Techsupportangel Reviews: Honest Discoveries from users

We can never overestimate the import of reviews in subscribing to a new product. It just saves your ass right on time. That holds for Techsupportangel reviews too, it saved a few smart persons the stress of money-loss and will save you same as well.

But most importantly, however, the knowledge will open up your mind to the necessity of seeking out users reviews of a product before signing up for same. No smart client ever signs up for a product without first reading through real-users opinions of their user experience.

Since I discovered the goodness of reviews, I’ve become near obsessed with reviewing every product especially ones from online stores or marketers.

My reason is simple, as long as genuine innovators exist, dishonest and fraudulent ones exist equally; if not more in number than the honest ones even.

What binds both together is that they’re all out to make money from their ideas, and that’s where you, I and reviews come in. If we must subscribe to new ideas and products, then we must meticulously go through reviews of these products.

Thus, in this post, I will show you honest discoveries from users of the product and you will know whether or not the product is scam.

What is Techsupportangel?

Techsupportangel is a US-based tech support company that claims to provide technology services to consumers; whether routine support for businesses or troubleshooting a problem at home.

There has been agitations that the tech support company is a scam and does not provide tech solutions to tech users; but rather infects users’ computers with malware, etc.

TechSupportAngel has a consumer rating of 2.33 stars from 3 reviews. this is an indicator that most customers are generally dissatisfied with their purchases. TechSupportAngel ranks 110th among Tech Support sites.

Though We have been unable to reach the company through any means to verify or rebut the claims, nor done so via any other means; however, we discovered that only 1% of users think the site is credible.

What does tech support mean?

As defined by Wikipedia, Technical support (tech support) refers to services that entities provide to users of technology products or services. In general, technical support creates solutions via products or services, rather than providing training or other support services.

Most companies offer technical support for the services or products they sell, either included in the cost or for an additional fee. Tech support may be delivered by phone, e-mail, live support software, live chat or website, or other tools where users can lay complaints.

Larger organizations frequently have internal technical support available to their staff for computer-related problems. In addition, some fee-based service companies charge for premium technical support services.

How do you start your own IT support business?

Firstly and most importantly, be a tech guru. To start a tech support business, you MUST know how to provide tech solutions.

In addition, here are basic steps to starting up your own tech support business;

  1. Plan your Business
  2. Form a legal entity
  3. Register for taxes
  4. Open a business bank account & credit card
  5. Set up business accounting Obtain necessary permits and licenses
  6. Get Business Insurance
  7. Define your brand
  8. Establish your Web Presence

Techsupportangel Reviews: Is it Scam or Legit?

One red flag the Techsupportangel raises for me is the worrying fact that it has no legit website at the moment. This or another cover page is what you find when you search:

The unavailability of a proper site by the company may be because the company had to shut the site down owing to complaints from users. Also, apart from the reviews by users, there is no trace of the company’s existence on the internet. What we discovered is just the domain of the site.

However, some review sites offered some insight into the reliability on not of the company and its services.‘s analysis on the site sums as 1 year 7 months old. Also, it estimates the website at $ 8.95 with a daily income of around $ 0.15. As no active threats were reported recently by users, is SAFE to browse.

Trust Mamma‘s algorithm gives the review of a score. Basing their rating rating the data gathered about the site on the internet such as the country in which the website is hosted, if an SSL certificate is used and reviews found on other websites.

The rating of indicates that the site may be either safe or a scam. However, they cannot guarantee that the site is a scam. Many websites look legit but are in fact fake. Before you shop at a site you do not know, check for yourself.

Below is all the data they were able to find which may help you review whether or not is a reliable website or a fraud.

Though the above sites appear reluctant to name Techsupportangel as a scam, I, however, believe the company is a scam and thus not legit.

How Can I Recognize a Scam

I would quickly say, “to recognize a scam, you should look out for characteristics of scammers, like how pointless their praise of rheir product may be often: the extreme exaggeration of returns or the output on/of their product usage respectively, etc.

Unfortunately, I can say this quickly because, a plethora of scammers are technically advanced and may like pay more attention to details than even the very authentic innovators.

So here’s a little checklist that should enable you identify and recognise a scam;

  • Too Good To Be True; be very wary of offers that are overt (very exaggerated), they’re hardly the real deal. As a matter of fact, Good money NEVER come cheap!
  • Also, check out the social media links; can lead to certain information that will prove the product ingenuine.
  • Check the small print (Terms & Policies) very meticulously.
  • Are brand names (mis)used?
  • Does it have a working Trustmark?
  • Check the domain name
  • Check the domain age, truth is; the longer a site has been around, the higher the probability of its genuineness. Of course, what I mean by “longer” here is from about 5yrs and counting.
  • Are reviews reliable? Basically, most scam sites fake reviews on their site. Here’s what you should do, get third party opinions. Search for reviews independent of their website.
  • Visit company registries
  • Is communication secured?
  • Are safe payment methods offered?
  • Who delivers the product?
  • Not sure? Contact the webshop
  • Still not satisfied? Don’t do it then!

