10 Best Alternatives To Coinbase

There are alternatives to Coinbase, although Coinbase is one of the world’s leading platforms for negotiating, purchasing, selling, exchanging, and storing cryptocurrencies. It has over 54 million users worldwide, relying on its high security and numerous benefits. 

Every year, millions of new users join the cryptocurrency market due to its expanding general acceptance. You’ll need a location to store your cryptocurrencies when you begin to grow your portfolio. Let’s look at some of the most acceptable alternatives to Coinbase today, with hundreds of various cryptocurrency exchanges on the market. 

Coinbase is one of the most well-known and frequently suggested cryptocurrency exchanges for newcomers to the market. This is due to its user interface’s intuitiveness, ease of use, and purchasing possibilities. Coinbase, on the other hand, is not without flaws.

These are some of the reasons why investors seek out the most acceptable Coinbase alternatives: 

High fees: If the transaction amount is less than $200, Coinbase imposes a flat fee ranging from $0.99 to $2.99. For transactions over $200, you’ll be charged a 1.49 percent fee. 

Limited currencies: On Coinbase, you can only buy a few of the most prominent cryptocurrencies, severely limiting your investment alternatives. 

With these disadvantages in mind, here are some things to consider when looking for Coinbase alternatives. 

When Comparing Alternatives to Coinbase, There Are A Few Things To Keep In Mind.

With so many platforms to select from, it’s essential to consider these things before deciding on a bitcoin exchange. 

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1. Reputation And Security: 

Because your wallet is held on the bitcoin exchange, security is considered the most critical issue. Your money is gone if the conversation is compromised. A few bitcoin hacks have destroyed the hearts of cryptocurrency investors in the past. 

While security precautions have improved over time, using the improper exchange might permanently lose assets. Find out if the business has ever been hacked, how serious they are about security, and what the crypto community thinks about them. 

2. Customers Support And Services:

The most OK bitcoin exchanges provide excellent customer service and assistance as a desirable benefit. Read customer reviews to learn about other people’s experiences with the support available. Check the exchange’s blog to see if they have any resources, such as blog posts and webinars, that can assist you in getting the correct information at the right time.

3. Supported cryptocurrencies and countries

Which exchange you choose will be heavily influenced by the currencies you’re most interested in. There are many different types of cryptocurrency to choose from. However, not all of them are available on all exchanges. Choose a platform that supports the coins you’re interested in, whether it’s bitcoin, litecoin vs. Ethereum, or one of the countless altcoins. Check to see if the exchange is available in your area. 

4. Fees:

When you trade, fees might eat into your profits. How do the costs stack up? Consider all possible exchange fees, such as deposit, withdrawal, trading, and other exchange fees, and account for them. 

Reputable bitcoin exchanges will ensure that their costs are straightforward to comprehend. 

Considering these aspects ahead of time will assist you in determining the best cryptocurrency exchange for you and learning how to invest in cryptocurrency properly. 

10 Best Coinbase Alternatives in 2022 

It isn’t easy to pick just one outstanding trade because there are many to select from. Here are some of the best Coinbase alternatives to consider. 

1. Binance:

The first alternative to Coinbase is Binance. It is one of the largest and most reliable cryptocurrency investment platforms globally, with a worldwide presence and a good reputation. because of its high level of security, a wide range of products, and a large number of people. 

Binance accepts Bitcoin (BTC), Binance Coin (BNB), its cryptocurrency, and a variety of other cryptocurrencies, demonstrating that it is one of the world’s leading companies to buy and sell Bitcoins. 

Most countries are supported and have a unique platform based in the United States. BTC, ETH, LTC, USDT, LINK, and 45 more cryptos are available. 

Fees for trading: 0.5 percent for immediate purchase and less than 0.1 percent for frequent trades. 

Fees for withdrawals: ACH withdrawals are free; however, cryptocurrency withdrawal fees vary. ACH, wire transfer, and debit card are all options for funding. 

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2. Kraken

Kraken is one of the world’s oldest cryptocurrency exchanges. It has grown to become a formidable platform for traders in over 150 countries since its inception in 2011. As a result, this may be an excellent Coinbase substitute. 

