Best Solar Companies in Oklahoma

15 Best Solar Companies in Oklahoma | 2023 Careers, Location

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Choosing an installation is challenging if you’re a homeowner hoping to take advantage of Oklahoma City’s solar incentives. However, it’s worthwhile because using solar energy is usually a smart move.

With solar panels, your family could save $17,000 on average over 20 years. Solar panels have an average lifespan of 25 to 30 years, so your overall savings will be substantially higher.

The most crucial choice you’ll make about your investment in solar panels is probably which solar installation firm to use. It might be difficult trying to find the best solar company in Oklahoma.

We’ll assist you in locating the top solutions in your area in this article. You can contact a licensed solar company in your neighbourhood immediately by visiting the official website of the solar company that you prefer, or you can read on to see our selections for the finest solar companies in Oklahoma.

Is the Solar System Worth it in Oklahoma?

Residents of Oklahoma benefit from energy costs that are significantly lower than the national average yet has limited access to solar subsidies. As a result, many homes in Oklahoma State ponder if it is worthwhile to purchase a solar panel installation. 

Solar energy is often a cost-effective alternative for homeowners in Oklahoma, but it’s not suitable for everyone. After the system compensates for itself, the average household in Oklahoma gets to save more than $14,000.

However, not all residents will experience these benefits. When deciding if solar energy is an excellent choice for your house, the following are some things to consider.

Is Oklahoma good for solar energy?

Oklahoma has some potential for solar energy, but it may not be as high as in other states due to its climate and geographical location. The amount of solar energy that can be generated in Oklahoma depends on several factors, such as the amount of sunlight received throughout the year, the available space for solar panel installation, and the policies in place to support solar energy development.

Oklahoma receives an average of about 5.5 hours of sunlight per day, lower than the national average. However, areas in the state still receive more sunlight than others, such as the southwestern region. Additionally, Oklahoma has a relatively flat landscape, making installing solar panels easier than in more mountainous regions.

In recent years, Oklahoma has made efforts to increase the use of renewable energy, including solar power. The state has implemented policies and programs to support solar energy development, such as net metering, tax incentives, and renewable energy standards. These policies can help make solar energy more financially viable and accessible for homeowners and businesses.

Overall, while Oklahoma may not have the same level of solar potential as some other states, there are still opportunities for solar energy development, and the state is taking steps to support it.

In Oklahoma, how much does it cost to go solar?

The cost of solar panels in Oklahoma varies based on the amount of solar energy system you want. Still, the average price per watt constantly hovers around $2.62, a little below the national average of $2.66.

After considering the federal tax credit, the average cost for residents requiring an 11-kW system is $20,174. Because of Oklahoma’s lower-than-average cost of solar equipment, your money will go a little farther for solar compared to other states.

Solar panels are much more valuable in places with high electricity prices or usage.

Although Oklahoma’s electricity costs are below the national average, the state’s above-average energy usage makes solar more cost-effective than in most other states. It will ultimately result in greater savings for you.

What’s the Viewpoint on Solar in Oklahoma?

Regarding solar dominance, Oklahoma is near the bottom. This is mainly because of wind energy’s growing popularity. Oklahoma ranks 45th in the nation for solar power installation and third for wind power generation.

Although wind energy is promoted more than other forms of renewable energy in the region, they are both primarily accepted. As a result, Oklahoma offers limited incentives for solar installation because wind energy helps the state meet its Renewable Portfolio Standard (RPS) objectives.

Over the past ten years, domestic solar installations have become increasingly popular, with 2021 being the best year for solar adoption. The solar business is probably going to keep growing and getting better shortly. However, wind power might always come out on top.

What to Watch Out For in Oklahoma When Thinking About Solar?

#1. Upfront payments

Although the cost of solar panels in Oklahoma may be lower than the national average, the upfront costs are still substantial and may be a barrier for sure locals.

You can minimise your upfront financial commitment by selecting more reasonably priced solar panel brands, avoiding accessories like solar batteries, and finding solar financing that only takes a small down payment or even no money down.

