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Preparing for the coming of a baby can be a joyful but difficult task for an expecting mother. With numerous options of baby registry sites, it can be a bit difficult for you to narrow your search down to one or two.

The choice of the best baby registry site can vary from person to person; one expectant mother may appreciate an easy-to-use app or website, while another might prefer a baby registry that offers compelling free samples or discounts.

Before deciding to register for a baby, it can be helpful to create a registration list for your baby so that you know exactly what you need.

Other factors you may want to consider include ease of use, affordability, and whether you can add products from other retailers to your registry.

So, if you are seeking to have more information on the best baby registry sites, then stick to this writing to the end and obtain all the information you need.

Why do you need baby registry?

Creating a baby registry is fun and exciting, and totally mind-blowing. It feels like there are a million baby items to choose from, and narrowing down which store (or stores) to use be daunting.

After all, you want your choices to be convenient and fall within everyone’s budget while also including everything you want and need for your new baby. Regardless of how excited you are, preparing for the arrival of your baby is a big job.

It’s important to remember that there are people in your life who want to help you prepare. While asking for gifts can be uncomfortable at first, registering is the easiest way to lead people to the products you actually want and need for your baby.

How to choose the Best Baby Registry for you

When choosing a baby registry (or registries – some parents-to-be create more than one!) It is important to consider the following features and incentives:

  • Return Policy. Sometimes a gift just doesn’t fit. How easy will it be to go back through registration? Especially if you are caring for a new-born baby, you want this process to be easy and the time frame generous.
  • Brand diversity. Some registries offer a variety of brand names for each product, while others stick to their own brand and a few others. Before committing, consider how important brand names are to you and whether they are available in a registry.
  • Group gift. Big ticket items like cots and strollers can get expensive. Therefore, it helps when your friends and family have the opportunity to share a bigger gift together.
  • Giveaways. When you start a registration, some companies send you a welcome gift with a few freebies so you can get to know the brands that they carry.
  • Closing Discounts. As you near your baby’s estimated arrival date, many registers are giving you a discount so you can buy any remaining gifts on your Wishlist. The conditions for this vary from company to company.
  • Personal Note. When you receive a gift, does the registry tell you who it is from? Are you being asked to send a thank you letter? Small details like these help you keep track when it comes to gift tags.
  • Universal registration. The term “universal registration” means that you can add items from other retailers to your registration page. It allows for more customization and brand diversity in your registry.

Best Baby Registry Sites

You want to make sure you are getting everything your new baby needs, so you need to register properly. This is where you can find the best baby registries (both online and in-store), as well as all of the fantastic benefits they offer.

#1. Amazon Baby Registry

If you’re looking for an all-in-one registry that offers a wide variety of baby equipment items, from large to small items, Amazon is an obvious choice. Amazon’s prices are very competitive and its shipping policies are among the best.

Get free shipping when you spend more than $35, while Amazon Prime members get free 2-day shipping on all Prime-eligible items.

As if that wasn’t enticing enough, Amazon also lets you add gifts from any other website so you can create your own universal baby registration.

Amazon also has phenomenal customer service and it’s super easy to return or exchange items within 90 days. They also offer a free welcome box when you start your registration and a 15 percent discount for completing your registration.

#2. Walmart Baby Registry

Walmart is best known for its affordability. With 5,000+ stores across the country and an easy-to-use website, you can’t beat it for simplicity. With a huge selection of baby items, you can easily complete your entire registration.

When you register, you will receive a free welcome box with vouchers and samples. Walmart also offers a price match guarantee on baby items from most retailers, including Target, Amazon, and Kohl’s.

#3. Babylist

If you’re looking for the ease and simplicity of a universal registry, make sure to check out Babylist. By registering on Babylist, you can choose your favorite baby items from several stores and put them together in a practical registration.

You can even register for unique, handcrafted items that can be found on sites like Etsy, but not from major retailers.

With Babylist, family and friends can register for services such as extra meals, pet care, or anything else they may need help with while you are in the hospital or taking care of your new-born.

When you start your registration, you will receive a Hello Baby sample box containing up to $160 worth of samples, coupons, and other extras.

#4. Target Baby Registry

With 1,800+ stores in the US and free shipping on online orders over $35, Target is a convenient and popular option for your friends and family to purchase baby gifts.

From car seats and baby slings to clothing and bedding, Target offers a wide variety of branded and affordable baby products. This makes it an excellent choice if you are looking for an all-in-one baby registration.

