How To Send Gift Cards Online In 2023

Gift cards are also known as gift certificates to some people in North America and gift vouchers to others in the United Kingdom. Do you want to send gift cards to someone and are left wondering how to send gift cards online?

This comprehensive guide will show you how to send gift cards online. Gift cards can also be used as an alternative for payments to some businesses. They can be redeemed for purchases at any store that accepts them as a payment option.

There are many gift cards available in many retail stores e.g. Amazon gift cards, iTunes gift cards, Walmart gift cards, etc.

Can I Send Gift Cards Online?

Are you still asking “can I send gift cards online?”, keep reading to see answers to this question. The new way people send gifts all around the world is by using gift cards.

It is possible to send gift cards online through email, text messages, social media,, and mobile apps. But before you can send gift cards online, you have to remember:

  • Gift cards are time conscious.
  • Having the right sending address is also important.
  • Always follow up after sending the cards.
  • Be mindful of the gift card you are purchasing. 

If you ponder these factors before sending gift cards, you will notice that the transaction will go smoothly. But in a case where it doesn’t go as planned, check the plastic card and contact the company to know what the problem is.

Can I Send Amazon Gift Cards Online?

“Can I send Amazon gift cards online?” Many people have been asking this question. The answer is yes, you can send Amazon gift cards online. Amazon gift cards are one of the most sought-after gift cards in the world.

This gift card can be sent to people anywhere via email, WhatsApp, and other acceptable means. Do you know that with amazon gift cards, you can buy anything at Amazon or any third party?

So, sending this gift across to family and friends is the best thing you can do for them. I will show you cool ways you can send them across to anybody anywhere in the world.

Amazon gift cards can be sent through the following means:

  • Via email: According to users, it is believed that sending gift cards through email is one of the best ways to send and receive gift cards. The bad thing about this method is that you can only send cards for $10.
  •  WhatsApp: Currently, this is one way people send amazon gift cards to friends and family. You can send these gift cards as an image through WhatsApp chat. People like this method because it is easier, and you will easily know whether the person you sent it to received it.
  •  Via print at home: This style is mostly used when you want to deliver it yourself to the person. There are easy steps to follow to ensure that this method of sending gift cards works for you. First, you log in to the Amazon website and open the ‘print at home’ page.
    Second, you may choose the amount you want ($10, $20, $30, etc.), the design you want, and the quantity you want. After you have completed these steps, then the next step is to check out from the website.
  •  Gift cards can also be sent through SMS, but are no longer used by people because of the more efficient means like email, WhatsApp, and print-at-home methods.

How does One Send Gift Cards Online to India from the USA?

With the current development in technology, gift cards can be sent across countries. For instance, they can be sent from any part of the world to India.

There are a lot of companies and websites whose job is to help you send gift cards to your loved ones in India and their delivery is assured and on time. Apart from sending gift cards, they also send things like cars, flowers, bikes, and whatever gift you have in-store.

Before you send your gift card to whoever in India with that website, register and create an account with them. Creating an account with them may require your Gmail account, a new password, date of birth, and even your address, etc. 

These websites can help you send gift cards online to India, apart from the email or WhatsApp option.

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#1. Indian Gift Portal:

This website offers uncommon gifts for those who want to send gifts to their loved ones in India. These gifts are for birthday celebrations, anniversaries and so on, not just for gift cards.

Indian gift portal also carries out express delivery, which can be delivered on the same day of purchase. They can deliver gifts to up to 200 Indian cities on the same day, but they should be registered before 2 pm that day.

#2. Taj Online:

This is another Indian-owned website that helps anyone in India or outside India. If you are in India or outside India and want to celebrate birthdays, Diwali, anniversaries, and so on, you can make use of Taj online to send gifts across the country or within the country.

If their gift card doesn’t work, you have a 7-day gap to return it to Taj online based on their return policy.

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#3. Gifts Across India:

This website gives you a chance to send gift cards online to India. With this website, it does not matter if you are in America, Ghana, or the United Kingdom your gift cards can still get to your loved one in India.

#4. Amaze Gifts:

Like other Indian websites, amaze gifts are also part of them that help people send gifts from anywhere in and out of the country to any city in India. This website also offers midnight deliveries and has a team ready to send out gift cards anytime and any day.

#5. is also another company in India that can help send gifts to any part of India. They can send the gift to anybody in any city in India. They also offer midnight services just like other gift companies.

You can use these websites to send gift cards online to India and other gifts. India has over 200 cities and these companies will help you with sending gifts to these cities at a price.

