15 Best iPad Apps For Students | 2022 

In the tablet market, the Apple iPad is the only viable option. The iPad has been the de facto choice for professionals, consumers, and students to take notes, display creativity, and get work done on a big screen, thanks to the Apple Pencil and other peripherals.

During the semester, university students are required to work on a variety of academic projects. Things can go awry while you’re working on many projects.

Thankfully, Apple’s third-generation iPad Pro comes with a slew of impressive capabilities. There are also several iPad apps for college students that complement the Apple tablet’s capabilities.

They compiled specifically some of these iPad apps for students to use in their studies. Because students are always glued to their smartphones and tablets, the apps come in helpful for completing college projects on time.

Let’s answer a few questions before we delve into the primary subject.

Are iPads Good For Students?

The new iPad makes students’ lives easier by combining many textbooks onto one slim tablet and multitasking as an organizer.

They can use the new iPad as a document storage device and a study tool, as well as allowing quick access to e-mail and the Internet.

Which iPad is best for Students?

For good reason, the iPad Air 4 is the best iPad for students. You get practically all the features of the iPad Pro for just $599, which is a few hundred dollars cheaper than the iPad Pro.

It’s also available in a 10.9-inch version that’s small enough to carry along with you while providing enough screen space for everything you need.

What Can Students do with iPads?

They can do some of‌: 

  • Research
  • Learning apps
  • Note Taking
  • Reading and audio books 
  • Presentations 
  • Photography and video
  • Testing
  • Teaching and Administration

Which iPad Has Students Discount?

List of Apple Devices Eligible for Student Discount. Meanwhile, the Apple Student Discount is only available on:

  • MacBook Air
  • MacBook Pro
  • iMac 
  • iMac Pro 
  • Mac Pro
  • Mac Mini
  • iPad 
  • iPad Mini versions.
  • Pro Display XDR
  • iPad Pro 
  • iPad Air

What Are Some Benefits of Using iPads in Your Classroom?

Here are just a handful of the many ways that adopting iPads in the classroom might benefit your students. These gadgets can:

#1. Deliver a Tailored Experience

In the classroom, iPads offer a far more personalized experience. Students have a variety of learning styles, and they can use iPads as a versatile learning tool ‌ they can tailor to their specific needs.

For example, if a student is a visual learner, they can gain topics through watching educational movies.

Students who prefer a more hands-on approach can download and work on practice problems while receiving instant feedback.

iPads can benefit learners who require special accommodations because they are so adaptable, providing them with the support and resources they need to excel in the classroom.

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#2. Offer Ease of Use

iPads can be considerably easier to use than laptops and PCs. The operating system is basic, making it easy for even young children to operate the gadget and learn more.

The multi-touch interactive display also encourages a more hands-on approach. Students may use iPads to learn everything from spelling to algebra thanks to a plethora of educational apps and activities available for download.

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#3. Allow Easy Transport

Textbooks can be, especially when students have to carry them from class to class. Students can use an iPad to download e-books, perform research, and take notes all on one device.

When the iPad is supplied with a protective cover that includes an integrated strap, the value of this benefit is increased because these aspects make the tablet easier to manipulate while keeping it secure.

#4. Encourage your Imagination

iPads provide children with limitless chances of studying and expressing themselves creatively.

On a single device, learners will ‌accomplish anything from filming and editing interesting videos to creating digital graphics to accompany a presentation.

#5. Boost Student Engagement and Participation

Because technology fascinates the vast majority of pupils, using iPads in the classroom can increase student engagement and participation.

Students can use apps like Keynote to test their knowledge with interactive quizzes, study for a test using virtual flashcards, or develop and deliver a presentation for their classmates.

#6. Reduce the use of paper-based products.

Using iPads in the classroom can also help your school save money and build a more environmentally friendly culture by reducing the need for paper products.

Students can download assignments, read e-Books, research journals, and academic articles online instead of keeping track of homework or carrying traditional textbooks.

#7. Save Money

Students will always have access to the most up-to-date information on their iPads, rather than needing to update and purchase new printed materials each year.

