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The need to step outdoor every once in a while can never be over-emphasized- Even an introvert knows that. Frankly, stepping outside comes with a lot of benefits especially if you have to go on an adventure like hiking.

When you go out, you can fill your lungs with a gulp of crisp mountain air and breaking a sweat scrambling over rocks and tree limbs.

Going hiking in the past was difficult but nowadays, there are hiking apps to help make navigation pretty easy. And while taking your fitness endeavors outside even for just a few hours—these apps can help you make the most of your hike.

Studies show that just walking outside can lower your risk of mental health issues and that getting even a little bit of sun can lead to a surge in endorphins. Maybe that’s why the percentage of hikers has increased in the past decade.

Do you want to go Hiking? Read through and discover the best hiking app for you and also the important tips for hiking.

What are the Best Hiking Apps?

Below is a list of the best hiking apps that allows you to easily navigate along the trails and quickly find the best route to your destination.

  • AllTrails
  • PeakFinder
  • Hiking project
  • GPS Gaia
  • Cairn
  • MapMyHike
  • iNaturalist
  • Cairn
  • Komoot
  • Binoculars
  • Guthook guides
  • PeakVisor
  • Star Walk 2
  • Google Earth

#1. AllTrails

Price: Simple, Free; Premium-$29.99/year

With over 75,000 carefully selected hiking guides around the world, AllTrails is a breeze for even the casual hiker. With the app, you can filter options by length, rating, and difficulty level, as well as trail ratings and photos of the 10 million hikers, mountain bikers, and trail runners. And this is just the free version.

For $2.99 per month, you can create custom hiking maps and access your exact GPS location even when you’re offline. Share status updates with security contacts; and view real-time map overlays with information on topics such as air quality, satellite weather, and fire history. Available for iOS and Android.

#2. PeakFinder

Price: $4.99

Have you ever approached a point of view and wondered what exactly you are seeing? PeakFinder can identify over 650,000 peaks. The app uses your camera to take a panoramic view. The integrated altitude program then shows the names of all visible mountains and peaks.

You can tap any of the names for more information, use the telescope feature to zoom in and find smaller mountains, or tap the arrows to “fly” over the mountain range and see what is behind plugged.

The application works completely offline, so you can get more information about your location even in the most remote places. Available for iOS and Android.

#3. Hiking project

Price: Free

It makes sense that the hiking project, an app that shares comprehensive GPS trail information, topographic maps, and elevation profiles for over 74,000 trails over 204,000 miles around the world, be REI compliant.

Which two target groups fit best together? Especially given that most of the information in the app (including directions, reviews, and photos) comes from the crowd and is then verified by the experts on the hiking project.

The result is a living guide that is constantly updated as more and more people take advantage of your community’s experiences (as well as offline navigation technology) and add their own. Available for iOS or Android.

#4. GPS Gaia

Price: Simple, Free; Member, $19.99, Premium, $39.99

You can use the free version of this app. However, if you really want to know the terrain before you go offline, it’s worth getting a premium subscription. Then you’ll have access to topographic, road, and satellite maps from around the world, including the NatGeo Trails Illustrated map series.

This type of information is critical to the type of backcountry navigation used by the app’s champions (search and rescue personnel, firefighters, and nature guides). Of course, it will still do basic GPS tracking while measuring your pace, distance, and altitude. Available for iOS and Android.

#5. Cairn

Price: Simple, Free; Premium $26.99/year

Regardless of your level of experience, safety should be a priority for all hikers. Cairn relies heavily on your user data to provide this safety net. In the app’s maps (which are available offline) you can see where people who have previously walked found cell coverage on a path in case you need it. make an emergency call or register.

Best of all, you can make emergency contact before the hike. The app will automatically notify you when your hike begins and ends. If you don’t check-in before a certain time, this is a very useful tool for solo explorers. Available for iOS.

#6. MapMyHike

Price: Simple, Free; Premium $29.99/year

MapMyHike is a workout-based program that tracks your route, average pace, distance traveled, calories burned, and much more on the go. And since the app is owned by Under Armor, you can even sync it with the brand’s shoes (like UA HOVR Phantom and Sonic) for more detailed data like stride length and cadence.

