10 Best Sites To Buy Twitter Followers

From time to time, many Twitter users fall victim to scammers and fake influencers who promise to help them make their brands popular. In more serious cases, many accounts have been banned as a result of fake followers. Therefore, many companies now seek alternative ways to increase their followership that is safe and feels more organic. Today, many brands and companies seek secure websites where they can buy Twitter followers with ease.

The popular bird App—Twitter is fast becoming the giant site for companies and small businesses to market and promote their products and services. 

With more people turning to Twitter to promote their products and services there is an increasing demand to grow a strong follower base.

Therefore, it is also necessary to find the right site to buy Twitter followers to ensure that the followers look organic and believable. Without further ado, the following are the best sites to buy Twitter followers.

10 Best Sites To Buy Twitter Followers

Some of the most common reasons why people buy Twitter followers are to boost business followership and improve presence on social media. It can also be a part of business expansion—people tend to take an interest in businesses with large followers more easily.

The best sites to buy Twitter followers are:

  • InstaMama
  • Social Viral
  • Venium
  • Media Mister
  • Twiends
  • Followersup
  • Red Social
  • Buy1000followers
  • Boostlikes

#1. InstaMama: The mother of Twitter followers

InstaMama was originally designed for Instagram users. However, with the success of the site, the owners decided to expand their services to also include Twitter. One of the interesting things about this site is that they provide real-life followers and not just fake machine responses. Their services list is a bit limited since they provide real-life followers. Nonetheless, they remain at the top of the list when it comes to quality of service and market retention rates.

For those who are interested in taking their marketing campaign a step further, InstaMama utilizes a paid advertising tool known as Twitter Ads Method+ to help promote businesses. While the services are top-notch, they also come at an expensive cost. 1,000 followers from InstaMama cost $37.5.


  • 24/7 support services
  • No need to create a password to use the site
  • The retention rate is excellent
  • Delivery is organic (gradual and safe)
  • Real-life fans


  • Works with only credit cards
  • The service list is limited


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#2. Social Viral: Take the power of an influencer in your hands

If there is one service that even celebrities love to use, it is Social Viral. They provide a reliable and fast service and purchasing Twitter bundle is also very fast on the site. You can purchase as low as fifty followers for less than 2 dollars and the rate of growth depends on your request.

Whether you are a company or an influencer that needs many followers, Social Viral has a plan for you. Nonetheless, it is important to understand that the maximum number of followers you can purchase at a time from Social Viral is 5,000 followers at the cost of $85.99. According to many users who utilize the services of this site, the numbers turn up within an hour and the site is also very safe to buy from.

At Social Viral, you can select from different payment options including PayPal. The followers look very organic with photos and some interaction history with other available users. For 1,000 followers, you will pay only $21.99 at Social Viral.


  • Delivery of followers is very fast
  • Pricing from this site is very affordable
  • They are very reputable and trustworthy
  • Their refund policy is clearly stated
  • You can choose the number of followers you need


  • The site does not provide users the opportunity to combine plans
  • No clear privacy policy on how they handle client’s information

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#3. Venium: Your best choice for organic growth and real followers

Venium promises to help you skyrocket your social media account and for over 10 years, they have successfully continued to deliver on their promises. When it comes to Twitter followers, Venium is one of the few places you can acquire high-quality followers. Venium services can be accessed on both web and Android app versions.

The app is unique in the way it gathers followers for its clients across the web. They help their client promote their content across their network of partners and social media communities. Therefore, clients get real followers, real engagement, and long-term experience. The services of Venium also come with additional features like live tracking and a lifetime guarantee to help you monitor your follower’s growth in real-time.

Due to its organic method of getting followers for clients, Venium helps to protect users’ accounts from being flagged by Twitter. They also do not require a client’s password to work, therefore, security is assured. They also provide flexible and affordable plans to make it easy for clients to make their choices. 1,000 followers at Venium cost $20.99.


  • Comes with a lifetime guarantee
  • You can purchase their services as a retailer
  • Followers are not restricted to the United States alone
  • Live-tracking opportunity for clients to evaluate their growth
  • Affordable and flexible bundle prices


  • Live chat opportunity not available
  • No opportunity for a free trial

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#4. Media Mister: Legendary for social growth

Media Mister is popular for providing many services, which include Twitter followers. According to the website, the company has professional staff members and experts and has touched the lives of thousands of clients including brands and companies. They provide great followership and also the opportunity for a refund.

When it comes to edging it over the rest across social media, this site is your best choice. They provide affordable prices combined with other services that make the site stand out among the rest. When it comes to customer satisfaction, Media Mister goes the extra mile to ensure that its clients are happy.

There are many affordable plans to select from and the site ensures that brand names enjoy a quick boost of followership. The site is also a hundred percent secure and provides many safe ways for its clients to pay for services. Media Mister has a great user-friendly interface and you can purchase 1,000 followers for just $39


  • Your money is safe since the services come with a money-back guarantee
  • Ensures customer satisfaction
  • Provides only real followers and not software bots
  • Account safety is ensured
  • Prices are also very affordable


  • The site does not provide any privacy policy
  • It’s a bit slow when it comes to delivering followers

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#5. Twiends: Safe way to grow your Twitter audience

If you are looking for a free way to grow your Twitter followers, then Twiends is your best option. The site helps Twitter users to grow their followership by using a grouping method. Twiends groups members with the same interests into groups to help improve interaction and followership.

