Morningstar Review: Morningstar Premium Cost | How it Works

The value of product review is the advantage of the prior knowledge it offers you. Reviews of products and platforms like morningstar reviews will enable users to make better financial decisions without losing money.

Truth is, reviews will never fail you. Very realistically, reviews remain the best comparison of the experience of other consumers of a product, which enables you, the intending users, to determine whether or not to subscribe to the product.

In this read, I will review morningstar, state if it’s legit or not, and also highlight how its premium feature works. Accordingly, this should enable you to make better decisions about investing in the product or not.

What Is Morninstar?

Based in Chicago, and founded in 1984, Morningstar is an investment research firm. It’s considered to be one of the most influential in the industry.

The company provides ratings and other information, as well as tools, to help investors make more informed investment decisions.

Also, Morningstar is the perfect service if you believe in fundamental/value investing. 

There’s more. As an asset management company, it has more than $220 billion in assets under management.

How Does Morningstar Work?

Morningstar provides analysis and ratings of individual securities like stocks, bonds, and ETFs; but its main focus is mutual funds. The service will mainly benefit long-term, buy-and-hold investors, whose investing activities will be best served with mutual funds.

Kindly note that Morningstar Premium is a subscription service that will give investors access to detailed information on various investment types. It will also provide ratings on mutual funds to help you select the ones that will work best in your portfolio.

The service comes with screening tools to help you narrow down which funds you might want to invest in. Services are available for both free and premium accounts.

Morningstar Premium Cost; How it works

Morningstar Premium does not come cheaply. The price tag of $199 for a one-year subscription can be steep, but if you plan to use it, it can be a good value. The monthly cost is $29.95. If you go with an annual vs. a monthly plan, you can save $160. 

Two-year plans cost $349, which breaks down to $174.5 per year, and three-year plans are $449 (or $149.7 annually). If you’re not sure you will get value out of the service, there is no point in signing up for a longer plan just for the savings.

What Are The Features Of Morningstar Premium?

Morningstar is more involved in proper asset allocation, low fee investment vehicles, and investments that generate steady ROI.

Furthermore, the service provides tools and worksheets that fortify an investor or potential investor. Examples include a budget worksheet, goal planning worksheet, net worth worksheet, and personal cash flow statement.

To aid investors, they also offer a self-study course tagged “Morningstar investing classroom”. This course teaches you about; stocks, mutual funds, ETFs, bonds, and portfolio creation.

Let’s take a look at the services you can find on Morningstar

Analyst Reports

The analyst reports tool on morningstar provides a detailed summary of the views of morningstar expert analysts. It is the duty of the analysts to assess and highlight investment prospects and loopholes and compare them to Morningstar’s benchmark.

A morningstar analyst report normally comprise of;

  • Analyst Note
  • Business Strategy and Outlook
  • Economic Moat
  • Fair Value and Profit Drivers
  • Risk and Uncertainty
  • Stewardship

Business Investments and Fund Analysis

This feature on Morningstar determines what’s the best idea out of the compiled investment analysis from over 220 independent analysts.

Categories include five-star stocks, ETFs funds, high-yield bonds, core bond funds, foreign bond funds, US index funds, foreign index funds, bond index funds, “inflation fighters”, target-date funds, and starter funds.

The analysis of a fund includes a summary, followed by a look at the fund’s Process, People, Parent, Performance, and Price. The Process section for an index fund isn’t that interesting, as it just tracks the index, but it was interesting to read the People as they discuss the fund managers.

Portfolio manager

The portfolio manager lets you track your investments, evaluate your strategy and create watch lists of possible opportunities.

Consequently, this helps segment reports into the table using links to enable easier view and understanding.

Is a Morningstar subscription worth it?

The best way to decide whether Morningstar Premium is worth the cost is to launch a free 14-day trial. It will give you access to premium services so that you can assess your investments in order to determine if you are receiving enough value to warrant a subscription.

Is Morningstar Legit?

Morningstar is well known for its investment reports, but that doesn’t guarantee that their reviews are necessarily the most reliable. Many portfolio investment researchers rely on third-party ratings as Morningstar provides an easy way to compare investment options.

That being said, Morningstar also has a disclaimer that investors should take the company’s ratings with a grain of salt. Ratings are focused on past capital and stock performance compared to other investments in the same sector.

When investigating investment, it is often better to use a range of tools to analyze investment choices rather than depending on a single company or rating system.

Morningstar Reviews; Pros and Cons

Here is a list of pros and cons to help you determine if the service can suit your investment needs;

Well-respected – Morningstar is one of the most prestigious investment banking and valuation brands.

In the market, the firm is well known for its detailed reporting and analysis of stocks and mutual funds.
High cost – At a monthly cost of $29.95, membership of Morningstar Premium is not inexpensive.

You need to make sure that you get enough value out of your subscription to justify the cost.

Investment Analysis – Morningstar Premium is a simple way to get a rundown of your investment and evaluate your portfolio.

It will also allow you to study and compare investments based on different parameters and find similar funds.

This can help you make the right investment decision for your situation.

Strong mutual fund emphasis – The premium edition shines with mutual fund research and comparison but is not as effective for comparing ETFs, individual stocks, or bonds.

The free basic version may serve your needs only fine if you’re not planning to invest in mutual funds.

Quick research – One of the key benefits of the Morningstar Premium service is all the excellent research and analysis to help you make better investment decisions.

It saves you time to study and compare a number of funds and stocks before deciding where to invest.
Ranking reliability – As with any operation or study, always take a grade with a grain of salt.

The same applies to Morningstar analyst ratings. You may use them as a starting point, but they might not be reliable for investors who have an investment period of more than 10 years.

Investment software – The premium edition provides a broad range of tools and reports to help you compare funds, stocks, and ETFs.

This will support new investors who are still trying to get a grip on stock analysis and comparison.
Clunky gui – The Portfolio X-ray functionality of Morningstar Premium will have trouble importing Quicken files.

There are other less cumbersome solutions that cost less and have a better experience.
Morningstar reviews; Pros and Cons


Morningstar Premium membership provides a wealth of knowledge and is a must for any investor junkie. The annual fee is $199, and the expense is well worth it.

You’ll easily recover your annual fee and you’ll be motivated to make even smarter investment decisions. Additionally, you can try your service free of charge for 14 days without any obligation.

Morningstar’s service is like an investment consultant, without costly fees. You may also sign up for their free service, which excludes premium options.

Finally, as I always emphasize for my readers, reviews from credible third-party sites will save you a plethora of headaches on any product. Never underestimate the power of users’ reviews before signing up for a product or service.

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