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Gaming is one of the biggest genres on YouTube. If you are a gamer, you would love gaming video content. Now, tons of gamers on YouTube are churning out content daily, making it challenging to choose the best YouTube gamer to subscribe to. This article lists the 10 top gaming YouTubers you would love to follow.

While it is an extensive list of the top gaming YouTubers, this article explores the best gaming YouTubers, their networth, and their subscriptions.

Read on to learn more if you are a fan of gaming video content and would love some recommendations.

Top Gaming YouTubers in the World

  • MrBeast
  • PewDiePie
  • VanossGaming (Evan Fong)
  • Jacksepticeye (Sean William McLoughlin)
  • Markiplier
  • Fernanfloo
  • JuegaGerman
  • Total Gaming – Ajay
  • DanTDM
  • PopularMMOs
  • Ali-A

1. MrBeast

  • Networth: $54 Million
  •  Channel: MrBeast (113M Subscribers)

MrBeast is a well-known YouTuber with a long history who got his start analyzing the wealth of other content creators. What an ironic situation! His record-breaking earnings show a considerable improvement above Ryan’s World, which topped the list the year before (reportedly earning $29.5 million in 2020).

MrBeast is in charge of a lot of successful business endeavors, in addition to running several YouTube channels and selling items. The first is a well-known app that enables users to purchase hamburgers and sandwiches from companies that have signed up.

In addition to being kind, he also generates much money for several charitable endeavors. The accomplishments list is extensive.

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2. PewDiePie

  • Networth: $64 Million
  • Channel: PewDiePie (111M Subscribers)

PewDiePie, a.k.a. Felix Arvid Ulf Kjellberg, is one of the most well-known gaming YouTubers today.

He has been creating videos for more than ten years and commands a sizable fan base of more than 100 million members.

PewDiePie is well-known for his amusing commentary and eagerness to embark on any challenge.

For instance, he once played a game nonstop for 24 hours to benefit a good cause. He also provides advice and recommendations for players of all skill levels.

3. VanossGaming (Evan Fong)

Evan Fong, a 26-year-old man from Toronto, Canada, is the legal owner of one of YouTube’s most popular gaming channels.

With a net worth of $15.5, he is regarded as one of the highest-paid YouTubers, second only to his colleague Daniel Middleton. Evan has much impact on YouTube because of the over 25 million followers of the VanossGaming channel.

His films include him and his buddies cracking jokes on the gameplay of many prominent video game genres, including Grand Theft Auto and Call of Duty.

The VanossGaming channel was established in 2011 and has received over 9 billion views. Evan started the music-focused Rynx channel last year, but it still needs to have the same impact as the channel that first made Evan famous.

4. Jacksepticeye (Sean William McLoughlin)

The “most animated YouTube commentator” is Seán William McLoughlin, who resides in Brighton, England.

He highlights his Irish heritage by stating, “Top of the morning to ya laddies!” at the beginning of each video. Jacksepticeye! is my name, and I have a thick Irish accent.

In less than a month after PewDiePie, one of the most well-known YouTubers ever featured Seán in one of his videos, the Jacksepticeye channel gained over 10.000 new followers.

Seán began making Let’s Play gaming videos in 2012. This YouTube channel has over 28 million subscribers and over 9.4 billion views. Additionally, he appeared on RTÉ One’s The Late Late Show and Disney’s Polaris: Player Select.

5. Markiplier

Networth: $40 million

Channel: Markiplier (34M Subscribers)

The Markiplier channel was established in May 2012, and three years later, in 2014, it was listed as #61 on the list of the Top 100 Channels by New Media Rockstars.

Despite being one of the top gaming YouTubers, Mark Fischbach’s channel Markiplier also has comedic videos. Mark is undoubtedly one of the world’s most well-known YouTubers and gamers today, with 34 million subscribers and a net worth of over $12.5 million.

He mostly does “Let’s Play” video game reviews and regularly discusses horror and independent games like Slender: The Eight Pages or Surgeon Simulator. However, he also occasionally discusses more well-known titles like Minecraft.

