Reviews: is it Legit or another Bitcoin Mining Scam

Bitcoin mining has become one of the highest sources of income a highly sought skill.

Bitcoin miners make lots of money without buying any bitcoin at all. Indeed, you can agree that this advantageous skill can set you apart in a crowded marketplace.

Genesis Mining has made it incredibly easy for you to learn how to become a Bitcoin miner, in addition to mining bitcoin. So, my idea is to perform a thorough Genesis Mining review so you can learn your way around this service industry.

Bitzfree is actually a faucet with a cloud mining style but still, it is a faucet, however. They have good features like hacking this is a game in which you could hack other players’ mining power.

Another thing is that bitzfree has ads which you can obviously see where are they getting the funds and this is powered by coin desk.

There is a reference system. You earn 10% of the daily bonus production for each selected referral.

What is Bitzfree?

BitzFree is a groundbreaking modern mix of Cloud Mining and BitCoin Faucet. You won’t make a lot of money out of it, but it’s almost entirely passive, and the non-passive bits are fun, too. 

Basically, Bitzfree is believed to be a mining site that allows you to earn money by using the GHS you get when you collect the bitcoins you collect. 

Also, its access is unrestricted in the sense that you can follow your own tactic to undermine bitcoins.

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How Do people make money online with Bitzfree?

Making money with Bitzfree is very easy. Bitcoin mining offers a unique bitcoin mining simulation game for bitcoin users.

As a user, you can establish a data mining policy, overclock, or hack other users into a cloud mining simulation to reach the payment threshold. Also, you have an investment alternative to rapidly meet the threshold.

Unlike other S**m/Cloud computing scam firms, there is no need for customer funding. Their main sources of revenue are advertising, coin mining, and coin trading.

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What can one do to Maximum Profits?

If you are using, there are strategies you must apply if you want to maximize profit, especially in your first month.

To start with on the 1-10 days, you can hack other people’s accounts and convert all their bonus points to GHS.

From 11-20 days, you can log onto the site at least once a day and convert all your BTC into GHash.

At this time, you might be hacked by someone else. If this happens, you will lose some of your GH/sec.

Then, from 21-30 days, Check the site once a day trying to get the double GHash bonus and maybe hack some people.

Let your BTC pile on so you can cash out after these 10 days! Keep all your bonus points at this point and don’t convert them to GHs!

What is withdrawal like with Bitzfree?

Bitzfree has a specific limit for withdrawal for its users. The minimum withdrawal amount is 50 mBTG (0.05 BTG), while the maximum withdrawal amount per month is $ 100.

Pros & Cons of Genesis Mining

Genesis Mining has a lot of advantages and disadvantages as well. A close look at some of their advantages and disadvantages can propel you to make a quicker and organized decision.

Cheap “X” miningFew mining pools
Ability to mine different coins simultaneouslyLow mining budget
Many payment methodsDaily mining fee


Crypto mining continues to grow and blossom. It’s become a highly sought after field as more people get involved in the system.

I believe this genesis mining review has given you the necessary information you need to follow this path.



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