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How to Delete Apps on iPhone in 2022 | Full Guide

If you’re trying to free up space on your iPhone, clean up your home screen, spend less time on Instagram, or are concerned about protection.

Either case, you must know the right procedure to take in order to avoid unnecessary mistakes.

This guide will show you how to delete unused apps on iPhone, regardless of the iPhone iOS version you’re using.

While you may think it’s a simple process, it’s a unique case for a first time iPhone user.

To avoid running into unreconcilable mistakes, follow through with this guide as it shows you all you need to know.

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How to Delete an iPhone App on iOS 13 Devices and Older Devices 

It’s easy to delete iPhone apps from older devices.

To begin:

  • Click and hold (“long press”) any app on the home screen that includes the app you want to disable before it jiggles.
  • Any third-party applications you’ve downloaded will have an “X” appear at the top left of the app icon until they move in what Apple calls “jiggle mode.”

To begin the deletion phase, tap the “X” on the app you want to delete, then tap “Delete” in the pop-up confirmation window that appears.

How to Delete an iPhone App on iOS 14 Devices 

Anyone with a more recent system running iOS 14 will notice a difference in the deletion phase.

This is because the latest App Library was added in this update of the iPhone operating system. This is similar to a folder where all of your apps are kept.

Your applications are automatically organized into groups in the Software Library. As a result, all of your social media applications will be categorized as “Social.”

When you install new applications on iOS 14, they will be added to your App Library.

Swipe left from your home screen to reach your App Library.

How to Delete an iPhone App from your Home Screen 

You can delete apps from your home screen on an iOS 14 smartphone by pressing and keeping or doing a “long click” on the app you want to delete.

More options would appear as a result of this. Different applications have different choices. If you press and hold an email app, for example, you’ll see a shortcut for creating a new email.

The option to share the app and the option to “Remove app” are the only options available for simple applications.

To delete it from your home screen, tap it.

This procedure, on the other hand, has only served to prevent the app icon from appearing in your live apps on your iPhone’s home screen.

If you want to completely remove the app from your iPhone, go to your App Library.

How to Delete an iPhone App from your App Library 

From your home screen, swipe left before you see the App Library.

Tap the search field that appears at the top of your screen and start typing the name of the app you’d like to delete.

Once the app appears in your search results, do a long press on the app’s icon. This will create a pop-up window giving you the option to uninstall the app.

Tap to uninstall.

You then have one final pop-up window to confirm that you would like to uninstall the app.

Tap one more time to affirm your decision and you’re done!

How to Delete Multiple Apps on iPhone

Do you remember when your Home screen was in “jiggle mode” with your Android phone?

Most people feel it will vanish once they use iPhone. Although the joy of getting an iPhone will overwhelm them, it often takes a few weeks for them to adjust to the new phone.

Well, that “jingle mode” hasn’t vanished at all.

All you have to do now is wait a little longer.

To know how to delete multiple apps from your iPhone, follow these steps:

Choose an app from your Home screen (it makes no difference which one you choose).

For two seconds, press and hold the app icon.
Remove each app icon by tapping the X in the upper-left corner.

When you’re finished, tap Done in the upper-right corner of your iPhone (or press the Home button on iPhones with one).

To delete an app, press and hold it, then tap the X, then “Done.”


There’s no better and easier way to learn how to delete apps from your iPhone, except the method stated above.

Do well to adhere to this instruction strictly.


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