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Urban Air Hiring Age: How Old Do You Have To Work At Urban Air | Working Experience 

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Urban Air is a beacon of thrill and amusement, and if you’re looking to work at the famous amusement company, you’re in luck! With a diverse range of activities, from gravity-defying trampolines to electrifying indoor skydiving, Urban Air has become synonymous with excitement and joy. In this piece, we’ll review everything you need about Urban Air Hiring Age and working in the company!

What is Urban Air Hiring Age?

Urban Air hiring age is 16. While this may be the minimum age for you to kick off work, the age has some limitations. You’ll find that only certain positions are open to this age bracket. Employees in the minimum age bracket might work as cashiers or baggers. There might also be a limit to how many work hours you can put in. 

How old do you have to work for Urban Air?

While the urban air hiring age is 16, the company has a retirement age that usually complies with the government of the country or state where they operate. Usually, Urban air workers’ retirement age is often around 65 years old.

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Why is  Age Requirement Important at Urban Air 

Age requirements are crucial at Urban Air because they ensure the safety and enjoyment of all visitors, especially children. Setting age requirements helps Urban Air comply with labor laws and regulations. Different roles at Urban Air may require varying levels of experience and maturity. For certain positions, experience might be crucial to ensure the smooth functioning of the company. Age requirements can proxy for the level of expertise and maturity expected for specific roles. While age does not necessarily determine competence, experience gained over time can be valuable in decision-making, problem-solving, and customer interactions. Age requirements can be set to match the job demands and expected performance levels.

How is the Work Culture at Urban Air 

The work culture at Urban Air is dynamic, fun, and energetic, reflecting the nature of the activities they offer. The company emphasizes creating an enjoyable and exciting experience for the customers and their employees. 

Since Urban Air is a customer-centric business, employees are trained to prioritize exceptional customer service. They are to be friendly, approachable, and helpful in assisting customers with their needs. This focus on customer satisfaction is vital in creating a positive and memorable experience for visitors.

Urban Air promotes a sense of fun and enthusiasm among its staff members. Employees are encouraged to embrace the excitement and joy of working in an amusement park environment. This enthusiasm can be contagious and helps create a positive atmosphere for both employees and visitors.

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Work Experience At Urban Air 

As an employee at Urban Air, your primary responsibility is ensuring visitors have a memorable and safe experience. Urban Air emphasizes teamwork and cooperation among its staff members. Working at Urban Air came with its share of challenges. Some visitors would be nervous about trying certain activities, while others would need assistance to ensure they used the equipment safely. Patience, empathy, and a calm demeanor were crucial in reassuring and helping visitors overcome their fears and enjoy the experience to the fullest.

Safety is the top priority at Urban Air. Properly instructing visitors on safety rules, ensuring they wore appropriate safety gear, and monitoring their activities were essential aspects of my role. I underwent comprehensive training on safety procedures, which allowed me to respond quickly and effectively in case of potential hazards.

Apart from personal and professional growth, Urban Air provided perks and benefits that made the experience even more rewarding. Employee discounts, special access to the park’s attractions, and recognition programs for outstanding performance were some ways Urban Air appreciated its hardworking staff.

Testimonials from Urban Air Employees

  • “Working at Urban Air has been a blast! The team is like a big family, and we get to bring joy to kids and families every day. It’s fulfilling to see happy faces and create memorable experiences.”
  • “Urban Air is not just a job; it’s a place where I can grow and learn. I love the challenges and the supportive environment. It’s an exciting and dynamic workplace.”
  • “I joined Urban Air because I wanted a job that feels meaningful. Seeing kids overcome their fears and have fun at our attractions makes it all worth it. I’m proud to be part of this team.”
  • “Every day at Urban Air is an adventure! From interacting with guests to ensuring safety, it’s an action-packed job. Plus, the perks of free access to all the attractions are awesome!”
  • “I’ve been with Urban Air for years, and I still love coming to work. The company values its employees and provides opportunities for career growth. It’s a fantastic place to build a career.”
  • “As an Urban Air employee, I feel appreciated and valued. The management recognizes hard work, and there’s a great sense of camaraderie among the staff. It’s a fun place to work.”
  • “Urban Air has a positive and energetic atmosphere. I look forward to each day, knowing that I’ll be part of creating special memories for our guests. It’s a rewarding job.”
  • “The teamwork at Urban Air is incredible. We all support each other to ensure the best experience for our visitors. It’s a fantastic workplace if you love being around people.”
  • “Urban Air encourages creativity and innovation. I enjoy bringing new ideas and contributing to the company’s growth. It’s a dynamic workplace with endless possibilities.”
  • “Working at Urban Air doesn’t feel like a typical 9-to-5 job. It’s a place where you can be yourself, have fun, and positively impact people’s lives. I couldn’t ask for a better place to work.”

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Job Benefits When Working at Urban Air 

Working at Urban Air, an entertainment and adventure park, can come with several job benefits. Here are some of the advantages you might enjoy:

  • Fun Work Environment: Working at Urban Air means being part of an exciting and lively atmosphere where customers come to have a great time. You’ll be surrounded by fun and adventurous activities every day.
  • Employee Discounts: As an Urban Air employee, you may get discounts or even free access to the park’s attractions and events. This perk allows you to enjoy the facilities during your off-hours.
  • Social Interaction: Working at Urban Air involves interacting with customers and fellow employees, which can be a great way to develop communication and teamwork skills.
  • Job Variety: Depending on the position, you might have the opportunity to try out various tasks and roles within the park, making your job more dynamic and engaging.


Urban Air hiring age of 16 welcomes teenagers to find exciting entry-level opportunities to kickstart their careers. Whether you’re a young job seeker looking for your first job or an experienced individual seeking a fulfilling role, Urban Air offers a range of positions to suit different backgrounds.


How old do you have to be to work at Urban Air?

Urban Air Hiring age is 16.

Can teenagers work at Urban Air?

Yes, teenagers who meet the minimum age requirement, usually 16 years old, are eligible to work at Urban Air.

What jobs can I apply for at Urban Air without experience?

These positions may include party host, cashier, attractions attendant, or guest services. These roles typically involve interacting with customers and ensuring they have a positive experience at the facility.