AliExpress Reviews 2022: Is It Legit Or An Online Shopping Scam

This article covers all you need to know about the Chinese online retailer called Aliexpress. Are you skeptical about placing orders on Aliexpress? Do you want to know if Aliexpress is legit or a scam? Or perhaps you simply want to learn more about the Chinese online market, Aliexpress? Well, you need not bother anymore as this Aliexpress review has got you covered.

Have you ever been a victim of an online scam? I understand why many people are often skeptical of patronizing online retailers due to the prevalent online scam.

Many have lost fortunes to the scourge called a scam, leading prospective customers to ask questions like is Aliexpress legit or scam?

Well, this Aliexpress review tells all you need to know about the company as it provides answers to frequently asked questions about Aliexpress and touches more aspects about the company and online marketing in general.

So, I Indulge you to spare 10 minutes as you go through this article. You are guaranteed to learn answers to all questions you nurse about the company. Is Aliexpress legit or a scam? The following sections provide answers to the question in detail.

What is AliExpress?

Aliexpress is a Chinese online retail market that connects prospective clients to vendors looking to sell their products online. The company does not make direct sales to customers, rather it connects buyers with sellers.

Though a Chinese company, Aliexpress does not necessarily displays products from only Chinese vendors as certified vendors from around the world display products on the platform.

The website is an offshoot of the parent company called Alibaba Group and was founded in 2010 as B2B platform for Chinese and other companies to sell their products to local and international customers. The company has since gained relevance on the international front with its 2019 revenue pegged at a staggering $55 billion.

I believe this Aliexpress review so far has given you insight to the popular question is AliExpress legit or scam? Keep reading to find out more about the company.

How Does AliExpress Works?

How does Aliexpress work, one might enquire. Well, the company operates like other online platforms that display a list of product for customers to view and buy.

There are different categories of items displayed on the site, some categories include – clothing, consumer electronics, beauty and health, sporting goods, jewelry clothing, consumer electronics, beauty and health, sporting goods, jewelry, etc.

The company makes delivery to anywhere in the world with the exception of mainland China and payment could be made through most popular methods which include – Debit card, PayPal, and bank transfers.  

The platform is made for regular people like you and me to buy items. Purchasing items on the platform involves easy steps as displayed below;

  • Sign up for free
  • Search for the product(s) you want and select based on the seller info.
  • Click the item to add to your cart, head to the checkout.
  • Fill out the necessary info.
  • Receive the item, confirm the delivery and rate the product and seller.

Items purchased on Aliexpress are delivered within the shortest period of time as the company make use of reputable couriers with fast shipping.

How safe is AliExpress?

Is Aliexpress safe? I can bold make claim that Aliexpress is safe given years of excellent operations. The site is one of the most visited ecommerce platform in the world. If it were not safe, it wouldn’t be so. Aliexpress enjoys millions of customers from around the world who trooping to buy all sorts of products.

At the early years of the platform, it recorded a handful of reports about scams and malicious trades that ripped innocent people of their money.

But the company has made a huge leap in safety and security measures, investing massively to ensure customers are protected from con men.

Alieexpress makes use of a standard e-commerce model. When you purchase items on the site, you get to receive a tracking number, which enables you keep tabs on your goods, and have an option to get a full refund if items arrive damaged, late, or don’t arrive at all.

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Disputes and Resolutions in AliExpress

As with any all businesses in the world, Aliexpress has got its own share of disputes between customers and vendors but you don’t need to worry as the company has a model that helps resolve dispute in the best possible way.

To resolve dispute, all you need to do is reach out to the support team of Aliexpress. But please note that it doesn’t always have to result to this.

If you have issues with vendors, for instance, if your order fails to deliver within the maximum stipulated date, you should first reach out to the vendor and sort ways to resolve the issue.

But on the rare instance that you reach an impasse with vendors while trying to resolve disputes, here are steps to take to lodge an official complaint to Aliexpress and be rest assured that your complaint would be resolved in the shortest possible time;

  • Search the orders you  made, beside it you would find a Dispute link, click it
  • Nest is to fill in the pop up (reasons, complete or partial refund, etc.) and click Submit.
  • Then attach evidence of your transaction such as pictures/videos/chat records (If you have any)
  • Aliexpress would reach out to the seller to respond within 15 days
  • In the meantime, you can modify your Dispute Request and try to reach an agreement.
  • After the 15-day time period, the dispute automatically becomes a claim, which escalates the matter to AliExpress

After the 15-day period, Aliexpress automatically takes over the case and ensures you get the issue resolved.

How to Avoid Fraud on AliExpress

Like other ecommerce platform, Aliexpress has its share of fraudulent activities, although the company has invested massively to curb dubious activities on its platform, there exist trace of frauds on Aliexpress but you don’t to worry as fraudulent activities are easy to spot on the platform.