Kraken has several advantages that Coinbase does not. Access to futures and margin trading and the premium Cryptowatch trading platform are all included. Kraken, like Coinbase, allows for crypto staking and has an OTC trading desk. 

Kraken, on the other hand, has substantially cheaper trading fees. Remember that Kraken is primarily aimed towards seasoned traders; thus, it isn’t always user-friendly. Many of the company’s features are also unavailable in the United States. On the other hand, Kraken is an affordable and robust option for seasoned non-US investors.

Additionally, 150+ countries are supported, including 48 U.S. states. BTC, ETH, DOGE, AAVE, LINK, and 45 more cryptos are available. Fees range from 0.9 percent to 1.5 percent for quick buys and less than 0.16 percent for Kraken Pro trades. There are no fees associated with withdrawals. Wire transfer, ACH, debit, and credit cards are all options for funding.

3. Gemini: 

Gemini is a platform that only works with the Ethereum and Bitcoin cryptocurrencies (the most well-known in the world), but this does not mean it is inconvenient because it has several appealing features, such as not charging commissions for basic transactions and having a powerful system that protects your crypto assets from hackers. 

50+ nations are supported, and all 50 states in the United States. BTC, ETH, LTC, GUSD, DOT, and 35 other cryptocurrencies are available. 

Fees for standard trades: up to $2.99 or 1.49 percent; 0.25 percent or less for ActiveTrader. Costs: There are no fees for ACH withdrawals, but crypto fees vary by coin. ACH, wire transfer, and debit card are all options for funding. 

4. Crypto.com:

Crypto.com is also one of the best alternatives to Coinbase in 2022. It’s a feature-rich and quickly expanding cryptocurrency exchange. Except for New York, the corporation operates in practically every country and every state in the United States. It has over 90 cryptocurrencies to choose from and has minimal trading fees. 

Among other things, Crypto.com offers a robust exchange, crypto-backed credit cards, rewards debit cards, and crypto-backed loans. Margin, derivatives, and NFT trades are all supported by the platform. You can even get paid to stake the company’s native cryptocurrency, CRO, and receive interest on your digital assets. 

150+ nations and 49 U.S. states have pledged their support. BTC, ETH, MATIC, CRO, PAXG, and 85 other cryptocurrencies are available. 

Fees for trading: 0.4 percent or fewer Withdrawal Fees: There are various fees associated with cryptocurrency withdrawals. ACH, wire transfer, credit, and debit card are all options for funding. 

5. Exodus: 

Exodus is a software wallet that enables crypto-to-crypto exchanges, whereas Coinbase is a web-based wallet. This famous online wallet has quickly gained popularity since its launch in 2016 and is noted for its user-friendly software suitable for both novices and advanced users.

Coinbase or a comparable web-based wallet might be your best option if you wish to buy cryptos with fiat money. On the other hand, Exodus is the best choice if you’re searching for an online wallet that focuses solely on crypto-to-crypto trading. 

6. Bitstamp 

Bitstamp is next on the best alternatives of coin base in 2022. It is dubbed the “first global crypto exchange,” a crypto platform founded in 2011. Because it is available throughout the E.U., it is popular among European investors. Bitstamp is also widely available in the United States, thanks to its recent BitLicense certification in New York. Another incredible Coinbase option is Bitstamp. 

Bitstamp is a cryptocurrency designed for intermediate to advanced investors. It has powerful charting tools, inexpensive trading fees, and the Tradeview trading platform, a subscription platform. However, the company now enables immediate crypto purchases with potentially high costs. 

Countries support it in over 100 countries and all 50 states in the United States. BTC, ETH, LTC, LINK, XLM, and ten more cryptos are available. 0.50 percent or less in trading fees. Withdrawal Fees: Some fiat currencies and cryptocurrencies have withdrawal fees. ACH, wire transfer, SEPA, debit, and a credit card are all options for funding. 

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7. Coinmama: 

Coinmama makes it simple to buy and trade cryptocurrency. It was founded in 2013 and is now available in over 188 countries and 48 states across the United States. Coinmama allows you to buy nine different cryptocurrencies with a single click. Payments can be made using almost any method, including Google Pay and bank transfers. 