In addition to presenting live streams where he solicits money for good organizations, Mark is well known for doing so. 

6. Fernanfloo

Networth: $6.8 million

Channel: Fernanfloo (45.1M Subscribers)

The El Salvadorean Luis Fernando Flores Alvardo has established a reputation for himself in the gaming industry through his amusing YouTube material. Since launching his channel in 2011, he has racked up millions of subscribers.

However, because Fernanfloo divides his time between Twitch and YouTube, his channel uploads occasionally suffer.

Fans always wait with anticipation for his next funny Let’s Play and response videos for games like Resident Evil and Five Nights at Freddy’s, so it’s clear that this has been fine for the growth of his YouTube channel.

Luis Fernando Flores Alvardo is the creator of Fernanfloo, one of the top gaming YouTube channels, with 45.1M subscribers.

His videos, which blend gaming with comedy sketches, make him one of the most well-known YouTube streamers. He is now ranked amongst the top 10 gaming YouTubers.

7. JuegaGerman

Networth: $9 million

Channel: JuegaGerman (45.4M Subscribers)

The Germán, Hugely popular Chilean YouTuber Alejandro Garmendia Aranis covers a variety of games on his JuegaGerman channel. He makes funny commentary on well-known video games like The Last of Us 2, Far Cry 5, and Minecraft.

Fans are aware that JuegaGerman consistently uploads quality content. The YouTuber has always posted at least five videos per month since launching his channel in 2013.

It’s no wonder that JuegaGerman has emerged as one of the most well-known gaming YouTubers of all time when witty humor and promising talents are combined.

8. Total Gaming – Ajay

Networth: $3 million

Channel:  Ajay Verse (6.64M subscribers)

Ajay, sometimes referred to as Total Gaming (or Ajju Bhai), is an Indian YouTuber who focuses on gaming. The Indian gaming YouTuber with the most subscribers was born in Ahmedabad, Gujarat.

In Surat, Gujarat, he works as a software engineer, freelancer, “growth hacker,” gamer, and live broadcaster. He is proficient in various computer languages, including JavaScript and PHP.

He started playing mobile games like Clash of Clans in 2015. Then, in 2018, he began playing Garena Free Fire after observing a few of his friends doing so as the game gained popularity in India. He then started playing games on his computer after that.

He also has more than 3 million Instagram followers. Unexpectedly, he prefers to maintain his anonymity online and has never shared his identity with his admirers.

9. DanTDM

Networth: $35 Million

Channel: DanTDM (26.3M Subscribers)

YouTuber Daniel Middleton (also known as DanTDM) is from England. Since Dan started his channel in 2012, it has changed.

The TDM in the channel’s current moniker stands for The Diamond Minecart, which was its original name. His primary demographic at that time were kids between the ages of 5 and 10.

Most of his videos were of Dan playing various Minecraft modifications, as his previous moniker had suggested. He discovered that there was so much user-generated material for Minecraft that he could create films full-time with enough variety to hold the attention of his youthful audience.

But in 2016, he modified his channel to include various games. Additionally, he understood that his audience was maturing.

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10. PopularMMOs

Networth: $4 million.

Channel: PopularMMOs (17.2M Subscribers)

PopularMMOs is a channel dedicated to well-known Minecraft modifications, as its name would imply. It is managed by Patrick Brown, a YouTube gamer who is wed to Jennifer Flagg (who runs the GamingWithJen channel).

Patrick is quite serious about Minecraft and its modifications. Epic Modded Let’s Plays, Minecraft Mob Battles and Arena Battles, Mod Showcases, and Minecraft Mods Vs. Maps are all featured on his channel.

The videos typically feature Jen. The two have developed a cast of personas in their videos. These include Carter, Jelly Bean, Bellie, The Disguised Man, Carter, Captain Cookie, Captain Cookie Junior, and quite a few others.

Pat has a second channel called PatVsTheWorld, where he challenges fans to competitions.

11. Ali-A

Networth: $3 Million

Channel: Ali-A (17.9M Subscribers)

British YouTuber Alastair Aiken, often known as Ali-A, is 24 years old. He primarily creates videos on Minecraft, Pokemon GO, and Call of Duty video games.

