How to Apply for Unemployment in Arizona 2023 | Full Guide

Employees who meet Arizona‘s qualifying conditions and are unemployed without fault receive temporary financial help through unemployment insurance benefits. Here’s all the information you need on how to apply for Arizona unemployment.

This article explores how unemployment benefit in Arizona works, what you need to apply, how to apply, how to know if you are eligible to apply, how to maintain your eligibility when your application is granted, and everything else you need to know.

Just lost your job? Follow this complete guide to best apply for unemployment in Arizona and receive your unemployment benefits.

What You Need to Know About Arizona

Arizona is a state in the southwest region of the country. Of the 50 states, it is the 14th most populated and 6th biggest in size. Phoenix is the nation’s capital and largest city.

The states of Nevada surround Arizona to the northwest, California to the west, and then the Mexican states of Sonora and Baja CA to the south and southwest.

It also shares the Four Corners region with Utah to the north, Colorado to the northeast, and New Mexico to the east.

Arizona is a state where many people may prosper because of its stunning scenery, abundant sunshine, and work options. It also offers less well-known advantages, including a highly diversified population and a low cost of living. 

The Grand Canyon, Arizona’s most recognizable feature, is honored with the state’s most well-known and current official moniker, “The Grand Canyon State.” Arizona is also referred to as the “Copper State,” which indicates the state’s wealth in this mineral.

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Is Arizona Still Doing Unemployment?

Yes, the application for unemployment benefits is still ongoing in Arizona.

Specific government unemployment assistance programs, such as Pandemic Emergency Unemployment Compensation (PEUC) and Federal Pandemic Unemployment Compensation (FPU), are extended by ARPA (FPUC). Arizonans without jobs will continue to benefit from these measures.

Who is Eligible to Apply for Unemployment in Arizona?

You must be a resident of Arizona and fulfill the following requirements to qualify for this benefit program:

  • You must unemployed
  •  Must have worked in Arizona over the previous 12 months, although this time frame may be longer in some situations.
  •  Must have earned the bare minimum salary required by Arizona law, and
  •  You are receiving benefits while actively looking for a job every week.

What Qualifies You for Unemployment Benefits in Arizona?

The majority of the rest of the country and Arizona have similar conditions for qualifying for unemployment benefits, including:

  • You must be unemployed or have had your hours significantly cut without your fault.
  •  You should be able and willing to work and have worked with a company that paid unemployment insurance.
  •  Your prior earnings must adhere to specified requirements.
  •  It would help if you were looking for jobs aggressively at regular hours.

What Disqualifies You From Unemployment in Arizona?

An applicant ineligible for unemployment insurance benefits due to voluntarily quitting their job without a valid reason or due to dismissal for misconduct must wait until they have accrued wages totaling five times their weekly benefit amount.

How Long Do You Have to Work in AZ to Qualify for Unemployment?

To be eligible for benefits in Arizona, you should have worked for an employer that withheld unemployment taxes from your pay and have earned at least 390 times the state minimum wage in your highest quarter of earnings, with the sum of your other three quarters’ earnings equaling at least half of that amount.

Can I Collect Unemployment If I Quit?

Unemployment insurance payments are not payable to an applicant who was terminated for misbehavior or for quitting their job without reason until they accrued income five times their weekly benefit amount.

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What Do You Need to Apply for Unemployment in Arizona?

You must have the following data on hand before submitting a claim:

  • The social security number you have
  •  A license or ID issued by the state of Arizona. You can submit your application without these two things in some circumstances.
  •  Including your ZIP code, city, state, and postal address
  • If you reside in Arizona, be aware of your county.
  •  Names, contact information, and the last 18 months’ worth of employment at each of your employers
  •  The day you quit your job right before you submitted your UI claim.
  •  The amount and the date it was paid to you if you got severance, lieu of notice, dismissal pay, reimbursement for unused vacation, sick, or holiday time, or payment for military accumulated leave.
  •  the name and, if relevant, the local number of your union hall
  •  If you are a foreign national, your Alien Registration Number
  •  If you were newly discharged from the military, please submit duplicate # 4 of your DD Form 214.
  •  If you’ve recently worked in the civil service, submit form SF 8 or SF 50.
  •  The commencement dates of the pension and the monthly benefit amount are required if you are receiving assistance.