E-books are less expensive than traditional textbooks because they do not require tangible materials and are quicker to download and update to the latest version.

#8. Boost your Digital Literacy

Students will ‌develop digital literacy skills once they have access to iPads in the classroom.

Using technology in the classroom will help students prepare for higher education and their future employment, from basic parts of digital literacy, like using search phrases, to more complex abilities, like judging the reliability of online content.

What Are the Disadvantages Of iPad?

The disadvantages of iPad are: 

1. Price

One of the most significant downsides of adopting the iPad in school is the cost. 

2. Distraction

A high-definition camera, photo gallery, calendar, map, and instant messaging client are among the usual apps included with the iPad.

3. Multitasking

Multitasking is difficult on the iPad, which might be an issue in the classroom. 

Internet Connection

Although the iPad has a plethora of educational apps, many of them require an Internet connection.

Slower speeds, interrupted service, and loading delays can occur when a classroom full of kids accesses the Internet, ‌making it harder for them to stay focused on the subject at hand.

Best iPad Apps for Students

Some of the best iPad Apps for students include:

1. Obsidian

Don’t dismiss Obsidian as just another Markdown-based note-taking tool. There’s a lot more to the app than that.

Obsidian allows you to connect your notes and view them in a graph format. It works by simulating how our brains work and allowing people to connect their thoughts.

Obsidian is now a joy to use without having to glance at those markdown symbols, thanks to the creators’ recent release of a live preview.

Plugins are used to enhance the app’s functionality. To begin, the corporation provides a few plugins, and you may also obtain third-party plugins from developers.

Most of the key features are available for free. Obsidian Sync costs $8 per month, but you can store your vaults and enjoy multi-platform sync, paying nothing if you use iCloud.

2. Wallet by Budgetbakers

Students must keep a watchful eye on their spending and outgoings. While an Excel sheet can be used, it is an outdated solution that takes too much time. You can instead use Wallet to keep track of your monthly budget in real-time.

Wallet not only has a stunning user interface, but it also provides comprehensive insights into your spending habits through charts and graphs. Premium customers can also connect to their local bank using the app, which supports many currencies.

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Group sharing is another useful function. You can make a wallet, add other users, and track your expenses all at the same time.

3. Bear Notes

If Obsidian is too difficult for you, switch your focus to Bear Notes. It has a user-friendly interface, dozens of theming options, password protection, and a lot more.

The software works with iPadOS widgets, so you can see your notes immediately from your home screen. Tags and folders can help you organize your notes.

One of the greatest export options we’ve seen for a note-taking tool is the export options. Bear can save notes in HTML, PDF, DOCX, MD, JPG, and even EPUB.

4. Notion

One of the must-have iPad apps for students is Notion. It’s a modular productivity tool that allows you to keep track of everything in one location.

You may keep track of your academic calendar, add reminders, make notes, manage tasks, plan the next weekend, outstation vacations, create a resume, and much more.

Here, the options are unlimited. You can invite others to your Notion page and have them make real-time updates. To get started quickly with this app, we recommend using the built-in templates.

For students, Notion is completely free to use. Try it out at the link below to get started managing your life.

5. Readwise

Readwise combines information from Amazon Kindle, Apple Books, Instapaper, Pocket, Twitter, Medium, Goodreads, and other sources into a single location.

We frequently label stuff as important, bookmark articles, and save Twitter discussions, only to forget to view them later. Readwise gathers all of the data from many sources and displays it in the app.

You can also manually add items to your to-do list. If you read a lot of articles, novels, or Twitter information during the day, Readwise is a cross-platform solution that merits a spot on your iPad home screen.

6. Journey

The journey is one of the greatest iPad journaling apps. Another outstanding candidate is Day One, although it’s only available in the Apple environment. The journey is a cross-platform application that may also be accessed via the web.

You can create a habit to jot down a day’s routine in the app, add new entries, attach memories, use the calendar view to jump to a specific data entry, and use the calendar view to jump to a specific data entry. Integrating maps is our favorite part.

