30 Best Tips on How to Be a Good Employee in 2023

Employees that perform better and gain promotions within the company are those that seek to grow personally and professionally.

Large companies have approximately one manager for every 10 employees, and Gallup finds that one in 10 people possesses the inherent talent to manage.

With this research in view, you need to ensure you’re becoming a better person on the job as you grow. And you will find some astounding tips on how to be a good employee in 2023.

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Who is a Good Employee?

A good employee is an employee with a leadership perspective focused on giving value to the company at every level.

It goes without saying that companies want to hire and keep the finest people in their area, but what exactly does it mean to be a ‘good employee,’ and why is it vital to look for them?

Most human resources (HR) managers understand how tough it is to locate suitable personnel; candidates either lack certain talents or will not fit in with the business culture.

Business owners frequently focus solely on technical abilities and fail to evaluate the traits and attributes that define the perfect employee. This might have a negative impact on culture, productivity, and even training initiatives.

30 Best Tips on How to Be a Good Employee in 2023

Here are tips on how to be a good employee in 2023.

1. They are dedicated to learning

Educating themselves about the firm, the business, and the world, in general, are a great tip for being a good employee. The most successful individuals always ask questions, attend events and classes, and try to enhance their skill set and learn something new.

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2. They are problem solvers

Anyone may put a complaint in the suggestion box, but coming up with solutions to those problems is the mark of a genuinely good employee.

Becoming a problem solver demonstrates you care about your career and the company’s long-term health.

3. They Are Aware of Body Language

Because 93% of what we say has nothing to do with our words, to look like a leader when you speak, “stand up to speak if possible, with feet comfortably apart, shoulders back, chin up, and expansive arms, so that your body language adds credibility to your message,” says Miller.

“It works when seated, too; sitting up straight with arms out increases the space you take up, which is a demonstration of power.”

4. They keep an eye on other aspects of the business

By introducing yourself to employees in departments you know little about, such as finance, HR, or supply chain, and asking if you can shadow them for an afternoon to learn about what they do, you grow your skillset.

Although it is often overlooked or seen as overworking, this is one of the best tips you can get to be a good employee.

5. They do not make comparisons with others

Of course, it’s tempting to believe that you also deserve such a reward just because Josh got a heavy bonus on his paycheck after a year on the job.
This is a poor process of thinking. 

You’ll make a far stronger argument for advancement within your firm if you stop the comparison and seek to contribute more to your firm.

6. They Discuss Achievements

To take it a step further, outstanding employees don’t simply keep their accomplishments a secret; they talk about how they have positively affected the business at review sessions.

7. They monitor others getting a promotion

Everywhere you travel, the regulations of promotions are a little different. Some businesses recognize their greatest salesmen, while others promote those who can speak their way through any meeting.

Even if there is no discernible pattern, you may learn a lot about what it takes to (eventually) advance in your company by observing the activities, habits, and accomplishments of those who have achieved success.

8. They keep a record of their achievements

Unfortunately, even if your supervisor believes you do a wonderful job, he or she is unlikely to maintain a running count of your accomplishments.

That is why the most successful people track their sales figures, project outcomes, and fantastic customer feedback.

This is one of the unspoken secrets that will show you how to be a good employee.

9. They offer complete attentiveness

“Listening is one of the top skills employers seek in potential and current employees, and it’s correlated with perceived ability to lead,” McLeod says.

Giving individuals your full attention, assisting them in feeling motivated and energetic, and demonstrating that you value their views and opinions are more effective than you realize.

10. They are punctual

Not just because it’s the right thing to do but also because it guarantees them a seat at the conference room table rather than one at the back of the room

11. They keep an eye on the entire company

Senior leaders understand not just what is going on in their particular functional area but also what is going on in their company as a whole so that they can contribute to the larger picture.

To begin, create a Google Alert with your company’s name so you can stay up to speed on what’s going on.

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12. They maintain positivity

“You don’t need to blind every passerby with your pearly whites, but remember that no matter how close your deadline or how heavy your workload, other people will take their cues from you,” says LearnVest’s Libby Lane.

“If you’re snapping at co-workers and frowning, they’ll snap and frown right back. Instead, take a breath, put on a smile, and show your boss you appreciate the opportunity.” It’ll go further than you know.