#2. Payback Period

Your anticipated solar panel payback time can help you calculate your future return on investment and is a wonderful tool to assess your solar feasibility. The typical payback period for Oklahomans will be 14 years, between 12 and 19 years.

Up to a 25-year payback period will save you funds over time, but longer repayment periods will reduce your ROI and lengthen the time you take to recoup your investment.

#3. Policies for Net Metering in Oklahoma

A strategy known as net metering aids homeowners in further offsetting their electric expenditures and boosting their overall return on investment.

Oklahoma requires net metering programs, although individual electricity suppliers determine the buy-back rate.

As a result, your utility company’s net metering policies will differ. A far less favourable policy would mean that paying extra for a solar battery could be a worthwhile investment, even if the buy-back rate is often not a make-or-break element for solar.

#4. Oklahoma’s climate and weather

Since sunlight is most potent and plentiful near the equator, these regions are typically the best places to install solar panels. As a result, the Sooner State is among the best states for solar conversion.

Energy production will drastically decrease on cloudy days, yet Oklahoma experiences considerably higher sunny weather than the US average.

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What Are The Solar energy benefits in Oklahoma?

The following are just a few advantages that homeowners in Oklahoma can enjoy from installing solar panels:

  •  Savings on electricity bills
  •  Access to specific incentives and reduced taxes
  •  A Rise in the Value of Homes Sold
  •  Renewable, Clean Energy

What is the solar energy payback period in Oklahoma?

Residential solar panel installations almost always provide enough energy bill savings over time to cover the cost of the equipment. The solar panel payback period refers to the time frame for this payoff.

Oklahoma has an average payback period of 14 years, which is higher than the national average of 12 years. Solar is less useful in Oklahoma than in most other states based only on one metric. 13 to 19 years is a typical range for this payback duration in the region.

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15 Best Solar Companies in Oklahoma

  • Solar Power of Oklahoma
  • Shine Solar
  • Sol365
  • Starry Solar
  • ESD Solar
  • Power sync solar
  • Sunshine Saves
  • Astrawatt Solar
  • ADT Solar
  • Central Solar
  • Off-Grid Enterprise
  • EightyTwenty
  • Sun City Solar
  • Doomsday Solar
  • Delta Energy Solar

#1. Solar Power of Oklahoma

Location: 14800 Santa Fe Crossing Dr, Edmond, OK 73013, United States

The sole full-service solar power provider in Oklahoma is Solar Power of Oklahoma. Among other solar companies in Oklahoma, they are firm with the most installs in Oklahoma and don’t sub-out installations.

With the state’s highest quality solar panels and the most excellent customer service, they will show the difference for you. They are eager to invigorate your house!

What People are saying:

I can’t say enough good things about this company. They helped guide me through the options and financing. Great install. Communicate during each phase. My solar advisor, Cayden, was awesome!!!!! I also loved how you could drop in and check out their showroom and get questions answered. Amazing company

Official Website

#2. Shine Solar

Location: Shine Solar LLC, 4495 SW 119th St, Oklahoma City, OK 73173, United States

This is one of the outstanding solar companies in Oklahoma. For the first 25 years of ownership, each Shine Solar system is ensured to generate a certain quantity of energy, which would be calculated in their official solar savings report.

Suppose your system doesn’t produce the promised amount of energy. In that case, you’ll be reimbursed for the difference depending on your electric company’s cost of energy and, as assessed by Shine Solar on a case-by-case basis, extra panels may be placed to boost production. Annual panel deterioration is 0.6%.

They provide a free energy efficiency package comprising an in-house energy audit to evaluate your home’s insulation and identify any present energy weaknesses with every solar installation they perform. The treatments required to safeguard, seal, and adequately insulate your property are determined once one of their energy specialists has evaluated the audit results for your home.

What People are saying:

Shine Solar met with my wife and me. They reviewed the offer with us and answered all of our questions. Installation took one day, and the installers were professional and efficient. We have been generating for 30 days but have not received our first electric bill.

So far, we are very happy with the professionalism and responsiveness of Shine Solar. They have been very good at helping us with questions and keeping us informed throughout the process. I strongly recommend you schedule an interview with them to see if solar suits you. Great company from my experience so far.

