How to Make Money on Cash App

If you want to make money on Cash app, there are numerous ways you can do so. You can earn money even by using your debit card as you will see if you follow in this article. Also by referrals even as a new user of Cash App, you may want to learn how to make money from this platform.

If you are tired of watching non-legit videos and reading too good to be true ways of making money on Cash App, then in this article we will be talking about quite a several legit and simple ways that you can earn money on Cash App.

What is Cash App?

Cash App is a free mobile app that helps you buy and sell Bitcoin, easily send money to friends and family, and manage your account wherever you go. Cash App is a mobile payment system that’s similar to Venmo.

The app was launched in 2013, it has grown tremendously and earned more recognition in the last two years; it now has over 6 million users and it is available on both Apple Store and Play Store, which means you can easily download it on your smartphone. Out of the 30 million monthly active users, Cash App has, seven million own a Cash Card as claimed by Cash App.

Cash App payments are free of charge, you can send money at any time of day to anyone with an email address or phone number. There are no fees attached.

The payments are also very fast, payments are settled within an hour on average, whereas on other similar apps they can take up to three days. Cash App transactions don’t require a bank account.

Getting Started with Cash App

You’ll want to get started with having an external bank account so that you can use it to fund your Cash App account as well as have a place that you will also use to withdraw your Cash App funds whenever there is a need to do so.

Then you’ll download Cash App on your smartphone, it is available on both Apple Store for iPhone users and PlayStore for android users. The app will walk you through the enrollment, where at first you will start by creating a user account and link at least one bank account to the created account.

Furthermore, you will be able to use that bank account to send money to other Cash App users as well as to transfer money from your Cash App account into your bank account. And just like PayPal, which also allow you to link a bank account to send and receive money; you can also hold any received funds in the app until you’re ready to withdraw them.

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How To Send and Receive Money on Cash App?

The user interface of the Cash App is incredibly simple to start with, which makes sending and receiving money easy. To send money, you will find the receiving person via their name, phone number, or $Cashtag in the app. You send the cash, then the person you’re sending to will receive an email or text alert. The recipient chooses how fast the transfer goes through. 

When it comes to receiving money, you can send a request for payment. The request can be sent via the person’s name, $Cashtag, email, or phone number. The app will notify you once payment has been made. Also, you get to choose how fast you get the money.

Another option is that you can deposit the money you receive into your bank account or your linked debit card. The cash deposits into your debit card instantly, but it can take up to 3 days for a deposit to hit your account. However, both of these deposits are free of charge.

How to Make Money on Cash App?

There are a lot of videos on YouTube and other articles that offer you several ways to make money on Cash App but most of them are scams and not legit. Here we are only focusing on the legit means of making money on Cash App.

Make YouTube videos on Cash App

YouTube search analytics have shown that there are lots of searches on Cash App which makes it in demand at the moment. The few videos on Cash App that are on YouTube are getting a high number of views.

The best way to go about it is to make research on a particular feature that you believe needs clarity and make a video on it. To give you an instance you can make a video on Cash App bitcoin investment, there are very few similar videos related to that than you expect at the moment.

If you don’t have a YouTube page don’t worry there are other several ways you too can also make money Cash App.

Affiliate marketing: Cash App referral

This is a very recommended way and it is simple. Anyone else can do it without much effort. Cash App offers all users the opportunity to earn $5 just by making invites. Once a newly user sends up to $5 to a newly created account that was registered through your shared link you earn $5.

If you are reading this then I believe you are registered to different social media platforms and you just share your links on there and encourage people to register using your link.

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For example, there is a Cash App video on YouTube with over 750k views and the owner shared his referral link on the video description, even if just only 1% (i.e., 7k) registered through that link then he must have earned over $35k by now.

Earning free bitcoin

Cash App offers a bitcoin boost for its users by making purchases, this offer serves like cashback rewards by Cash App. What you should know is that to qualify for this boost you must have an active debit card on your Cash App. Therefore, if you don’t have one you should order it.

To earn, just click on your credit card symbol at the down of your Cash App balance page and you will see the “Add Boost” option beneath your debit card picture. Go ahead and click on the “Add Boost” option and you see that Cash App offers you to “Earn 3% worth of Bitcoin on 3 Purchases”. Also, note that you will need to have that money available in your Cash App balance to spend and get those bitcoins. This offer usually come and go and usually lasts for 3 days.

Using Yotta debit card

By using the Yotta debit card as the source of funds whenever you make a payment on Cash App you stand a chance to get cash reimbursed into your cash app balance, just as they advertise on their official website.  

With the Yotta debit card every single purchase has a chance to be immediately reimbursed, no strings attached.  This works at any retailer, but many aren’t aware this also works on Cash App. Just as it appears on their site “t’s 100% legal and it’s dead simple to do”.

Making Use of

To earn money on Cashappearn here are a few steps you need to follow:

  • Go to and enter your Cash App user ID and tap “Install.”
  • Now, you tap on “Allow” when the system asks permission to download and install the app from other sources then go to downloads and tap on “Install.”
  • Now, open the Cash App Earn software that you just downloaded.
  • As soon as you open the application, it will show you that you will earn $75 after completion of each task and the money will be transferred on your Cash App once you have earned $150 or more.
  • The app asks users to install the application and once the apps are installed and used, the user receives $150 on their Cash App in a short duration.
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Cash Limits on Cash App

With Cash App just in 7 days, you can send up to $250 and can receive up to $1,000 within 30 days. If you want to increase your sending and receiving limits, you’ll have to further verify your identity on the service. And to get fully verified, Cash App asks for your full name, birthday, and the last 4 digits of your Social Security number.

If verified you can open an account with no minimum balance, and Cash App doesn’t advertise the maximum balance your account can have. Only that the minimum amount you can send and receive is $1. There is no service charge or monthly fee for having a Cash App balance.


How Much Can I Invest with Cash App?

You don’t have to be either a millionaire or even a billionaire to invest in stocks with Cash App.

With Cash App, you can buy fractional shares, tiny pieces of stocks that nearly anyone can afford. You can invest in the largest, most profitable companies on the planet without spending a huge sum of cash.

How Secure Is Cash App?

Cash App uses PCI-DSS, the same protocol used by major credit card companies. Payments are encrypted on both ends. It is no less secure than using a credit card and despite the solid security, remember your Cash App balance is not FDIC-insured. This is a strike against the service and something to keep in mind when you open an account.

Who owns Cash App?

Cash App is owned by Square Inc. (SQ), a leader in the financial technology industry. Cash App is just one part of Square’s business offerings, which also includes software and point-of-sale hardware for businesses of all sizes.


Cash App can be used to make money but not as free cash as scammers and promoters advertise. We have outlined and discussed numerous ways you can make legit money on Cash App.

Cash App is a handy service for sending and receiving money, also for investing to those who see it as an option. Transfers are fast and easy, and the bonus of being able to invest and use a debit card with the service, generally speaking, makes it a great tool in the digital age.



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