15 Best YouTubers merch ideas to Start with | 2023

When you hear the phrase “YouTuber merchandise,” what comes to mind? T-shirts, hats, and an autographed basketball?

Well, everything is for sale. Here are the 15 best youtubers merch ideas you can start up in 2023.

15 Best Youtubers Merch Ideas To Start With | 2023

  • An Exclusive 368 Shirt
  • CrazyEyed Pug T-Shirt
  • Trishyland T-shirt
  • Throwback Generations Tee
  • Stain shirt
  • T-shirt with the Deep Sea Constellation
  • Stationery Set
  • Swedish meatball dinner
  • Stickers
  • Tote Bag
  • Art Box
  • Case for a Cell Phone
  • Journal
  • Soft toys/Plushes
  • Fragrances

1 An Exclusive 368 Shirt

This is one of the best Youtubers merch ideas to start with.

Casey Neistat is a well-known photographer and filmmaker with a large personality and 10 million followers. The number 368 on the sleeve and his signature glasses across the entire spread of his Exclusive 368 Shirt.

2 CrazyEyed Pug T-Shirt

Another item on our list of best youtubers merch ideas is DanTDM’s CrazyEyed Pug T-shirt. DanTDM is a well-known gamer with over 21 million subscribers. He has used this adorable image to draw attention to his brand by combining it with his logo because he understands that no one can look past an adorable “crazy-eyed” pug.

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3 Trishyland T-shirt

It is acceptable to get T-shirt design ideas from other innovative companies. Trisha Paytas, an internet sensation, and vlogger with over 4 million followers, discovered and exploited this. She capitalizes on the fact that the Disneyland logo inspires her Trishyland T-shirt by evoking the same playful, childlike feeling.

4 Throwback Generations Tee

FBE comprises two brothers, Benny and Rafi Fine, who produce, direct, and narrate several popular YouTube web series. With over 18 million subscribers, they have their finger on the pulse of what subscribers want to see.

They designed their Throwback Generations Tee in the popular style of t-shirts with multiple words separated by “&.”

5 Stain shirt

Jason Nash, a YouTube personality and actor, has over a million subscribers and keeps them entertained with his wit and humor.

His Stain Shirt, a simple white t-shirt with the word “stain” displayed in a location where a stain would typically occur, complete with brown lettering that resembles an actual stain, is an excellent example of his astute sense of humor in action.

The tagline asks, “Did you even do it right if your shirt doesn’t look like this after Thanksgiving?”

6 T-shirt with the Deep Sea Constellation

VSauce, a YouTube channel, specializes in educational videos on philosophy, culture, and science. VSauce, which has over 14 million subscribers, understands that its audience is curious and eager to learn more about the world.

Their Deep Sea Constellation T-Shirt captures this sense of wonder, which depicts an explorer exploring a tree beneath a starry sky.

It is one of the best youtubers merch ideas that you can start.

7 Stationery Set

Do you want to give your fans a cool way to send you fan mail? Check out Dan and Phil’s galaxy stationery set! A stationery set is a great youtubers merch option for your subscribers, especially if your channel is about writing. You can customize your set with your logo and allow your supporters to promote you for free!

8 Swedish meatball dinner

Pewdiepie became the most popular YouTuber through his Let’s Plays of well-known and independent horror games. However, he has expanded his repertoire to include reaction videos and vlogging. He is known for his outrageous and outlandish antics and has carried this outgoing personality into his merchandise.

Pewdiepie cleverly used his Swedish heritage to give his fans a memorable merch experience, and it shows. He offered a Swedish meatball dinner made from his recipe. The $50.00 plate is always sold out.

9 Stickers

Stickers are one of the YouTubers best merch options available. Stickers are a low-cost, semi-permanent form of advertising that is simple to mass-produce for your fans. Imagine if each of your followers got a sticker and put it on their laptop! They are essentially paying you to advertise.

Just ask Shane Dawson, one of YouTube’s most well-known personalities. Shane Dawson, a professional YouTube vlogger, is well known for his many short, memorable catchphrases that can be used as bumper stickers.

10 Tote Bag

Are your fans concerned about the environment? Give them a tote bag to use the next time they go shopping!

Emma Blackery, a vlogger and singer-songwriter with over a million subscribers, has done so. By selling a tote bag with her name, Blackery has created a useful piece of merchandise that promotes her brand wherever her fans go.