Some con artists on the platform are the reasons why people take to the internet to ask is Aliexpress legit or a scam? It’s easy to spot con men on the platform.

Before placing an order on Aliexpress, you need to ensure you are not being a victim of carefully planned fraud.

To avoid being scammed on Aliexpress, do the following before placing an order;

1. Read Reviews

This is the first thing to lookout for when shopping on AliExpress or any other online platform. Try to learn how past users rate the vendors displaying their items on the platform. With this, you have a glimpse of who you are dealing with. This has helped many as it is the first step to avoid scam online.

When you buy things online without doing proper search to learn about the vendor, this is liken to gambling and you may pay dearly for possible mistake. Reviews give you an insight to not just the integrity of the vendor but the quality of products being displayed for sell.

Usually, on AliExpress, vendors are rated in stars. I encourage people to sought only users with high ratings between 3 and 5 stars. You are likely to encounter problems when you trade with vendors who are rated with 1 or 2 stars.

2. Compare Prices

It is often said that if something looks too good to be true, it likely too good to be true. One of the best ways to spot con men Aliexpress or any ecommerce platform is taking a good look of prices of products on display.

If the price of a product is set too low, then it’s likely to be a fraud. To lure potential victims, fraud stars are fond of setting prices too low. Once you see the price of a product is too low, I urge you to do some digging to learn more about the vendor as well as the products being displayed.

Compare the price with the prices been displayed by other vendors or on prices displayed on other sites, with this, you can be certain of not playing into the waiting hands of con artists.

­3. Check Vendor Integrity

This is a similar point to the one raised above about reviews, only that in this instance you should research the ratings of the vendor and not the quality of the product up for sell. You should be satisfied with the seller integrity before placing an order.

4. Check for Guarantees

Genuine vendors offer genuine  guarantees in different forms which may include on-time delivery, money-back guarantee, domestic returns, and guaranteed genuine. They don’t necessarily apply to a seller’s entire catalog, so check carefully for the item you’re about to purchase.

You should also note the full item description, including the type of product (original, unused, mildly used and refurbished, replica), accepted payment options, delivery time, etc.

5. Check Received Orders

After placing orders and having your orders delivered to you, I encourage you to check the items carefully to ensure its in good condition. Especially when you order more than one item, Some sellers are fond of mixing broken items with good ones and this is a form of fraud.

If notice any broken item among the list of your orders, please file a complaint and make preparations to return the order.

How safe is it to use Credit Card on AliExpress

How safe is it to use credit card on Aliexpress? This is one of the FAQ about the platform. I can categorically say it is safe to use credit card on Aliexpress because of the level of user protection the platform has in place.

AliExpress uses SSL, a type of security tools that guarantee the protection of users. This type of protection is popular with websites and it is hardly penetrated by fraud stars.

Are you concerned about sellers been privy to bank details? You don’t need to worry about this as all card details entered for orders cannot be seen by vendors.

Details of transactions are handled by Aliexpress so sellers don’t have access to your credit card details.

So I can I boldly reiterate it is completely safe to enter your card details on Aliexpress wnile placing orders.

Is AlieExpress Legit or Scam?

I believe having read my AliExpress review to this point, you probably understand the platform is Legit and not scam. The ecommerce was created in 2010 as a subsidiary of the Alibaba Group owned majorly by the Chinese billionaire, Jack Ma.

The site is legit and most product displayed for sell are legit and of high quality although some con artist find their way once in a while to display fraudulent articles for sell on the site. Please note that this common with other online retailers.

Tips for Buying Quality products on AliExpress

Some Chinese vendors are fond of putting up goods with inferior quality up for sell so I thought I my guide you with tips on how to avoid inferior and counterfeit goods on the platform.

1. Don’t Buy Branded Goods

Avoid buying some Chinese branded products on Aliexpress. Chinese branded goods are invariably counterfeits and inferior qualities. Even worst is the fact these products are often seized by customs and never made to the customers.

Ensure you buy only Chinese goods produced by reputable companies with high ratings.

2. Be mindful of Storage and Memory components

Some Chinese companies are quick to doctor the memory and storage capacities of their products.

Take, for instance, there have been wide reports of some memory cards displaying 64GB having only 32GB capacity. This sort of fraud is prevalent in some Chinese companies.

To avoid been scammed by these vendors, you have to ensure you are buying from trusted sellers.

3. Use Alitools for Aliexpress Sellers Safety Check

Lastly, before making purchase on the site, you should make use of Alitools to check the integrity of the seller. Alitools is a concept put in place by the company to curb fraudulent activities by sellers. If you found out that a particular seller is fraudulent please report such seller to Aliexpress to save other potential customers from becoming victims.


I hope my AliExpress review answers all your questions about the company? I hope this article answers the question is Aliexpress legit or Scam? The platform is legit despite some flaws as with other companies.

So to make your first order at Aliexpress, you can make your way to the site by clicking the link


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