10 Best YouTube Channels For Financial Education

In the world today, you don’t need a fancy degree to become financially literate. Several YouTube channels for financial education will guide you to financial literacy. Unlike traditional education, you don’t have to pay a dime to learn. All you need is an internet connection and the zeal to learn. Unless you want to pay for YouTube’s premium plan.

YouTube is one of the biggest media platforms in the world with over 2.6 billion active users. This means that tons of channels put out content about every niche. In this case, your focus is on financial education. The only challenge you will face in learning from YouTube is to pick out the channels with quality content about what you want to learn.

The channels listed in this article are the ones that put out great content. The channels here have helped a lot of people become financially literate.

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The 10 Best YouTube Channels For Financial Education

#1 Graham Stephan

Subscribers: 3M

Total views: 377, 208, 651

Owned and run by a 28-year-old real estate investor by name of Graham Stephan. Young Graham skipped college to pursue a career in the real estate market. This made him become a millionaire by the age of 26. Judging by his age, Graham is quite young. His age doesn’t define his experience and financial literacy.

Graham shares his practical investing knowledge with his audience through this channel. He has learned so much even as a young man and has a lot of things to teach people who want to learn. 

Sometimes, Graham shares his story on his YouTube channel. He also goes into detail to share his experiences and successes in his journey to becoming a successful real estate investor. Graham shares investing knowledge that are applicable to investors of any age.

Visit Graham Stephan’s channel on YouTube

#2 Nate O’Brien

Subscribers: 1M

Total views: 64, 900,167

Nate O’Brien is another young individual with sound financial literacy. Nate unlike others in this list emphasizes a lot the importance of minimalism. He creates content on how to live below your means and invest to reach financial freedom.

One of his favorite quotes is from Steve Jobs “Your time is limited, so don’t waste it living someone else’s life”. Nate’s channel became one of the best YouTube channels for financial education. This is because Nate creates his content based on his personal experience. Which makes it easy for people to relate to him. He often shares his daily productivity routines, how he made his money, his side hustles, and his general approach to life.

Visit Nate O’Brien’s channel on YouTube

#3 Andrei Jikh

Subscribers: 2M

Total views: 150, 622,797

Andrei Jikh is one of the best YouTube channels for financial education. Andrei enjoys teaching personal finance, investing, and financial minimalism. Over the years, this channel has been creating valuable content on a variety of topics about finances. You may not see a lot of investment-related videos on this channel but you will learn a lot about the biggest financial issues in life.

On Andrei’s channel, you will find videos that will show you how to save 50% of your income, set financial goals, and crush them while you are young. From Andrei’s videos, you will learn how to protect your assets, calculate the values of your assets, and even when to sell your stocks. Many financial analysts will tell you what stocks to buy and when to sell but Andrei will go the extra mile to teach you when to exit.

Andrei’s channel is a goldmine to a lot of new investors and people working their way to financial freedom.

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Visit Andrei Jikh’s YouTube channel

#4 The Financial Diet

Subscribers: 976K

Total views: 101,901,804

This channel is hosted by Chelsea Fagan (among others). This channel has become one of the best YouTube channels for financial education. The Financial Diet produces content to educate its audience on personal finance. Chelsea’s lessons are practical and simple to follow.

The Financial Diet often focuses on creating financial education content for younger generations. This doesn’t mean that viewers can’t learn from the videos.

They cover a lot of important topics about finances. They cover topics like mindset, lifestyle, and wellness. Their aim is to help their audience increase their productivity and save money.

Visit the Financial Diet YouTube channel

#5 Debt-Free Millennials

Subscribers: 50,900

Total views: 3,245,292

The host of this channel, Justine Nelson paid off $35,000 in student loan debt at 25 on an average annual salary of $37,000. This is why Justine Nelson has a lot to teach and an important story to tell.

Justine covers many topics that will help you get out of debt which is the issue of many Millennials in the United States. She also dives into topics like self-employment, building an online business, and motivation. Sometimes she’d even talk about where to get the best deals on whatever you want to buy.

Justine’s story has been a motivation to a lot of people who attained financial literacy. This is why it is one of the best YouTube channels for financial education.

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Visit Justine’s channel on YouTube

#6 Financial Education

Subscribers: 724K

Total views: 84,001,888

This is one of the best YouTube channels for financial education for a lot of people. Jeremy who went from being broke at the age of 19 to owning over a $200, 000 stock portfolio by the age of 24 runs this channel. Jeremy uses this channel to share different secrets to his success.