You can also use it to find popular local routes or create your own. With the premium version, you can follow other hikers in real-time or enjoy audio training on the go. Available for iOS and Android.

#7. iNaturalist

Price: free

Fancy a hike while feeling like a useful person? Discover iNaturalist. If you’re on a hike and come across something interesting (maybe an amazing mushroom or an unfamiliar tree) just take a picture with the app. Write a description, including the location, and share the information with the community.

From there, your observations will be shared with scientific databases such as the Global Biodiversity Information Service as well as the broader iNaturalist community. In other words, you can go hiking and contribute to scientific research.

If you don’t know what to see on your hike, experts can even help you identify your find. iNaturalist is a collaboration between the National Geographic Society and the California Academy of Sciences. Available for iOS and Android.

#8. Komoot

Price: start at $2.99

The Komoot app wins in terms of graphic and interface design. The application is very easy to use and has several very useful features. One of these features is turn-by-turn voice navigation. yes also on hiking trails! In addition, the application also calculates the optimal route for you to your destination. When you touch a point on the map, the application creates the optimal route to that point.

The Komoot app also tracks your activities and allows you to connect with other hikers around the world. One disappointment is that the app only comes with a topographic map that cannot be zoomed in incorrectly. That’s why we want to have more types of cards available.

Additionally, a Komoot app is a great option for hikers, backpackers, and backpackers. You can also easily import the GPS tracking via the Komoot website. Available for: Android and iOS

#9. Binoculars

Price: $7.99

In addition to the standard GPS tracking toolkit, Spyglass also offers an augmented reality view of your hike. By overlaying images or maps with real-time data.

The app turns your phone into a high-tech compass, speedometer, altimeter, sniper rangefinder, coordinate converter, sextant, inclinometer, angle calculator, zoom camera, and even an astronomer.

It makes saving locations – from where you left your car to that stunning vantage point and star cluster you saw at night – as easy as tapping the screen. Binoculars app is available for iOS and Android.

#10. Guthook guides

Price: Free, $8.99 and $59.99 depending on the section.

Guthook Guides, the must-have app for anyone looking to hike these or any other long trails across the country and around the world.

The app works completely offline and gives you all the details you need about the trail: water sources, campsites, views, nearby cities and utility locations, and a very important GPS location tracking so you know where you are at all times. It even has a feature that allows you to check-in with your friends and family on the go.

#11. PeakVisor

Price: Free, PRO is $2.99 per person

Here is another best hiking app. Sure, it helps you plan your route using an extensive catalog of hiking trails, includes a GPS plotter, and can be used offline. But here’s the twist: how many times have you hiked, seen a mountain in the distance, and asked what mountain is it? Just point at your phone with PeakVisor and it will tell you.

The application can identify more than a million peaks worldwide. And if you have old mountain photos from trips that you took before downloading the app, upload them to the app and they will be identified for you.

#12. Star Walk 2

Price: start from $0.99 

Star Walk 2 allows you to identify the constellations above you when you are walking at night. You can discover celestial objects, see how they move across the sky, and determine where to look for the stars or planets you want to see.

The latest version of the app offers a real-time sky map, 3D constellation models, augmented reality, and even an astronomical news section. If you have kids or just want to look up in awe, this app is for you. Download available for iPhone or Android.

#13. Google Earth

Price: Pro $399/year

While most people use this app for cityscape information, outdoor enthusiasts use it to plan country hikes, calculate elevation changes, and get to the beginning of the trail. The app lets you choose between 2D and 3D maps, explore distances and zoom in to find trail features like lean angles and water sources.

This app also has a dice feature that picks your next location to explore completely at random. Find your next city hike or mountain view with just one click.

Important Tips For Hiking

 The following are hiking tips to make your first treks successful.

  • Plan your adventure
  • Know how long it takes
  • Familiarize yourself with the trail
  • Check the weather
  • Tell someone where you will be
  • Pack the essentials along
  • Wear the right shoes and socks
  • Dress for success
  • Keep it light
  • Know Where To Stay
  • Get your Navigation Devices

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There are so many hiking apps to choose from but the ones that will give you the best experience are listed above.

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