Apart from the companies above, many other companies are ready to offer these services, which shows that sending gifts across India is not a problem. 

How to Send Gft Cards to the US

There are different ways to send gifts online to the USA. Gifts do not have to wait for a particular event because gifts are given to show love and care.

Gift cards can be sent to people in the USA by using either of these means: WhatsApp, email, or SMS. 

WhatsApp is known among all as the easiest means of sending gift cards to people in the USA. It shows whether the recipient has received the gift card or not.

The email method is also another widely used method but not as rampant as the WhatsApp method and it is limited to a certain amount of gift cards.

There are other websites too that help send gift cards across to the USA but you will have to be a registered customer for them to carry out such delivery for you.

Such websites are,,, etc. With these websites sending your gift cards to people in the USA is guaranteed anytime and day.

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How to Send Gift Cards to Canada

If you are planning to send a gift card to someone in Canada and are thinking of ways to send it across, don’t worry there are ways to send gift cards online to Canada.

It can either be done through WhatsApp, email, SMS, or even a Canadian website that will help you complete the delivery. Using WhatsApp to send gift cards online to Canada is not new.

This method allows the sender to send over any amount of gift card and you can also track the recipient to know whether he received it or not. The WhatsApp method only takes a few minutes to snap the gift card and send it in an image format.

The email method also uses the same process as the WhatsApp method, just that in this case, the amount of gift cards is limited, and you wouldn’t know if the recipient has received the gift card.

There is also another method to send gift cards online to Canada, and it is through a gift company that operates online and offline. If you are not in Canada and want to send gift cards to someone in Canada, these companies can be of help if you can’t make use of the WhatsApp and email method:


It was founded in 2009 and is in Canada. They are a unified e-commerce group and can also help you deliver your gift cards to your loved ones across any city in Canada.


This company made it possible to send gift cards to any city in Canada with the help of WeChat and to any of their local merchants in Canada. You can also send across gift cards of any amount and any type.

#3. Canada post:

This company can also help you send gift cards to your loved ones in Canada. They are also involved in redeeming gift cards to those who are interested.

All these companies can help send out any gift card you have for your loved ones in Canada. They can also help dispatch at odd hours of the day, depending on the urgency of the cards.

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How to Send Gift Cards to the UK

It is now easy to send gifts to anywhere in the world with just a click and the UK is not an exception. There are different ways to send gift cards online to the UK and trust me, it is a simple process depending on the model you choose.

Some people choose the WhatsApp method, some choose the email method, and some choose the SMS method, while some go as far as choosing the websites to run the errand for them.

We know the requirements and the rules guiding each mode and I can tell you that the best option you will be happy you picked is the WhatsApp option.

It shows you whether the recipient received it and you can send any amount of your choice, unlike the email option, which limits the price you want to send out and is open to online hijackers.

The email method is also easy, but unlike the WhatsApp method, there are limitations to it.

Apart from the WhatsApp, email, and SMS methods, you can also make use of some UK-based websites that can help send gift cards to any city in the UK. Check out the websites below.

  •, etc.

How to Send Gift cards to Australia

If you send gift cards to any country, follow the same process. If you decide to sideline the WhatsApp, email, and SMS option, you will have to use an Australian website or company to deliver it to the person of your choice.

Generally, using WhatsApp has made it very easy to send gift cards online to Australia. All you have to do is just get the gift card and send it through your WhatsApp, and it will notify you that the person received it.

Some websites can carry out such tasks that are based in Australia:

  • etc 


Can I send gift cards to any part of the world?

Yes, you can send gift cards to any part of the world using either of the means discussed in this article.

How many gift cards can I send through WhatsApp?

You can send as many gift cards as possible via WhatsApp. 

Are there any disadvantages of sending gift cards through email?

Yes, the disadvantage is that there are limitations while sending through email.

Will they charge me a fee for sending gift cards online to Australia?

It may charge you a fee. It all depends on the company/website you are working with.

Are gift cards only used to send gifts?

No, gift cards can also make payments for purchases.


This comprehensive guide has provided answers to the question of how to send gift cards online. There are several ways one can use gift cards and some employers also use gift cards to appreciate their workers for a job well done.

You can buy gift cards either online or offline and can send them to any of your loved ones, regardless of their location. You can purchase gift cards of any amount and send them across through any of the means mentioned above or if you are among the employees that were gifted an ecard, you may decide to send it across to a loved one in any part of the world with any of the means as they are effective.



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