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The Risks of Cheating with ChatGPT

Since its release, ChatGPT has become one of the most popular AI aids in the industry. With a vast range of uses and an incredible variety of problem-solving skills, many professionals have found this AI to be one of the most useful resources.

But as with many things, even a tool designed to help has quickly been used to hinder – and the most common misuse of the bot is within the educational field, where students have turned to it for a solution for thesis, essays and more – only to be caught out and then face the consequences.

In this post, we’ll explore the risks of using a bot to handle content creation and why the human touch is always advised.

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Understanding AI and How It Works

There are many forms of AI, from the types used by robotic engineers to the digitized versions found on computers and smartphones. There are 4 main categories of artificial intelligence. These include self-aware, limited memory, reactive, and theory of mind.

Each boasts skills and capabilities, and ChatGPT (and other similar tools) encompass aspects from all 4 categories. That makes them capable of performing tasks such as AI image style transfer and answering common questions.

As its name might suggest, AI was designed to mimic intelligence in an artificial manner. This means that it has been programmed to assume the behaviours of humans. ChatGPT excels at this, rapidly becoming a personal and professional helpful tool.

But it isn’t without its risks, especially as when it was released, other platforms began to issue anti-bot software to detect chatbots’ algorithms to create and write content.

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Can Chatbots Be Caught?

Various tools are now available to recognize chatbots’ patterns when writing. If a student wanted to submit a dissertation written by a bot, it would have a much higher chance of being caught out, and the student might be penalized.

Studies and education are for the individual, and education is required to perform a job correctly. This is why it’s only worth using a bot to evaluate work and suggest improvements instead of creating an entire piece and running the risk of a penalty.

As time went by, many students also discovered a quick trick – to avoid sending their documentation via email and instead print it out to avoid any digital software from being used to detect a bot having written it.

However, this technique was thwarted as anti-bot software is now compatible with mobile apps, allowing a document to be scanned, analyzed, and reported.

How Is Best to Use a Chatbot like ChatGPT?

As briefly mentioned above, these bots are best suited to handling minor or major tasks when the industry requires them. These bots shouldn’t be used for educational purposes, as even if the document submission is gotten away with, the individual taking the shortcut will be sacrificing their education in exchange for an easier pass.

The work submitted simply won’t be their own, and once they are qualified, they might struggle to understand certain aspects of what their employer will expect them to do.

For instance, if a doctor was to use a chatbot to handle their dissertations and thesis, they may pass their courses and go on to obtain a licence, but when it comes time to practise their trade, they could very well struggle to do so.

Speech to Text

A good use of a chatbot would be to complement work or a project. For example, by using speech to text software like the service found on CapCut, the bot can quickly pick up on any issues and still only play the role of a spell-checker.

CapCut’s software can be used directly from their website, with options to input text and convert it to speech, making the entire process quick and easy and ideal for several purposes.

To use speech-to-text via CapCut, an audio file will need to be uploaded, and the AI software can then begin breaking apart each word and converting it to speech.

The user will find an option to modify the results, just in case any errors occur, but due to the advanced nature of the AI used by the website, these issues are fairly rare.

Signing up to their service can make the text file available to download, and it can also be copied and pasted into a separate document if preferred.

The same could be said for any text that needs to be converted into an audio format, with a chatbot capable of doing exactly this and then finalizing the file so that it can be downloaded and used when needed, I.e. for a presentation.


As helpful as these chatbots can be, they should never be exploited in a way that will detract from education. In some instances, students have found their grades rescinded, and their classes cancelled due to using a bot, which is a penalty that most individuals in education will want to avoid.

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Furthermore, it can be debilitating to use a bot when important information can be bypassed – information that a student will undoubtedly benefit from if it has been included within their curriculum.


What is ChatGPT used for?

ChatGPT (Chat Generative Pre-Trained Transformer) is an artificial intelligence chatbot created by OpenAI and released on November 30, 2022. It allows users to shape and direct a conversation towards the preferred level of detail, structure, style, and language utilized.

Is ChatGPT paid or free?

It has both free and paid versions. The ChatGPT Plus subscription plan is available for $20 per month. The paid subscription model guarantees users general access and faster response times when the free version is at capacity during peak hours.

How to use ChatGPT for free?

To use ChatGPT for free, visit first, then join up with an email address, a Google or Microsoft account, or both. To access ChatGPT, you must register for a free account on the OpenAI website. If you don’t already have an account, click “Sign up” and fill out the form as directed.

Can you use ChatGPT without an account?

Yes, you can. If you cannot log in, you can still use ChatGPT without creating an OpenAI account, registering, or supplying a mobile number. Alternatively, you can learn about Google’s response to ChatGPT from the Google Bard AI.

Does ChatGPT have an app?

Yes, it does. The official Chat GPT app is quick, easy to use, and safe. It also uses very little phone storage space. Android users will still need to access the Chat GPT website in a browser. It can be found at

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