Official Website

#3. Sol365

Location: 1144 New 83rd, Oklahoma City, OK 73701, United States

One of the solar companies in Oklahoma called Sol365 provides an alternative for your energy requirements. They convert your power provider to owning your solar system with no money.

To find out if your property qualifies and to develop a system specifically for your power requirements, you may request a free energy evaluation from them.

What people are saying:

How do I begin? Amber, Ashley, and Rick are awesome! My experience with them has been incredible so far! However, I am still in the middle of installation. I will update this post when the install ion is complete and after a couple of months. For now, I highly recommend them!!

Official Website

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#4. Starry Solar

Location: 6905 W Wilshire Blvd, Oklahoma City, OK 73132, United States

When you choose Starry Solar to design, install, and manage your system, they want you to feel confident with their products and the business.

They are in it with you for the long haul because your choice will affect your future financial and energy requirements. Sincerely speaking, there aren’t many businesses in Oklahoma that focus on solar, and even fewer solar power companies in Oklahoma will continue to take your calls for decades to come. However, Starry has pledged to you to provide services as long as you require them.

What people are saying:

After hail destroyed my roof shingles, I contacted Starry Solar to remove my panels. The panels were undamaged. Starry coordinated the removal and reinstallation of the panels with the roofing contractor.

In addition, Starry recommended and installed a superior rail system to mount the panels that are much kinder to the shingles and make future work more accessible. A perfect roof job. My system is producing 6KW again.

Official Website

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#5. ESD Solar

Location: Headquarters – 6076 Park Blvd. N. Pinellas Park, Fl 33781

ESD Solar is one of the prominent solar power companies in Oklahoma. As energy experts, they take delight in assisting homeowners in achieving their energy objectives through solar. They will walk you through developing the ideal system for your solar needs, using only the best parts.

Once more, they take great satisfaction in providing excellent customer service and delivering installations that go above and above for their clients.

ESD can help with additional housing requirements, including roofs and EV charging points. Their representatives can discuss plans, such as adding electric vehicles, and how those plans will affect their projections.

As a bulk dealer, they eliminate the salesperson and pass the savings on to the homeowner, helping them save even more money!

What People are saying:

I interviewed several providers before picking Mason with ESD. He never hesitated during the discussion and was on top of his facts, plans, and pricing. He offered outstanding advice based on my individual needs. Service after the Sale is where things usually break down.

With Mason, this was NEVER an option. He took ownership of the few minor issues I had with scheduling, solved them, and then updated me about the resolution. I was never sent to play phone tag with anyone else or call someone he could call himself.

He updated me weekly on the progress of the installation, from parts to scheduling to contractors to plans. Mason is the guy you want, and ESD is your company.”

Official Website

#6. Power sync solar

Location: 4609 N Black Cat Rd Joplin, MO 64801

A provider of energy services, Power Sync Solar provides solar power systems, battery backup, effective energy packages, generators, and market expertise. Above all, Power Sync Solar is a reliable source for consumers who want to determine whether going solar is helpful.

They are one of Oklahoma’s most reputable solar companies, with excellent customer service before and after installation. Price matching with a 3% discount is fair pricing.

What people are saying:

It’s been 7 months since installation, and so far, so good! The system went down a few months in, and before even noticing, I received an email asking if everything was OK. They had everything fixed within a week. Now that’s customer service! I would recommend Power sync solar to anyone.

Official Website

#7. Sunshine Saves

Location – Headquarters – 525 West Baseline Road, Mesa, Az 85210, USA

To offer the same level of honest, accurate, and economical home solar energy, Accelerate Solar traded its install assets to Titan Solar Power in 2020. The former Owner/CEO, Xavier Veille, has joined with them Sunshine Saves Inc.

Please contact Sunshine Saves to learn more about the exclusive agreement between Titan Solar Power and GoodLeap that enables Sunshine Saves to provide exclusive financing solutions unavailable to other solar installers!