Registration allows family and friends to purchase a single gift so you are more likely to receive some of the big-ticket items on your list.

Once registered, visit guest services at a store and collect your welcome bag, filled with $80 worth of coupons, samples, and other goodies.

Before your due date, you will receive a coupon that will give you a 15% discount on any data remaining in your registration, as well as anything else you might want to add.

#5. MyRegistry.com

If you can’t decide where to register, or you know you are dying to want baby items from different stores, consider MyRegistry.com, a universal registration.

This website allows you to add gifts from any store in the world, even if it doesn’t have a website. It’s easy to do with the “Add to MyRegistry” button that you can place on your bookmarks bar and then just click to add items.

When shopping at a store, simply scan a product’s barcode or take a picture using the MyRegistry app with your smartphone to add items to your registry.

You can also sync your baby registers in other stores so that friends and family can see all of your selections at the same time. Also, you can still enjoy some of the post-baby discount perks such as completion discounts from those retailers.

MyRegistry.com also allows you to tastefully register for cash gifts in case you’re trying to save up for a nursery renovation or college tuition.

#6. BuyBuy BABY

With its large selection, BuyBuy Baby has developed into the point of contact for an all-in-one store for baby products.

With a huge selection of products from strollers and diaper bags to breast pumps and bottles, BBB is perfect for parents-to-be of twins who have a long list of essential baby items.

When you are overwhelmed with all of the options, you can schedule an in-store appointment with one of the store’s registration advisors who will guide you through the business and your decisions.

When you register you will receive a bag with samples and coupons.

BBB also offers a price match guarantee. Since it is a sister company of Bed Bath & Beyond, the popular 20 percent discount vouchers from this business are redeemed.

Other fantastic benefits include the BBB sales discount of 15 percent and the right to return up to 90 days after the due date, even if you don’t have a gift receipt.

#7. Pottery Barn Kids Baby Registry

If a stylish nursery and adorable baby decor are high on your priority list, Pottery Barn Kids is a great choice for baby registration.

Their high quality, beautiful collections are a little more expensive than some other retailers, but they are very functional and durable.

With organic bed linen and Greenguard Gold-certified furniture, PBK offers products that you can feel comfortable with when you walk into your baby’s nursery.

And if you love bespoke keepsakes, there are plenty of blankets, bags, towels, and other items that offer personalization.

Pottery Barn Kids baby registration gives you a 20 percent discount six months after your baby’s due date.

#8. Crate & Kids Baby Registry

Crate & Barrels Crate & Kids has a huge selection of unique and stylish baby equipment and is another fantastic choice for chic nursery decor and furniture.

Although they only have about 40 stores in Crate & Barrels nationwide, their website is easy to use and convenient.

Popular registration items are trendy diaper bags, delightful bed linen, playmats, as well as high-quality, durable cots, rockers, and other baby furniture.

Once your baby arrives, you have three months to receive a 15 percent discount on the remaining items in your registry.

#9. Plumfund Babyfund

Plumfund was launched by the founders of Honeyfund.com, a crowdfunding website for honeymoon registries, and deals with other stages of life such as starting a family.

The Babyfund option helps parents-to-be sign up for financial assistance to reduce the cost of adding another family member. From baby clothes to cloth diaper cleaning services to childcare, registrants can break down the amount of money.

#10. Kelly’s Closet baby registry

If you choose cloth diapers, it is a great idea to have a baby shower registry at Kelly’s Closet that has an incredibly wide range of cloth diapers (bumGenius, Thirsties, Smart Bottoms, GroVia) and diaper accessories.

While Kelly’s Closet also contains non-diapering goodies (including baby carriers, burp towels, safe bite toys, and natural skincare products), make no mistake about being here for the diapers.

Just a heads up where your friends and family will have to enter a password to access your baby gift list. However, you can let your guests know that they can also take orders.

Kelly’s Closet, while not offering a special discount for items that don’t come from baby registration, does offer a steady stream of coupons and promotions.


There are many options for choosing a baby registry for your baby. Find one or more that suits your needs and let users know where you are registered.

Regardless of whether or not you are having a baby shower, it is a good idea to create a baby registry.

It’s free, you get discounts and goodie boxes, and loved ones likely want to buy a gift for your little one. You can also point them in the direction you actually want or need.

The bottom line is that babies can be expensive. Registering is a great way to save money. The options listed above can help you cut costs.


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