10 Best Alternatives To Google Voice

Are you on the lookout for alternatives to Google voice for your small business? Then you should definitely read this article.

We shall discuss the voice-over-internet protocol, generally known as VoIP, in this article. We’ve also included information about Google Voice alternatives. We’ve included several tools that can be used to replace Google Voice in this article. 

Both open-source (free) and commercial (paid) software options are on the Google Voice alternatives list. Goggle voice is a virtual phone service with voicemail, call forwarding, text, voice messaging, and call termination for Google Account users. 

It does, however, have some limitations. You can’t make emergency calls with seven digits, for example. Aside from that, the program has a complex multimedia messaging capability. 

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How To Choose The Best Alternatives To Google Voice

Is the Google Voice tool failing to meet your needs? Then you should consider using alternatives to Google voice. The things to consider should be tailored to your specific corporate communication needs. As a result, before investing in a new software solution, you should conduct your research.

You must be aware of the characteristics that will be necessary and the quantity of money that will be spent. If you don’t know what criteria to consider when choosing a VoIP provider, you should figure out your operating requirements on your own. 

You must know how much money your company may spend monthly and what type of phone number it will use. It also needs to see if you need to make regular overseas calls or if you want to use a call routing service. Whether in-house or distributed remotely, your workforce’s location is also a factor to consider. It is also a necessary feature if you want audio and video functionality. 

You should be aware of any other tools that you intend to use. You can purchase as soon as you thoroughly understand these features and tools. To begin, you must determine the type of VoIP service you desire. There are three distinct service models available— 

#1. VoIP:

Only telephone functions are available with these VoIP solutions. Calling, voicemail, call forwarding, and caller ID are among the basic features available. These don’t come with any management tools. Furthermore, it lacks any calling-related features such as video or messaging.

2. VoIP with a Cloud PBX: 

These services combine VoIP with cloud PBX technology. Aside from the benefits of cloud calling, the system also includes robust routing and corporate call management tools. It has features such as auto-attendant and virtual extensions.

 3. Using VoIP with a Unified Communications System (UCS):

As part of a unified communications solution, a few VoIP options are accessible. These combine VoIP, cloud PBX, video, and messaging functionality into a single package. 

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Ten Best Alternatives To Google Voice in 2022 

Google was the number one platform for serving the requirements and needs of business owners as the number of digital products and services grew by the day. With time, a plethora of additional solutions has become available. Here are some of the best alternatives to Google Voice to consider if you want to make the switch. 

1. Skype: 

Skype is one of the most popular alternatives to Google Voice and communication platforms that can be the ideal option for Google Voice consumers. The first thing that springs to mind when you read or hear the term Voice over IP (VoIP) is Skype because it is one of the best VoIP communication tools available. Using Skype to send photographs and videos is a breeze.

With the help of this excellent application, users may send text messages, attach files, and contact their loved ones via video and phone calls. Skype is on the right track, thanks to Microsoft’s support and more than 300 million users.

2. Grasshopper:

Grasshopper may appear a pricey alternative to Google Voice, but it is well worth the money. Users can choose a local, toll-free, or vanity number, depending on their preferences, with Grasshopper’s extensive phone system. And, if you’re worried that 800 numbers are becoming obsolete in the modern world, Grasshopper has you covered with their new 844 number series. 

A 7-day free trial of Grasshopper is available. Furthermore, the Grasshopper mobile application is futuristic in style. It includes advanced functions such as mobile fax signatures, voicemail transcriptions copied to email, faxes converted to PDFs and emailed, and more.

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3. WhatsApp:

In terms of call management and conference calls, sole traders or small enterprises are just starting to look for free or low-cost choices. On the other hand, they do not wish to use Google Voice. 

WhatsApp is an attractive solution for many business people to utilize this free program on their cellphones. It is another alternative to Google Voice that has risen in popularity. After installing it on your phone, you can share messages files such as documents and movies and make free calls to other people who have the app.

4. Text Free: 

If you’re willing to use Google Voice to get a second phone number, you’ll enjoy this app. It’s a free program that lets you choose a phone number with a specific area code. Then you can easily make calls or send text messages to other numbers. You can use the app as a second phone with a different phone number. 

It allows consumers to watch advertisements to receive additional minutes on their accounts. Although it takes longer than Google Voice, the app is an excellent alternative to Google voice. It is, nevertheless, a good choice for individuals who do not use Google Voice and can sign up

5. Line:

LINE is a popular alternative to Google Voice and instant messaging software developed by a Japanese app development business that has increased in popularity. Its user base is rapidly expanding, and users can send and receive messages in various formats, including text, photographs, videos, and more. 