How Do I Get Money my Back From a Scammer?

If you realize that you have been scammed, well, firstly, don’t despair! The first action is simply asking for a refund. This is the first and simplest way to decide whether you are dealing with a legitimate business or a scammer. Unfortunately, it’s not easy demanding your money back from a scammer.

If you are in fact dealing with scammers, the process (and the chance) to get your money back varies. It depends on the type of payment you used.

If you use a bank transaction, (that is, via credit or debit card), the bank can help you track where the money is moved to and can even further put a lien on the account in the eventuality that the money is still in the designated account.

If you use Paypal or similar credible platforms, I am certain there are recovery procedures on their sites. For Paypal, you can file a dispute within 180 calendar days of your purchase.

Consequently, here are the conditions to file a dispute:

  • The simplest situation is that you ordered from an online store and it has not arrived. In this case, this is what PayPal states:
    “If your order never shows up and the seller can’t provide proof of shipment or delivery, you’ll get a full refund. It’s that simple.”
  • The scammer has sent you a completely different item. For example, you ordered a PlayStation 4 but instead received only a Playstation controller. 
  • The condition of the item was misrepresented on the product page. This could be the item was stated as brand new, yet has obvious signs of use.
  • The item is missing parts or features and this was not disclosed. For example, you purchase a shelf including all screws for assembly, yet on arrival, these are not included.
  • The product you received is a counterfeit version that was sold as genuine.  

How To Report a Scam

Alert your family and friends about the product by sharing it via social media. You may also report the scammers to the Federal Trade Commission officially by using this link: Report To The FTC Here

How To Prevent Scam and Fraud

By verifying the authenticity of a product before subscribing for same. Sites like the Scam Adviser, specifically review and expose scams as the Techsupportangel. 

Furthermore, they also do reviews of such products to enable users to understand why the said products are not authentic.

Never fail to visit credible websites like TheWealthCircle and Scam Adviser to read up honest reviews of products before subscribing to them.

Honest Discoveries from users of Techsupportangel

Though we have not been able to gather more reviews from other users, 3 out of 4 users of Techsupportangel do not relive their experience with the company. This for us goes to show that the site is a scam and should be avoided at all costs.

Here is the exact experience of users;

Review by Cant S. 2 years ago

“LOL, just another shady Indian call center that now pretends to be a courier service delivering packages to get someone on the phone. DO NOT BELIEVE ANYTHING THEY SAY. just hang up and save yourself time. I’ve found numerous scam reviews of this number on other sites.”2

Review by lshogren 2 years ago

“On my husband’s computer a pop-up told him his computer had a virus and he needed to call to get support. They convinced him this was a legitimate company and he purchased a lifetime subscription for their assistance.

When his computer started having more problems it was detected by another computer company that the work was fraudulent and the first company infected his computer with viruses.”

Review by Jeff M. 4 years ago

“Just don’t believe all the negative comments. They have done a very great job on my computer.

They got rid of the virus that was in my computer for 3 months which a local technician also could not solve; but right now the computer is running so fine and I got free from all the infections on it and it’s running in a lightning speed, also I get a call from these friendly technicians each month for checking the computer and also they have fixed the printer.

If you come up with this company, go ahead and subscribe to their cheap plans without any doubt which can take care of your machine for a longer time.”

Review by Shesh K. 5 years ago

“This company is scamester. they fool the innocent old and poor people who is having little information the computer. they tell them that ” they got the message from your computer it is been infected with virus” and they pretend that they Microsoft company.

They the access the computer and they Show the ERROR and Waring in msconfig stating that there is infection in the computer and to remove the infection you have to buy our service.. They take the money out of it…….. you guys for real terrorist”


Without doubt, Techsupportangel is a SCAM, thus you shouldn’t even bother with subscribing to their offers. For one, such products are often a bad idea, they may additionally come with malware and viruses that can damage your computer, and steal your sensitive information.

Whenever you see something that makes promises of easy money or free money, it’s a big red flag and a warning that you should stay away from it.

Realistically, to make money ain’t always an easy-sweet process, it takes constant effort from your side, plenty of patience, and consistency at doing the right things

Finally, never forget to check reviews from other users before subscribing for any new product. It saves from a lot of heartaches.


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