastic, highly competent, and professionally trained movers.

They go above and beyond your expectations, from packing and moving services to make-ready cleaning and painting to moving daycare services.


8. Apache Moving and Storage

Apache Moving and Storage have a team of fully trained, full-time professional movers, which means fewer scratches on your item or in your home, quicker and more efficient moves, experience handling your fragile and valuable items, and professional equipment to carry your items safely.

This cheap moving company in Austin is located in Round Rock, Leander, and Austin. For storage, they offer climate-controlled space, flexible pricing, and free 7-day mid-move storage for your transition moves.


9. Einstein Moving Company

This is one of the biggest and leading companies in Austin, Texas. With ten years in service in the moving industry, they have made moving for their customers stress-free and moving them in and out of the area.

They have a powerful combination of good customer service, quality, hardworking, and efficient professionals in their team who are ready to take your relocation project of any size. 

One thing that makes this moving company exceptional is that it keeps to time once your move is confirmed.

Their services include apartment and residential movers, office movers, packing services, interstate, and intrastate moves, and portable and storage moves.


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10. Heavenly Moving and Storage

This company has helped more than 25,000 customers to handle local, long-distance, and at-home packing for fifteen years. Investors in tech companies, real estate, and pro sports back them.

The CEO of Heavenly moving and storage has won several awards for outstanding customer service and won the BEST CEO award finalist in 2021.

They have a team of professionals fully equipped with the most modern equipment, tools, and packing materials to give you the best and quick service. Heavenly Moving and Storage offers free estimations on their services.

Their services include local, long-distance, residential, apartment, commercial, furniture, piano, special services, climate-controlled storage, and student and hourly moving.


How Much Should I Set Aside For An Austin Local Move?

When you hire a full-service moving company, local moves typically cost between $550 and $2,000. You should budget between $500 and $1,500 for your move if you work with a moving container company like PODS or 1-800-PACK-RAT.

Renting a moving truck for a local move usually costs $132–$336 plus a mileage fee ranging between $0.47 and $1.29 per mile.

To estimate your Houston moving costs, you can estimate how long your move will take based on the number of movers.

The hourly mover rate in Houston usually depends on the company, services, season, and the number of movers. However, the national average is $25 to $50 per hour.

You can reach out to moving companies in Houston, Texas, for a quoted hourly rate. This rate should include a specific number of movers, and there may be a minimum number of hours. Additional movers will have a higher rate.

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Can I Save Money On Houston Moving Services?

If you feel the fee the moving company is asking you to pay is high, here are a few things you can do to cut down the price of moving services in Houston:

  • Anything you don’t want to pay to relocate, donate or sell.
  • You can manage the packing and preparation by yourself. Packing, unplugging appliances, removing furniture legs, and wrapping cords and controllers for appliances are less of this.
  • Keep boxes and other objects close to the front entrance or garage if possible. Fewer trips up and down stairs result from this!
  • Flexibility with the day and timing of your move can help you get the best deals. You’ll save money by moving during the week instead of the weekend.
  • Prepare for the arrival of the movers. Everything should be packed up except for the items the movers will pack. Try not to leave tasks till the last minute.

FAQs On Best Moving Companies In Austin

How much does it cost to hire movers in Austin?

In 2021 the average price of a local move was $487. In 2022 the average move cost rose to $687 in Austin.

How much does a single-bedroom apartment cost in Austin?

In Austin, the average monthly rent for a one-bedroom apartment in 2021 was $1,320.67. Rents are increasing in Austin, as in many other US cities, by about 7% over the city’s average rate from 2020.

Should I choose a mover over a broker?

Brokers are not as skilled as moving corporations in this area. They lack vehicles or other moving supplies. Additionally, they are unable to provide discounts. As a result, their services will cost you more than if you had engaged a legitimate moving company.

What should I do with my plants when moving?

While some local moving businesses might agree to carry plants, most movers won’t do it because of regulatory issues, especially interstate movers. You should transfer them personally and choose a safe location, such as your car.

How much does it cost to move to Austin?

For local movers in Austin, plan to spend about $443 if you have a one-bedroom. At $126 per hour, you’ll need two movers for four hours. 2 Bedroom: The typical moving fee in Austin for a two-bedroom is $719. At $176 per hour, you’ll need three movers for five hours.


It could take some time to pack everything if your home is larger. For a stress-free relocation, you must know how to pack and mark your belongings appropriately. Pre-packing is essential for a stress-free relocation.

Additionally, there are things you can do to ease the transition while the movers are transporting the boxes.


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