He also offers a subscription-based private stock market group for viewers who want to learn more about stock investment. Jeremy mainly focuses on creating content about savings and investment in the stock market. He also talks about personal stock holdings, stock performances, and how to build a solid stock portfolio.

Since 2016, Jeremy puts out valuable financial education content. This has also earned him the trust of many who have become his subscribers.

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Visit The Financial Education channel on YouTube

#7 Ryan Scribner

Subscribers: 785K

Total views: 60,983,364

Ryan Scribner’s channel will teach you to understand stock investments. In his videos, Ryan emphasizes the importance of stock investing. He also teaches the process of building a good stock portfolio and other contributions. His practical approach to stock investing has earned him the trust of many.

Ryan also offers plenty of advice on cutting your expenses, earning extra money for yourself, and early retirement. He often talks about traveling and creating passive income streams too.

This channel also reviews investment services and apps. He does this to ensure that his subscribers don’t lose money or time on mediocre services. If you are eager to become financially literate, you need to subscribe to Ryan’s channel on YouTube.

Visit Ryan Scribner’s channel on YouTube

#8 Nick True

Subscribers: 50,000

Total views: 2,739,165

The headline of this channel is “Understand finance, manage money – live your adventure”. The host Nick True explains this headline in real life. Nick and his family live in an Airstream camper full-time. They travel across the world while he talks about personal finance. This way, he tells a compelling story.

Nick unlike the others in this list focuses on the spending side of finances. For instance, one of the topics that Nick emphasizes is budgeting. He has several videos where he explains the basics of budgeting and the tools he uses.

On his channel, Nick explains the importance of a sound financial foundation. He talks about why some people are unable to be successful. He also dives deep into the factors that lock you into being unsuccessful. If you want to learn how to handle your money situation from the basic level, this channel will help you. Nick’s channel is one of the best YouTube channels for financial education you should check it out in 2022.

Visit Nick True’s channel on YouTube

#9 Wealth Hacker – Jeff Rose

Subscribers: 378K

Total views: 27,711,985

Jeff Rose started this channel in 2011. Since then, Jeff puts out great content about financial education. His content has helped a lot of people become financially literate. Jeff Rose is a United States military veteran. 

According to him, his quest for financial freedom is inspired by his past. He often talks about how his parents struggled for money while growing up. 

Jeff teaches practical ways of building wealth, investing, and online marketing strategies. 

This has earned him the trust of many people. He covers usual topics like most channels in this list. He is older and has a unique financial education perspective informed by previous hardships—aside from his channel. 

Jeff also has created some courses on financial education. He writes for big publications like Forbes, Business insider, and Wall Street Journal. 

This is one of the best YouTube channels for financial education that you can’t forget to mention.

Visit Wealth Hackers’ channel on YouTube

#10 Jordan Page, FunCheapOrFree

Subscribers: 934K

Total views: 80,554,155

Most YouTube channels for financial education focus on how to make money. This channel focuses on the management part. Jordan’s channel focuses on managing finances, budgeting, frugality, and general good financial sense. 

Jordan is a mother of eight children and has a unique approach to financial literacy. 

From her stereotypical approach, Jordan tends to focus more on how to make every penny count. Her content is more about providing for the family rather than making gains in stocks or crypto. 

Jordan offers a practical approach to financial literacy from her own personal experience. This means that people can easily relate to her experience and learn from her. Jordan is realistic as a mother who is working her way to financial freedom.

This has earned her the trust of many people who turn out to be her subscribers too.

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Visit Jordan Page’s YouTube channel


The importance of financial education can’t be over-emphasized these days especially since financial self-reliance and responsibility have become vital in today’s world. 

In the past, you’d need to go to college to learn these things but the internet has made it more accessible to almost everyone. All you need is an internet connection to make yourself financially literate. Practicing the knowledge you learn from the channels mentioned in this article will set you up for the financial freedom that you desire.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to pay to learn financial education on Youtube?

No. You don’t need to pay a dime since you have these wonderful channels that you can learn from for free.

How much does Graham Stephan make?

Graham Stephan has a net worth of around $7 million. He is a successful real estate agent and social media personality.

How can I become financially literate?

Financially literacy comes with a lot of education, discipline, and practice. You can become financially free by practicing what you learn from the channels in this article.

I’m 19, do I need financial education?

Yes, of course. Financial education is not limited to a certain age group. You can set yourself up for financial freedom from a young age.



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