When going to other parts of the world, it provides significant insights. With lovely memories on the map, you can see where and when a journal post was produced.

7. Pixelmator

Pixelmator is a fantastic photo editing app for the iPad. Over 30 desktop-class color tweaks, support for over 600 RAW image files, including Apple ProRAW, and seamless connection with iCloud Photos are all included in the program.

Basically, Pixelmator provides all the editing features you might want. Object removal, many built-in effects, crop tools, white balance changes, and other features are among the long list.

The business claims that a group of people created the software for iPhone and iPad, and it shows in the execution.

Pixelmator, unlike the Adobe suite of apps, is a one-time $10 iPad purchase.

8. Craft

Craft isn’t ‌as powerful as a notion, but it’s still worth a look. Craft is foremost an iPad app (unlike Notion), and it is more graphically appealing than the competitors.

The concept is like that of other note-taking apps. You may arrange tasks, notes, documents, to-dos, insert tables, and more by creating various folders.

Craft is a unique approach to documents, and if you value aesthetics over functionality, go for craft over other modular productivity tools.

If we had to select a flaw, we’d like to see tag support in future releases, as well as a native Windows app.

9. Mimo

Mimo should be at the top of your iPad apps list if you want to work in software development. It teaches you how to create apps and websites and makes learning to code easier than ever before.

Mimo is a useful tool for learning programming languages like Python, JavaScript, HTML, SQL, and others.

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The company provides a variety of programming courses and tutorials for all levels of programmers.

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10. Airtable

Airtable is a modular productivity solution that competes with Google Sheets. It’s an innovative database app that’s simple to use and comprehend.

You may construct adjustable checklists, organize collections, ideas, manage customers, contacts, and much more using Airtable, depending on your needs.

Templates are also available in Airtable. Choose one and you’re ready to begin with iPad custom database management.

11. Quizlet

This is an app that every student should have. Although all the applications on this list are essential, this one assists you in learning and revising.

You can use this software to create flashcards to practice and study your courses, or you can download and choose from flashcards created by other students.

For group study and learning, trade flashcards with your buddies. To help you recall better, play memory games on the app to improve your memory.

Make use of the speech option, which can correctly speak up to 18 languages. As a result, you can listen to your flashcards while you’re on the road.

12. Grammarly

During their university papers, students are required to write “n” number of papers. And composing them with incorrect grammar or spelling errors would undoubtedly affect your scores.

Grammarly is an excellent software for correcting grammar and spelling problems.

It’s essentially an iPhone and iPad keyboard that can repair your grammatical errors and spellcheck your text.

It not only corrects your grammar and spells checks your writing, but it also makes suggestions on how to improve the sentence or whether they may use a better synonym for a word.

In addition, it is one of the best iPad apps for students

13. Adobe Scan: Document Scanner

Having a scanner app on your phone is necessary these days, and if you’re a student, you’ll need it to scan your paper handouts. Handouts might be overwhelming ‌and we may forget to bring them with us.

A scanned copy of your handout will undoubtedly come in helpful. You could save it as a pdf and then import it into your Notability app, where you could write on it.

14. Photomath

I commend those students who have Math as part of their curriculum. And if you haven’t heard of Photomath, you must be under a mountain the size of Everest.

All you have to do with Photomath is take a photo of your problem and the software will solve it for you. It not only solves the problem, but it also explains how to solve it in steps so you may learn from it. However, only use the app if you cannot solve a problem; do not make it a habit.

15. Class Time Table

Have you ever failed to complete an assignment by the deadline? Have you ever missed a class because you couldn’t keep track of the time?

I understand that being a student at a university requires us to keep a lot of information and that Due Date and Time Tables should not be a burden on our minds.

This program maintains track of all of your assignments, due dates, and class times; you can also input the room or class numbers.

As a result, our app relieves you of a significant load. In addition, this is one of the best iPad apps for students


The emphasis has always been on the fact that while these apps may assist you in achieving your objectives, it is ultimately up to you.

You must put in a lot of effort and not rely solely on these programs. They are only there to assist you, not to complete your task for you.

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