15 Online Jobs in Higher Education that Pay Well in 2023

Data from the American Time Use Survey over the last 20 years show an increase in work-from-home arrangements, and online jobs in higher education are not left out.

In higher education, there are careers in law, management, programming, engineering, and finance, where employees can remotely complete all or some of their responsibilities.

Working online in higher education comes with a lot of benefits. You get to enjoy job security and good pay, and because the job is online, you can have time for yourself and your family.

This article will review online higher education jobs and everything you need to know. Keep reading!

Why should you Consider Online Jobs in Higher Education?

You want a job that is healthy and pays well.

Many people wish for a job that contributes to the greater good. Unfortunately, charitable occupations are only sometimes the most lucrative. One exception is the median salary for higher education administration.

According to the US Department of Labor, the median salary for postsecondary education administrators will be $96,910 in 2021. It is expected that from 2020 to 2030, the field will grow at an 8 percent annual rate, with 13,400 job openings, indicating a healthy market for emerging online jobs in higher education.

Furthermore, some of the top higher education administration jobs pay six figures. You can find an administrative career that is both personally fulfilling and financially supportive if you have the right educational background and an eye for creating effective policies.

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You would get to assist students with their needs.

The University is more than just a place of learning. Many students see it as an opportunity to discover new aspects of themselves and prepare for the challenges of entering the workforce.

This is impossible to accomplish on one’s own; students require assistance, safety, and security to become the best versions of themselves and take the first steps toward making their mark on the world.

Between 2009 and 2019, the rate of major depression among students more than doubled, rising from 8 to 18 percent. Students requesting mental health accommodations and on-campus therapy are increasing dramatically at colleges and universities nationwide. Unfortunately, colleges are struggling to acquire sufficient resources to meet demand.

Working in higher education administration allows you to address such issues by allocating more funds for student support services, researching mental health effects on graduate outcomes, hiring qualified counselors or establishing connections with mental health services, and providing other forms of support.

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What are the most Common Career Areas in Higher Education?

How can you contribute as a college administrator? Online career options are numerous, but here are a few examples:

  • Career Development Services: Many students can benefit from your job-search experience and professional connections.
  • Program administration: Your professional experience makes you more aware of what employers are looking for. With this knowledge, you can revise program curriculums, structure, and internships/field work as needed.
  • Institutional studies: Improve the institution’s health by analyzing enrollment, financial, and staffing data, evaluating programs, tracking community reach and involvement, and so on.
  • DEI positions: Colleges are increasingly supportive of increased diversity, equity, and inclusion practices on their campuses, but they require assistance in making the right decisions.

What is the state of Online Jobs in Higher Education?

Online jobs in higher education are a rapidly expanding industry that employs over 400,000 people. The academic and non-academic workforces are both at record highs, according to the Higher Education Statistics Agency (HESA).

Part-time employment in higher education is 32%, compared to the UK average of 26%, and opportunities for flexible working are expanding as the sector transitions to a more agile working culture.

Within the HE sector, there is also a growing emphasis on equality and diversity. 54% of employees are women, 13% are BAME (Black, Asian, and minority ethnic), and 5% have a known disability.

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What kind of Pay and Benefits does Online Higher Education have?

While higher education salaries are lower than those in the private sector, they are certainly higher than those in the third sector and among the highest in the public sector.

The academic staff gets paid on standard pay scales, so the sector is relatively transparent about pay. The University and College Union (UCU) has a free online tool that you can use to learn more about salaries for various roles in various institutions.

The industry is also excellent for career advancement, with numerous learning, training, and education opportunities. Furthermore, working at a university usually gives you discounted access to its facilities, such as sports centers, canteens, on-campus shops, libraries, and theaters.

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Is Working Online in Higher Education Worth it?

Working in higher education is extremely rewarding, and job satisfaction has historically been high. Employees understand that they are contributing to the education and well-being of students and the future workforce and enabling research that will benefit society.

Feeling like your role positively impacts society is advantageous, and it makes the sector very appealing to job seekers.

Universities are vibrant places full of new ideas and intelligent debate. It is also an ever-changing environment, influenced by government policies, global relations, funding changes, and new ideas and technologies. All of this contributes to higher education being an exciting place to work.

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15 Online Jobs in Higher Education that Pay Well in 2023

#1. Assistant Financial Aid Director

The assistant financial director oversees a small caseload of students, the administration and reconciliation of graduate merit scholarships, and the administration of financial assistance for study abroad and domestic exchange.

They also serve as a backup for counseling and administrative assistance for the higher institution. It is one of the online jobs in higher education.