This will place a market order for the cryptocurrency of your choice. After that, you can use or save your cryptocurrency as you choose. Coinmama, on the other hand, is limited to its crypto purchase platform. 188+ nations and 48 states are supported. BTC, ETH, ADA, XTY, XRP, and four more cryptos are available. 

Fees for trading: Commission cost of up to 5.9%, plus an additional 5% for card payments. There are no fees associated with withdrawals. ACH, Apple Pay, Google Pay, SEPA, credit, and debit card are all options for funding. 

8. Voyager: 

Voyager is also one of the best alternatives to bitcoin in 2022. It’s is a publicly-traded cryptocurrency broker that focuses on mobile. It is only available to residents of the United States who do not live in New York. 

However, the organization does intend to expand its services to other areas shortly. Technically, Voyager is a cryptocurrency broker that offers no-commission trading on more than 50 cryptocurrencies. 

Voyager’s primary benefit over Coinbase is that it allows you to earn up to 9% interest on your crypto holdings. 

Only the United States is supported. BTC, ETH, DOT, VGX, USDC, and 45 other cryptocurrencies are available. Fees for trading: On trades, there are no commission fees. Fees for withdrawals vary by coin. ACH and wire transfer are two options for funding. 

9. Swan Bitcoin: 

Swan Bitcoin is one of the newest cryptocurrency exchanges. It was established in 2020 as a simple solution for anyone to invest in Bitcoin regularly. 

Swan Bitcoin’s concept is straightforward: you link your U.S. bank account and set up periodic Bitcoin purchases by wire transfer or ACH. 

After that, you can set up automatic withdrawals to send your Bitcoin to your wallet. This allows you to acquire Bitcoin over time, allowing you to profit from market fluctuations.

Furthermore, Swan Bitcoin is available worldwide; however, you’ll need a U.S. bank account unless you utilize the Swan Private service. The company presently only accepts Bitcoin transactions and charges a significant fee. 

On the other hand, Swan Bitcoin is a simple method to increase your portfolio over time if Bitcoin is all you want to invest in. Supported Countries: The United States of America as a whole, including all 50 states. 

BTC is a cryptocurrency that is currently available. Trading commissions range from 0.99 percent to 2.29 percent for each buy. There are no fees associated with withdrawals. ACH or wire transfer are two options for funding. 

10. eToro: 

Last on our list of best alternatives to Coinbase id is eToro. eToro, a self-described social cryptocurrency platform, is a simple and informative approach for new investors to get their feet wet in the crypto world. eToro may be found in over 100 countries. It also offers a platform in the United States, available in 41 states and Washington, D.C. 

eToro, like Coinbase, is a cryptocurrency exchange where you can buy and sell coins. You can also mimic the trades of other investors on eToro. It also features a social platform to interact with other traders and exchange your knowledge. 

For hands-off investors, eToro even offers a managed portfolio service. 100+ countries have pledged their support, including 41 states in the United States. BTC, ETH, LINK, XLM, and 12 more cryptos are available. 

Fees for trading: There are no commissions and spread costs of up to 5%. There are no fees associated with withdrawals. ACH, wire transfer, and debit card are all options for funding. 

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Final Thoughts 

Coinbase is an easy-to-use cryptocurrency exchange, but it isn’t for everyone. There are other excellent alternatives to Coinbase available, each with its own set of benefits for investors. While no single exchange is ideal for all traders, we hope that this post has assisted you in finding a crypto exchange that meets your needs. 


Coinbase offers a great user experience, especially for beginners. But, fees on Coinbase can get expensive, which often leads investors to look toward the best Coinbase alternatives—looking to make the switch from Coinbase? Here’s the list of the top options for Coinbase today. 

Coinbase has a limited number of payment methods in most regions. For the most part, you’ll have to rely on traditional bank transfers, high-fee credit card purchases, or bank wire transfers. 

If you like that Coinbase is fully regulated and secure, you might enjoy Gemini. The Winklevoss brothers, well-known crypto millionaires, created the exchange in 2015. It’s similar to Coinbase regarding the currency it supports and the fees it charges. 



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