11 Art Box

Consider selling art boxes if you have a creative YouTube channel! You can fill it with whatever you want as long as it is related to art. Guava Juice, a YouTuber, sells cute trinkets like collectible figurines, fluffy slime, and a springy ball in his kit to demonstrate how to make your fun. If your fans enjoy handling their merchandise, an art box can be a great way to give them something they can interact with.

12 Case for a Cell Phone

Jenna Marbles has over 19 million subscribers, so she knows what they want. Jenna Marbles gave her core audience a product they want and need because so many of them are iPhone users. She sells iPhone cases with unique graphics, such as her dog, the catchphrases from her videos, and even her face!

Cell phone cases are an excellent source of free advertising. Think about where you intend to use your phone. I believe almost everywhere. There you have it—constant brand promotion! You will also sell phone cases because people always need them.

13 Journal

If you have the right fan base, selling branded journals can be a profitable business decision. Ask Markiplier, a gaming comedian with nearly 5,000 videos and over 22 million subscribers. Markiplier, one of the most well-known YouTubers, has tailored his merchandise to his fanbase, which consists primarily of young teens and adolescents.

Journals, when carried out in public, raise not only brand awareness but also foster greater fan loyalty. Fans who keep journals will begin associating your brand with significant life events, giving it a top priority.

14 Soft toys/Plushes

Nothing says “I love you” to your fans like a cute plush! Ryan Higa, who has over 21 million subscribers on YouTube, uses the cuddly quality of plushes to provide his fans with something adorable to cuddle with at night.

Plushes are an excellent choice for merchandise because they are personal items. When your fans are lonely at night, who will they turn to? That’s right; it’s your brand.

15 Fragrances

When people first meet someone, they often notice their scent. For this reason, Rhett and Link decided to sell their distinctive fragrance. As talk show hosts with over 14 million subscribers on their YouTube channel, Rhett and Link know how to stand out and attract attention.

Although custom fragrances aren’t typically thought of when it comes to merchandise, they are a brilliant way to gain new fans. People have become numb to all the logos and brand promotions they see daily due to the world’s abundance of advertisements and brands. They will, however, detect a scent they enjoy!

This is one of the best youtubers merch ideas that you can start.

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Top 10 Youtubers who have Merch

1 Markiplier

Fans of the well-known gamer will appreciate t-shirts, socks, pants, and caps with the recognizable mustache logo popularized by Markiplier.

Markiplier wasn’t always a popular vlogger, despite having some of the best YouTubers merch. Mark Fischbach, born in Hawaii, moved to Cincinnati at a young age and developed an interest in video games. Markiplier began his channel after discovering he could record himself playing video games, but things took off when he started college.

When Mark reached 1,000 subscribers, he decided to forego his studies to spend more money on equipment. He also went beyond video games, commenting on everything from waxing to “gym fails.” Money began to pour in due to Google’s AdSense program as his following grew due to his modest and sincere demeanor.

He has more than 23 million subscribers. People adore his designs because of his fashion sense and the fact that he donates his earnings to charities.

2 Grace Helbig

Grace, a YouTube star known for her humorous and entertaining videos, sells hoodies with an upside-down smiley face and the phrase “I don’t know.” Hoodies are popular worldwide, and this one will likely stand out in your collection.

If you didn’t already know, my name is Grace Helbig. Your life has now changed! Every Grace Helbig video starts with this short phrase, which has helped her become known on YouTube as the “Queen of Comedy.”

She is now well-known as a female role model, with over 3 million fans.

It’s her awkward but oddly confident personality. Her self-deprecating humor is beloved by the public and has undoubtedly contributed significantly to her success. Because 3 million people watch her YouTube videos weekly, combining her humor with her best YouTubers merch is bound to increase her fan base.

Grace’s “Stressed to Repress” sweatshirts and “I Don’t Know” hoodies are available on her social media platforms for the socially awkward and hot mess expresses.

3 Jacksepticeye

This gaming store uses bright, vibrant colors to pay homage to the instantly recognizable eye logo, which can be found on everything from plush toys to hoodies.

Sean McLoughlin, a YouTuber from Ireland, has the thirty-first most subscribers of any channel on the site. Even though he only joined YouTube in 2007, Jacksepticeye is one of the most well-known YouTubers, with over 15 million subscribers.

Sean, who has a hotel management degree, uses his credentials to brand and promote his content, which ranges from personal questions to instructional drawings.