He launched his channel under the name Matrix, subsequently changed it to Ali-A, and added a second channel called Morelia.

Also, he posts a Call of Duty video daily on YouTube and discusses every new installment’s release in-depth. For having the most subscribed to and seen Call of Duty channels, he holds Guinness World Records.

Who is the Most Famous Gaming Youtuber?

PewDiePie is the most well-known gamer on YouTube. PewDiePie, also known as Felix Arvid Ulf Kjellberg, is one of the most influential gamers on YouTube. He is also well-recognized for having one of the most popular YouTube followings.

Swedish YouTuber PewDiePie is well-known for his Let’s Play videos and comic formats for videos and programs. Kjellberg is one of the most prominent online personalities and content producers because of his YouTube fame and considerable media attention.

He has been depicted in the media as a YouTube representative and nearly exclusively associated with gaming on the site.

Who is the Richest Gamer in the World?


PewDiePie, actual name Felix Kjellberg, is said to have a net worth of $56 million, according to CA Knowledge. The Swede launched a YouTube channel in 2010 to offer gaming commentary, but his Let’s Play videos got viewers to click the “subscribe” button.

According to data, his YouTube channel had the highest number of subscribers in 2013. The fact that he is also among the wealthiest YouTubers shouldn’t come as a surprise.


Tyler Blevins chose to pursue a career as a professional gamer after finishing high school in the Chicago suburbs, so he participated in competitions and joined trade associations.

Using the alias Ninja to broadcast his gaming, he didn’t take long. In 2017, he streamed Fortnite Battle Royale, and as the game gained popularity, so did he. He reached over 3 million followers on Twitch for the first time in March of the following year.

He was the first professional esports athlete to appear on ESPN The Magazine’s front cover. Also, he has a sizable fan base on YouTube as well.

According to Wealthy Gorilla, endorsements like the $1 million he received for marketing Apex Legends and an exclusive partnership with Mixer have increased his $40 million wealth.

How to Start a Gaming Youtube Channel

We’ve compiled the top 5 advice for creating a profitable YouTube gaming channel to help you advance from a beginner to a gaming legend. We go through everything, including locating your specialization and purchasing the appropriate equipment.

You must know everything to launch a gaming YouTube channel in 2023.

1. Choose the Proper Equipment

Ensure you have the correct equipment before recording videos for your channel to ensure the highest possible quality. Watching a badly created video is among the least interesting pastimes.

Choose between Console vs. PC

Your hardware will determine how you stream; the PS5, Xbox, and PC/Mac are among the most popular options.

It is simpler to record and create a video if the game is on a PC. You may create, edit, and share your films using a computer from a single place. To get started, all you need to do is to download screen capture and editing software.

Although you can’t broadcast straight from your Xbox or PS5 to YouTube, consoles provide good versatility and advanced functionality. No matter what platform you play on, even on a tight budget, you must invest in a dependable PC.

Consider purchasing a gamer-friendly video editing program.

High-end video editing software is crucial to every YouTube channel’s creative arsenal. You can chop and put together your clips, add polished titles and music, and clean up your film, all with the help of a professional editing application.

Feeling at ease with your editing program while working with gaming footage is essential. This might be not easy if you’re new to editing because many tools need you to spend hours learning how to utilize them. Fortunately, the software is available for users of all levels.

Choose a camera that has real-time effects.

For streaming, rely on something other than your built-in camera. Enhance your live video studio instead with YouCam. The webcam software is known for YouTube gaming channels because it provides clear video and simple controls.

Over 200 interactive virtual effects are available on YouCam, from animated emojis to skin softening and lighting enhancements. Additionally, the webcam app contains built-in sharpening and lighting features that enhance the quality of your images.

It even contains picture editing features so you can give still photographs your personal artistic touch.

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Get a screen recorder.

Utilizing the strength of professional-grade video capture gear and software, provide your audience with high-definition visuals. Gamers use Screen Recorder worldwide to live stream on Twitch, Facebook, and YouTube.

Users can easily stream, vlog, and record content with the help of powerful software, which offers a comprehensive solution.

