15 Best Affiliate Programs For Beginners | Full Guide

Affiliate Marketing is undoubtedly one of the best ways to make money online. Many people believe it is a quick and inexpensive method to make cash.

Of course! You can make good money through affiliate marketing without the hassle of actually selling a product. In fact, you can even make money while you sleep; if only you find the program that is right for you.

Finding the right affiliate program can be a daunting experience. Whether you want to use it as your main source of income or passive income, it is not an easy task to get the programs that serve both your readers and your business. 

Don’t get me wrong, affiliate programs can be found on almost every corner of the Internet but, not every affiliate program is created to serve the same purpose.

However, choosing the wrong program can potentially be a waste of time, whereas the right one can set you on the road to financial freedom.

If you’re considering signing up for an affiliate network, you are going to benefit a lot from this piece. We have put together the best affiliate programs for beginners. We will also guide you on how to select the program that suits your demand.

What is Affiliate Marketing?

Affiliate Marketing is a process by which an individual (affiliate) earns a commission for marketing another person’s or company’s products. You get paid (commission) for referring new clients and customers to other businesses, products, or services. You can start affiliate marketing even without a website.

How Do I Choose The Best Affiliate Programs For Beginners

Before you signup for any affiliate network, you need to be able to source out affiliate offers that are beneficial to both you and your audience.

How exactly can one know the best affiliate programs, and what separates the good from the bad?

Here are the top things to consider when deciding between the best.

  • Look out for Merchants in your niche: Networks like eBay specialize in handmade items, personalized products, or vintage goods specific verticals like fashion, beauty products, and home goods, while others like Surfshark; a vpn affiliate, may have more B2B brands and business merchants
  • Easy to Use: This should be a deciding factor for whatever affiliate programs you choose.
  • High paying merchants: When searching for an affiliate program that matches your niche, also look out for the commission rates. An average affiliate commissions range is from 5-30%.
  • Point Of Contact: Always look out for the kind of support you’ll get before you sign up for any affiliate program.
  • High levels of customer support: All affiliate networks provide some level of support but, some are better than others. Therefore, it’s advisable you check the network’s features and reviews before you dive into the platform.
  •  Ensure they are 100% free: Setting up an affiliate account is free. Do not pay any fee to join. Affiliates

Now that you know what to look for when choosing a network, you can now comfortably choose the one you consider the best shot for your niche.

Best Affiliate Marketing Programs For Beginners

Below are the best affiliate marketing programs for beginners. These programs will give you the best chance for early success. Carefully choose the one that best

#8.  Ultimate Bundles

Ultimate Bundles one of the highly recommended affiliate programs for beginners. They offer up to 40% commission on sales. They also feature a second-tier affiliate program, where you can refer other people to promote the bundles, and you get a portion of the sales they generate.

As an Ultimate Bundles affiliate, you have access to trainings, webinars, sales planners, and tips for increasing your conversion rates.

#7. Fiverr 

Fiverr is known for selling digital services like WordPress installations and backlink building. They recently feature lifestyle services like arts and crafts, tarot readings, or even relationship advice.

Fiverr affiliate programs is highly recommended for beginners. It takes just a few seconds to enter your name, email address and choose a password and you will always have something to sell.

Affiliates earn up to a $150 CPA for every first-time buyer or up to $1,000 per sale with their $10 CPA/10% revshare hybrid model.

#6. eBay

eBay Afilliate Network actively welcomes beginners. They feature millions of products for sale with relatively high commission rates, ranging up to 70% per sale.

One good thing about eBay is that they provide tools to affiliates for easy promotion of their products. They can help you in regards to what product you want to promote. You can receive payments via PayPal.

eBay is indeed a great place for brand new affiliates to start out, usually in conjunction with the Amazon Associates Program.

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#5. Etsy 

Etsy is an affiliate program for those interested in handmade items, personalized products or vintage goods. Esty is highly recommended for beginners because it has clean, modern interface with easy navigation. You can support independent product creators (micro-businesses) when you promote Etsy.

#4. Commission Junction

CJ Affiliate is one of the oldest and best affiliate programs for beginners. They offer enormous diverse range of brands and products with an excellent support. Their affiliate link creation tools are some of the easiest to use that we’ve come across so far.

#3. Shareasale

Just like Amazon, Shareasale also offers the best affiliate marketing programs for beginners. They have a wide range of product offers and also programs that pay out $300 – $350 per sale. 

To use Shareasale, you need an active website. So make sure your site is up and running before you apply.

#2. Clickbank

Clickbank is an affiliate program that sells digital products although they recently started featuring physical products. 

They are catered toward small businesses. You can find unique products within their network that you won’t find anywhere else. Unlike the other affiliate networks, Clickbank allows you to work with suppliers directly.

#1. Amazon Associates

This is the biggest and one of the best affiliate programs for beginners. It encompasses about 12 million products ranging from books to bullhorns, and anything in between. In fact, there’s something for every audience.

Amazon Associates is highly recommended for beginners because it’s so easy to use, especially when creating your first affiliate link(s).


Affiliate marketing is not easy especially for beginners but, it is highly lucrative. Just like every other business, you need to work hard to be successful.

As a beginner, you shouldn’t jump into an affiliate program without first researching the program. No matter which one of the best affiliate program you want to join, there are a ton of different networks that will suit your demands.

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