How to buy Churchill Capital Corp (CCIV) Stock direct

Do you want to buy Churchill Capital Corp? The Churchill Capital Corp stock is now one of the most valuable stocks to buy in 2022. The company raised over $1.5B during its IPO in July 2020. And after news about its merger with Lucid Motors in the early months of 2021, the stock has ‘not seen the bears’ for a long time.

Investors have realized its potential to keep the bullish run with a progressive increase in stock price. And so with its most recent dip, more people are buying not just the stock but the value affiliated with the stock.

You may know of a few people who got rich from the stock market. Some people made quick stacks of cash by trading sudden spikes to the upside or downside due to economic news.

While a majority made big money by investing in value stocks and holding them for a long period of time. Churchill Capital Corp IV stock is one of such valuable stocks that conservative investors love to buy.

Churchill Capital Corp is listed on the New York Stock Exchange with the stock ticker, CCIV. But before we dive deeper into how to buy CCIV direct, let’s consider what CCIV truly is and how the stock ticker has been performing.

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What is CCIV and how’s CCIV stock performing?

CCIV is the stock symbol for the Churchill Capital Corp IV. It is among the most highly anticipated SPACs (Special Purpose Acquisition Companies). Churchill Capital Corp. was established in September 2018.

The symbol CCIV was derived from the fact that Churchill Capital Corp has undergone its fourth incarnation. Thus, CC denoting Churchill Capital and IV as in the roman numerical for number 4.

The first version raised $690 million in its initial public offering (IPO) and even after three IPOs, its market cap value has kept raising.

In early February 2022, CCIV raised capital via a successful IPO at $10 per share. The CCIV stock price shot to an all-time high of over $60 during the IPO.

After the market closed on February 22, the company’s management announced it will merge with Lucid Motors, an electric vehicle company founded n 20017.

To the surprise of some Wall Street analysts, the merger announcement did not improve the CCIV stock. It declined by nearly 50% to a low of about $30 per share. This $12 billion merger deal had a typical short-the-news reaction.

Churchill Capital is known to merge with successful and valuable companies in trendy industries. It is observed that the companies they usually combine with have both the expertise and experience in their management teams.

Churchill Capital Corp IV itself is a brand with an impressive track record of mergers and within its team are individuals and strategic partners from various Fortune 500 companies.

Best places to buy CCIV stock

So do you now desire to buy CCIV stock? The proceeding paragraphs will enlighten you on the best places to buy CCIV stock direct and how to buy it.

The team here at WealthCircle has done some research on the best places to buy the Churchill Capital Corp IV. You will find some of the top brokers in this article.

However, these are the three top brokers we recommend based on the settled-on detailed reviews, performance history, and rating.


This is one of the best places to buy CCIV stock as the customer service, user experience, and user interface are all on point. not only fulfills your buy order but they have great helpful tools for economic news, analysis, and tutorial.

They even give in-depth fundamental and technical analysis and stock prediction every week on their Youtube channel and website.

2. IG

IG is a UK-based trading exchange platform. Like most good brokers out there, they provide powerful analytical tools for traders and investors to utilize.

You can buy any given amount of CCIV shares through IG right now.

3. Hargreaves Lansdown

Hargreaves Lansdown is another good brokerage firm to buy shares from. They have hundreds of thousands of happy clients registered with them for years now.

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How to buy CCIV stock direct

1. Select a good broker and register with them

The first step to buying CCIV stock is to pick a brokerage of your choice. You’ll need a brokerage firm to facilitate your order once you place them on your screen.

Therefore, you are required to select a good broker because who you choose today will affect the remaining stock investments you may decide to make. 

There are a couple of things to bear in mind before you register with any broker.

  1. You should make inquires on the commissions and fees that your desired broker charges if they do that at all. These days, over 90% of brokers do not charge commissions anymore except for colossal trades.
  2. If you’re a novice to the stock market, it will be wise to pick a brokerage that give free or paid market analysis, tips, and financial courses. Many brokerage have provision for new investors to open a demo account. This is for stimulation and practise with virtual money ($10,000 or $100,000) before they invest their hard-earned real money.
  3. Another thing to factor in is the possiblity of getting bonus money or even free stocks. Some good brokers offer promos that are meant to attract new potential customers like you. 

2. Fund your new account and estimate how many share you want to buy

Assuming you’ve opened a new account (preferably real not a demo), you’re now free to fund the account.

You’ll need to deposit trading funds into your new online account before you can buy shares.

It is a simple process where you can deposit from your credit card, a bank transfer to the broker’s official account, or by cryptocurrency.

Once you’ve successfully funded your account, the amount will reflect on your account balance and you’ll be free to buy CCIV shares.

The next thing to consider is the number of units of CCIV stock you want to buy.

Some factors to consider include your financial status and net worth, age, and risk appetite.

As a rule of thumb, do not invest more than a few percent (1-5% of your portfolio) into a single stock.  It would be risky to go all-in, especially when that stock is a volatile SPAC stock.

It may also be important to consider setting a stop-loss on each new entry you make. A stop-loss is vital in risk management in a case whereby the stock unfortunately declines. You can access a free online stock money calculator to help you calculate how many share you can afford.

3. Choose your buy order type and make the purchase

After adding trading funds, you can simply tap the Buy button and choose the type of buy order you want to execute.

There are a variety of order types in the finance world. Each has its pros and cons. You can use an instantaneous market order if you’re planning to buy shares of CCIV immediately at the current National Best Bid and Offer (NBBO) price.

Alternatively, you can use a buy limit order if you want to delay buying shares until the price reaches your pre-set entry price point.

Market orders execute your trade quickly, allowing you to start making a profit as soon as the price action gains momentum. Whereas limit orders execute your trade positions only at particular price points you’ve set. It is usually a good idea to use limited orders when buying hot issue stocks such as CCIV.

When you finally decide what order type you will be executing, you simply hit the Buy button.

After a few seconds, your broker will fulfill your order automatically and it will reflect on your screen.

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Just like most SPAC stocks, Churchill Capital Corp. IV stock, CCIV, has gone up in value. But what really are the pros as well as cons of buying this high-paced SPAC stock?

For starters, the company’s board of directors, management, and employees are experienced and have the interest of shareholders at heart. Another good reason why you should buy CCIV stock is that its affiliation with Lucid Motors will put the brand on the highly favored trend of EVs that even the US government is also supporting.

Churchill Capital Corp is taking advantage of this market stock and the market cap share is expected to increase as time elapse.

FAQs How to buy cciv stock

What is Lucid CCIV stock?

The Lucid stock and CCIV stock are sometimes used interchangeably. Lucid Motors is an electric vehicle manufacturing company that is now the parent company of Churchill Capital Corp. CCIV. After the merger deal between them, some people mistakenly interchange them as the Lucid CCIV stock. Most often, they mean the CCIV stock as it is currently a hot issue stock today. 

Why is CCIV shooting up in value?

CCIV stock price is strongly increasing. This is majorly due to its 2022 IPO and the merger deal of Churchill Capital Corp IV made with electric vehicle company Lucid Motors in February 2022. The stock’s value may see future gains. gives a 5-year forecast of CCIV share price to be at $116.4. 

Is CCIV being shorted?

The current price of CCIV stock is about 24.25 as of September 2022. It had its major decline in late February and early March as investors were liquidating their stock profits and selling the economic news back then. Over the past few months leading up to September 2022 has seen the CCIV stock price action struck in a bullish range.



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