What are the Eligibility Criteria to Apply for Unemployment in Arizona?

Only some applicants for unemployment insurance are eligible to receive benefits. A DES agent will take the following factors into account while evaluating your benefits application:

You must have had employment in Arizona.

It makes sense that you must have worked in Arizona to be eligible for benefits, as the state of Arizona’s unemployment insurance program is designed for Arizona workers.

You have two options if you have previously worked in more than one state in the previous year: you can apply for benefits through the DES for your entire income, or you can choose to apply through the DES-based solely on your wages earned in Arizona and then submit an application in the other states depending on individual incomes.

Your job in Arizona must be with a company that provides unemployment insurance in either case.

The conditions of job loss – You must not be at fault

You could be at fault for your unemployment if you want to qualify for unemployment insurance benefits in Arizona. Layoffs resulting from a business location shutting, a decrease in force, or a lack of employment are a few often qualified circumstances.

The DES would evaluate who started the separation and if the cause for the severance qualifies for benefits if a particular reason caused your departure from the firm. In general, quitting your work makes you ineligible for unemployment insurance payments.

You have to meet the payment requirement.

Your prior earnings will significantly impact your eligibility for benefits and the amount of those payments.

Although the precise income criteria differ from state to state, most states have similar pay requirements. In Arizona, you must meet one of two income requirements:

Your peak quarter’s earnings were at a minimum 390 times the state’s minimum wage, and the sum of your earnings for the next three quarters is at a minimum of 50% of your best quarter’s earnings.

Alternatively, your total pay throughout at least two-quarters of the benefit period must have been at least $7,000. At least one of those quarters’ salaries must have been at least $5,987.50.

Other prerequisites

In addition to these three essential criteria, the DES will take the following into account when determining your eligibility for benefits:

  • disease or injury
  •  going to school
  •  not looking for employment
  •  frequent departures from the work area
  •  declining to accept a job
  •  unwillingness to accept a job
  •  missing a re-employment services orientation appointment
  •  refusing to deliver papers connected to an unemployment insurance claim within the time limitations set out by the agency
  •  not responding to a DES agent’s recommendation for a suitable job
  •  refusing an actual job offer without a valid reason
  •  retirement earnings (excluding Social Security)
  •  salary packages
  •  pay for holidays and vacation that falls during a time when you’ve been receiving jobless benefits

How to Qualify to Apply for Unemployment in Arizona

While each case-by-case decision is made, applicants who fulfill the following eligibility standards in Arizona are often accepted for unemployment insurance benefits:

  • The applicant must be currently jobless and not fault their own.
  •  The applicant must have been employed in Arizona for the last 12 months.
  •  According to Arizona regulations, the claimant should have made a minimum amount each week.
  •  The claimant must look for a job every week they are receiving assistance.
  •  The applicant must be prepared to accept acceptable employment, including arranging child care and transportation.

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How to Maintain Eligibility to Apply for Unemployment in Arizona

An applicant approved for unemployment benefits must abide by specific rules to ensure they continue to be paid without interruption.

The rules that applicants must adhere to keep their unemployment insurance are as follows:

  • An applicant must be mentally and physically capable of performing the duties of a job for which they have the requisite experience, education, or training.
  •  The applicants must have made a concerted and consistent effort to find employment four days a week.
  •  On the four days you claimed benefits, you should also have made at least one contact with a potential employer.
  •  The claimant must be employable and willing to take full-time employment when presented with the opportunity.
  •  If applicants find a job offer and meet the requirements, they must take it.
  •  Claimers must show up for work when the employer requests them to do so.
  •  Each week applicants seek assistance, they should make an intense, serious, and ongoing attempt to look for a job.
  •  If claimants supply any fraudulent information, their benefits may be denied, or they may lose them. Claimants will immediately be enrolled in Arizona’s one-stop service.
  •  Claimants must call and follow up with the necessary actions, such as sending resumes and making personal visits.
  •  Claimants must look for jobs they are qualified for if their work is seasonal and they are currently unemployed.