13. They consider skills required for the next job

Nearly all strive to excel at the abilities listed in our job descriptions, but the most successful individuals also consider what they will need to know to thrive in their future employment.

14. They are well dressed for their future position

You’ve read that a thousand times, yet it’s always true. People who advance in their careers look up to people who have gone before them and want to mimic not only the clothing they wear but also how they show themselves in the office, interact with others, and approach their job.

15. They easily communicate with their superiors

If you’ve been in an executive-level meeting, you’ll understand that executives interact differently from the rest of us. So, if you want to get in there eventually, you should first know how to speak the talk.

16. They assume control 

When confronted with a workplace problem, a project stumbling block, or low team morale, most individuals shrug and say, “Well, there’s not much I can do about it.” Most successful people, on the other hand, take action.

17. They are looking for leadership positions

If it’s offering to head a project team, mentoring a junior employee, or training new interns, individuals who seek to get promoted don’t wait for leadership chances to come to them—they look about, recognize where a leader is needed, and step in.

18. They don’t freak out when they’re caught in an elevator with a CEO.

Instead, they take advantage of the situation. The good news is… There are so many conversation starters for you, so you’re always prepared.

19. They Pay Attention to Feedback

Feedback might be difficult to accept. Top executives, on the other hand, have found out how to face the facts without taking them personally while ensuring they never make the same mistakes again.

These are one of the secrets that show you how to be a good employee in your company.

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20. They know their superiors

It’s difficult to advance if your boss’s boss doesn’t know who you are, so attempt to get to know the higher-ups in your department. Getting to know people on top of the chain is one tactic that shows you how to be a good employee.

21. They do not, however, avoid the subject of politics completely

Knowing your office’s unspoken rules of communication works, such as who’s on the CEO’s side (and who isn’t), which teams move and shake and which remain stagnant, means playing the political game. However, it is a game that will help you advance.

22. They think like supervisors, not like employees

Employees wait to be told what to do; managers plan out what has to be done and then execute it. Employees perform a good job on their own, but supervisors manage the team. As a result, they mentor other employees, pitch in when required, and go the additional mile if it means the task will be done better.

People who advance in their careers think like bosses. Hence, this is one tip that shows you how to be a good employee.

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23. They main their professionalism

Would you prefer a boss that misses deadlines, cannot respond to emails, and gossips about coworkers? Of course not, and if you want to advance in life, you shouldn’t exhibit those characteristics either.

24. They make new friends within the organization

Most people want to impress their superiors. Because they recognize they are nothing without a team of people on their side, the most successful people strive hard to please everyone, from the mailroom clerk and receptionist to their peers and superiors.

25. They are concerned with outcomes rather than activities

Don’t only talk about the tasks you’ve completed, as you would on a resume; talk about the quantifiable outcomes of your job. Consider this: “In last week’s vendor meeting, I was able to bargain a 10% reduction, which will save us $20,000 next year,” as opposed to “Last week’s vendor meeting went well!”

26. They Raise Their Hands in Meetings

It’s easy to sit tight and listen at a huge meeting, especially if you’re frightened by the higher-ups or don’t know much about what’s going on.

On the other hand, people who move forward don’t wait for permission or an invitation to speak; instead, they make sure everyone in the room knows they have something to add. Even if you don’t have an idea?

27. They Contribute

Most firms will provide you with the opportunity to join committees or take on duties that aren’t strictly part of your job description: If your firm is revamping its social media processes and need a representative from each department to serve on the project team or if your office is hosting a large fundraiser and requires someone to coordinate with the event, here is the place to be.

28. They Can Withstand Pressure

“Start getting comfortable with the pressure. In fact, put yourself in uncomfortable situations,” says Jeff Vijungco, vice president of Adobe’s Global Talent organization. “When you do this often enough, you’ll be more immune to pressure when you are stress-tested—like in an impromptu meeting with the CEO.”

29. They Stay Away from Rumors

You may and should identify problems inside your organization, but you should not preach on those problems in the break room since this creates the appearance that you are searching for an audience rather than a solution.

30. They show friendliness

Whether this is appropriate or not, bosses reward people that they like spending time. Qualified individuals work hard from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. but also find time for happy hour.


Bosses constantly seek out employees with a sense of ownership of the business and great skill to take them into higher positions.

Now, you can be a good employee after learning the hacks and rules outlined throughout this article.



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