If you wish to multi-stream with pals, Screen Recorder works wonderfully. It allows you to run up to five live streams simultaneously and two more bespoke services.

You will get the smoothest gameplay experience possible because the program consumes less CPU and GPU processing.

Purchase Premium Headphones with an Integrated Microphone

An essential component of the gaming experience is headphones and microphones. Use your smartphone’s voice recording capability to make pre-recorded videos, such as a tour or review, to save money.

It would be ideal if your audio met a certain standard of quality. People must be able to comprehend your words without any distortion or clipping.

2. Discover Your Niche and Your Audience

You must choose your video-making approach or the channel’s focus before you launch your channel. Your gaming strengths should be taken into consideration while choosing your specialization. 

Understanding the game genres, you love playing the most is the first step in choosing your genre. Making constant content will be easier if you choose games you love.

Most counsel encourages you to hunt for well-liked games and comprehends their update schedule, but the odds of you sticking with generating material for that game are very tiny unless you like playing it.

Popular games also have the issue of being extremely difficult to rank for. So if you want to achieve that, you will need to work harder and more regularly for a much longer.

Therefore, it’s a good idea to select three games in total, one of which should be well-liked, and two more should be rising but not yet well-liked.

This guarantees that you can continuously provide content across a variety of verticals and so expand your channel without relying exclusively on what’s popular.

3. Set Up – Selecting Your Youtube Gaming Names

Before you start your YouTube channel, you’ll need a name. PewDiePie, Juegagerman, and Sssniperwolf are just a few examples of both the fantastic and ridiculous. Don’t give it too much thought. Later, you may always edit it.

When your channel is ready, it’s time to build the set where you’ll shoot your videos. Simple examples of this might be your bedroom or a home office. Make sure your backdrop accurately reflects your personality, whatever that may be.

Get some lights and a green screen to quickly erase the backdrop of your movies and superimpose yourself over your gaming if you keep the attention on yourself and the game.

4. Create a Video Plan

It’s now time to make a timetable and follow it. Aim to shoot one or two videos every week if you’re doing video game reviews or walkthroughs because they require time to edit and produce. Of course, if you live broadcast your content, you may aim for a more prominent figure.

Make sure to give your films thorough descriptions. YouTube uses this data to rank your video on the results pages, making it easier for users to locate your channel. Links to your social media accounts might also be included so admirers can follow you on other websites.

Finally, but not least, create eye-catching thumbnails. Every thumbnail needs to have a distinct image that communicates the main idea of your film. Use a large font if you want to add text so that readers won’t have to strain to read it.

5. Create a Community

A community requires time and work to develop. It will take place after a period of time. Therefore, even if development is gradual, the most significant thing you can do is remain with it and keep producing content.

Start by distributing your feeds and movies to your loved ones. Even if your material is unpolished, these folks will back you. They can also offer advice on what you should do better and what you are doing well.

Once you get recognition in the game industry, think about joining forces with someone. Cross-channel broadcasting is a fantastic method of attracting new people who might need to be acquainted with your material.

Last but not least, don’t forget to invite your audience to “like,” “Subscribe,” and “comment.” Every one of these activities influences the YouTube algorithm.


Who is the top 1 Youtuber gamer?

PewDiePie, a.k.a. Felix Arvid Ulf Kjellberg, is one of the top gaming YouTubers today. He has been creating videos for more than ten years and commands a sizable fan base of more than 100 million members.

Who are the top 3 gaming YouTubers?


Who is the best world gamer?


Do billionaires play video games?

Many people are unaware that billionaires are also individuals—many of the same things you like to do as well. In actuality, many millionaires like playing video games.

Who are the top gaming YouTubers in 2022?

The top 10 gamers:

VanossGaming (Evan Fong)
Jacksepticeye (Sean William McLoughlin)
Total Gaming – Ajay


Keeping up with the hottest gaming news and trends may be done by following the best gaming YouTubers. You’ll be fascinated by the amusing and educational stuff these players offer. Check out the gaming-related YouTube channels we’ve featured in this post to discover what all the fuss is about!


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