#2. Marketing Manager

Marketing managers collaborate with acquisitions and marketing colleagues to plan annual conference and trade show schedules (15-20 per year) and appropriate book lists. They plan and manage all aspects of exhibit arrangements designed and managed, including booth reservations. You can do this job from the comfort of your home, making it one of the online jobs in higher education.

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#3. Computer and Information Sciences

If you work in this department, you will assess the student’s developmental stage (academic, career, and personal). You would also promote student growth by identifying appropriate developmental tasks. They also assist students in developing realistic and attainable educational and career goals.

#4. Grant Administration Manager

They are responsible for the supervision of proposal preparation daily. Grant administration managers manage workload allocation and prioritization for assigned staff. They serve as the primary point of contact for Research Office leadership. It is one of the online jobs in higher education.

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#5. Assistant director of taxation

Directors of taxation identify and assess tax compliance risk areas in the organization. They create and revise policies and procedures to improve University compliance and risk exposure. These directors are also responsible for creating a compliance program that includes educational programs and ongoing monitoring.

#6. Senior Director of College and Enrollment Marketing

The senior director defines and supervises the implementation of marketing plans to promote the school’s colleges, fields of study, and academic degree programs by the University’s overarching marketing strategic objectives and enrollment goals. You can do this job at home, making it one of the online jobs in higher education.

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#7. Kinesiology and Applied Physiology Academic Program Coordinator

They support, track, and coordinate student recruitment, admissions, onboarding, and application processes. The kinesiology and Applied Physiology Academic Program Coordinator also works on developing applicant data using the University and other graduate application systems.

#8. Senior Financial Specialist

Senior financial specialists maintain and help to develop dashboards in Business Analytics software that provide customers with timely and accurate information and insight into their accounts and financial situation.

They develop and monitor key performance indicators and are one of the online jobs in higher education.

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#9. Administrative Coordinator

The administrative coordinator handles sensitive, confidential information about students, staff, faculty, and campus affairs. They are also in charge of discretely taking notes of minutes, letters, and other documents. Administrative coordinators collect and track data in a database.

#10. Virtual Accounting Clerk

Virtual accounting clerks perform routine clerical accounting duties within a fast-paced finance department while adhering to established standards. They also enforce University policies and perform gatekeeping functions.

All you require for this online job is a bachelor’s degree or at least 3-5 years of the student experience.

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#11. Director of Instructional Strategy

They use data analytics better to understand instructional techniques’ impact on university courses. These directors do this with a particular emphasis on determining best practices by course level and subject area. It is one of the online jobs in higher education.

#12. Virtual Library and Learning Services Assistant

For this online job in higher education, you must have three years of professional experience and leadership. They serve as an academic leader for the faculty, staff, students, graduates, and community members. They also ensure that students use resources effectively to achieve academic and professional objectives.

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#13. Academic Portfolio and Program Deployment Assistant

They implement the program management process for new programs and courses by project management standards and best practices. You may require an MBA, MA in Curriculum and Instruction, and MA in Education. Depending on which higher education, you might also need 2 to 3 years of project management and system development experience.

#14. Relationship Manager

You would be responsible for building winning relationships with college counseling teams and critical administrators at this online job. You would also drive new business and customer success to ensure high satisfaction and retention. Relationship managers are one of the online jobs in higher education.

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#15. Medical School Admissions Consultant

They directly advise students on all aspects of the admissions process, including school selection, primaries, personal statement editing and review, secondary interviews, and finally, financial aid review and acceptance. It is one of the online jobs in higher education.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why should you consider higher education?

The advantages of obtaining a college degree are numerous, and a college education is an excellent investment in your future. You will gain more money, a more extensive knowledge base, job security and satisfaction, and the ability to persevere in difficult times. And all of these factors will provide you with a secure future.

Is it worthwhile to pursue a career in higher education?

Adults with bachelor’s degrees are not only more likely to find work, but they are also more likely to make a living. According to the College Board report, the median annual earnings of a college-educated individual were approximately 67 percent higher than those of a high school graduate.

What occupations will be in high demand in 2023?

Nurse practitioners will be the most in-demand jobs in 2023, according to Business Insider. It is primarily because quality healthcare will be one of the most highly valued professions. The first step is becoming a certified nurse and then expanding your knowledge.

Which online job pays the most?

Web developer
Consultant in digital marketing
Social media manager.

Which jobs in higher education pay the most?

The school’s principal.
Administrator in Chief.
Dean of Studies
Librarian and university professor

Which job will be the highest paying in the future?

Doctors and Surgeons
Data Scientists.
Machine Learning Experts.
Blockchain Developers.
Full Stack Software Developers.
Product Management.
Management Consultants.
Investment Bankers.


Regarding higher education, working online can be one of the best decisions you can make. You would have the opportunity to develop your skills further, increase your knowledge and meet new people.

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