From beginning to end, Sunshine Saves Inc., Powered by Titan Solar Power, offers you a fantastic experience. They attempt to ensure that every of their personnel has the training and expertise required to finish your project completely and effectively; this makes it stand out among the top solar companies in Oklahoma.

They hold the notion that information is empowering. When choosing a solar supplier, they want their consumers to make the best choice for themselves. As a result, they work to explain the ins and outs of solar system ownership to you while guiding you through the process.

What people are saying:

I am amid my solar project, awaiting my city for permitting, so while I don’t have my system yet, Jamie has been absolutely on top of communication. So far, this has been an enjoyable process, and I’m looking forward to the next steps.

Official Website

#8. Astrawatt Solar

Location: 3525 Roanoke Rd, Ste 110, Kansas City, MO 64111

Another local solar energy provider in Oklahoma that services all consumers is Astrawatt Solar. Since this installer consistently receives almost flawless ratings across all platforms, the level of customer support you get from it will be unmatched.

The professionals at Astrawatt are delighted to answer your concerns, assist you in obtaining financing that fits your needs, and help you take advantage of other solar benefits, such as the federal tax credit.

Suppose you’re searching for a full-service solar installer among solar companies in Oklahoma. In that case, you may need to go elsewhere since Astrawatt Solar only offers installations of solar panels, batteries, and energy audits.

However, it installs a good selection of solar equipment manufacturers, allowing you to slightly tailor your solar panel system to your budget and energy requirements.

What people are saying

From beginning to end, I had great service. Centerpoint dragged its feet as expected, but Rising Sun Solar did everything within its power to ensure everything was handled. The owner visited my house personally to ensure my wife, and I knew how the system worked. He also reassured me that they would continue giving us the best possible service even after they installed my solar panels and they were up and running. This is a legit review from a customer in Magnolia, TX.”

Official Website

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#9. ADT Solar

Location: 801 SE 59th St, Oklahoma City, OK 73129, United States

In our list of best solar companies in Oklahoma, an international solar company that serves well over 20 states is called ADT Solar, formerly known as Sunpro Solar. Simple solar installations and extras like energy efficiency improvements, EV charging stations, and energy storage systems are available.

With a history spanning over ten years, ADT Solar has shown its ability to provide consumers with individualized, efficient renewable energy systems. The company’s 25-year, industry-leading guarantee, which covers labour, performance, and components, really put it apart regarding client satisfaction. Most other solar firms only provide ten-year workmanship warranties and 25-year product warranties.

Since ADT recently acquired Sunpro, it can now provide innovative home security systems for your solar installation.

What People are saying:

My Experience with ADT was remarkable. The communication from Sales to the rest of the Team at ADT Solar to explain and show me the parts to be installed gave me the confidence to trust ADT for our big investment in going Solar.

Through that process, I got a text or call giving me an update on my solar panels before and after installation.

Thank you, Sonia Faucher, for your communication and for paying attention to detail to all my concerns; you went above and beyond my expectations. If anyone needs Solar, go with ADT Solar and ask for Sonia Faucher at 956-640-5550, her direct line. She always answers no matter what.”

Official Website

#10. Central Solar

Location:  2200 N Classen Blvd, Oklahoma City, OK 73106, United States

In the Central United States, Central Solar is among the top solar companies in Oklahoma for homes, businesses, and farms. They are proud to serve Iowa, Kansas, Missouri, and Nebraska from their base in Oklahoma City.

Home energy audits, solar panel cleaning, solar panel installation, and solar panel repair are among the services offered in Oklahoma and Texas.

Bethany, Del City, Edmond, Forest Park, Lake Aluma, Midwest City, Moore, Nichols Hills, Oklahoma City, Smith Village, and The are among the areas served.

Official Website

#11. Off-Grid Enterprise

Location: 12201 Wabash Cir, Norman, OK 73026, United States

In rural and residential regions, they design, construct, and install grid-tied and off-grid solar systems. Our NABCEP-certified lead installer is on-site at all times.

Through this certification, the client is guaranteed to work with a professional who has already received specialized solar training and has completed a rigorous exam to establish that he/she has the knowledge and expertise essential to ensure the quality and safety of his/her/her work.