When applying for benefits, applicants must keep track of all contacts made over the previous week. The Arizona Department of Economic Security will evaluate the work based on the techniques and connections employed. All of this data must be readily available to claimants.

How to Apply for Unemployment in Arizona?

You must submit an online UI benefits application in Arizona. You are encouraged to go to a One-Stop Center or DES Employment Service office information center to use a computer for free if you don’t have one. If you want assistance, customer service specialists at these places may assist you with your earlier claim.

You will create an account when you file your initial unemployment compensation claim, which you may use to track the progress of your application and submit your certifications for weekly benefits.

When Should I Apply for Unemployment Benefits in Arizona?

You should apply for unemployment insurance (UI) benefits as soon as possible following your final day of employment since they are not retroactive.

If you are still employed, you must wait until the day after your final day of employment to submit your claim for unemployment benefits.

How to Maintain Unemployment Benefits in Arizona

Applicants must submit weekly claims proving they still satisfy the criteria for receiving unemployment insurance to keep their benefits.

Each week an applicant is jobless or underemployed, they must submit a claim online at using our online claims system. The week of benefits begins on Sunday and concludes on Saturday.

A weekly benefit certification is required each week you receive unemployment benefits.

You will respond to a series of inquiries about your job search activity for the previous week, any earnings, and any job offers you may have received to demonstrate your eligibility.

How Much Money Do You Get From Unemployment in Arizona?

Arizona unemployment compensation can range from $119 to $240 per week. By multiplying your earnings from the top quarter of your benchmark by 4%, you may determine your weekly benefit amount.

Therefore, if your greatest quarter’s earnings were $5,000, your benefit would be $200 weekly.

How Long Can I Collect Unemployment Benefits in Arizona?

In Arizona, you can typically request up to about 26 weeks of benefits or one-third of your base period’s total earnings, whichever is less.

Arizona law, however, allows some people to get an estimated 13 weeks of benefits during high unemployment. Given the unusual conditions brought on by COVID-19, this could be a choice for you.

When your usual benefit amount has been used up, get in touch with the Arizona Department of Economic Security to inquire about extended benefits.

Remember that you must cease receiving unemployment benefits if you find a new job.

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What If My Unemployment Benefits in Arizona are Denied?

Following your application, you will get a Determination of Deputy form in the mail informing you of your status and the amount you may anticipate.

If you’re turned down, you have 15 days from the form’s mailing date to appeal the decision in writing, online, by phone or both.

Although times are difficult, you are not alone if you have lost your work. If you think you’re eligible, apply for unemployment; ideally, it will assist you and your family get through the upcoming months.


How much money do you get for unemployment in Arizona?

The greatest earnings paid during one-quarter of the employee’s base period are used to calculate the weekly benefit amount. The minimum and maximum weekly payments are each $200.

What reasons can you quit a job and still get unemployment AZ?

Having a good cause indicates that you had a strong motive for leaving and had no other option. For instance, you can be eligible for compensation if you quit your employment due to risky working practices or hostility your employer refuses to end.

How long does it take for unemployment to be approved?

Most qualified employees receive payment for their unemployment benefits after at least three weeks of processing their claim. You’ll get a debit card in the mail after your first benefit payments become available. You can access, spend, and transfer your benefit payments after the card has been activated.


Unemployment can provide some guaranteed income in these uncertain times. While this is a complete guide on applying for unemployment in Arizona, there are articles on applying for unemployment in other states.

All you have to do is to check out the website to find the guide to apply for your state. All the best!


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