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Do you know you can get paid by writing reviews on Amazon? Yes! Anybody can do it if you take the right measures. Remember those times you want to make a purchase but you are not too sure of the product’s credibility? This has made people rely on the judgment of product reviewers.

Amazingly statistics have shown that about 75% of USA online consumers shop on Amazon. This high level of consumers on Amazon has made reviews to be on high demand.

A good review poses lots of power for the producer which is why they go against Amazon’s policy of not paying reviewers; it also encourages interaction between the producers and the consumers.

How To Become A Product Reviewer

To become a product reviewer, it is essential to have an area of specialty otherwise called niche in a blog or any social media account where you can put up your reviews. This can also be in form of a YouTube channel, email, or all of them.

Your niche makes it easier to be identified by companies and individuals especially when you focus on just your niche. You can also create a website where you can write broad reviews. On your niche review website, you can write topics like the “top ten” specials of a particular product; you can provide options to rate products as well as adding affiliate links to the product.

Also, ensure that comparison of prices, specifications, creation of “Buy Now” buttons are in order.

A good review helps the company make improvements where necessary and also helps the audience answer a lot of questions such as:

  • Is the product easy to use?
  • Is it of high quality and worth money input?
  • What are the available alternatives to the product?
  • How much do you trust the product?
  • Do you recommend it for your audience?

Remember a real review should be honest, sharing criticisms where necessary; this means before giving an accurate review you must be a consumer of the product you are reviewing.

Do not forget to contact these companies you are reviewing for especially when your reviews are getting good viewership. If the products you are reviewing are sold on Amazon, you can join Amazon associate program and share your Amazon referral link. You may also want to join Amazon onelink, here you can get paid to review on Amazon. 

If you are good with your reviews, companies can also make you an influencer or ambassador of their brands. 

How To Get Companies To Send You Products To Review

Manufacturers are eager to find new ways to promote and sell their products hence their interest in product reviews; so they will readily send products especially new ones to testers and reviewers for the sake of publicity of that product.

Ask yourself this “if you are a manufacturer, what type of persons will you send your products to test and review?” This question gives you a clearer perspective and a better understanding of the standpoint of the manufacturer.

Every manufacturer will want someone who can easily influence their public positively to test and review their products. So as a product reviewer, think of benefits you can give to the brand and let the producer see it, be an effective influencer. 

Another step is to become a registered member of the eCommerce websites, this will give you authority to post on those sites. With membership, you contact the producers and get testing and reviewing offers.

You can also join product testing and reviewing platforms which is an easier way of getting reviews. There are several of such platforms online; each one works in a slightly different way so you have to learn every platform’s system.

Interestingly, you can get free sample boxes with free shipping in exchange for your review from these platforms.

Examples of product testing and review platforms

PINCHme: PINCHme is an online service that lets its members try products from leading brands in exchange for their feedback, and it is free of charge.

Daily Goodie Box: This is a completely free box of goodies posted daily with 50-100 beneficiaries with free shipping too. You just need to sign up with them and comment on their Facebook page.

Ibotta Free Products: You get to have a cashback on groceries in just the first month of all the bonuses.

Some of the others are McCormick Panelist, the pink panel, InStyle Trendsetters, and a host of others.

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How To Write Reviews On Amazon

Amazon is the largest online retailer. With millions of shoppers sharing questions and experiences, you might think your contributions are not noticed, but you will be shocked to learn otherwise.

Whether you want to get paid to write a review on Amazon or you are just writing a non-reward review, you will need to sign up with you must have spent up to $50 on using a credit card or debit card in the past twelve months.

To get started;

  • Sign in to your Amazon account 
  • Go to the product you want to review.
  • Click on “customers review” section.
  • Under the “review this product” headline, click “write a customer review” button.
  • The next page is where you rate the product with a headline and write the review.
  • After writing the review, you can now hit the ‘submit’ button.

The Best Ways To Get Paid To Write On Amazon In 2022

One of the best ways is to work with a book review website. These websites connect commercial reviewers with paying Amazon authors, basically, you get free books in exchange for reviews. Some of these book review websites are online book club, any subject books, reader’s favorite.

Another way to get paid to write on Amazon is by writing reviews on your blog and as an affiliate. Here, you will have to own your own blog and join an Amazon affiliate program called Amazon associate; this gives you an affiliate link to Amazon products. This link connects the followers of your blog and Amazon thereby earning you a 10% amount of any purchase made by your follower.

You can also provide reviews on the reward website Swagbucks and get paid. Earn you lots of points called Swag Bucks or SB. These SBs can be redeemed for cash or for gift cards to popular retailers and brands like Amazon. Swagbucks gives users the avenue to provide feedback to brands some of which sale their products on Amazon.

Final Words

Reviews are not just beneficial to the manufacturer, they play a key role in forming a customer decision. With 75% of U.S. online consumers shopping on Amazon, it is safe to say that reviews will be heavily banked upon by manufacturers who are eager to get their products sold and consumers looking for the perfect product to buy.


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