Cross-platform support means that customers may always communicate with their loved ones, regardless of whatever device they use. Making phone calls, video calls, and sending voice messages is straightforward with LINE. If your family members use LINE, you should test out its outstanding features and explore the platform as well.

6. VirtualPBX:

VirtualPBX is similar to Grasshopper in that it provides a complete virtual phone system with the option of a local, toll-free, or vanity number, depending on the user’s preferences. In addition, VirtualPBX provides 800 numbers.  

Furthermore, the VirtualPBX iPhone and Android app is well-designed and includes advanced capabilities such as mobile fax signatures, voicemail transcriptions copied to email, faxes converted to PDFs and emailed, and more.

Aside from these, it has standard features such as an auto-attendant, greetings, remote capabilities, employee extension numbers, adding agents/departments, and more. Price Range: VirtualPBX’s Essentials Plan, which costs $19.99 per month and includes unlimited continental US/Canada minutes, is the most affordable option.

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7. MightyCall:

MightyCall is an alternative to Google Voice that features something for everyone, whether you’re an individual or a business. This virtual phone system is highly efficient at keeping people in touch with their loved ones and companies in touch with their consumers. 

Client requests used to be a pain in the neck for organizations, but that is no longer the case when you have MightyCall on your side. A toll-free and a local number will be assigned to all MightyCall accounts. 

All you need to do is share your MightyCall number with the person you want to connect with, and the connection will be established in minutes. MightyCall allows users to make free calls to anyone from anywhere. 

8. Phonebooth:

Phonebooth is an excellent alternative to Google Voice and a communication tool to redirect your phone calls to other landline or mobile numbers. It’s a web-based phone system that allows you to forward all calls to any mobile or landline number you like. 

With the help of Phonebooth, users will receive a free phone number that they can use and share with their business connections to build a communication channel. If you dig a little further, you might find that this software has many useful features. Phonebooth is a cloud-based communication platform that is solely available on the web for organizations that require call routing. 

9. Telzio:

Telzio is a cloud-based company phone solution that is highly cost-effective. However, the company has ensured that it includes all of the capabilities that modern businesses and professionals require without costing a fortune. Companies can obtain their own US phone number for one dollar per month. 

Telzio provides unlimited extensions, unlimited calls, and SIP accounts in addition to the US number. It is a pay-as-you-go service with charges for calls, but it is well worth it for new enterprises. Every employee can have their extension, which contributes to the professional decorum of the company, with infinite extensions accessible for free. The cheapest package starts at $50 per month for 1,000 free minutes and unlimited users. 

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10. Microsoft Teams:

If you are a frequent Microsoft user, the app is ideal. The software costs $5.00, to begin with. This platform has unquestionably grown in popularity since the last pandemic. It has become one of the most helpful internet platforms for group communication. Even though Zoom and Google Meet have an entirely new audience, the platform has impressed us. 

Every week, Microsoft continues to add new features. All of the components have been seamlessly integrated by the teams. Things can be simple if you run a business in the Windows ecosystem. It is reasonably priced, starting at $5 per month. Furthermore, the software includes a free commercial tier. 


We’ve shown you in this article that Google Voice isn’t the only VoIP alternative available. With their excellent features, integrations, and pricing options, there are a lot of friendly Google voice alternatives. In this piece, I’ve covered the best options for Google voice. After using these capabilities, you may wonder why you choose Google Voice in the first place. 

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The following are some of the aspects to consider: 

  • The call’s quality
  • Compatibility.
  • IVR (interactive voice response) function.
  • Feature for multimedia messaging.
  • Customer service that is dedicated. 

There are certain limits to Google Voice. You can’t make emergency calls with seven digits. There’s a problem with call quality and dependability. There’s no business caller ID, and there are issues with porting a landline or VoIP number. This tool also offers a complex multimedia messaging feature. 

The Lightweight Directory Access Protocol (LDAP) can connect your corporate directory (LDAP). The Open phone app is a Google Voice replacement to record your professional voicemail. You can display your company’s cell phone number on websites like Google, Facebook, and others without receiving spam calls. 

Freshcaller is a Google Voice replacement that provides toll-free and local phone numbers in over 90 countries. It comes with a lot of call forwarding and routing options. Freshcaller, on the other hand, has a multitude of hidden costs and does not offer text messaging or unlimited calling. Furthermore, client service appears to be a significant issue. 



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