15 Best Book Apps For iPhone | All You Need to Know

The trial and error-process of finding the best book apps for iPhones can be very tiring.

However, a good way to get yourself out of this is to search from the ones we will show you below and go with your favorite. 

There’s so much to benefit from a good book app for your iOS device; we will show you some of them in this article.

Although they all have different user experiences, that’s not something to worry about because you’d surely find one that resonates with you.

You know, physical books can be very heavy and inconvenient to carry around unlike ebooks, hence the importance of having book apps for iPhone on your iOS device.

It doesn’t matter if you’re a newbie in reading or one reading enthusiast, these apps will go a long way and save you the energy of carrying physical books around.

So, here are the best book apps for iPhone that I’ve tried. 

15 Best Book Apps for iPhone | 2023

The following are the best book apps for iPhone in 2023. You can try them out and choose the one that best suits your book-reading needs.

1. Apple Books

Apple Books is at the top of our list of best book apps for iPhone. Previously known as iBooks, Apple Books is our top pick for this list.

When seeking a book app for your iPhone device from which you can purchase audiobooks and ebooks, then this app would be your best choice.

Apple Books gives you a variety of books to choose from a range of categories – non-fiction, comics, fiction, etc, hence one of its outstanding features.

Following the app’s recent update, some new features were added – an automatic night theme, a “Reading Now” section that displays a collection of books you want to purchase, and enhanced library management.

With its easy-to-use interface, you can easily navigate through the built-in bookstore, homepage, purchased books, wish list, and several other functions in the app. The homepage shows you an array of the newest books.

If you’re an ardent reader who sets reading goals, then Apple Books will also greatly help you because the app allows you to set timely reading goals and reminders.

In addition, it gives you the flexibility to add your PDFs and books to the app and share books including audiobooks to your family members. That’s pretty amazing. And guess what! The app goes for free.

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2. Amazon Kindle

As the most advanced book app for iPhone, Amazon Kindle has stayed on top of its game since its inception.

At Amazon Kindle you don’t just get ebooks alone; they also provide you with magazines and newspapers from around the world.

Doubling up as an audiobook, it lets you toggle between reading ebooks and listening to them as audiobooks.

Although the audiobook aspect goes for a fee. Like Amazon Books, the app also allows you to add ebooks from your device. 

Meanwhile, your ability to adjust the font size, background colors, and brightness makes Amazon Kindle a lot more fun and interesting to use.

It is one of the many book apps for iPhone that’s free, but it offers a subscription plan called Kindle Unlimited which gives you limitless access to millions of ebooks.

Interestingly, you can always start from wherever you left off, regardless of how many books you were reading.

Moreover, you can get free access to a thousand magazines, books, comics, etc if you’re a member of Amazon Prime.

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3. Libby

Are you a book lover who finds it more convenient to read in the library? Then, there’s a digital library from which you can access ebooks. Libby is a digital library from which you can borrow books (audiobooks and ebooks) using your iOS device. 

So, if you’re a member of any library, you can borrow books from these libraries using the Libby app.

Libby works with OverDrive and over 40,000 libraries across 40 countries are connected to OverDrive. All you need to access this library is your library card(s).

You can also have access to as many libraries so long as you have the library cards. This is one special feature that Libby has over other book apps for iPhone.

Libby also allows you to download books for reading offline. The app also displays a catalog containing your loans from all libraries, hence another amazing feature of the Libby app. It also has a send to Kindle feature.

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4. Blinkist

Are you a busy bee with a tight schedule that barely gives you time to read books? Then Blinkist is the right iPhone book app for you.

As the name implies, Blinkist allows you to blink through books by providing you with their 15-minute read summaries.

These summaries come from different categories (health, education, career, entrepreneurship, leadership, etc) to help boost your personal development.

The app allows you to toggle seamlessly between its text and audio modes. It also features book recommendations, offline mode, and synchronization to Evernote.