What people are saying:

I had the privilege to meet these people, and they installed a solar system for our house. I love that they made the entire process easy and not stressful for us. I would recommend this company for all your solar needs!!

Official Website

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#12. EightyTwenty

Location: 1825 N Walnut Ave, Oklahoma City

EightTwenty was founded, following the firm, since it is believed that the most valuable resource, the sun, is under-used and that responsible, cutting-edge management of the sun’s power can improve the communities for future generations.

They are one of the solar companies in Oklahoma that offer goods and services that enable people and groups to use solar energy for their own independent needs, encouraging confidence in all we do.

What People are saying:

Had multiple solar companies come quote our project. EightTwenty stood out head and shoulders above the rest. Easy to get a proposal, realistic estimates, and clear answers to all our questions.

They take care of everything – right down to permits and signing up for net metering with the utility. Beware of the influx of marketing groups parading as solar companies.

EightTwenty sells the product, designs the installation, completes the installation, and warrants the job. Everyone on site had an EightTwenty shirt and a smile – important when considering an investment like solar.

Official website

#13. Sun City Solar

Location: 2101 NW 59th Pl, Oklahoma City, OK 73112, United States

Sun City Solar has been developing, installing, and maintaining solar systems for over 35 years in the Mid-South region of the United States. They have worked on everything from solar water and pool heaters to whole-home Solar from Arkansas through Oklahoma, Missouri, Texas, and Kansas.

The locations of some of the more recent projects are shown on the map. The outcomes of several of these projects are shown on the Testimonials page.

What People are saying:

Sun City has the best customer service in the industry. I cannot say enough good things about them. I am a very satisfied customer. Keep up the good work.

Official Website

#14. Doomsday Solar

Location: 11181 S. Coyle Rd Coyle, Oklahoma 73027 United States

Another excellent and trustworthy solar company in Oklahoma is this one. They offer various services, such as home energy audits, solar panel cleaning, installation, and repair, as well as solar pool and water heating.

They’ve provided services in Broken Arrow, Coyle, Edmond, Langston, Meridian, Oklahoma, Oklahoma City, Stillwater, and Tulsa, among other places.

Official Website

#15. Delta Energy Solar

Location: 501 66th Ave SE, Norman, OK, 73026

A company in central Oklahoma called Delta Energy Solar is among Oklahoma’s solar companies that offer home and commercial solar energy solutions. Engineers, construction workers, and master electricians make up our team.

They have decades of experience in product development, design, and installation. They use the most excellent equipment on the market, installed by qualified professionals, to build systems that meet the demands of our customers.

Their standards are high, and the core of their goal is the people and culture. The pursuit of excellence fuels their success.

What people are saying:

The people at Delta Energy we great to work with. They answered every question and provided any information we needed and options for different price ranges and output. The work was spotless and professional. We would recommend using this company.

Official Website

Frequently Asked Questions

Are solar panels suitable for Oklahoma?

With the production of solar energy, Oklahoma lags behind most other states. With 0.14% of Oklahoma’s electricity produced by solar power in 2024, the state was ranked 45th for solar energy generation. However, this amount of energy suffices to run about 10,000 dwellings.

Is there a solar tax credit in Oklahoma? 

The state of Oklahoma does not offer a solar tax credit. However, the federal government’s solar investment tax credit is available to all householders that install solar PV systems.

Can I deduct my solar energy expenses?

Yes. You can get the federal solar tax credit based on the system’s total cost if you financed the system through the system seller and are contractually required to pay the full cost of the system.

Should I inform my electricity provider that I have solar panels?

Your DNO must be notified if you install generation equipment like solar panels at your house and the appliances are connected to the grid. This is necessary to manage their networks because they must know if they are adding electricity to the grid. Most installations are grid-connected.


Every kilowatt-hour your solar panels create will be one less you must pay your utility company, as they produce electricity for your home. Oklahomans could save, on average, $109.07 a month, but doing so would involve doing away with energy bills, which usually calls for a solar battery.

Through this article, we hope to have aided you in selecting the best solar companies in Oklahoma.