His childhood eye infection served as the inspiration for his channel’s artwork. On the other hand, Sam was chosen as a gender-neutral name that can be pronounced either Samuel or Samantha.

4 Fernanfloo

Fernanfloo, an El Salvador-born gamer, has over 19 million subscribers and sells a variety of branded merchandise, the majority of which feature his favorite color, green.

5 VanossGaming

You want to stand out in a crowded market, and VanossGaming’s gamer has done just that. The avatar he made for himself, an owl appears on all his products.

Evan Fong, then 19 years old, began his quest for quality YouTuber merch in 2011. By 2013, he had a million subscribers; as of this writing, he has over 9 billion views. He has the 26th-largest YouTube channel, but in terms of earnings, he was second only to Dan Middleton in 2018, earning $15.5 million.

By taking advantage of merchandise, VanossGaming increased its following and revenue. He successfully sold various clothing using his “Night Owl” persona and social media platforms, and his merchandise is regarded as some of the best among YouTubers.

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6 H3H3

Jake Paul, a well-known YouTuber who creates fashionable clothing, occasionally creates masks. Masks are especially popular in the months preceding holidays, such as Halloween.

In contrast to most YouTubers who sell merchandise, Paul primarily promotes and interacts with his fans on Reddit.

The goal of this store is to embody and complement the creators of Good Mythical Morning’s sense of humor. Consider unique grooming supplies and outrageously printed t-shirts that stand out on any shelf.

Mythical Entertainment, which the two closest friends own and manage, handles everything. They began using YouTube in 2006, so they have been doing so for over 15 years. They are thus veterans, and despite their refusal to admit it, they appear to understand what works. The primary culprit is the use of design elements such as color, shape, form, and texture. This is a good example of how they use lines to enhance their channel’s mythical quality.

In addition to color, Rhett & Link use line and balance strategies to give their merchandise a playful feel. Textures are used to entice customers and make products more enjoyable and engaging.

8 Dude Perfect

This merchandise website has a retail store vibe, which will appeal to sports fans, people who buy t-shirts for the gym, and the urban catwalk.

Dude Perfect also entices viewers to buy their high-quality YouTuber merchandise by combining personality and graphic design. The five friends keep the channel’s simplicity and directness by using high-quality images with few graphic elements and a simple logo design.

9 Dan & Phil

Dan and Phil’s merch store is regarded as one of the best YouTuber merch sites for a reason, owing to its wide variety of novelty items and gifts. The reputation is built on having fun and being silly.

Although Dan and Phil now collaborate closely, Phil began vlogging three years after Dan, in 2009. A few weeks later, while sporting cat whiskers, they collaborated for the first time, establishing Dan and Phil Games in 2014.

As a result of their popularity, a North American tour with 40 stops in 37 American cities was organized in 2016.

10 Smosh

Smosh, once one of the most popular YouTube channels, sells a wide range of merchandise. From calendars to track pants, every fan can find something they want.

Ian Hecox and Anthony Padilla began uploading videos to YouTube in 2005. They quickly decided to capitalize on their success by selling what is now considered high-end YouTuber merch. Their YouTube merch empire is worth $12.5 million due to their 24 million subscribers.

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FAQs on 15 Best Youtubers Merch Ideas To Start With | 2023

15 Best Youtubers Merch Ideas To Start With | 2023

An Exclusive 368 Shirt
CrazyEyed Pug T-Shirt
Trishyland T-shirt
Throwback Generations Tee
Stain shirt
T-shirt with the Deep Sea Constellation
Stationery Set
Swedish meatball dinner
Tote Bag
Art Box
Case for a Cell Phone
Soft toys/Plushes

Top 10 Youtubers who have Merch

1 Markiplier
2 Grace Helbig
3 Jacksepticeye
4 Fernanfloo
5 VanossGaming
6 H3H3
7 Link and Rhett
8 Dude Perfect
9 Dan & Phil
10 Smosh


There are many success stories when it comes to promoting merchandise and social media profiles and channels. If you want to see people wearing your branded tees while walking down the street, seek expert advice. To accomplish this, you must create a strong merchandising strategy based on tried-and-true methods.

There are numerous opportunities for aspiring YouTubers and influencers, though there are challenges, and success is never guaranteed. Do you want to make more money by selling branded items? Your primary focus should be on the best youtubers merch in the industry!



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