While Blinkist offers you summaries from over 3000 books, you can also get a full-length book but this will come at a discounted price. 

This app is a must-have for busy bees intentional about personal development.

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5. Scribd

Due to its variation in reading materials (ebooks, magazines, audiobooks, etc), Scribd has won a spot on our list of book apps for iPhone.

With its easy-to-navigate user interface, you can choose from millions of bestselling titles depending on what you want to read. 

This “Netflix of books” offers a free 30-day trial; however, if you want to get the most out of this app you will need to purchase the premium membership plan which is sold at $8.99 monthly.

With a premium membership plan, you can have limitless access to magazines, audiobooks, newspapers, academic materials, documents, etc.

The app also lets you download books to read offline, bookmark pages, add notes, adjust background colors and font size, and switch between vertical and horizontal page views.

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6. Google Play Books

Its versatility makes it stand out from other book apps. Google Play Books is not just an app, it can also be accessed from your web browser, which makes it more beneficial to you.

As one of the top online book apps for iPhone, Google Play Books synchronizes your books, and you do not require any subscription to use Google Play Books.

It supports CarPlay, too, meaning you can play with your books while driving your car.

This app also provides translations (powered by Google Translate). Its ability to translate more than 100 languages is a striking feature over other book apps for iPhone.

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7. Wattpad

Are you a lover of romance stories, fantasy, adult and science fiction, comedy, or mystery? Then Wattpad should be your choicest book app for your iOS device. This app contains original and unique stories from unique authors. 

This digital treasure contains all types of genres and is easy to use. Your saved stories can be accessed from iPhone, laptop, iPad, or Kindle.

Although this is only available to those with a premium membership, Wattpad is free but the premium membership plan comes with a $5.99 monthly fee.

Wattpad is much more than what you think it is. If you like to write, this is a platform where you can develop your writing skills while connecting with other readers. 

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8. Kobo Books

Kobo Books is another online book app for iPhone. What’s more important about this book app is the variety of languages in which you can read books.

It offers a “Reading Life” service that lets you connect to a community of readers.

Another amazing feature of Kobo Books is you can read books without internet access and easily access your book library across your devices because it synchronizes them. It supports CarPlay too.

Additionally, you can customize your font size, and background colors, toggle between vertical and horizontal page scrolling, and switch between light and dark mode.

Surprisingly, Kobo Books is a book app for iPhone that’s free.

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9. QuickReader

QuickReader is not just any of the book apps for iPhone, it is quite beyond that. It’s a combination of an e-reader and a speed reader.

Are you working on improving your reading speed even as you read? Then download QuickReader.

The user-friendly app comes with various customization features. It also lets you set your speed reading goals; the app allows an average speed of 300 words per minute. In addition, you can customize the highlight box display.

QuickReader has two modes with which you can read books – Guided reading and Normal reading.

You should use guided reading if you’re working on your reading speed. In Guided reading, a section of the text is displayed and moves according to how you set the speed. However, you can return to the normal mode by tapping the text three times.

Meanwhile, QuickReader is not free. It costs $4.99 monthly.

10. Nook

This digital treasure has an online library of over 75,000 free books, including magazines, comics, and so on.

What we love most about Nook is the personalized book recommendations it offers which means you’ll never run out of ideas on books to read. 

In addition, you can adjust the fonts and font sizes, brightness, customize your page animations, margins, and so on. It has a very swift user interface.

Another Nook distinguishing feature I love is the ability to turn any read sentence into a quote card that you can share with friends and family.

You can also bookmark pages to revisit later. Nook is a highly recommended book app for your iPhone device but the sad thing is that you cannot make in-app book purchases, you can only download books from the app.

But to purchase a book from Nook, you must use a mobile web browser or PC. 

Bottom Line

Book apps are not limited to just Android devices; you can also use them on your iOS devices.

So, if you were contemplating carrying your physical books with you everywhere, we’ve relieved you of that stress by providing you with our list of book apps for iPhone.

Browse through them and select your preference. 



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