The site also uses a location-based service to help people in the same country find and interact with each other very fast. Twiends users can also utilize the service of other growth services to grow their presence.

While Twiends is free, it takes some time before you start getting quality followers. However, the better an individual is at networking and interacting with people, the better his/her chances of getting quality followers from the site.


  • Helps you to connect with a community of like-minds
  • Provides you the opportunity to network with people within your location
  • Best for small businesses
  • Provides weekly statistics about the performance of your Twitter account
  • Services are free
  • Provides real followers


  • Results are hard to achieve
  • People with large needs might need to look elsewhere

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#6. Followersup: A Great Way to Grow your Twitter Account

With affordable and flexible plans, Follwoersup is a great place to buy Twitter followers. Also, clients enjoy an impressive delivery rate of followers from this site. However, it all depends on the number of followers. Clients can get as many as 10,000 followers in 30 days.

While there are a few reports of a drop in followership by some clients, the website makes up for this by providing such clients with a free refill. Followersup provides clients with the opportunity to make payments using a credit card or their PayPal accounts.

From its days of humble beginnings in Estonia in 2017, Followersup services are now open to subscribers from all parts of the world. You can purchase 1,000 followers from Followersup for just $43.


  • Flexible plans and very competitive prices
  • Provides free refill in case of a drop in followers
  • Password not required
  • All personal information is secured through an encryption method
  • Delivery is a bit timely


  • Free trials are not available
  • Non-user-friendly refund policy

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#7. Mr. Insta: One platform with many purposes

Mr. Insta is another site where clients can buy Twitter followers at affordable rates. According to this vendor, their greatest advantage over the other vendors is their speed of delivery. According to them, within 2 to 8 hours of payment, clients can begin to enjoy the dividends of their payment.

There are different plans available on the platform and you can choose the most suitable plan for your campaign.

It is very easy to buy Twitter followers from Mr. Insta. All you need to do is to look at the various plans and make your choice. The next step is to proceed to payment and enter your account details. You do not need to enter any sensitive details just your email and Twitter handle to start enjoying new followers. When you buy followers from this vendor, their release is gradual and feels very real to avoid banning or account flagging. For $45 on Mr. Insta, you can purchase 1,000 followers.


  • The vendor offers 24/7 support to its clients
  • Delivery of followers is very fast
  • Security is guaranteed
  • User-friendly site with an easy purchase process


  • Does not provide location-based followers
  • Does not provide other services or add-ons apart from followers

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#8. Red Social: Provides unique promotion service for social media

For over five years, Red Social has remained one of the reliable sites for people that wish to grow their social media followership. Red Social is a user-friendly website that supports different networks and is a great place to buy Twitter followers. Red Social services are available for both big and small users.

Among the strengths of this vendor includes quality customer support and live chat for all its clients available across the globe. For $45, you can purchase 1,000 followers at Red Social.


  • Provides customers with real followers
  • Access to a variety of services
  • Easy-to-understand design
  • Fast delivery of followers to client
  • Supports a variety of apps


  • Supports only a single payment method
  •  Retention is low

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#9. Buy1000followers: Impressive social media result

Buy100followrs is one site that provides a complete service package and supports a variety of social media networks. Buy1000followers is suitable for both small-scale and big businesses that wish to expand their follower base on social media. According to this vendor, it partners with only real account holders and provides genuine followers for its clients. The vendor has also enjoyed many positive reviews from different clients, which has helped to grow a quality vendor-client trust.

Buy100followers also assists its clients by providing useful tips and advice on suitable plans. They are also reputable for high-quality customer service. You can either contact this vendor through their customer service email or phone number. Followers from this site can also engage with clients after some time. For as little as $29.99, customers can purchase 1,000 Twitter followers.


  • Enables companies and brands to track competitors
  • Keeps clients abreast with the current business trend
  • Ensures that your account is not flagged or banned
  • Traffic comes from across the globe


  • Customer support is not awesome
  • The interface can be a bit difficult to understand

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#10. Boostlikes: A great way to enjoy more Twitter followers and likes

Boostlikes is a bit pricey. However, it is a great way to boost your account and enjoy great followership. Nonetheless, it provides flexible options to ensure that you find a suitable plan, no matter your budget. Clients can enjoy US targeting and also provides clients with the app experience. Boostlikes also comes with a lot of discounts and freebies.

When it comes to satisfying clients, this vendor has a great reputation. They are also considered to be a safe and secure platform to buy Twitter Followers. So long as you are ready to keep up with this vendor, you can get a verified account after some time.

Whether you are looking for ways to improve your followers or improve brand presence, Boostlikes is a great place to start. For $64, you can purchase as many as 1,000 followers.


  • Opportunity to target US-based followers
  • The retention rate is high
  • The privacy policy is very suitable


  • Takes some time before you start seeing results

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Growing your Twitter followers organically without some form of assistance can be very tasking. Therefore, many companies and brands rely on other sites and influencers to boost their brands through an increased follower base. However, with the growth of false influencers and fake account boosting sites, one requires a guide when selecting the best sites to buy Twitter followers.


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